Apple Vision Pro: Transforming the Future

Yogesh Pant
Feb 13, 2024

Some of us remember seeing fantasy movies as kids, when the characters would wear glasses that allowed them to travel through digital files and data wherever in the room, even over the walls, in the garden, and even over the swimming pool’s water! That fantastical, dreamlike world will come true in 2023. You got it correctly –we are discussing the Apple Vision Pro. 


We’ve all been waiting impatiently for Apple VR headsets for years, and now they’re here –but this time, they’re better than VR headsets. Instead, they are among the first MR headsets!

The most complex project Apple has ever worked on, Apple Vision Pro, is poised to transform the virtual world. Your interactions with the web will alter as a result. With Apple Vision Pro, you can view everything from the web in front of your eyes with only speech and gesture commands –forget keyboards, displays, or pen tabs!

Read this blog post to the conclusion if you’re interested in learning more about this mysterious Apple headgear. Everything you need to know about Apple Vision Pro will be covered here, including what it is, how it works, how much it will cost, and how it will affect you. Now, let’s get started. 

What Exactly Is Apple Vision Pro, Then?

One of the most sophisticated VR (and, to some extent, MR) headsets ever seen is the Apple Vision Pro. You enter a whole new realm of spatial computing as a result.

These Apple VR headsets are designed to be as comfortable as possible while providing a very engaging online experience. You can peruse through movies, pictures, applications, and much more! You can do everything you want from anywhere globally, including playing games and attending work meetings. 

Because of its cozy and small form, it's simple to wear, carry, and use.

The aluminum alloy frame encloses the laminated glasses that have been manufactured in three dimensions. 

The light seal provides the ideal fit without pulling on your face while blocking unwanted outside light.  

The adjustable headband lets you comfortably position the Vision Pro on your head and provides the right cushioning for a comfortable breathing experience. 

It takes two hours to charge the external battery fully, but you can always put the headset in and use it for an infinite amount of time. 

Because the speakers are placed sufficiently close to your ears but not in your ears themselves (as most noise-canceling headphones do), you may experience rich spatial sound and still be able to hear noises around you!

Your eyes are visible at the front of the glass. Therefore, whoever is seated in front of you will be able to tell immediately whether you are using an app.      

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How Is Apple Vision Pro Operational?

With Apple Vision Pro, you can enjoy the most excellent Spatial Computing experience possible thanks to superior 3D cameras and sensors that sync perfectly. The front-facing laminated glasses are the best surface for these cameras and sensors to see your surroundings. 

With hand gestures, voice commands, and eye expressions, you can manage the whole virtual environment with this Apple headset thanks to visionOS, an operating system created just for it. With the glasses, you can see the available applications; you can also lay over your wall or the environment you’re in; you can use voice commands and hand and eye motions to control the apps. 

Apple's First Spatial OS, vision

The underpinnings of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS form the basis of visionOS. It offers you what is today known as spatial computing –a fully interactive kind. It is perhaps the most excellent OS you have ever used, and according to Apple, it is their first for spatial computing. 

Consequently, the applications come to life and cover your room’s canvas when you wear the VR headset. You can move the app menu up and down as if you were pinching and sliding it up or down by moving your fingers up or down. 

When you find the app you want to open, touch it (or similarly use your fingers), and it will launch for you. After that, you may use the program by using voice commands to type the phrases you say or by utilizing the virtual keyboard (yes, you will be trying it in the air).           

Apple Vision Pro: Specifications, Cost, and Launch Date

What's Special About Apple Vision Pro & What Prospects It Holds

There are several incredible capabilities that Apple Vision Pro offers that we have never seen before. We have attempted to cover the most notable ones below despite it being impossible to mention them all. 

With just a quick look, you may switch between the tabs or screens and resize the applications arranged across you to your preferred size. Thanks to its sophisticated eye-tracking technology, you may choose which aspects you are gazing at. 

With the Safari browser, it enables web browsing. In addition, there are several more apps that you may utilize, such as Notes and Chat for messaging. 

Even your multimedia material, such as games and movies, may be enlarged to the exact size most enthralls you. 

According to Apple, the visual quality provided by Vision Pro will surpass that of a 4K TV, giving the impression that you are viewing them with your own eyes!

Additionally, Apple’s first 3D camera will be the Vision Pro. It will thus seem as if you are staring into the past when you capture any video and then watch it again with Vision Pro. 

You may stay in touch with your pals from anywhere at any time with Vision Pro. With the use of FaceTime video tiles, participants in a conference will be in the same room as you, thanks to its enhanced collaboration and meeting capabilities. 

You may even alter your actual environment using Vision Pro. You may transform your house into a lovely forest or replace the ceiling with a sky filled with raindrops. 

Critical Characteristics of Apple Vision Pro

Apple produces some of the most outstanding achievements in hardware engineering. They’ve even gone further this time, creating one of the most advanced headsets. Let me review some of the main issues of contention with Apple Vision Pro.



Image Clarity 

With 23 million pixels in its unique micro-OLED display, Apple Vision Pro provides a fantastic high-resolution image. 

System of Spatial Audio

The spatial audio experience of dual-driver audio pods is incredible.

The Eye Tracking Device

The infrared and LED cameras that make up the eye tracking system beam patterns of invisible light onto both of your eyes. 

Superior Quality Cameras

Over a billion pixels are sent each second by a pair of these high-resolution cameras. It improves your ability to see your surroundings. 

Real-time 3D Mapping

Instantaneous 3D Mapping enables precise head and hand tracking, improving the accuracy of gesture tracking beyond previous levels. 

Dual-chip Operation

The M2 processor, which runs visionOS, implements Advanced computer vision techniques. R1 chips handle microphone, sensor, and camera inputs. 

Optical ID  

Secure access using an authentication method based on Iris scanning.


The Apple Vision Pro Tour

We could test this out in our hands-on (or was it hands-off? or heads-on?).


It works just like a Mac or iPhone photography software, except that large photographs are possible.

And my goodness, what a sight when a panoramic picture opens. It can completely encircle you, blocking off three of the room’s walls. Now that mountain, that lobby of a skyscraper, that view is actual size. Who knew that we’d been using our iPhones to take panoramic images for all these years without realizing it and that we’d been waiting for a $3,500 device to see them correctly?

(The Vision Pro is also capable of taking pictures and films.) However, Apple has once again learned from the mistakes made by its forerunners. Do you recall Google Glass, the $1500 eyeglasses with an integrated camera?

Because it might capture nefarious photos and movies, it was eventually outlawed in movie theaters, eateries, and locker rooms. 

You push a button above your left eyebrow to take a picture. (It’s impossible to miss the shutter-snap sound and photo-snapping animation that fills the whole front of the Vision Pro.)

3-D Images and Films

To produce 3-D images and videos, this headgear concurrently records with two cameras that are placed apart. Suddenly, your child’s birthday celebration has the depth and style of a James Cameron blockbuster –minus the blue aliens. 

For some reason, the pictures are square, and it will take some getting accustomed to viewing realistic 3-D dioramas of your life. However, yes. Whoa. 

Seeing Motion Pictures

Oh my, Oh my. Up to “100 feet” diagonally, this device simulates a stunning 4K movie screen in front of you, giving you the purest visual experience you’ve ever seen. 

You may choose to see the room, a beach scene at sunset, or, well, a movie theater in the area around the screen. As the movie progresses, you can see a faint reflection on the walls and ceiling closest to the screen. 

If you’re very hopeful, the 3-D film business may even be saved by the Vision Pro. We saw a 3-D preview of James Cameron’s most recent film “Avatar” in the demo, and it looked amazing. 

Completing Tasks

Numerous programs, including Photos, Notes, Safari, Messages, Settings, Keynote, Music, TV, Mail, Freedom, Mindfulness, and more, are pre-installed on the Vision Pro. Each app's window floats in front of you around eight feet away in its own six-foot-tall “panel.” Each one may be resized, moved, and dragged closer or further in space.

At ten feet diagonal, messages and websites seem fantastic.

The least compelling reason to use an AR/VR headset is to work on papers. I understand you like movies, concerts, games, video chats, and live sports coverage. The contrast is exciting when the representations are enormous and life-size. What about Notes and Microsoft Word? A beautiful, large monitor would be ideal. 

Sceneries and Intense Films

Apple says an environment is an immersive picture, a VR publicity gimmick. There isn’t a hint of the outside world wherever you look –not even your hands, as usual. Look above and below. You get the impression that you’ve stepped straight out of a National Geographic magazine when you see outdoor images (like Mount Hood, for example). 

There were also immersive videos in the demo. Although they are not perfectly spherical as in the pictures, they occupy 180 degrees of your forward view, and the ones we saw were enormous. Four feet away, a naturalist is feeding a young rhino. A content bear waddling in for a bath is the only thing disturbing this Alaskan lake. A sneak peek video of a basketball match in which you are shown courtside and can see all the action up close and live. 

What Is the Price of Apple Vision Pro?

Surprisingly, Apple revealed the Apple Vision Pro’s pricing before it became available. These gorgeous Apple VR headsets, which some users have previously speculated are indeed MR (Mixed Reality) headsets, will start at US$ 3499 when they become available in US markets early next year. 

Here’s something to think about, however. If you are familiar with Apple’s preferred naming scheme, you may have seen that the name Apple Vision Pro (emphasizing the “Pro” word) is being used for this particular headset. Now, before the iPhone, have you ever seen an iPhone Pro? Perhaps before an airPod and airPod Pro? No, correct?

However, before Vision or Vision One, we had a Vision Pro. For this reason, several experts speculate that Apple is developing a less expensive VR headset that might be available by 2025. 

When is Apple Vision Pro going to be available?

Although an official release date has yet to be announced, the Apple Vision Pro is anticipated to launch in the US market in the first half of 2024. But plans are finished for an official release in early 2024.            

12 Quick Facts Regarding Apple Vision Pro.

  • The Vision Pro will be on sale in February 2024 for $3,499 in pricing.
  • Apple uses the same M2 CPU that powers its Mac devices to power VisionOS.
  • Twelve cameras, six microphones, and five sensors (including LiDAR) are used to provide input for Apple Vision Pro.
  • Apple has created the R1, a companion chip, to handle multi-modal sensor data.
  • There is just a 12-millisecond latency.
  • The first virtual reality headset incorporating "eyesight," or passthrough eyes, is the Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to interact organically with the gadget.
  • Moreover, it is the first VR headgear entirely controlled by gestures and eye movements without the need for controls.
  • A 3D camera is included so that users may experience memories in three dimensions.
  • It is also the first virtual reality headset that displays the user's whole face during a video conversation, presenting their entire identity.
  • Like Meta Quest Pro, the gadget displays AR/MR content via passthrough.
  • It has a digital crown allows you to easily switch between VR and AR/MR and control the degree of immersion.
  • Numerous customized iOS applications that are available now are compatible with it.

Why is Apple Vision Pro Doomed, according to Product Strategist Ante?

Absence of Beauty

The Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, iPhone, and iPod all had elegant designs that conveyed intellect and high status. Apple Vision Pro, on the other hand, lacks that appeal. Users who wear it seem like human batteries waiting to be placed into Matrix pods. Here, Apple isn’t making the most of its advantages. 

Technological Rather Than User-Driven

Built on dozens of patents, Vision Pro is a fantastic technology driven by two new CPUs operating in tandem. But there hasn’t been a lot of interest in it. No significant customer issues are resolved by donning expensive goggles. Even though they serve specialized industries like telesurgery, they have distinct use cases. Apple is unlikely to be able to provide surgeons with millions of Vision Pros on its own. 

Not Affordable

At $3,500, Vision Pro is too expensive to be considered a “treat yourself” purchase. For some people, it won’t replace their indispensable gadget. It will continue to be an affluent person’s luxury item. Apple has shown adeptness at creating goods that are accessible to many consumers. But at such a high cost, Vision Pro seems more like an investment than a helpful tool. 

Why a Product Strategist Believes Vision Pro Will Revolutionize the Industry

Enormous and Dependable Opportunity

Apple, the most valuable firm in the world, is a dominant force in every industry. They have a successful track record and only place wagers like this with much study. As a global leader in the space, Meta is also in a good position since it owns Oculus, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. 

Following an expensive rebranding attempt in 2021, Meta (previously Facebook) concentrated on augmented, virtual, and mixed reality acquisitions, including hardware and software, when they released the Quest Pro VR headset in October 2022. The New York Times reports that in 2021, Meta made an incredible $10 billion investment in the Metaverse! According to IDC, the market grew by 240% in Q12022, with controlling 90% of the market. 

Despite Meta’s present dominance in the VR arena, Apple’s entrance points to a sizable and attainable market potential for the industry leader in hardware. It also shows how competitive Apple is versus businesses like Facebook, which is under attack from Apple’s closed architectural design, revised privacy policy, and long-standing policy of paying developers a 30% fee on all sales and in-app purchases made via the platform.

It's Platforms, Not Customers, That Are Setting the Pace.

Platform giants like Apple and Android have a big say in the application industry, which helps internet businesses like Facebook, Airbnb, Discord, and Slack reach more people. These developments would not have advanced as quickly, had the same degree of quality, or been as widely adopted without the app store and native mobile capabilities. 

These platforms determine the destiny of the businesses and talent that develops on top of mobile platforms like Apple and Android. Although customers have some power, companies like Apple, with access to user data, can see trends and anticipate customer requirements before they are even aware of them. These businesses also possess the financial means to contribute to further research and development. It's time to accept change and acknowledge that it's inevitable.

The Misperception of the Innovator Versus the Inventor

Apple is widely acknowledged as one of the most inventive corporations globally. If you examine more closely, however, you’ll see that their secret to success is enhancing and monetizing patents from other businesses. 

Despite not being the first smartphone, the iPhone now holds 92% of the worldwide smartphone industry revenues. As many who support Android are eager to point out, the Apple Watch was not the first wristwatch either. But after a quarter of its launch, Samsung’s share of the worldwide wristwatch market dropped from 74% to 8%!

In 1993, Peter Golder and Gerard Tellis at USC essentially disproved the "first mover advantage" idea that had been developed in the early years of the IT sector in the 1980s. They found that, compared to subsequent entries, most pioneering enterprises fail, and those that do well often have lower average market shares.

The Phytigal World's Ascent

Consumer preferences for their user experiences include continually increasing data rates, better resolution, more customization, quicker download speeds, and expanded capabilities. Realizing these preferences is made possible via spatial computing, or 3D. 

Future interfaces will likely include multi-modal search features, such as voice recognition software, gesture, and audio recognition, and highly customized search queries. This implies that conventional 2D interfaces with clicks and swipes will be enhanced by more straightforward, approachable, and natural behaviors instead of going away. 

The phygital realm (e.g., wearables) will emerge when screens become more subtly integrated into the physical environment. The next logical step forward in human-computer interaction is represented by AR and VR, which allow for more immersive interactions and adaptable activities and behaviors. The market share of this transition over conventional 2D displays and content will keep growing. 

What Does That Signify for You?

We assure you it will mean a lot. Indeed, Apple Vision Pro has the potential to completely transform your daily life, regardless of your profession –corporate worker, content developer, educator, photographer, video curator, or just a movie or sports enthusiast. 

Among its numerous advantages are:

  • Attending meetings no longer requires you to sit in a designated area. You may stay in touch with friends, classmates, and even seniors while moving!
  • Using the app's menus becomes simple and offers an entirely immersive experience. 
  • Has one of your loved ones recently passed away? Are there any videos you have with them? You can return in time because Apple Vision Pro immerses you entirely in the movie.
  • Your love for, or even career in, photography will flourish with the help of the 3D camera.    


The Apple Vision Pro is, without a doubt, the next star in the field of spatial computing. It will shift everything into the virtual and mixed reality domains, shattering the boundaries of screens and actual computers. 

The Apple Headset is intended to provide the most comfortable and immersive experience possible. It will, however, go on sale in the market at a somewhat higher price point. The options are almost limitless; we’ll have to wait and see whether it lives up to the hype. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Apple Vision Pro?

The key features of Apple Vision Pro are as follows:

  • You can control everything you do with simple hand gestures, eye movements, and voice commands. 
  • It will use Iris Scan to offer secured access. 
  • The spatial audio system is located near your ears, but it will let you hear the sounds from your surroundings. 
  • The Micro-OLED glass will offer a high-resolution display that’s probably higher than a 4K TV. 
  • Dual-chip processing will help smoothen up the overall performance. 
  • 3D cameras will help capture life-like visuals. 

Is Apple Vision Pro a virtual reality (VR) headset or a mixed reality (MR) headset?

Technically, Apple Vision Pro will use both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). So, such types of headsets are often called Mixed Reality (MR) headsets. 

What is Spatial Computing?

Spatial Computing is a type of 3D computing, where you interact with 3D data models, generated by AR-VR and AI. It is also called Ambient Computing, as it is not restricted to any specific screen, rather, it spreads through your surroundings. 

What is visionOS? How does it differ from other Apple operating systems?

VisionOS is the new spatial computing operating system designed by Apple. This OS specifically focuses on interactive and ambient computing. Though it is based on the principles followed by Apple’s other operating systems, it is far more interactive and user-driven than any of them. 

Can I use Apple Vision Pro for browsing the web?

Yes, you can use Apple Vision Pro for browsing the web. It will have Safari web browser pre-installed for this purpose. 

Does Apple Vision Pro have a virtual keyboard?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro has a virtual keyboard, rather a spatial keyboard to be precise, which can be used to give commands while operating the apps, or typing something. 

What is the picture quality like on Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is built with a single glass display that is actually a custom micro-OLED display. It offers a stunning high-resolution picture with 23 million pixels for each one of your eyes. Hence, technically it is even better than a 4K TV. 

Does Apple Vision Pro have a 3D camera?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro will use one of Apple’s first 3D cameras. 

Can I use Apple Vision Pro for virtual meetings and collaborations?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro offers advanced collaborative features like FaceTime video tiles for meetings, and hence you will feel as if you are meeting the person in the same room, face-to-face. 

Can I customize my surroundings with Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, you can change your surroundings, for example, you can choose to be in a forest, a mountain, or even on an island!

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