Why employee tracking App Considered a Good Option for Companies?

Raju Ram Khakhal
May 21, 2019


An employee tracking software can help all kinds of businesses from small, medium, large and corporate enterprises to keep a check on their employee activity during company hours and on company devices.

The company can monitor the employee’s commitment with the task assigned to him or her. The employee tracking app is laden with multi-functional monitoring departments and can be related to:

  • Firstly the attendance app can help in checking the attendance of an employee and his punch-in and punch-out scenarios
  • Secondly, the employee tracking app can judge the productivity level of the employees during office hours which can be beneficial to check on an errant employee in time and give him proper advice to boost his performance.
  • Thirdly, the employee tracking software can ensure employee security at the workplace and off-site locations for work related tasks.
  • Fourthly, the app can obtain the proof of work accomplished by all employees
  • Last but not the least, the employee tracking app can create an instance for offering a good appraisal to the dedicated employee and can engineer a benchmark of appreciation and loyalty for other employees to perform better.

Employee monitoring software was incepted in late 1800’s, but came in vogue some few decades ago. The employee tracking app has many features such as:

  • Usage of internet and apps
  • Monitoring Emails
  • Keystroke logging
  • Audio Video surveillance systems
  • Recording of computer screens
  • GPS Location tracking of company vehicles and marketing personnel

Read on to know more about the different kinds of employee tracking App and which you think would fit your organization to meet with your requirements.

Various Kinds Of Emoloyee Tracking Software

In the above paragraph you have read about the different kinds of employee tracking software . Now it is time to read further on their uses and suitability to different sized organizations.

Usage of Internet and Apps

The internet is a formidable force to reckon with – whether it is used for business purposes or for personal enjoyment, shopping and searches. Internet has become the basic ingredient of our lifestyle. Internet access is normally open to all in office environments. You can keep a check on employees through internet monitoring software and track which URLs they are mostly surfing through. Are the employees dedicatedly working during office hours or spending time on social media. Getting a clear picture from the software can help you to block the said URLs through your office network. But bear in mind that some of your staff may be requiring working on social media sites for SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing purposes, for them surfing through social media sites is a part of their job profile. So in haste just do not block those sites from your complete network but only from particular office systems.

Monitoring of Emails

Emails are a very important part of communication today. Some employees may require sending and receiving emails on a day to day basis for office work. You can monitor emails to keep a check on the content that is sent and receive through emails to protect data leakage from your organization. Hire top mobile app developers in india from mtoag.

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging helps in monitoring employee activity. The data can be mapped with activity logs, time stamped screenshots and other monitoring vectors to cross check on an employee’s surfing activity and find out exactly what they are up to.

Audio Video surveillance systems

Audio Video Surveillance systems can help in monitoring employee activity in office. You can judge the mindset of employees huddled in conversations and also check bad behavior and take timely care of security and employee harassment issues in the company. These systems keep the employee wary and curtail excessive usage of phones at the workplace.

GPS Location tracking of company vehicles and marketing personnel

This is an effective employee tracking software for marketing and off-site personnel. It not only monitors vehicle employee movements but also keeps a location check on them and can safeguard the driver/employee and reach timely assistance in case of any problems or threat faced by the employee.

What are the benefits of using an employee tracking app?

There are many benefits to suit varying business requirements:

  • The employee tracking app saves both time and money of the organization. It helps keep a track on how productive the employee is during office hours. After all, you pay him money to do assigned tasks and not to while away his time on doing nonsense or chatting or surfing social media channels or watching movies during the prime working and productive hours of your organization.
  • The employee tracking software helps you to take corrective measures as soon as you sight them. For example, if your delivery truck personnel take a wrong detour, you can warn them timely before they reach land’s end. Another instance is when you are hard pressed for time to deliver a priority task and some of your errant employee decides to waste time and selects an unimportant task that isn’t relevant to your project deployment, through your employee tracking app you can streamline the process before it gets too late and out of hand.
  • There can be a completely positive turnaround in employee behavior when they realize that their activity is under the watchful scrutiny of the organization and their future appraisals would depend on their dedicated performance to the company.

Now that you have become aware of the benefits of the employee tracking app, you can decide on the app that would be most suitable for your organization.

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