Stats for Spotify: You Must Know All the Trends in 2024

Raju Ram Khakhal
May 14, 2024


If you haven’t been living under a rock since 2008, you’ve probably heard of Spotify, the immensely popular music streaming service. Whether you have access to this platform or not, you may have wondered, “What is Spotify?” 

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, if you’re new to Spotify, or even if you’re not familiar with some of its more recent features. It’s going to become educational for you. 

We’ll review the essential fundamentals of Spotify in this post, along with a few extras, like how to move playlists across music players and maintain regular synchronization. Don’t worry about losing playlists you’ve made on other music sites. You can effortlessly move those playlists across music applications, keep them synchronized, and begin taking advantage of all the incredible features that Spotify has to offer with the help of Tune My Music’s transfer and sync tools. 

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What is the Spotify App?

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that allows users to listen to over 100 million songs. But it’s not just about the music. Many other fantastic features are now available to Spotify users, including movies, podcasts, curated content, tailored suggestions, events near you, and entertaining social features like instantly following your friends and favorite musicians on the app. 

Spotify, founded in 2008 and a favorite among music enthusiasts, is originally from Sweden. Spotify leads the music streaming services with a market share of 31% and an astounding number of over 590 million users globally, of which 40% pay a subscription. 

With the help of a robust algorithm, Spotify users can enjoy their favorite musicians and songs and discover new music by creating playlists tailored to their tastes in podcasts and music.

This page explains Spotify. The Spotify logo is shown on a smartphone screen against a dark, blank background. Photo by Haithem Ferdi.

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Register First.

You have three options: use your online browser to search for Spotify, download the Spotify app on your smartphone (iOS and Android), or download the music on your desktop computer. 

You must register for a Spotify account, regardless of the devices you want to stream from or the account type you choose (which we'll cover in the following two sections). 

Setting up an account is easy. Here's how to do it: 

This page explains what Spotify is. Icons for many applications are shown on the iPhone screen in the iOS Home window. Sara Kurfe took the photo.

Step 1: Visit the Spotify website.

Step 2: Click "sign up" in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Step 3: After that, you'll be able to register using your email address or Facebook. Enter your email address here. 

Step 4: Type your email address in again to confirm it. 

Step 5: Create a strong password for your Spotify account. It will let you know when your password has the recommended combination of letters, numbers, and characters. 

Step 6: Enter the name or nickname you would want Spotify to use to refer to you. 

Step 7: Provide your birthdate. 

Step 8: Choose your sex. 

Step 9: Follow the instructions on the screen to demonstrate that you are not a robot. 

You can now start listening to your favorite music whenever and wherever you want by using your choice device to access Spotify!

Another way to sign up is to use the Spotify mobile app, which can be downloaded from the app store on your device.

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Spotify: Compatible Devices

Spotify is the most popular music app on the market. If you’re interested in trying Spotify, you should first find out which devices it works with so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music wherever you are. Let’s examine this. 

The following devices support streaming of Spotify: 

1) Portable Electronics

2) Desktop Computers

3) Internet Explorers

4) Intelligent Televisions

5) Electronic Streamers

6) Intelligent Speakers

7) Automobile Systems

8) Video Game Console

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Stats for Spotify Music App

There are 602 million monthly active users on Spotify globally, with 236 million of those users being paid members.

  • In 2023, Spotify earned €13.25 billion in revenue annually.
  • Spotify offers over 100 million songs and over 5 million podcasts.
  • Spotify's market share in the music streaming industry is 31.7%.

Monthly Active Users of Spotify

Data released by the firm states that 602 million people use Spotify every month. Since 2015, Spotify has seen a steady increase in the number of active users every quarter.



  • There are 602 million active Spotify users per month.
  • Over the previous two years, Spotify gained 196 million new monthly active users (Q4 2021 – Q4 2023).

Monthly Active Users of Spotify

The monthly user increase for Spotify since 2015 is broken out here:

Time of Date  

Monthly Active Users of Spotify

Q1 2015

68 million

Q2 2015

77 million

Q3 2015

82 million

Q4 of 2015

91 million

Q1 of 2016

96 million

Q2 of 2016

104 million

Q3 2016

113 million

Q4 of 2016

123 million

Q1 of 2017

132 million

Q2 of 2017

138 million

Q3 of 2017

149 million

Q4 of 2017

160 million

Q1 of 2018

157 million

Q2 of 2018 

180 million

Q3 of 2018

191 million

Q4 of 2018

207 million

Q1 of 2019

217 million

Q2 of 2019

232 million

Q3 of 2019

248 million

Q4 of 201

271 million

Q1 2020

286 million

Q2 2020

299 million

Q3 2020

320 million

Q4 2020

345 million

Q1 2021

356 million

Q2 2021

365 million

Q3 2021

381 million

Q4 2021

406 million

Q1 2022

422 million

Q2 2022

433 million

Q3 2022

456 million

Q4 2022

489 million

Q1 2023

515 million

Q2 2023

551 million

Q3 2023

574 million

Q4 2023

602 million


Regional Dispersion of Monthly Active Spotify Users

  • Europe is home to 28% of Spotify’s monthly active users. In Europe alone, it comes to 169 million monthly active users. 
  • Europe is home to 28% of Spotify's monthly active users.


  • With 247 million active users, North and Latin America account for an additional 41% of Spotify MAUs.
  • With 301 million monthly active users, half (50%) of Spotify’s user base is comprised of people from Europe and Latin America. 

The whole Spotify MAU distribution by region is shown here (as of Q4 2023):

Note: Because of rounding, the total of the data above could be more than the 602 million active users worldwide.


Monthly Active Users  

Spotify Monthly Active User Share


169 million  


South America 

132 million


North America 

114 million


Other World 

193 million



Spotify Paying Subscribers

As of Q4 2023, there were 236 million Premium users of Spotify globally. A rise from Q4 2022's 205 million members.

There are 236 million Premium Spotify users globally.


Over the last three years, 81 million additional paying users have joined Spotify, increasing the number of premium members by 52,226% since Q4 2020. 

The whole breakdown of Spotify Premium subscription growth since Q1 2015 can be seen here:

Time of Date                  

Spotify Paying Users

Q1 of 2015

18 million

Q2 of 2015

22 million

Q3 of 2015

24 million

Q4 of 2015

28 million

Q1 2016

30 million

Q2 of 2016

36 million

Q3 of 2016

40 million

Q4 of 2016

48 million

Q1 of 2017

52 million

Q2 of 2017

59 million

Q3 of 2017

62 million

Q4 2017

71 million

Q1 2018

75 million

Q2 2018

83 million

Q3 2018

87 million

Q4 of 2018

96 million

Q1 of 2019

100 million

Q2 of 2019

108 million

Q3 2019

113 million

Q4 of 2019

124 million

Q1 2020

130 million

Q2 2020

138 million

Q3 2020

144 million

Q4 2020

155 million

Q1 2021

158 million

Q2 2021

165 million

Q3 2021

172 million

Q4 2021

180 million

Q1 2022

182 million

Q2 2022

188 million

Q3 2022

195 million

Q4 2022

205 million

Q1 2023

210 million

Q2 2023

220 million

Q3 2023

226 million

Q4 2023

236 million


Regional Dispersion of Spotify Premium Users

  • North America and Europe account for 69% of Spotify Premium users.

The distribution of Spotify Premium users per region is as follows:

Note: Because of rounding, the total of the data above could be more than the 236 million premium subscribers worldwide.


Spotify's premium subscribers.

Share of Premium Subscribers


90 million


South America 

52 million


North America 

64 million


Rest of the world

31 million



Spotify Income

Spotify's annual income was around €13.25 billion in 2023, a rise of 12.96% from €11.73 billion in 2022. 


This is a detailed rundown of Spotify's earnings since 2013:

Revenue by Year (in Euros)


Spotify Revenue (in Euros)


746 million


1.08 billion


1.94 billion


2.95 billion


4.09 billion


5.26 billion


6.76 billion


7.88 billion


9.67 billion


11.73 billion


13.25 billion


Spotify's Income by Category

Spotify gets money from two sources: premium users’ membership payments and ad-supported sales. 

Premium Income

  • In 2023, Spotify’s premium customers generated €11.57 billion in revenue or 87.32% of the company’s total income. 


  • Revenue from Spotify Prime grew by 12.88% in 2023 over 2022.

Spotify Premium Income

Since 2012, we have shown an increase in Spotify Premium subscription revenue:


Spotify Premium Income (Euros)

























Market Share of Spotify

Spotify has a 31.7% market share, making it the industry leader in music streaming. As of Q3 2023, 226 million of the 713.4 million individuals with music streaming subscriptions were Spotify users. 

Spotify has a 31.7% market share, making it the industry leader in music streaming.


Over the previous five years, Spotofy's market share has continuously remained higher than one-third of the market, reaching its greatest share of 34% in the second quarter of 2019.

Since 2019, we have plotted Spotify's market share among subscribers of paid music streaming services:

Time of Date   

Spotify Market Share

Q2 2019


Q2 2020

approximately 33%

Q2 2021


Q2 2022


Q3 2023


Midia 1, Midia 2, Midia 3 are the sources.

Males make up 56% of Spotify users.

According to Verto Analytics statistics, men make up 56% of Spotify subscribers. This is Spotify’s take on the statistics. 


The majority of users signed up for Spotify using their Facebook accounts.

Approximately 55% of users signed up for Spotify using their Facebook profiles. They like investigating aspects like the most-played music. 

In India, the popularity of the Spotify brand grew thrice.

Not only is Spotify well-liked in industrialized nations, but it’s also growing in emerging nations like India. 

The most popular marketing campaign is Spotify Wrapped, which debuted in early December 2016. Spotify’s viral marketing strategy has been an enormous success. 

Thirty-six million Americans use Spotify.

Many Americans have Spotify subscriptions to listen to the hottest musicians and receive monthly genre pie. This appeals to many Spotify fans who like to listen to their favorite songs constantly. 

Millennials make up more than 28% of Spotify users.

People of all types are interested in listening to the best songs. You will also be surprised to learn that 25% of Spotify users are millennials. 

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Spotify Cost Features

In the same way that you must be aware of the devices that Spotify works with, you must also be fully informed about the features and advantages of each plan that Spotify offers. 

You may choose from the following Spotify plans to discover the one that best fits your needs: 

1. Spotify Basic Plan - No Cost

2. The $10.99/month Spotify Premium Individual Plan (one account)

What is the individual version of Spotify? This plan allows you to enjoy on-demand playback, unlimited skips, offline listening, and one account. It’s also free of ads. 

3. $14.99/month Spotify Premium Duo Plan (two accounts)

Spotify Premium Duo: What is it? This package provides discounted access to up to two separate accounts for two distinct people. 

In other words, you’ll receive all the fantastic benefits of the individual plan—but for two accounts rather than just one. This is ideal for couples who appreciate music and want the convenience of having separate accounts since it’s economical and easy. However, you will both need to reside in the same place. 

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4. The $16.99/month Spotify Premium Family Plan (six accounts)

What is the Premium Family on Spotify? With this plan, you may enjoy unlimited skips, on-demand playback, offline listening, and up to 6 accounts. It’s also completely free of advertisements.  

This plan is known as the FAMILY plan because it is ideal for family members. To participate in this monthly plan, you all have to reside at the same location. 

The fact that this specific monthly plan is better suited for kids is an additional bonus. You may ask, how’s that? This package includes Spotify Kids, a separate app designed just for kids, and the ability to restrict content –which is always a stress relief. 

5. Spotify Premium Student Plan: One account costs $5.99 per month.

What is the Student version of Spotify Premium? With up to one account, this plan provides all the benefits of an individual premium account at significant savings. It is identical to the Individual educational institution in order to confirm your student status. 


Spotify has always been the industry leader in music streaming services, and for good reason. Therefore, we would be surprised if you considered switching from your current music streaming provider to the site.

You definitely want to keep your playlist, however. Remain calm. We have the answer for you! You may also acquire your very own music-listening app with more features and plans from us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spotify

  1. How many subscribers does Spotify have in 2022?
  2. As per the Spotify statistics 2022, the app Spotify has around 180 premium subscribers.
  3. How much money has Spotify made in 2021?
  4. As per the latest Spotify stats, in 2021, Spotify earned nearly €9.67.
  5. Is Spotify the biggest streaming service?
  6. Yes, it is the biggest streaming service of the time. And the whole credit of this win over Tidal, Pandora, and other music streaming applications is Spotify’s vast device support, wider music catalog, varied plans for paid and free subscribers, and more.

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