Yogesh Pant
Jul 09, 2018

Traveling from one place to another is one of the important actions that humans take every day. Humans need to move from one place to another to do important work or visit people. However, to travel to a nearby location, it is easy to trek but to travel to a far place require a faster form of transportation.  If you want to develop your own taxi app then get the best Taxi app development services from our motivated & experienced developers. Let's talk about Uber AppUber India app that we daily use. 

From horses and donkeys, the form of transportation by land evolved to vehicles. This form of transportation merged with technology and today, travelling has never been easier. To move from one place to another, all you have to do is pick up your phone and use a taxi app to book for a taxi online. In India Uber App makes our live so comfertable.

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  • Passenger App Features
  • Driver App Features

TAXI APPS Uber India

There are so many taxi applications available on Play Store that can be downloaded on different Smartphone’s. There are apps that work on different operating system for both Android and IOS. Although, they are on different platforms, the apps still have the same functionality. There are so many taxi/cab booking companies out there but the one that stands out among the rest is MTOAG, which is an acronym for Moving Technology On A Go. MTOAG is a tech company that provides IT solutions and business transforming digital solutions to clients. We have an extensive portfolio. Uber India app is now on boom.

Apart from providing above extensive solutions, MTOAG is also involved in the taxi app development and intends to provide intelligent solutions to so many challenges faced by the taxi industry. MTOAG is very unique in the sense that we have now added so many mouth-opening features to our taxi app. Although there are many types of apps but in India Uber App is so famous. 

Passengers can also easily register directly on their mobile phones, check their trip history, profiles, notification updates and so on. Through the app, they can also check out the updates about the cab.


The two most important players in the taxi business are the drivers and the passengers. Without one, the other cannot exist. One of the features is the heat map which provides a detailed representation of rider data in the form of a color-coded map. Another feature is the chat option which allows text-based communication. The general features include booking a taxi, registration of users, rating, trip history, manage ride and so on.

Passenger App Features

As the name recommend, passenger application is completely systematic letting passenger to book their taxi from anywhere.2 basic taps over cell phone fetches the taxi to the doorstep of the passenger. If you are looking for the best updates about Uber App, Uber India then you are at right place.

  • Social Media Registration/Login
  • Book a cab(Ride Now/Ride Later)
  • Fare Estimation
  • SOS Option
  • Track Ongoing Journey
  • Referral Code/Wallet
  • Push Notification
  • Profile Management
  • Trip History- Ongoing, Completed and Cancelled
  • Payment Option- Cash/Card
  • Rating & Review
  • Chat Option

Driver App Features

A dynamic driver app is all set to respond its passengers over a tap. Each driver has his or her own login credentials. We hope that you enjoying this article about Uber App, Uber India.  If you want to taxi app design then contact mtoag.

  • Social Media Login
  • Statistical Dashboard
  • Upcoming Ride
  • All Trips payment
  • Total Trips done.
  • Go Online/Offline
  • Accept/Reject Booking
  • Rating & Review
  • Booking History,
  • Push Notifications
  • Manage Cab/Profile Details
  • Rating & Review
  • Chat Option
  • Navigate through Google Map
  • Fare Calculators

Franchise panel

This is another unique feature that allows passengers to connect to a franchisee. With this, businesses can be conducted easily and operations can be organized. Therefore, if you want the very best taxi app developer, MTOAG is the answer as we are the leader when it comes to mobile app development for many platforms.

Hotel panel

Passengers now have the opportunity to use the taxi app to book for rooms in hotels and just have the taxi take them there. Even hotels can now book taxis for guests for which admin earns a commission.

Monthly packages

There are monthly packages that allow users to book a cab easily at flexible rates and enjoy rides that are hassle-free, comfortable and quick. Connect with best mobile app development company in india, USA to make better apps in Ios/Android.

Service provider

There is a panel for service providers where services can be offered to clients in exchange for payment. Many service providers can be created and organized within a single panel. With all the above features, it is easy to see why the taxi app development by MTOAG is very unique. They provide the best taxi app solution. So it was all about Uber AppUber India.

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