20 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

Raju Ram Khakhal
Mar 18, 2021

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to all strategies and practices employed to yield high volume referral hits from search engine results pages. The ultimate aim of Search Engine Optimization is to make a website popular. The knowledge of SEO techniques is vital in increasing your website traffic and brand awareness. According to Advanced Web Ranking, 67% of traffic is enjoyed by sites in the 5 top sites in Search Engines Results Pages. It would be best if you strived to be on the top to double your traffic. Here is how you can do that.

Undertake an SEO Audit

Before jumping the gun to make random and unnecessary changes on your website, searching for a remedy for your low organic traffic, it is worthwhile that you undertake an SEO audit. The SEO audit will help you evaluate your site's search engine friendliness and have a tailored view of your site's performance from a Google's viewpoint. The audit puts you in a better position to devise and set up vibrant SEO strategies that improve your traffic.

Know What Your Website Users Want

You ought to focus on what your potential website visitors want. What are they looking for? What topics matter to them? What are their expectations? These are pertinent questions that you should seek to answer. To do so, you should devote your time to interacting with them and knowing their opinions and expectations. Your customers' opinions count.

Match Search Intent

The concept of search intent is so significant in Calgary SEO Services . I am not exaggerating when I say that if you want your website to rank higher in SERPs, then you have no option but to create website content with search intent in mind. Search intent defines the reason why a user will make a search. Google wants to ensure that website visitors get the best and relevant results. If you want to rank higher than your competitors in 2021, you will have to have the most relevant results for your clients' queries. To do so, you will need to align your content with visitors’ search queries. Relevance is the basis of Search Engine Optimization success.

Precise Title Tags

One of the most crucial on-page SEO factors that you have control over is the Title tag. In Search Engines Results Pages, the title of searches in blue is the central part of a website's listing. Search engine algorithms usually give title tags a lot of weight when determining what a website is all about. Website owners should use the title tags to signal what is on their websites. When writing a title tag for a website you wish to rank high, ensure that you write unique titles for every page, pay attention to the title's length. 50-60 characters is ideal. You should also use (but not overuse) your keywords in the title tags and try to be precise and descriptive on what your website is about.

Ensure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Search engines such as Bing and Google use mobile-friendliness as one of the critical SEO algorithms. Mobile-friendly websites will automatically rank higher than those that are not. You will have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, especially when a good amount of your traffic comes from mobile devices. As you might already beware, mobile usage has increased significantly over the past years.A 2019 Statista Report shows that there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users globally. Most searches are being made from mobile devices. To be part of the heavy search traffic derived from mobile devices, you should start thinking about designing a mobile-friendly website.

Use Infographics

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? Well, now you know. The use of infographics does a lot more than just plain texts. Infographics are a perfect SEO technique that you can use to display complex information in a manner that is easy to understand. Using infographics will, therefore, significantly improve your ranking in search engines. There are plenty of tools and websites such as Canva, Venngage, and visual.ly, which can be of great value when creating infographics.

Use Social Media Platforms to Gain Credibility

A website cannot just come from the blues and rank high in search engines. New websites will find it very difficult to rank. However, this does not mean that new websites cannot rank. Your new website will rank and double your search traffic within a short time with proper SEO techniques. One technique you can adopt to achieve this is social media marketing. Social media platforms present you with a golden opportunity to improve your ranks in SERPs. Ensure that you post your content on authoritative social media platforms such as Quora, Slideshare, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, among others. In doing so, your website will receive heavy traffic and penetrate to the first pages in search engines.

Compelling Meta Tag Description

Meta tag descriptions directly impact your Click-through-rates. CTRs have a significant impact on SEO, which is why you should endeavor to create compelling meta tag descriptions. A persuasive meta tag description will draw your readers' attention. Crafting a unique and catchy description while adequately using the keywords will improve your click-through rate and your SERPs ranking.

Install an SSL Certificate

Google takes user privacy and security with a lot of concern. It will not entertain any website which might emasculate the security and privacy of users. If yours is an insecure website, then you are bound for dire consequences.


To show how crucial this matter is, in 2015, Google announced that an SSL certificate would be used as one of SEO's key ranking factors. Furthermore, Google would use the presence of an SSL certificate as a tiebreaker in a situation where two or more websites are equaled in all other ranking factors. Since then, studies show a positive correlation between SSL certificates and high ranking in SERPs. No wonder the internet has witnessed a vast migration to HTTPS sites. A Google’s Transparency Report shows that 93.2% of browsing time is spent on HTTPS pages. It is about time you joined the list of high-ranking websites by installing an SSL certificate.

It is simple to buy cheapest ssl from a trusted SSL certificate provider, install it and enjoy as your search traffic doubles.

Optimize Your Website Speed

Website speed refers to the amount of time it takes a website to load or open. A fast-loading website will rank higher in SEO than slow websites. If you wish to double your search traffic, you should consider your website's speed and ensure that your website takes the shortest time possible to load.

To determine your website's speed, you can use a Google developers’ tool known asPage Speed Insights. Using this tool is easy. You copy the URL of the website you want to test and paste it on the tool. Google will then analyze your website’s speed to figure out how fast it is. A slow website speed could be the culprit behind your poor ranking and low traffic. Fortunately, there are several practices that you can follow to increase your site speed and increase your search engine rankings in return.

KeyWord Research

Keyword research is a critical player in the success of your digital marketing. Keywords are the words used by your intended searchers to search your content online. Keyword research is the process of searching for viable keywords and knowing how they can affect your rankings. It is the starting point for any digital marketing campaign. It would be best to devote enough time to find the ideal keywords to improve your rank in search engine results pages.

Write a Thorough and Catchy Content

For search engines to be joyful, they will need joyful searchers. There is one thing that you should understand about SEO; people come first. Thriving in search engine rankings means that you should go beyond "just writing content." Any content that you create should be appealing to end-users such as customers, readers, and prospects. You should ensure that you create content that connects with your visitors and shows them that your content is the one they were looking for. Ensure that you use simple language, avoid grammar or spelling errors and maintain a perfect content flow.


Internal Deep Linking to Other Pages

Deep linking refers to the practice of using anchor texts to link to your other website pages within your website or blog. Deep linking is a critical SEO practice because it shows Google the extent of your website pages hence encouraging Google to index more of your website pages. Linking your pages to other pages that have had immense value before will help to increase your traffic.

Ensure You Get More Backlinks from High Authority Sources

Links from high authority domains will be significant assets in passing link juice to your content. Furthermore, it increases your trustworthiness in Google’s eyes. When other high authority websites link to your website, it sends positive signals and affirms your search engines' credibility.


There is no quick and straightforward strategy to effective backlinking from high authority websites. It is not going to be an easy ride. You can employ several strategies to earn high-quality backlinks and increase your search visibility in return.

Research and Spy on Your Competitors Keywords

Why should you struggle, waste your time and resources looking for the best keywords when your competitors already did the job for you? You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Be smart. You can spy on the keywords that your competitors have and which have given them high ranks. You can then use the same keywords or refurbish them a little to create valuable content. That is not illegal. It is smart. Smartness is a critical pillar in SEO success. Spying helps you design a better plan than your competitors and ensures that you rank higher than them.

Multiple Keywords in SEO Page Titles

SEO page title carries a lot of weight in improving your search engine ranks. It is the title that your visitors will see and which compels them to visit your website. A strategy that I have found to be so effective in compelling searchers to visit your website is including multiple keywords on SEO page titles. However, do not try too hard until you end up looking spammy. Make sure you remain natural and avoid overusing the keywords in title pages. It could cost you.

Use Google Search Console Stats to Monitor Your Site’s Performance

Google Search Console is a great tool and a powerful companion that will help you monitor and track issues that can end up affecting your rankings. The tool helps identify some of the keywords that your searchers are frequently using to find you, identify crawl errors such as 404 pages, and submit new sitemaps. If you are yet to sign up for it, you should sign up today and reap big from the SEO benefits that it brings forth.

Regularly Update Your Best Performing Content

SEO success is not a one-step procedure where you create good content, post it, and that's it, No! SEO is a continuing process. It has no end. For that reason, you have to remain on your toes. The feeling that your article is performing properly on search engine results pages and needs not to be updated is a wrong one. It would be best to leverage such articles by updating them by including more content, images, and videos to maximize their search traffic.

Revamp Articles That Didn’t go Over well with More Organic Search Potential

I have explained how you can keep your best performing content optimized for SEO in the previous point. So, what will be the fate of the content that fails to perform to your expectations? The point here is that you should continuously update your poorly performing article to increase their relevance and drive in more organic searches. Revamping those underperforming articles is a perfect way of increasing your organic search traffic. Make a list of your underperforming content, analyze the keywords for each content using the Whatsmyserp tool, update and relaunch the post. Those are the steps for revamping underperforming content.

Multiple Techniques and Tools for Maximum Results

Each SEO technique and tool explained in this article will yield great results, improve your search engine rankings and double your traffic, if only complemented with the rest of the techniques. Each is like the icing on the cake for another. If you want to have maximum results, then I suggest that you employ all the tips I have explained in this article.


By reading, understanding, and following the tips I have explained in this article, you will come to understand how you can pursue proper and effective Search Engine Optimization practices and techniques for your website. Properly adopting these techniques will help you improve your search engine rankings within a short time.

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