Cognism Review: A Better Place for Sales Intelligence Tool

Yogesh Pant
Mar 21, 2024


Cognism is a hidden gem when it comes to sales tools. Why? To provide you with excellent data, it employs an enormous 5.6 billion data points from around the globe. These days, it's beneficial for companies searching for leads. 

The most significant thing is that there is a 98% likelihood that the cellphone number that Cognism provides is correct. Because of this, more than 1800 sales teams find it delightful to use. 

Understanding the nuances of technologies like Cognism may provide a competitive advantage in today's business environment. In this review, we'll examine Cognism in-depth and demonstrate why it's generating so much interest.

Cognism: A Brief Synopsis

Cognism is a worldwide platform for sales intelligence that provides organizations with reliable, helpful information. Because of its cutting-edge technologies and extensive data coverage, revenue teams may use social media, email, and phone to connect with their potential customers. 

With its enormous database of 400 million B2B profiles, the platform helps companies find new clients, understand the purchasing team, and contact direct customers. 

Furthermore, the Cognism Chrome addon supports LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Thus, it is a valuable tool for automating and enriching outgoing data. 

With capabilities that update out-of-data information and add missing data points, the platform demonstrates its dedication to data quality and compliance. The platform's search capability is to be used, which adds to its advantages. Doing so shortens the time needed for manual investigation and improves fruitful prospecting. 

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Key Statistics

Globally, Cognism is predicted to have a 0.08 market share. 

It is projected that the market for sales intelligence software would grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.4% from 2022 to 2032. It is anticipated that the market for sales intelligence software would be worth US$ 3.1 billion in 2022 and US$ 8.4 billion by 2032. (Source: futuremarketinsight)


Over the projection period (2022 to 2032), the sales intelligence software market in the USA is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2%. However, due to a rise in the need for sales intelligence solutions in the BFSI sector to enhance customer experience, the markets in China and Japan are anticipated to develop quickly throughout the projection period. (Source:


Saas (22), Analytics (14), and Digital Marketing (13) are the top three products and services that provide users the ability to apply Cognism for Lead Generation. (Reference:

The majority of Cognism's customers for the lead-generation category fall in the company size of 100 - 249 employees (74 companies), 20 - 49 employees (48 companies), 1,000 - 4,999 employees (32 companies). (Source:

The top three geographies of Cognism for lead-generation are the United Kingdom with 94(39.66%), United States with 84(35.44%), France with 11(4.64%) customers respectively. (Source:


How Does It Operate?

Cognism's Revenue AI engine combines intelligent technology with human integrity. It effectively scans the B2B database to find and target stale data. 

The outdated or inaccurate data is acted upon immediately and meticulously verified for correctness. It is also updated with the most recent statistics. As a result, Cognism can provide its customers with the most recent and accurate data available. 

Did You Know

  • Cognism was established in the UK in 2015.
  • The platform provides a variety of training choices, such as webinars, live online, in-person instruction, documentation, etc.
  • SaaS, cloud, and web-based deployment are all provided by the product.
  • Cognism offers support options including chat, phone support, email, or help desk, live reporting available around the clock, knowledge-based assistance, and more.
  • Large corporations, small companies, and mid-sized firms are among Cognism's typical clientele.
  • Cognism is skilled in locating confirmed emails, secure cellphone numbers, and direct calls for decision-makers who meet your requirements.
  • The Cognism Chrome addon syncs directly with customers' CRM and powers up your LinkedIn prospecting.
  • The ideal-fit accounts may be easily found using Cognism Prospector. Additionally, they may quickly get the confirmed contact details of business-to-business decision-makers.
  • Your outbound efforts may be expertly scheduled and managed via Cognism Engage.

Overall Rating



This comprehensive software is essentially easy to learn. Moreover, you can access a wide range of prospective contacts for establishing B2B relationships.


It includes various types of data from all over the world. It also helps in finding and phone-verifying the most valuable contacts on demand.

Website Performance

Easily update stale records and populate any of the missing data points, both on person and account level. Cognism Enhance can efficiently void the common side-effects of bad data.


Data collected by Cognism helps in increasing reach 5 times. Also, the conversion rate can increase by 7 times.


The software is compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and can access business emails only.

Features of Cognism

The following are some noteworthy characteristics to be aware of:

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A Platform for Worldwide Sales Intelligence

Cognism is an all-inclusive platform that provides worldwide sales information. It combines cutting-edge technology with extensive data coverage to give organizations useful insights. 

Large B2B Database

The platform offers a vast database of 400 million B2B profiles. Businesses can use this sizable database to find possible clients, comprehend purchasing trends, and get direct customer contact information. 

Automation and Enrichment of Outgoing Data

Cognism offers a Chrome addon for LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Because it's designed for outbound data automation, companies can be sure they have the most recent and relevant information for their outreach campaigns. 

Additionally, internet sales prospecting is essential these days. So, develop strong virtual sales prospecting skills and use Cognism and other technologies to increase your outreach. 

Enhanced Search Features

The platform has user-friendly search features. These features reduce the time spent on manual research, enabling companies to locate and connect with decision-makers and possible leads more rapidly. 

Compliance and Data Management

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Cognism prioritizes conformity and high-quality data. It ensures that the data complies with international compliance requirements like GDPR and CCPA, replaces out-of-date information, and adds missing data points. 

Benefits of Cognism

  • Links companies with suitable customers worldwide.
  • Accesses 5.6 billion global data points.
  • It is incorporated with widely used sales systems, such as Salesforce.
  • Gives reputable corporate email addresses and phone numbers.
  • They were honored for providing exceptional customer service.
  • Effective in lead enrichment and research.

Drawbacks of Cognism

  • Not all of the information is entirely correct.
  • Intricate field mapping and implementation.

User Experience with Cognism

Users often discover that Cognism is simple and intuitive when examining it. A portion of their statements have been gathered. 

Smooth Integration

A number of users have praised Cognism's smooth integration capabilities. They have shown how easily it integrates with Salesforce and LinkedIn, streamlining their process. 

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Interface That's Easy to Use

Another favorite is the user-friendly search feature. Users emphasized how it has cut down on the time they need to do manual research and freed them up to concentrate on developing deep connections. 

Data Management and Quality

One constant compliment of the data supplied by Cognism has been its correctness and dependability. Customers have shown their faith in the platform by saying they obtain reliable and timely data. They have been able to create successful marketing strategies and make well-informed judgments.

Users have complimented capabilities like data discovery and client segmentation to improve their targeting. 

Cognism Assistance for Users

We received prompt, helpful assistance when we contacted the Cognism support center. Many of its users find something to connect with its promptness. For example:

Responding Support Available around the clock

A few individuals shared a story of a late-night data mismatch they ran upon. The Cognism staff ensured his worries were immediately resolved by being present. 

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Personalized Onboarding Process

Cognism extends beyond the distribution of goods. A few users spoke about their onboarding experiences with the platform. Interestingly enough, 

Cognism gave their staff individualized training sessions that gave them the tools they needed to use the platform effectively.

Entire Knowledge Base

In addition to instant assistance, Cognism provides a wealth of information. Many people find themselves returning to our library of guides and articles, which have helped them resolve small issues on their own without outside help. 

Cognism Pricing


Cognism Price takes a consultative approach to pricing, making sure that you locate a package that fits your company's unique objectives and wants. The different packages and their corresponding features should be described in depth on the price page. 

Instead, they invite consumers to complete a form so they may choose and decide which bundle would be best for their company. However, they make it apparent that their price structure is unique.

Pricing is based on what your business requires. Each data supplier offers yearly subscription options tailored to your business's size and requirements. Pricing is determined by the number of user licenses, applications, and modules needed, as well as the number of credits necessary for enrichment, research on demand, and data export. 

Plans for Pricing at Cognism: 

  • Diamond: $2,500 per user, $25,000 access fee
  • Platinum: $1,500 per user, $15,000 access fee

The cost of Cognism is determined by an annual access charge and a user fee. The primary difference between the two levels—Diamond and Platinum—is the number of contacts you may access. Both plans provide varying benefits.

With the Platinum Plan, you may access up to 25 million contacts for $1,500 per user per Year. You also have access to their products, including Lead Builder, Insights, Data Segmentation, and others. 

The Diamond Plan provides up to 50 million contacts for $2,500 per user yearly. This package includes all the features of the Platinum plan, along with sophisticated AI-driven segmentation capabilities.

All Cognism packages contain Diamond Data, technology, sales event triggers, and contact and corporate data, to which customers have unlimited access once they are on a plan.

The following are accessible to all users:

  • Chrome Extension for Cognism
  • Every integration that is accessible

Furthermore, consumers may choose to upgrade their plan to include Diamonds-on-Demand®, Cognism's research-on-demand service, and intent data (Powered by Bombora) for an extra fee. Credits are also available as an addon for bulk list-building procedures from Cognism. 

Review: Is Cognism the Best Instrument for Your Company?

We've researched extensively and even looked at a few of Cognism's rivals. Additionally, we have a comprehensive understanding of its services. 

It is undeniable state-of-the-art technology with an extensive database of 400 million B2B profiles. 

Thanks to this combination, we can communicate with prospective clients quickly. As a result, prospecting will go more smoothly for you and seem more like an opportunity. 

It is not without problems, however. A few users have expressed concern over sporadic anomalies in data accuracy. Even though many of its rivals share this worry, it's something to keep in mind. 

In the end, Cognism is a product worth considering if you want to optimize your sales outreach and gain more in-depth knowledge about your prospects. If you have any doubts, double-check the facts to ensure you're always on the correct track.

Utilization Use Cases

Cognism's great adaptability allows for a wide variety of usage cases. However, the few noteworthy websites we have included merely employ Cognism to EXCEED targets. They are as follows:


They are the pioneers in B2B intent data and are most likely trying to transform B2B sales. They also promise to use data developed on an ecosystem of quality, innovation, and cooperation to transform marketing. 


It is considered to be the best worldwide sales enablement platform. It effectively supports businesses in enabling teams, igniting revenue growth, and engaging consumers. Seismic is the most powerful, all-in-one enablement platform that provides competent abilities to teams that interact with customers. Over 2000 enterprises worldwide rely on Seismic for their enablement needs. 


They are the top supplier of cutting-edge SaaS solutions, effectively addressing a wide range of challenging business issues for businesses of all sizes. Businesses utilize Freshworks' solutions in more than 120 countries worldwide. They play a significant role in making customers and staff happy daily. 

Top Alternatives for Cognism

Even if Cognism is excellent, there are many alternatives available. Try out several tools to see which best suits your needs since each has unique features.

Swordfish AI


One tool that provides contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, is Swordfish AI. An in-hour mobile phone verification mechanism ensures the phone numbers are valid and operational. You may also search Swordfish AI's extensive database of 3.5 billion contacts. 

Bombora is a unique trait found only in swordfish. It displays what companies are looking for, which may assist you in understanding potential needs. Additionally, using our Chrome extension, you can quickly get contact information from websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Swordfish's reverse search function might be helpful when attempting to locate someone who needs more information about them. Regarding discovering precise mobile phone numbers, Swordfish AI outperforms Cognism and has a wealth of contact information. 

Thus, even if you're in charge of hiring, your work will be much simpler. Overall, given its unique features, Swordfish AI is a must-try. 

After a personalized free trial, you may choose between paid options that suit your requirements. 


Swordfish AI


Main Purpose

Providing contact information including cell phone numbers and emails.

Global sales intelligence platform to find and connect with ideal customers via phone, email, and social media.

Unique Features

Proprietary cell phone verification system.

A mixture of innovative technology, unrivaled data coverage, and go-to-market consultants.

Database Size

Access to over 3.5 billion data profiles.

400 million B2B profiles.


Custom pricing

Need to fill form for pricing

Use Cases

Useful for professionals involved in cold calling due to verified numbers.

Suitable for revenue teams, marketing, and sales teams to find and connect with customers.


Compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Compliant with GDPR and CCPA.


Integrates with Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zapier.

Integrates with popular sales tools like Salesforce and LinkedIn. 



In debates like "Cognism vs. ZoomInfo," ZoomInfo is often contrasted. It is a prominent platform in the B2B data industry and contains data on 65 million business personnel and six million enterprises. 

They sell more in-depth information and provide some fundamental information for free. However, only some find it enjoyable. Some claim that the data needs to be updated and may not benefit small enterprises. You can see how the ZoomInfo plugin stacks up against consigns. 

Leadzilla's evaluation highlights the positive aspects, such as an extensive business list and user-friendly tools. However, it also notes that it's expensive and that customer support could be better. 




Database Size

Claims to have details on over six million businesses and 65 million business professionals.

Hosts a global database of 400 million B2B profiles.

Chrome Extension

LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn, corporate websites,

LinkedIn, corporate websites

Data Enrichment

Completes missing data

Fill in the gaps in the data


Premium services tailored to niche requirements.

Customized packages based on desired workflow.


Hubspot, Slack, Engage

CRM softwares

Intended Audience

Businesses of all sizes looking for detailed business and professional data.

Suitable for startups, SMEs, large enterprises, and agencies.

Apollo-io is a feature-rich sales and marketing platform that simplifies analytics, interaction, and lead generation. With more than 250 million contacts and 60 million organizations, it provides an extensive B2B database. 

The platform emphasizes data-driven outreach techniques to increase conversion rates, effectively integrating sales and marketing resources.'s all-in-one strategy is its unique selling proposition. 

Personalized interaction tools, sophisticated analytics, and a large database streamline marketing and sales processes. Users praise its accuracy, usability, and capacity to hasten business development. 




A marketing and sales platform with tools for lead generation, engagement, and analytics.

A global sales intelligence platform with tools for finding and connecting with ideal customers.

Database Size

250 million contacts

Global database of 400 million B2B profiles.

Chrome Extension



Advanced sales intelligence

Every lead gets a real-time AI score

Combining technographics, firmographics, and buyer intent



Basic: $49

Professional: $99

Organization: $79

Customized packages based on desired workflow.

Intended Audience

Businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

Suitable for startups, SMEs, large enterprises, and agencies.

Are you thinking about using as a substitute? Learn all there is to know about the price structure and compare it to Cognism.


After reading our Cognism review, I realized that this software has several features and tools that may be useful for various industries. It has established itself in sales intelligence because of its extensive data set and accuracy-focused approach. 

If Cognism isn't quite right for you, you may always consider Swordfish AI. For those looking for something new, Swordfish AI offers an alternative to sales intelligence and could be the best option. 

Remember that the ideal instrument is the one that best suits your requirements. While we hope this analysis clarifies Cognism, you should always investigate your choices to see which is best for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Cognism compliant with GDPR?

Yes. The sales intelligence and B2B lead generation solution is fully compliant with GDPR.

How accurate is Cognism data?

Cognism offers 98% accurate, phone-verified mobile data, excelling in the US and EMEA regions. With unique collection methods and a focus on quality, it's an optimal choice for telephone-based revenue teams.

Why is Cognism regarded as the best Lead Generation Software?

Cognism is regarded as the best Lead Generation platform and Outbound Sales software as it uses the most up-to-date market data. It allows companies to accelerate their prospecting process. This is usually done while gaining actionable insights from their existing database with the help of Sales Triggers.

What is the role of Cognism?

Cognism, a B2B lead generation, helps in outbound sales automation and data-providing services. They maintain an enormous database of 5.6 billion data points. The most exciting part is that it includes 400 million business profiles along with 10 million companies.

Where does Cognism acquire data from?

Cognism acquires data from multiple high-quality private and public sources. Some of the data acquiring private sources include S&P Global, Mergent, and Crunchbase. Meanwhile, other data sources include consented-in and crowd-sourced private data.

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