Yogesh Pant
Dec 12, 2022

Augmented Reality – new mode of developing business prospects

Augmented reality is the concept of merging the real and the virtual world to give an ethereal experience to the viewer. It is a novel theme of interacting with our clientele and potential customers around the world. Augmented reality is currently in its infancy stage, with companies slowly incorporating it into their business development campaigns. As the trend increases, the marketing avenues will get profounder and fiercer in competition. This is the correct time to inculcate AI technology into marketing strategies to capture user attention for your business product. "Augmented reality development can be used as an efficient tool in medical healthcare of patients. "

Slowly but steadily, augmented reality has showed its prowess in outshining the print, TV and online advertisement scenario. It is a natural phenomenon that people invariably stop to look at the AI stimulated experience as it draws their attention completely. It is the latest curve in technology that is set to take the business world by storm. AI is the sibling of Virtual Reality but with many far reaching aspects.

Augmented reality has marched into various industry segments such as entertainment, gaming, fashion, marketing, education, retail, military, medical treatments, real estate, construction, repair & maintenance and other businesses. Industry forecasts depict that the global augmented reality apps development is expected to significantly cross over 90 billion USD by the coming year end.

What is augmented reality?

Gone are the days when augmented reality would burn a hole in your pocket even if you thought of it. As technology advancements in AI become a day to day reality, it is getting cost effective and more and more companies are merging marketing concepts of seeing, hearing & touching by using real-time scenarios with super-imposed images via graphics, sounds and somatosensory systems known as haptic feedback technology.

AI is portrayed through a three dimensional high definition audio video that superimposes the virtual object over or alongside the actual real world setting. The app works through smart phones and tablets to sense and detect physical objects and merge it with the virtual things to showcase the perfect picture and immerse the user in the digital environment. This app is a perfect match for creating games and three dimensional films.

Mtoag Technologies are industriously working on implementing the augmented reality technology for creating apps for our clientele. Through this blog we would apprise our readers on the many business opportunities that can be obtained by creating augmented reality apps for their marketing ideas.

Augmented reality examples

Augmented reality in healthcare

Augmented reality development can be used as an efficient tool in medical healthcare of patients. Doctors, physicians and therapists will be able to visualize three dimensional image of MRI report of patients and be able to guide them better towards healthcare. Ophthalmologists can interact more efficiently with patients suffering from eye related ailments and show them what impact a disease such as cataract can do to the human eye and understand the symptoms in the initial stages itself. Augmented reality can also help in medical operation procedures to get better result.


If you are thinking of shopping for new draperies, bed covers or that mantelpiece that you always wanted to fill that empty space in the living room? With an augmented reality mobile app you can scan your entire room and take it with you right to the store and set in the desired item where you want it placed or even change colors according to your preference. AI can help you in putting your shopping woes to end.

Augmented reality marketing

Marketing of FMCG products gets easier with augmented reality marketing. The corporate world has taken AI under its wings to create user loyalty for their brands. Showcasing unique ideas through an AI experience naturally involves the viewer towards brand recognition. Waiting for your daily bus to take you to the office is a normal phenomenon, but suddenly seeing alien spaceships coming to land near you is sure to give you a shock. As the augmented reality marketing comes to an end and you see the product, it will definitely linger on in your mind. Similarly while one is ambling in a grocery store, by scanning a shelf if one is able to get the price, quantity, nutritional info as well as a recipe it would be again through augmented reality. Keeping kids in mind, augmented reality could convert the shopping arcade into an interactive games paradise and undertake little tasks and win prizes all through the use of a smart phone.

Augmented reality in Education with Fun

Nowadays schools are already on the digital path with studies being conducted through computers and mobile applications. According to us future of augmented reality is best. Reading about the voyages of Christopher Columbus and how he discovered America or reading about the Titanic or intersecting a plant or learning about the solar system can sound so boring and uninteresting. But with augmented reality, when the student gets a real time experience through a visualization of the concerned subject, the panorama completely changes and interest in the subject gets ignited. The student would instantly interact with the subject and teaching and learning performance would be enhanced. Augmented reality in education has the power to convert a dull and dreary subject to something more engaging, stimulating, fun and interactive to the students. We can also use it in augmented reality news.

Augmented reality in Online Dating

Online dating is one of the most successful concepts of the internet. Innumerable people are known to hangout on dating sites to either just time pass with people or in search of their future life partners. Online chat sites like ICQ, eHarmony, Badoo, Tinder revolutionized the world of online dating and moved it to mobile apps from desktop applications. But as of now no one has progressed to augmented reality online dating mobile apps. It has a very large potential seeing the millions of users who are continuously logged on to online dating sites. How creative one can get on online dating through augmented reality technology is yet to be seen. Whoever builds the AI mobile app for it is sure to get his cash registers tingling.


In the era of complex machines, experienced technicians and mechanics are sometimes on outer locations and need a service manual to overcome a situation getting out of hand. Trainees and semi skilled personnel may not be entirely efficient in dealing with a machine performing erroneously but they need to fix it. A very normal scene is that the wife is out of town and the husband needs to muster up something to feed self and the little ones or someone needs to DIY task and needs help immediately. In such scenarios augmented reality apps take a strong footing and help out people facing dilemma.


AI development can effortlessly assist in collaborating with people from the farthest corners of the world. Hurdles related to distance, language and personal presence all seem to diminish through augmented reality mobile applications. If you need to conduct business with a person located in Germany and you don’t speak his language – set up a virtual meeting and switch on the translation mode through augmented reality applications . You can even write on the common virtual whiteboards and record the entire meeting to save for future use. You can even hold an international board room meeting with all board members stationed at their respective locations. AI helps in associating people’s minds with one another and bring the world must closer to one another.

Augmented reality games Apps

AR Games are more like a religion for people who are die-hard fans of their choice of game. From a soccer match to a cricket tournament, there are millions of sports enthusiasts. One can see hordes of people converging to sports stadiums to get a direct enjoyment of seeing the game and supporting their home team as well as millions glued to their smart devices to catch up on their favorite game from just about anywhere – office, home or on the go. Mobile app development using augmented reality game app can allow sports fans to enjoy being on the scene as well as off it. Streaming data, live statistics, instant replays and the actual visualization of the movement and speed of the ball would be viewable right from the comfort of one’s hand. A chatting app is also operated by snapchat augmented reality.

Data Visualization

Data analysis and data statistics would seem to appear so bland if we didn’t have the excel sheets portraying tables, pie-charts, doughnuts, column charts and infographics to understand them better. This single dimensional data gets formulated as numbers and the charts and infographics adds a visual touch to it. AI on the other hand can usher in a new element for depicting data by creating a real time 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional high definition images to increase user interaction for exchanging bits of information amongst each other. Need of the hour is to tap into the power of AI and elevate user interaction with data visualization to another level.

Painting apps

Redoing the house walls can be a lot of hassle. The choice of color shades, material and labor costs aren’t the only woes which one has to contend with. The main problem is how the particular wall, room or house will appear after the coloring is done. Would it match with the other interiors and furnishings of the room? What if it doesn’t? Wouldn’t that be a waste of time, money and effort of all concerned? Augmented reality mobile development can put all your questions and apprehensions at ease. Through the mobile app you can virtually paint the wall or room and see how it will appear and whether the furnishings and interiors would match with it or not, and that too without spending a penny in advance. It can even measure the room, walls and objects requiring the paint job and also provide you with a cost estimation of material and labor involved. If you are looking for iphone augmented reality then contact us.

Teleconference Apps

Augmented reality can help in bringing forth the germ of an idea that is safely embedded into your mind’s eye. In the case of an architect, it is very important that he can convey the right message to his engineers and construction workers on how the project needs to be worked out. Through AI the prototype of the building can be shown right on the meeting table to the staff and other board member who can visualize the same from all angles and understand the scene better. The construction site can be color shaded and labeled according to phase wise construction plans. The blueprint can be brought to life instantly through augmented reality development.

Building Maintenance

Using AI in building maintenance has far reaching prospects. During construction of a building, if the maintenance technician takes a record of the location and dimensions of each wall, duct, elevator shafts, pipes, service panels and electrical installations in the building, he would be able to project the said data through augmented reality app when the need arises to affect some repairs or maintenance work.


Augmented reality applications can help in landscape designing of property. The customer can be shown the completed image of the landscape of his home, yard or garden through the mobile app. It is a much better way than having the customer actually imagines how the landscape would turn out to be. By scanning through the smart device you can also take measurements and give a cost estimation of the work to be done. We are talking about examples of augmented reality here.

Tourism and Maps

Augmented reality helps the avid tourist to enjoy the trip in both ways – by physically going on the tour or taking a virtual tour. If on a virtual tour, AI can convert your bedroom into the waterways of Venice or enjoy the adventurous safari in the African jungles or go on a camel ride to the pyramids of Egypt and all through your smart devices. If on a physical tour, AI will guide you to exact locations that you seek, it can help to pinpoint the route and aid in exploring the city. If you happen to visit a museum, you would be wowed by the true to life images that would conjure up – imagine a mummy springing to life. Either way the tourist gets a wonderful experience in exploring the place of interest to him or her. We also offer augmented reality android at simple cost.


So far so good – now you are aware on how augmented reality mobile app development can restructure your marketing strategies and project your business much above your nearest rivals. If you are looking to engage an augmented reality companies or thinking to hire mobile app developers for web or mobile app development, drop Mtoag Technologies an email or give a missed call.

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