Benefits of Kotlin Programming Language in Android Apps

Raju Ram Khakhal
Aug 26, 2019

Android app development and Java code have been synonymous with each other since years. Even though Java was getting old, more verbose, prone to errors and slower to modernization, developers had no go other than continuing with it.

But, since Google introduced its confirmed support for Kotlin as the newest programming language for Android app development , it ushered in a new vista of app development with Kotlin.

Read on to know more about the amazing features of Kotlin and how it has now become the quintessential for Android app development:

Kotlin is Open Source

Kotlin is favored byvastdeveloper community support through Kotlin developers . The Open Source language is beneficial for Kotlin development and also is supportive towards Kotlin core products. JetBrains is a partner of Google and is a free language to use for one and all.

Exceptional Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Kotlin creators, JetBrainsis a company that focuses on providing the industry’s best IDEs throughout the world. For getting excellent support from Kotlin in Android Studio , you need to install the Kotlin plugin . This enables the IDE’s features to work faultlessly in Kotlin. One can match and mix both Java and Kotlin code in the same project. There is also a “Convert Java File to Kotlin” feature to effortlessly convert any old Java file compared to Kotlin.

Ease of Learning

Kotlin is an easy language to learn especially for developers knowing the Java language reference. The advanced features take a little time to learn but not an uphill task for Android developers.

Kotlin & Java are cent percent interoperable with each other

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of Kotlin wherein developers can seamlessly call the Java code from Kotlin and from Kotlin to Java accordingly. The bytecode is the same generated by both Kotlin and Java and there is no need to worry about missing out on any code during the mobile app development . This also means that developers can incorporate Kotlin in the current project work to replace Java without much ado. It is wise to start off by writing simple Kotlin code into your project to get familiar with the syntax and constructs to wave of any apprehensions that you may have. There is an inherent compatibility between Kotlin and Java that developers can benefit from.

Kotlin is a functional language

Kotlin is the latest programming language for Android app development . It is efficient in both functional constructs as well as object oriented programming and can seamlessly mix and match both their elements. It portrays an ability to surpass other languages such as C#, Scala, Java, JS amongst others.

Helps in Server Side Development

Being totally compatible with Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Kotlin seamlessly helps in server side development. Various frameworks such as Kotlinx.html, Spring, Ktor, Vert.x, Akka to name a few can be used for Android app development.

Faster Development Time due to writing lesser code

Hire Android app developers would need to write a detailed code while working in Java. Whereas in Kotlin the compiler cognizes and proceeds to write most of the code by itself. This helps in saving immense coding time and aids in faster development. Another aspect is that with writing less code, one invariably gets smaller file sizes in Kotlin. Kotlin syntax is easy and helps in easy readability. Kotlin is developer friendly, crispy, succinct and not verbose as Java.

Kotlin can utilize all Java Frameworks and Libraries

The Kotlin language allows android app developers to effortlessly use all the libraries and frameworks of Java. Kotlin can be integrated with all Open Source systems such as Maven, Gradle amongst others.

NullPointExceptions (NPE) thing of the past

Those who have been using Java know well enough that NullPointExceptions or NPEs are some of the simple reasons to witness an app crash. This leads to precious time loss of the development time to rectify the issue for smooth running of the android app. The creators of Kotlin being well aware of the above mentioned scenario have incorporated null safety right into Kotlin’s type system. This helps in refusing the NPE error at compile time and averts the apps crashing during runtime.

Functionalities can be extended without inheriting the current class code

Kotlin allows android app developers to easily create Kotlin functions with operators and extensions. The Kotlin language enables developers with an extended ability of developing new functionality for any class without inheriting it. Kotlin developers can extend the functionalities of classes minus touching the current code. Click here to know which are the Top Security Measures for securing Android Application Development.

Kotlin – the Enterprise Language

Kotlin was a revolutionary language created and finally released by JetBrains during 2015. The basic intention of creating Kotlin was to make it usable, trending and dynamic for modern enterprise developers. Bearing the enterprise aspect in mind Kotlin was developed to revolutionize and thwart real-world development issues in a practical way.

Google Support

In 2017 Google proclaimed Kotlin as the officially supported language for Android app development. Android app developers started to switch from Java to Kotlin without fear of any changes to android development by Google. Hence, Kotlin is the latest language used for all android app development projects by developers.

To Conclude

Kotlin is the best language for converting your old Java code for offering ultra-modern services to their customer base. Many corporate companies such as Uber, Coursera, Pinterest and Basecamp among others have already migrated to Kotlin. If you are a business or entrepreneur interested to implement Kotlin for your old or new android app projects, it is best to hire Kotlin developers for the same. Mtoag Technologies is in the business of Android App development since more than 11 years with an appreciable Android app clientele. You can be assured of getting a robust, safe and technically sound Android app through us. You can ask for a No-obligation quote for your prospective android app development idea. Feel free to contact us through the given details on our website .

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