Fantasy Football Soccer App Development Cost and Key Features

Raju Ram Khakhal
Jul 19, 2019

People from all walks of life and from any country are fans of some or the other sports. Football/Soccer is such a game that has a world over fan following with last estimations being 4 billion people. Die-hard fans consider soccer to be more of a religion than just a mere sport. Such is the enthusiasm and fervor that is connected to the game. It is a popular sport with loyal fans ranging from all age groups irrespective of caste, creed and sex. Such is the power of the game called Football/Soccer. Here we are talking about fantasy soccer mobile app, Football App Development Cost.

With such a large fan following it is but evident that there are billions of dollars involved in this popular sport. Though people are immense fans of this sport, it is a fact that not all can go to watch the sport at the particular country or stadium where it is being played. For such a fan following, fantasy soccer mobile apps are the avenue for them to try out their skills to try to watch their favorite sport while also taking a shot at making money in the bargain. Businesses and entrepreneurs who have invested in fantasy soccer mobile apps have made a fortune in billions of dollars. The figures keep on increasing on a year to year basis. The fantasy soccer mobile app game is like a sorcerer’s stone (Paras Mani in Hindi) and whoever comes in contact with it is on his way to boost his bank balance. Check here for top mobile application development companies in the world.

As you read on you will discover the key features and app development cost of the fantasy soccer mobile app along with the money earning proposition that this sport entails.

As reported by Reuters, the fantasy soccer sports market will witness 13.24% growth in revenue with the global market size estimated to reach USD 33 billion in 2025 from USD 14 billion in 2018. The fantasy football sports market is immense and rapidly the craze is increasing to all the inhabited continents of the world.

It is very natural to understand the quantum of profits such a sport can garner. Businesses who have dipped their bucket into this sports ocean have come out with brimming cash registers and ear to ear smiling faces. The creation of the fantasy soccer mobile app requires a good mobile app development company who has the skill and necessary future vision. The mobile app should enhance user experience and create a bonding along with increasing the bank balance of the enthusiast. Mtoag Technologies are having the expertise for developing the fantasy soccer mobile app.

He can only select 11 players from the team of 15 players for playing the soccer game. One condition is paramount for forming the team – it must be ready before the Game week cutoff date. Once the football match gets underway, the user is only able to witness the performance of his/her team all through the match. Once the football match ends, the winning points are distributed to the user’s players as per the actual performance of the players playing the match. Order to create your own the best fantasy football app.

Key players in the Fantasy Soccer Mobile App sport are:

But how does this earn money for the user and the football league company. The answer is simple again. The fantasy soccer matches are played in major league as mentioned in the list above. Some of the sports leagues are free to play on but then you do not earn revenue from them. The major premium leagues have fixed certain charges which the user must pay if he intends to win premium rewards and prizes.

In such leagues the user is given the ability to create his own fantasy soccer team and allow a set number of users to enter and play the fantasy sports game app. The user can invite friends and relatives or global sports enthusiasts to play the game if desired. The user takes the role of admin and conducts the fantasy sport app on a personal level. That said, it is time to move on to the actual subject of developing the fantasy soccer mobile app.

The various stages in the lifecycle of the Fantasy Football-Soccer Mobile App

  • Brainstorming on your Fantasy Sports Idea

    We hold discussions with you to understand your idea for the fantasy sports mobile app. We work on it with our fantasy sports development team and provide you with a detailed documentation of the intended project

  • Sketches & Wireframes

    This is an important development phase wherein we draw sketches to create wireframes for various screens. The information architecture is projected keeping in tandem user flow in collaboration with the mobile app.

  • User Interface

    We start on the designing part of your conceptualized idea, create the mobile identity, graphics, font selection, color tones and the little nuances for an electrifying result of the mobile app. I hope you are getting that what is the best fantasy football app.

  • Coding

    We make special efforts in writing a clean code that should be highly functional for both the client as well as the server side components.

  • Testing / Quality Analysis

    We employ some of the most stringent quality assurance tests before being satisfied of the perfection and functionality of the mobile app. Bugs and issues are nipped right in the bud.

  • Deployment & Revenue Generation

    The mobile app is readied and deployed to the App Store / Play Store. Time to hear the cash registers tingling as revenue generation gets underway.

Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development Team

Technology Stack for Fantasy Soccer Mobile App Development

  • Sports API – Goalserve, EntitySports, Sportsmonks
  • Database Management – MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, HBase, MailChimp Integrations
  • Front End – JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular.js
  • Cloud – Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, SalesForce, Cloud Foundry
  • Payment Integration – Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, PayUMoney, E-Wallets, Net Banking, E-Banking
  • Push Notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, Push.IO, Map, Urban Airship, AdPushup
  • Real Time Analytics – Big Data, IBM, Hadoop, Spark, Apache, Cisco, Flink

Key Features of the Fantasy Soccer Mobile App

The features of the fantasy football mobile app stimulate an exhilarating experience for the user. The user feels enticed to play the football game as he/she feels connected to the mobile app. Some of the prominent features include:

  • Home Screen

    This is the landing page or first screen that a user sees upon logging into the fantasy soccer mobile app. The Home Screen menu provides info about the current football matches along with live updates of teams playing. User login is simple – through mobile number or social media connects.

  • Leader Boards

    This is an important feature that provides player info on a dedicated leader board per player. The user is benefited and can easily go through each players playing prowess and choose his/her team of potential winners.

  • User Profile

    This shows all the information about the user with regards to User’s team/s, league participation, leagues connected to, as well as other important data.

  • Player Information

    oUsers can search through this section and get detailed information about each soccer player.

  • Create League

    Users can create own leagues, define number of participants, authorize point distribution for different scores as well as penalties according to their choice.

  • Join League

    Users can join global as well as private leagues through this feature and witness how their team fares in major football tournaments

  • Reward Points

    Users can win rewards and prizes by buying reward coins for attaining special abilities for making the game more enjoyable and beneficial for their time investment.

  • Live Scoreboard

    Detailed live scoreboards are available in the fantasy soccer mobile app to give a continued and exciting experience to the user.

  • E-Wallets

    This feature helps users to purchase reward points from the in-app purchases section or aids in swift, secure and seamless transfer of credits earned to their bank accounts.

  • Follow Friends and Group Chat

    Users can invite friends and relatives to play along with them on the fantasy football mobile app. The fun and exuberance has to be witnessed to be believed.

Salient Admin Features

  • Dedicated Dashboard – this helps in providing information about user statistics related to active users, leagues, team participation, etc. on the fantasy soccer mobile and web applications.
  • Manage Bank Transactions – Admin is empowered to approve or refuse monetary transactions initiated by users for bank transfers
  • Total Earnings – this feature helps the admin to calculate the activity of the fantasy soccer app
  • Real-time Activities – this feature allows the Admin to check user behavioral patterns and imparts surveillance proficiencies to the admin.
  • Manage Leagues – Admins are empowered to manage and oversee the activity in their created leagues – public as well as private
  • Manage Users – this feature empowers the admin with supreme control over the signed up users to the fantasy soccer app. The admin can add, remove or suspend users according to user behavior.
  • Reward Point Management – the Admin can assign reward points to users, players according to the match activity. He can also remit disbursals through this feature.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – the Content Management System is an effective means to manage all visible content on the mobile and web app.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – this feature enables the admin to manage tickets, emails, push notifications, user feedback, amongst others for efficient customer relationship management of the fantasy soccer app.

How do investors make money through the Fantasy Soccer Mobile App?

  • Entry Fees

    This is the major revenue generator for the investors. Users pay entry fees for participating in the fantasy sports mobile app with the intent of winning prizes through this game of skill and exuberance. As per conducted market surveys, fantasy sports garnered nearly USD 3 billion globally in the first quarter of year 2018. The fantasy soccer market is highly lucrative and abounding with opportunities as compared to other fantasy sports.

  • In-App Purchases

    Next on the revenue generation list are in-app purchases by users. There are many premium fantasy sports leagues where downloading and playing the fantasy sports mobile app is possible, but there are no gains for the freebie users. Fantasy sports enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of playing and winning rewards for themselves. Hence, they are used to in-app purchases of reward coins to unlock the paid special features and knacks. Now they are empowered to play, win and enhance their sports gaming experience. It is assumed that a normal Smartphone user would invest somewhere around USD 75 to 100 during a fantasy football tournament.

  • Merchandise

    Zion Market Research has projected a business turnover of global sports merchandise sales to be around USD 48 billion within a short span of 5 years i.e. 2024. The estimates of year 2015 were calculated at USD 20 billion. Licensed sports merchandise ranging from apparel, footwear, toys, games, accessories, gift items, mementos, amongst others are flooded into the market during football season. They are sold through Ecommerce and Online Stores, Departmental Stores, Sports Showrooms as well as Offline Stores, to calculate a few. Such is the market strength of sports merchandise globally.

  • Advertisement

    This is one of the oldest and time-proven means of revenue generation. Advertisements are created to attract users buying of products. Vendor advertisements help in increasing the revenue of fantasy soccer mobile app. Niche product launches in vogue in the fantasy football matches help in increasing the revenue graphs considerably.

Fantasy App Development Cost

There are various important features that need to be incorporated in the mobile app. The cost varies depending on the following aspects:

  • Number of chosen features
  • Number of platforms – Android, iOS and Web
  • Development Team size
  • Country where the development will take place

It is not easy to calculate the exact cost of the fantasy app development cost. On a rough estimate the development cost of the fantasy soccer sports mobile app may range from USD 30k to USD 60k. There are many mobile app development companies in the market today who may be ready to work on a shoestring budget for you, but can you be certain of getting what you really wanted. It is better to be safe with a renowned website development company than cut a sorry figure at a later date.

Mtoag is a front runner in the development sphere of fantasy sports mobile apps. For getting an exact cost estimation of the fantasy soccer mobile app, feel free to contact us on the given contact details on our website.

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