BharOS Mobile Features 2023 Can Bhar OS Eventually Replace Android OS and iPhone!

Yogesh Pant
Mar 03, 2023

When will the Bhar Operating System be made accessible in India?

India has long been working on creating its operating system. BharOS is a brand-new initiative unveiled by a firm connected to IIT Madras. This Made in India operating system was developed based on the Android platform. Dharmendra Pradhan, the union minister of education, as well as of communications, electronics, and information technology, tested this programme.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the minister of union telecom, was also present. The BharOS development team received praise from the ministers. Security, stability, and this new operating system's future have been hot topics for the last several days.

This operating system itself is not new. It is incredibly close to Android in terms of technology. It's possible to refer to it as an Android fork. Because the modified version won't have Google Play Protect support, it could have more problems and be more vulnerable to hacking.

This week, IIT Madras unveiled a proprietary operating system with a privacy-centric emphasis. The name of this operating system with a privacy emphasis is BharOS, as we previously said. There won't even be a Google app by default. Learn about BharOS's features and see whether it can displace iOS and Android in the near years.

Describe BharOS.

Features of the Bhar Operating System, Made in India

This mobile operating system was created by J&K Operations Private Limited, a company supported by the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. The BharOS project, which aims to develop an open-source and free operating system, has received formal funding from the Indian Government. The BharOS doesn't come with any pre-installed programmes. In essence, it doesn't have any pre-installed third-party software.

The programmes that users wish to utilize may be downloaded. You will be given more authority over the privileges held by the applications downloaded and installed on your device. You may easily download the applications you need to access certain features or data on your smartphone.

An initiative called "Made in India" aims to expand the use of locally-made technologies. The purpose of this product is to reduce reliance on operating systems created outside of India.

What Sets BharOS Apart from Apple iOS and Android?

Android or iOS is the current operating system for all smartphones. Concerns are often expressed regarding the quantity and kind of data that firms like Google and Apple continue to gather via them.

Google turns to services and applications that come preloaded. Similarly, applications from the Google Play Store also exchange data with outside providers.

The Bhar operating system is similar to the Android operating system created by Google since it is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The primary distinction between BharOS and Android is the absence of pre-installed apps.

In terms of privacy, BharOS is more secure. BharOS will need to design its Play Store and security fixes for this.

By downloading the.apk files for such programmes from the internet, BharOS users may access the applications they want to utilize. Nevertheless, APK files may contain malware, and Google cautions its users against downloading any APK files. BharOS has absolutely nothing in common with iOS, Apple's exclusive operating system.

When will BharOS launch? Can it rival iOS or Android?

Google's Android and Apple's iOS presently have a monopoly on the mobile operating system market. India has made significant advancements with BharOS. With BharOS, all Android apps work. Currently, the Bhar Operating System is being evaluated by a number of businesses whose users handle sensitive information and who are subject to tight privacy and security laws.

On January 25, 2023, Google announced that it would let other businesses create forked Android versions in accordance with the regulations of the Competition Commission of India. This implies that BharOS theoretically has access to certain Google services in the future.

Additionally, it will be more complex to persuade smartphone manufacturers to release devices using BharOS. One problem is that Chinese businesses are now selling the majority of Android phones in India. These Chinese businesses won't switch to an Indian operating system for any significant reason.

However, the company has yet to reveal how it will eventually contact smartphone users. Furthermore, a release date for the operating system's public release has yet to be discovered. It is unknown whether the operating system will soon be accessible to normal smartphone users.

BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung sought to compete with Android and iOS with their mobile operating systems but failed. Although it ran an entirely separate operating system and was thought to be quite sophisticated, Microsoft's Windows Phone could not attract third-party developers and ultimately failed. This explains the size of the task Bharos faces.

No Default Apps (NDA)

The developer said at the event that BharOS has No Default Apps (NDA), which means you won't have to deal with or be compelled to use any apps you don't know or don't trust. They said you would have greater discretion, independence, and flexibility to choose and install the programmes that suit your requirements.

The operating system includes third-party software like DuckDuckGo as the default browser and Signal as the default messaging app. Still, there is no preloaded-preloaded bloatware, and it does not depend on Google services.

Private App Stores Services (PASS)

The BharOS was created with privacy and security as its fundamental priorities. You may obtain reputable programmes via business-specific Private App Store Services and NDA through the OS (PASS). Since it lacks the Google play store, you may download and install programmes from PASS in BharOS that meet your needs.

The service's creator offered the following comment:" A PASS enables access to a curated list of applications that have been carefully reviewed and have compiled with organizations" security and privacy criteria. As a result, consumers can be sure that the programmes they are downloading are secure and have been screened for any possible privacy or security issues.

Using the Linux kernel as a Base

The Linux Kernel, which powers Android, forms the foundation of BharOS. A kernel is the main application that controls the phone's CPU and system memory. When necessary, RAM is allotted to an application. An application is loaded into memory, the required processes are started, and the application is executed.

BharOS is designed to run on various devices, including laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones, thanks to the Linux Kernel. However, the project is still under development, and a release date still needs to be set. Furthermore, it is still being determined if the developers and OEMs would collaborate to release a smartphone powered by BharOS.

Although there is no information on which devices will support BharOS, it is anticipated that the developers will work with several smartphone manufacturers to release a handset running BharOS in the near future.

What Position Does BharOS Have with Relation to the Android Version?

Although it is unclear which version of the Android core it is presently built on, Esper's Mishaal Rahman speculates that it is at least Android 12 since the OS's promised pictures include a setting for "unused application?" The senior developer also notes that since it would operate on a version for which Google still does AOSP security backports, it should get security patch upgrades.

In addition, according to the institution, BharOS will get its own Native Over the Air (NOTA) upgrades, which would enable wireless distribution of fresh software updates for automated download and installation on the gadget. How long the BharOS will continue to get security and software upgrades has yet to be discovered.

Absence of Google Play Services

As was already said, the creation of BharOS is intended to reduce India's dependency on foreign operating systems and services while also making a substantial contribution to Armanirbhar Bharat. In light of this, the developers have decided not to allow any Google Play Services functionality.

According to the creators, doing so will enable you to attain more privacy and security than Google's Android operating system. It is perfect for consumers and organizations managing sensitive data and information that demands high security and confidentiality.


Now you must have got it that BharOS is an independent source that does not need any support, and it's a competition to Android and iOS.

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