what is Artificial Intelligence & Human Intelligence: The New Face of Cyber Security

Yogesh Pant
Nov 20, 2022

With newest gadgets and ease of technology come the threats of viruses, malwares and cyber security. Previously viruses and malware were the acts of isolated and idle minds having a lot of free time on their hands to play havoc according to their whims and fancies. But nowadays there seems to be a horde of computer hackers and cyber criminals who have made it their business to take the world to ransom with their devious and evil hacking ways. We are the best Artificial Intelligence developmemnt company. If you want to know about what is artificial intelligence then keep reading this article.

Cyber security personnel are well trained and work effectively to ward of such virus attacks on a day to day basis – BUT – only after the attack has been initiated on the companies they work for. It is a rare chance that they can foresee malicious activity that slowly creeps up in the background and spreads its tentacles viciously and does considerable harm. Hire experienced Developers & grab the best Artificial Intelligence Solution.

The need of the hour was to have a system in place that could judge the slightest of change in algorithm behavior and give a predictive analysis of an impending virus attack well before it actually would have taken place and in this manner avert such an eventuality, thus, the inception of Artificial Intelligence way back in 1956. Over the past 7 decades Artificial Intelligence has created a strong foothold by providing smart solutions for the industries using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based software. Here we are discussing & getting new info like what is artificial intelligence.

The newer versions of Artificial Intelligence algorithms have a better understanding of deciphering data that is received from different tools and successfully pinpointing and sidelining those significant correlated links that a person might have missed.

Artificial Intelligence is now being employed in various fields such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, smart homes & offices, the government sector and cyber security for data protection. Artificial Intelligence has progressed nowadays into an effective security barrier to thwart off continuously harassing cyber attacks. With recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence, it can automatically detect threats and counter combat them without the participation of humans. Companies feel more secure about their data than ever before. That is the power of Artificial Intelligence which imparts complete peace of mind to those who utilize it. AI driven technologies are completely machine language written and grant a surety of zero error cyber security services.

The reasons behind Artificial Intelligence being the new face of Cyber Security are outlined below. Read on to know more about it. I think you are getting our points about what is artificial intelligence.

Faster Response Time & Round the Clock Easy Maintenance

Artificial Intelligence cyber security applications help to protect your data round the clock and 365 days a day without the need of hoodwinking a nap, going out for a smoke, using the facilities section or take a lunch or dinner break as would have been the general case of a human being employed with the company. Connect with top mobile app development services in india, USA to make better apps in Ios/Android.
. It is common parlance that a machine programmed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can perform faster and deliver peak results every millisecond of its presence which isn’t the case with a human being. 

Cost Effective & Least chance of Human Error

AI is completely cost effective as compared to salaried employees who have to be employed for a three 8 hourly shifts to give round the clock optimum service & security support. AI isn’t programmed to commit errors whereas humans can err such as giving a wrong command or clicking on a wrong link which could incur loss of data and essential information that would eventually lead to a highly expensive loss and legal complicacies. For any query regarding iOS you can consult with us. We have tried explain here about what is artificial intelligence.

Predictive Analysis of Vulnerabilities

Artificial Intelligence makes a formidable ally due to its capability of predicting of vulnerabilities in the most complex of systems containing a series of entry and exit points. It is an ardent tool for emergency management as it can analyze, assess and provide information of the extent of risk and damage meted out in a particular area. This can help in prioritizing and providing help to those in express need without the loss of time and an incorrect decision taken in haste during the state of emergency.

Protection of Big Data

Many large scale organizations in the business of collecting large data for utilizing as a reliable source of informed business decisions require Artificial Intelligence to protect their business in handling the security of Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence to thwart fraud and malicious intent

Artificial Intelligence layered biometric systems are adept at identifying and analyzing not only facial features and physical characteristics but also precise human behaviors through emotion recognition that could send a warning signal to enforcement authorities for timely prevention of a malicious act such as theft, bank robbery as well as terrorism. AI can be used by security agencies to glean information during interrogation of seasoned criminals. We hope that you are enjoying our this article about what is artificial intelligence. We offer best healthcare app developmnt services by proficient developers.

Artificial Intelligence the efficient tool for Cyber Policing

Rough estimations calculate nearly 25+ cyber attacks happening per second the world over. Cyber crimes are escalating on a day to day basis with ingenious minds committing wrong deeds. Artificial Intelligence plays a strong hand in providing cyber security for containing the incessant number of breaches and to combat the devious and efficient hackers. 

By now you must have got the impression that Artificial Intelligence is the next superhero who will wipe out the evil doer aka the hacker in this context. But one must take note of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is but a tool that can be just as effective in both the hands of the good guys as well as the bad guys. Hence, it is a necessity in today’s digital world to take the maximum usage of Artificial Intelligence for cyber security and protect ourselves from invaders and evil hacking attempts on devices connected to the Internet of Things. Get the best Android solution from motivated developers Mtoag. Many cybersecurity recommend using security apps for mobile like androdumpper and many other because mobile security is also very important nowadays due to growing security risks.


We have tried our best to apprise you of the need of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security in today’s internet connected world of ours. We hope you have enjoyed the above article. If you are a business owner and intend to know more about Artificial Intelligence and how we can be helpful to you, we are just a call away or you can also email us info@mtoag.com Technologies has been in the business of IT and mobile apps since the last 11 years.

So it was all about what is artificial intelligence. We hope you have enjoyed it.


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