Best mobile app development tools for 2023

Yogesh Pant
Mar 01, 2023

best mobile app development tools

In today's time and age, the importance of mobile apps remains unapparelled and unquestioned. An extended organ of the human body, people globally are using various mobile applications to cater to their every big and small need. Therefore, making appealing, accurate, and technology-driven mobile applications have become essential to survive and sustain this competitive era. Of course, we all know the importance of an excellent mobile application to make ventures of all sizes and nature big, but have you ever wondered what makes your mobile application strong and aesthetically appealing? In this read, we bring to you not just the list of tools sure to develop a robust mobile application development environment but also throw light on the many other essentials, such as the importance of mobile applications, their market share, and much more.

Let's begin with the many benefits of mobile applications development: ( you can use an image for these points )

  • Enhanced marketing strategies 
  • Customer loyalty
  • Flexibility
  • Omnichannel approach
  • Monitoring customer relationship
  • Brand awareness and visibility

Mobile app development market 

mobile app development market

 Did you know that the mobile app development market size was valued at USD 197.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach around USD 583.03 billion during the forecast period of 2022-2030? When we are talking about mobile application development platforms, we are talking about a system that felicitates designing, developing, and maintaining software applications that are compatible with mobile devices. These are either pre-installed or available with the application stores. 

For a business to boost and enhance its growth and global visibility, it mustn't be merely making mobile applications but platforms that come loaded with unique and innovative features and are rich in reliability, security, and scalability. Some of the leading forces in the mobile app tools are :

Artificial intelligence - 

  • Users worldwide are drawn to the many marvels of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence ensures the multiplication of user satisfaction by manifolds and boosts the potential for intelligent applications beyond the realm of digital assistants. With its many advantages, such as effective engagement with the users, customer satisfaction, and much more, this advanced technology incorporates mobile applications are emerging as the most preferred choice by the users.

Apple store 

  • - One of the most successful and leading names in the overall market, the iOS apps score relatively higher with their exceptional rate of revenues from both the premium apps and in-app purchases. Another factor contributing significantly to their growth is the significant increase in the number of iPhone users all over the world. 

Google play store - 

  • Another name that is ruling the market in terms of its high rate of downloads is Google Play Store. Smartphones with Android operating systems dominate many parts of the world, and surveys suggest that this dominance will contribute to the coming years. 
  • Mobile music and entertainment applications - This segment cover entertainment channels such as Netflix, Youtube, HBO NOW, Hulu, amazon prime, etc. With users skyrocketing on these platforms, their share in the global market remains high. What further makes these platforms a big hit is that it allows users to post their videos, download and add their creations and reshare posts, videos, etc.

Many other segments are doing exceptionally well, such as Gaming, Real estate, Fintech, Banking, and many more. With people using their smartphones every day and all the time, the future of these and many other applications are sure to be sturdy and promising.

To ensure that you are making mobile applications that have the power and the potential to enable you to rule in the digital domain, you must collaborate with a company that builds apps for you that are the best in terms of technology, advancements, and ease for your pockets.

We bring you a list of the best mobile app development tools for the year 2023:

  1. React native  - React Native is one of the most popular JavaScript-based mobile app development frameworks with the exceptional quality of being highly functional in both Androids and iOS. Launched in 2015, this tool has come a long way and continues to grow with its many advantages. Used by giants like Facebook and Uber, some of the most obvious reasons for choosing React Native as mobile web development tools  are :
  • Standard codes can be effectively reused for both Android and iOS.
  • It comes with advanced features such as third-party integrations and supporting integration with JavaScript modules, native modules, and libraries.
  • Consist of live reloading functionalities allowing developers to execute code changes in real-time. 
  1. Xamarin - If you are looking for a security tool that protects you from unexpected termination of services and other security threats and keeps you technologically ahead and updated, then there can be nothing better than Xamarin. An exceptional Microsoft product, more than 1.4 million users use this tool for mobile application development. The right reasons to choose this tool are :
  • It comes with a mono framework that exposes 100% of the native APIs making room for full use of device capabilities.
  • It consists of platform-specific intelligence making coding more accessible.
  • It makes building, testing, and deploying an easy process.
  • Comes with state-of-the-art features such as push notifications, social authentications, offline sync features, etc.
  1. Ionic- Ionic consists of open-source SDK and is used for building hybrid applications using CSS, HTML5, SAAS, and other technologies. This hybrid app development tool lets developers directly send and update the users. Ionic plays a crucial role in automating app deliveries, deploying features with ease, and improving and increasing the speed of mobile app development. It would help if you chose Ionic because :
  • It delivers app updates, fixes bugs, and makes relevant changes without MDM or app store approval.
  • Automates workflow from native to binary builds to QA.
  • Ionic allows the development of native app binaries.
  • It comes with pre-built industry-specific defaults that automate workflows.
  1. Flutter- An open-sourced SDK, flutter is based on the dart programing language and has been developed by Google. An ideal tool for not just large enterprises but also startups, this tool is popular because of its high development speed, affordability, and extensive feature set. 

It can simultaneously build apps for both iOS and Android and is, without a doubt, one of the most used and best app development tools globally. The many reasons to use flutter are :

  • It comes with a unique feature called "hot reload" that allows developers to make fast changes and ensures that these changes are instantly reflected on the UI.
  • It comes with an ability where the bugs are detected and removed in the initial development cycle itself.
  • Many complex widgets can be developed and adjusted per the application's needs and requirements.
  • This tool provides backend support from google firebase that leads to the development of scalable apps.
  1. jQuery Mobile- An HTML5-based UI system jQuery provides a wide range of UI elements and features explicitly built for mobile apps. If you are on the hunt for a tool that allows you to develop cutting-edge web apps for mobile and tablets, then jQuery mobile is just the tool you need.

jQuery mobile improves web pages by adding touch-friendly form inputs, quicker page loading, and expanded device support. One of the most significant advantages of jQuery mobile is its lightweight codes that offer flexible designs. We bring you a list of factors that makes the selection of jQuery mobile tool a must :

  • The entire application interface can be developed in HTML.
  • It consists of Ajax which enables resolving large code structures within a few lines of code.
  • Apps can be readily available across multiple channels, devices, and browsers.
  • It can function smoothly on both the high-end and the devices that are less capable and do not support JS.
  • With jQuery, the mobile transition of active pages to new pages can be done quickly.
  • It comes with the ability to determine ownership which makes application styling and theme roller take UI, theming, cross-platform widgets, etc., to the next level.
  1. Framework 7- Framework 7 is a mobile app development tool open source HTML framework used for developing native iPhone applications. Easy to create and use, this tool is fast acquiring an aced name for supporting android apps.

           The reasons for selecting Framework 7 are :

  • It can function effectively in a simple HTML layout that consists of CSS framework and JS files.
  • It has iOS-specific UI elements, animations, visualizations, touch interactions, etc.
  • It is available in a wide variety of ready-to-use UI elements such as list views, popups, media lists, form elements, and many more.
  • It supports the iOS swipe-back action from the left border of the screen.
  • Introduces custom styles to your applications.
  • Consist of video intelligence that enhances and improves the video ad experience by manifolds.
  1. Sencha Ext JS– If you are on the lookout to create a native app that is compatible with the latest versions of Android as well as iOS, then look no further. A rapid mobile app development, Sencha is one of the most preferred and used mobile application tools for all the right reasons.

             It consists of an MVC-based JavaScript framework that allows the users to use it quickly and also plays a crucial role in boosting the application's responsiveness. This tool is one of the best things for Android and iOS. It would help if you chose Sencha because :

  • It comes with commercially supported UI widgets used for toolbars, menus, and lists.
  • Provides end-to-end testing solutions for Ext JS.
  • Significantly cuts down on dependencies on multiple versions and libraries.
  • Helps in the building of good community strength.
  • A single code paradigm works successfully across all components.
  • As many as 115 fully supported features can be integrated with frameworks such as FOSS, angular, and many more.
  1. Qt-Creator- Based on a combination of C++, QML, and JavaScript, the foundation of Qt-Creator is a custom rendering engine approach that reuses the logic of the app and also the UI.

It is all about a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) that offers various tools for different tasks. It consists of a testing tool, code editor, integrated GUI layout, and a visual debugging tool for app monitoring. The right reasons for using Qt-Creator are :

  • Quick third-party integrations with external SDKs such as AWS and PayPal.
  • It comes with an easy-to-implement property binding approach that simplifies making changes.
  • Consist of declarative syntax, which offers flexibility in composing user interfaces.
  • Since C++ powers it, it becomes easy for developers to interact with native APIs.
  • It comes well-equipped with all essential tools that speed up and improve functionalities at multiple levels.
  1. Onsen UI– If you are looking for an excellent tool that allows and facilitates the development of progressive web apps and hybrid apps for your mobile devices, then there can be nothing better than one UI. One of the most significant advantages of Onsen UI is that it allows developers to build apps with or without JavaScript. It consists of a large number of UI components, especially for mobile devices, and that is the reason why it scored high among mobile app developers worldwide. Onsen UI is a good choice because :
  • It comes with an easy learning track allowing developers to understand it at a quick speed.
  • It is based on HTML, CSS, and JS, making the setup process easy.
  • It comprises easy-to-implement and ready-to-use UI components such as side menus, toolbars, forms, lists, tabs, etc.
  • Another advantage is that you don't need to install SDK or iOS. Just start the coding and create building applications.
  • It also supports integration with react, angular, Vue, and jQuery.
  1. JetBrains Rider- A cross-platform framework, JetBrains rider is based on ReSharper and IntelliJ platforms. It comes loaded with a thorough understanding of all NET languages and technologies and is quickly packed with features. And for these reasons, it is sure to be one of the most used tools for the coming years among developers worldwide.

One of the primary missions of JetBrains Rider is to boost and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the developer. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to develop mobile apps for the future, then this tool has to be on the top of your list. Reasons for choosing JetBrains Rider are :

  • It allows developers to build .NET, Xamarin, and unity apps for diverse platforms.
  • Consist of code insight and rich editing for multiple programming languages.
  • It comes with a rich plugin repository with a wide variety of plugins.
  • Minimizes redundancy and enhances coding with state-of-the-art optimal design and development methods.
  • It can detect errors in compilation and runtime operations.
  1. Unity– If there is one tool that is acknowledged and appreciated globally as a gaming tool, it has to be that of Unity. Developers around the world use Unity to develop game apps for numerous platforms such as iOS, Android, windows, etc. It consists of a streamlined workflow, impeccable user interfaces, and an extensive set of features. It is also one of the most widely used game engines on the android platform.

What furthest makes Unity an excellent choice is the fact that it is ideal not just for game app development but also for other apps such as businesses, utilities, etc. following is the list of reason that makes Unity an outstanding tool :

  • It provides easy and quick development support, making the development process fast and sorted.
  • Consist of C#- based development that simplifies the many coding complexities.
  • It comes with excellent code support that quickly helps in increasing the app size.
  • It is used by global giants such as Disney, Warner bros, Ubisoft, Microsoft, NASA, electronic arts, and many others.
  • It can scale the app to different devices.


There is no denying that mobile apps are the thing of the future. For your business, be it big or small, to scale new heights and stand out in the digital domain, the development and presence of a robust and appealing mobile app is a must. However, with so many excellent options available in the market, selecting the right tools can become difficult.

To simplify things, it is essential that you first make a list of requirements and then choose a tool that is the most ideal for you. 

To ensure that the entire process becomes easy and understandable for you, we at Mtoag Technologies are, without a doubt, an ideal choice to be your mobile app developer. From mobile application development platform comparison to mobile app development tools accessible to iPhone app development tools, we bring you 360 degrees solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements.

With the experience of expertise of more than a decade, our well-versed and seasoned dream has seen the force behind the development of successful mobile apps all around the world. Using the best in terms of tools and technology allows us to develop and deliver solutions that are not just user-friendly but also revenue-generating.

To change the face of your business and announce your existence in the digital world, get in touch with us at Mtoag Technologies today. 


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