A Perfect Guide on How to Hire App Developers in India

Yogesh Pant
Dec 09, 2022

Indian IT products and services are well-known worldwide. India is one of the top IT nations thanks to its highly talented and skilled in-house or freelance android app developers in India. In addition to being affordable, hiring an app developer in India is a popular choice because of the country's wealth of talent and experience. 

Indian app development companies have successfully produced complex apps used globally across all platforms. Because of this, many inquiries are frequently made about how to hire app developers in India. 

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With the advancement of technology, smartphones have recently played a crucial role in our daily lives. Nowadays, smartphones are used for various purposes, including social media monitoring and weather checking. They became necessary because these applications are so essential to our daily lives. 

Can you imagine living without a smartphone? I think everyone will exclaim, "Big No!"


Due to the constant rise in smartphone and mobile app use, every business is under pressure to develop its application. It happens because mobile applications are currently the most effective approach to contacting prospective consumers quickly. Take a look at the statistics and charts below that show hiring an app developer is the most excellent choice for expanding your company. Look at the provided table and graphs to see how the number of downloaded applications rises over time.  


Just see the astonishing increase in numbers! In only 6 years, the number went from 64 billion to 218 billion, and it will continue to rise dramatically in the years to come. It demonstrates how the global dominance of the app business. Observe more underneath!

These statistics support the notion that creating a mobile app for your company may provide worthwhile marketing chances and assist in reaching your target audience. But why only India for mobile app development? This query probably needs to be clarified in your head. Let's look at some of the incredible statistics for it!

After looking at these statistics, you found the solution. Without further ado, let's talk about some essential factors to take into account before choosing to employ an Indian app developer. We will also go through where to discover skilled mobile app developers that can provide your business with excellent digital solutions.  

Things to Take into Account When Hiring an Indian App Developer

You should approach cautiously while making the critical choice to develop your mobile application. You have particular expectations for your next project, so you want to prevent any setbacks or errors along the way. Even if you think you are an expert on your company, upcoming app, and prospective clients. Whether you are an established company undergoing a digital transformation or a startup, you still need to start with the exploration phase. Research and information gathering may help you identify and eliminate potential risks.  

The discovery stage is a crucial process of app development. Therefore you should leave it to a group with years of experience in market research. Although this service will cost you money, it is an investment in your idea's marketability, demand, and success. You may work with these mobile app development companies to create a useful and flexible app that will benefit your company for many years.

You should consider a number of criteria before hiring an Indian app developer for your business. Before choosing a developer for your app only primarily on pricing, consider all your options. Here we will go over some advice for locating an Indian app developer. Before you hire app developers in India for your ideal project, go through these critical points. 

  • Good Familiarity with Open Source Platforms and Cross-Platform Applications

The extra device capabilities that a native app adds to the mix will be very beneficial to your online company. For instance, you may advertise your company through push notifications. You may use location-based GPS monitoring systems to speed up other tasks and enhance mobile applications. In a large market with a wide range of operating systems and devices to target, you may find several operating systems on which applications are produced. Of course, some of the most widely used platforms are Windows, Android, and iOS. Would you employ a group of mobile app developers with expertise in creating suitable mobility solutions for every forum? Once again, you are looking for knowledge in cross-platform mobile app development. Since Android is an open-source platform, app developers must know the variety to produce practical applications for customers and your company. Therefore, it makes sense to seek app development firms with functional expertise using new open-source libraries. 

  • Request the App's Documentation                

Any adjustments you make to software in order to expand its functionality must be documented. The name of the server, the IP address, the URL to access it, a mechanism to contact the app creator, and a description of the application and its version number must also or App Store. Can it be updated, or have problems fixed? Additionally, if you have to pay again, how will you update it? The majority of you, I am sure, would instead not make repeated payments, but you must confirm with the company.

  • Do They Adopt a Novel Approach?

Make sure the developer has a solid grasp of your company's requirements, the ability to revise the design, and the capability to provide the best user experience. A critical step in developing an app is creating a plan that works and considers the user experience. To succeed, follow the most recent and well-liked user experience standards. How do they handle UX and design while developing apps? Inquire about prior work samples and the design process while choosing an Indian app developer. 

  • The Post Development Tasks and Supports Should Be Discussed

Before you engage an Indian app developer, talk about the post-development duties of an app developer. They include application submission, app testing, issue resolution, and more before handling the project with the app development team. It's important to discuss specific issues with your developer. 

  • To make sure aspiring Indian app developers comprehend your concept:
  • In your proposal, provide a thorough description.
  • Ask them how they see your project and preferred approach.
  • Ask them if they will test an app design prototype during the proposal process.
  • You may assess their work in this manner to see whether or not they get your vision.

Challenges to Expect When Hiring Mobile App Developers

Choosing how to employ mobile app developers is time-consuming and challenging since many obstacles exist. However, finding the best alternative to hire seasoned app developers becomes a straightforward procedure after you surpass the difficulties mentioned above. 

Challenge No. 1: Price

Every business owner or entrepreneur that plans to create mobile applications only has one main worry. That is the budget or expense. Owners often need help finding mobile application developers because of a limited budget.

You and your project will determine how much it will cost to hire a mobile application developer. Hiring seasoned mobile app developers is necessary if you want to construct a complicated mobile application or include several capabilities and features. 

As you are aware, hiring seasoned mobile application developers will cost you more. However, if your app requires rapid updates or minor changes, you may hire freelance developers in India. 

In this way, you might hire a less experienced developer and yet have your work done swiftly and affordably. You must first understand how to deal with an app developer and work on your budget. 

Although prices for mobile app development may be lower in underdeveloped countries, you should be prepared to accept subpar results. 

Challenge No.2: Cultural Disparities

All American and European companies often outsource their needs for mobile app development to Israel, India, China, and other South Asian nations. There are cultural and geographical variances as a consequence of the distance between your company and remote developers.

Due to different religious beliefs, a company's operations and the services it provides to customers may change depending on the culture and holidays they celebrate.

Challenge No.3: Time Zone Differences Are the Third Difficulty.

When a firm plans to recruit mobile app developers or outsource project needs, time zone differences are the real worry. You will only sometimes be able to access distant teams as a consequence. The development of the project will be delayed as a result. 

Additionally, firms employ a variety of technologies for project management and communication. It necessitates informing distant team members and waiting for them to examine messages or tasks. 

Challenge No.4: Communication Gap

When you hire a programmer for an app from another country, there is a chance of communication breakdown. When developers are actively working on your project, it prevents effective communication when you hire app developers from faraway locations, but you may remedy this if they collaborate in person. 

Three Options for Hiring an App Developer

You have a few choices when looking for app developers to employ. However, each option to hire a developer to create an app is considered in various circumstances and has both benefits and drawbacks.

Let's try to comprehend each choice for an app programmer.

Option 1: Hire a Freelancer Developer

When you want to employ a mobile app developer, freelancing is the best alternative. The real reason freelancers are in demand because businesses sometimes want an efficient solution at the most minor high or most reasonable price. They also want to collaborate with professionals from other nations. Therefore, hiring freelancer app developers in India would be far less expensive than hiring in-house developers.  

There are several websites nowadays where you may locate freelancers and employ independent mobile app developers for a period based on your demands. 

For freelancers to accomplish your company's goals, they must have excellent experience and skill sets. Otherwise, you risk blowing your whole budget on the employment of app developers while receiving nothing in return.  

The disadvantages of using independent mobile app developers include difficulty communicating with clients due to language limitations and time zone variations. Businesses can have tracking issues when freelancers work on many projects simultaneously. As a result, they need to meet the deadline. 

As a result, as a company owner, you need to be extra careful when bringing someone on board to design an app. In order to guarantee they won't ever stop working on your app development project, you must also sign a contract with them, 

Hiring independent developers are advised if you need to do short work or make a few adjustments to an already-existing program. 


  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Several channels for employment to pick from
  • Across the world, there are many talented developers
  • No further fees are necessary.


  • A lack of understanding owing to linguistic limitations
  • No power to influence deadlines
  • The potential for sensitive project information to be disclosed
  • Probabilities of project cancellation

Option 2: In-House App Developers

You should not contemplate hiring internal app developers if you are a freelancer. This situation requires you to get engaged in several activities, including renting an office, having a string SDLC process, and working as a team in the exact location. 

By selecting the "hire mobile app developers nearby" option, you may have complete control over the project's SDLC process and can always keep an eye on tasks. 

Wait! Stay calm after hearing this choice. Hiring an in-house software developer and creating a team at your company may break you financially. Additionally, you will pay more if you rent an office, buy software and hardware licensing, and get the necessary interior. Further, if you hire an in-house app developer, you will be responsible for covering their wages, benefits, and other expenses. You will pay more money as a result of this. 

Not to mention the drawn-out and laborious process of selecting in-house app developers. As a result, recruiting in-house app developers is one of the most costly and time-consuming operations. 


  • Total command of the group
  • Open lines of connection
  • Suitable for the IT department


  • Longer and more difficult recruiting procedure for engineers
  • High costs are incurred.
  • Additional expenses for projects, tools, etc
  • Integration of new employees requires time.

Option 3: Employ an Outsourcing Firm

One of the best and most straightforward solutions for constructing an application is to outsource your project needs to an IT firm or hire an outsourcing firm. You may take advantage of several services at a fair price. Additionally, you won't need to worry about things like hiring mobile app developers, renting an office, purchasing hardware, paying for infrastructure, paying staff wages, or paying other unneeded charges. 

On the other hand, many IT firms have a sizable staff or qualified developers, cutting-edge hardware and software, essential infrastructure, and other resources. In the end, all you need to do to design a mobile app is to discuss your project ideas with them. The vendor or IT business will handle all other tasks, including team management, product delivery, project analysis, and personnel training. 

If you have a tight budget, you may hire a seasoned mobile app development firm to handle your mobile app development needs. Depending on your needs, you may select from a wide range of possibilities throughout the world. You may also hire iOS app developers if you want to create an iOS app. Likewise, you can hire Android app developers if you're going to build an Android application. 

However, if you work with an app developer from another nation, you might encounter issues like time zone and language barriers. Choose an experienced and adaptable IT company with skilled developers, a strong command of English, and works around the clock to meet your needs because these issues can affect the entire process with the vendor. 


  • Most knowledgeable team
  • Faster recruiting procedure
  • Cost-efficient choice
  • Quick project startup
  • Wide range of options for tech vendors
  • No extra costs required
  • Project scalability and security
  • Robust SDLC 


  • Language barriers and time zone differences in some cases

Steps to Hire a Mobile App Developer

"I need to hire a mobile app developer to build an application" is the first statement that comes into the mind of business owners when they plan to expand their business horizons. Here, we have come up with several ways that will help you find app developers for startups with suitable expertise for your project.  

Step 1 - Determine App Development Goals

Before you start searching for app developers to construct an app, you need to determine the aim of the programme.

It implies you should know the sort of software you are going to design (iOS, Android, or cross-platform), its revenue model (paid or free), target audience, features, payment method, and many more. Moreover, if you want to proceed with cross-platform application development, you must determine which technology or platform you want. 

If you are new to the business and want to create a user base, you might opt for a free application. You may monetize your app with in-app purchases after you have a favorable reaction from users. 

Step 2 – Define the App Type and Platform for Development

You must be sure what type of app you are going to create. You must determine if you will hire app developers or outsource your project needs. The app development procedures might grow quite confusing if you don't have defined goals. 

Step 3: Determine the App Development Budget 

How much does it cost to hire an app developer? It is the only question at the center of the app development industry. Choose your budget before beginning to develop an iOS or Android application. 

Determining the precise budget is simpler if you are aware of the hiring process for mobile app developers. You must decide if the sum you want to invest aligns with their knowledge and experience. 

Step 4: Locate Resources for App Development

Please ensure they are trustworthy, dependable, and skilled before you recruit internal developers or a company and bring them on board. The following are some suggestions you should take into account if you want to learn how to hire an app development company:

  • Conduct Enough Research

Understanding the industry's perspective before expressing your project ideas and needs is essential. If you are new to the field of mobile app development, you may contact mobile app development professionals with any questions. After finding out how much it costs to hire an app developer, you may also comprehend. 

Make sure you thoroughly investigate and comprehend everything needed to create a great mobile app using different programming languages. Learn about various topics, such as the best locations for outsourcing mobile app development services and how much it costs to create a mobile app. Your question will help you choose the best technology partner for your budget.  

  • Verify an App Developer's Relevant Experience

Ask the person who answers your question about how to hire a programmer whether they ever made an app. Will they be able to develop this concept for an app that needs crucial features? If you get favorable responses, you may proceed to the next step. 

  • Examine Portfolio 

Recognize the prior work that mobile app developers have completed. Do they have a track record of success in a particular field or industry? Are they compatible with a specific programming language?

Hire app developers after you need the answers to the questions. Only hire an app developer with taking their experience into account. Instead, if you think they are a trustworthy source, bring them on board. 

  • Look for Reviews Left by Previous Customers

When hiring mobile app developers, reviews and ratings are your last deciding factors. Every website contains review and feedback areas where customers may discuss their actual interactions with web designers or IT firms. 

Please pay close attention to their suggestions and take into account what they had to say regarding the development team. Take a further look if you think they are reliable. 

  • Recognize Their Technical Expertise and Communication

It would help if you didn't ignore the importance of communication. It's optional to take into account, however. App developers or IT vendors can only produce something to your standards if they comprehend your project concepts. Understanding how they can fully understand you and realize your idea is crucial. 

Additionally, you must comprehend their qualifications, experience, and skill set. 

  • Hold a Conversation

Interview the development team you discover whether they are competent. Make sure they respond to your questions in a suitable manner. By doing so, you can decide if employing an iOS or Android developer would satisfy your project's needs. 

Step 5: Hiring Dedicated Developers 

When hiring a mobile app developer, explore beyond the Google search phrase "hire mobile devs near me" for the best results. And when you decide to work with specialized mobile app developers, you have a number of choices (as discussed earlier). The least desirable alternative may be to hire freelancer developers because of their many disadvantages. 

This article will concentrate on acquiring specialized personnel or outsourcing to a business that develops mobile applications. They could be a highly cost-efficient and practical choice for your project. You can work with technical mobile app developers. 

Step 6: Time to Start App Development 

The time it takes to create an app and get it to market is crucial when making plans to establish a mobile application. Nearly 3.5 billion individuals are accessible in this cutthroat market for apps. As a result, it would be unwise to lose out on oneself by staying behind. Once you have determined how to locate an app developer, you must swiftly construct the app. 

Therefore, many businesses choose an agile development team when recruiting mobile app developers. They are in charge of following the three instructions for the app development model. 

Stage 1: Prototype and App Design

Time Frame: 3 to 4 Weeks

Stage 2: Developing and testing the app

Time Frame: 6 to 8 Weeks

Phase 3: Project completion and app store launch

Time Frame: 2 to 3 Weeks


After reading this blog, you must feel more informed if you are thinking about hiring an Indian app developer to create your dream app. The blog covered crucial considerations and warning signs for a potential app developer to watch out for. Indian app developers are sought after for more than just their skills and experience. Due to the high cost of developing apps, businesses frequently hire Indian app developers. Hiring in-house or freelance app developers in India is relatively inexpensive compared to other countries. Suppose you need help finding the ideal hiring candidate for your app development. Get in touch with Mtoag Technology. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. 

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