What are the benefits of a Security Workforce Management System?

Yogesh Pant
Jun 24, 2019

Security!!! This is a term that is most prominently featured in today’s world. Wherever one goes whether it is shopping malls, banks, ATM, movies, showrooms, museums, hotels, offices, eateries, to name a few as the list is endless and exhaustive, we are sure to see security workforce personnel stationed at points of entry & exit and strategic locations.

They are all part of some security personnel agency managed manually or through a gamut of software applications through the admin. It is normal parlance that since the software solutions aren’t seamlessly integrated with each other, such agencies face critical issues related to delays in security guard onsite &patrol reporting, billing and payroll calculations which can lead to client dissatisfaction.

It is not easy to analyze accountability of security personnel performance as you do not have a cohesive data which may lead to the risk of losing your client to some other efficiently managed technology savvy company. Now would you want that to happen? Certainly Not! Not in the best interests of your company.

So, for your own good, this is the right time to adopt the services of a security workforce management system and sleep on a soft pillow instead of spending those past nights wide awake and worrisome.

Every client has specific needs and we at Mtoag Technologies understand it better than anyone else. We customize the apt mobile and web app solution to achieve your targeted goals and at the same time being budget friendly for you.

Mtoag’s Security Workforce Management Solution

Mtoag Technologies brings forth an innovative and trendy top mobile app development comopany in USA and web software application that is apt for the security workforce management for your company or your clients. The software solution helps to link field staff with the admin and clients. The solution is SaaS based and scales seamlessly and optimizes according to your organizations’ requirements.

The security workforce management system has wide ranging possibilities for every industry sector such as:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Security Guard Personnel
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Human Resource Management
  • Back Office Management
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Hospitals & Medical Institutions
  • Small, Medium, Large & Corporate Industry Segments
  • Schools, Colleges & Educational Institutions
  • Shopping Malls
Mtoag’s Multi-faceted Security Workforce Management System can be segregated as below:

Security Guard Management System

Centralized platform to proficiently manage and mitigate risk factors & predict security threats related to datacenters, banks, ATM, and financial processing institutions through the Security Guard Management System.

Security Workforce Management Solution

State-of-the-art technology that provides complete transparency and visibility to all concerned. Manage operations for timely and effectual service delivery. Ensure employee performance efficiency, cost estimations & escalations, and workflow projections. Deliver innovative strategies with accurate statistical data for long-term growth of the company through the Security Workforce Management Solution.

Security Guard Management System

Centralized platform to proficiently manage and mitigate risk factors & predict security threats related to datacenters, banks, ATM, and financial processing institutions through the Security Guard Management System.

Back Office Personnel Management Solution

Efficiently manage back office personnel for streamlining day-to-day operations, cost efficiency and data collection to analytics, through the Back Office Personnel Management Solution.

Benefits of Mtoag’s Security Workforce Management System

User friendly interactive interface

The user-friendly interactive interface helps maintain continuous communication between field personnel and the centralized admin base.

Increase efficiency

Increase your efficiency by accessing on hand integrated data, reduce cost and time savings due to better planning and administration

Zero error system

Ascertain that you never miss out on guard scheduling and mismatch of locations.

Peace of Mind

Ensure peace of mind that processes are integrated and working in tandem with one another. Have a centralized assessment of day to day operations to be aware at any time of the day.

Performance Accountability

Boost the efficiency of your workforce through personnel performance accountability factors through automated responsibilities and implementation.

Scalable Workforce Management System

The system is highly scalable and can help you to widen your scope of operations at multiple client sites while being able to monitor your employees by employee tracking app even on the go

SaaS based Enterprise-level Infrastructure

Remain in the forefront of your competition with the SaaS based Enterprise infrastructure and reap its benefits by maximizing efficiency in workforce management and operations.

Business Intelligence

Consolidate and integrate your current data with the new system’s business intelligence features. The inbuilt database system has separate sections for time scheduling, time logs, employee data, client information, site inspections to name a few.

Seamless Integration in Current Processes

The system can be seamlessly integrated with your current processes for effectual workforce management. The built-in structure ensures an error free and smooth transition to assist in the company’s going on operations. You can even make changes to your suitability without any fuss or disarray.

Compliance Standards

Keep up-to-date with compliance standards and accomplish the required SLAs in various industry segments.

Beat the competition

Gain the competitive edge over your nearest business rivals and provide the best services with the Security Personnel Management System

Trustworthy solution

Tailored metrics help you to provide a trustworthy solution to your clientele.

Admin Dashboard

View, monitor and streamline guard deployments through an entirely customizable dashboard built for Admin supervision.

Mtoag Technologies has always been in the lead for providing the best website development company and mobile application software for different industry segments. Our wide ranging experience transcends with customer centric solutions to align with their business ideas and surpassing their business projections. If you are a security company desirous of streamlining your business process and go technology savvy, Mtoag is the right company to have as a development partner. We can also customize the security features as required for your organization. Talk to our representative for a No-obligation quotation for the same. Don’t wait too long! The business world is progressing at a rapid pace, the time is now!

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