Copyleak AI: A Perfect Destination for Content Creators & Educators

Yogesh Pant
Jan 19, 2024

Copyleak is an all-inclusive anti-plagiarism program that swiftly and precisely conducts thorough searches throughout the Internet and several databases. Writing is a difficult profession, and creating content is no exception.

In addition to following instructions and deadlines, writers must always ensure that the material they create is authentic and unique. 

Being genuine is important, particularly when promoting your work to other people. As an employer, you want to be sure that the authors you work with are always writing legally. Allegations of plagiarism have the potential to ruin a person’s career. 

Fortunately, you can utilize a service to make sure that this never becomes an issue. 

Copyleaks is a company that offers services to freelance authors, instructors, and corporations to guarantee that their content is unique at all times. 

What Is Copyleaks?

Copyleaks is an internet tool that checks text for similarities to written submissions, plagiarism, and paraphrasing. The website searches billions of sites on the internet using artificial intelligence (A.L.) to look for any evidence of plagiarized or similar material to a written item that has been uploaded.

Anyone looking to avoid inquiries or charges of content theft should check out Copyleaks.

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Why Do People Use Copyleaks?

Copyleaks serve a variety of functions. 

  • Educators may use the applications to guarantee that the material their pupils turn in is unique. 
  • Owners of businesses may confirm the authenticity of every company documentation.

The usage of fast verification tests will become a favorite feature for editors.

At the end of the day, Copyleaks is used to either defend against or identify instances of copied information. 

How Copyleaks Operate?

By listening in to their program overview, Copyleaks users may discover how the system operates. Users may upload their written work from their computer or provide a link to one.

After that, the Copyleaks user double-checks the writing using user-provided repositories, Copyleaks’ internal writing samples, and internet searches. 

Additionally, Copyleaks lets users upload various papers and cross-reference them to find possible written similarities. Copyleaks makes its picks and then starts searching. After everything is finished, Copyleaks presents any possible matches along with their assessment of intentionality.

The system provides links to the source and highlights sections that it deems comparable. They also allocate a portion of the amount of labor that accurately reproduces a source. 

Notable Copyleaks Features

These are a few of Copyleaks' more noteworthy features.

  • Groups

In Copyleaks users may form a network, or team, of individuals who can exchange and see documents. Every document that a team member uploads is visible to the others. Additionally, team members have access to reports generated by others, providing them with the data they want for decision-making. The administrator is free to lead and arrange the team as they see proper. Members may be grouped by departments or courses by administrators. If necessary, the administrator may also restrict members from using certain features of the application. 

  • Storage Facilities

On Copyleaks’ database, users may build a library of papers and other materials. To make sure there is no plagiarism, these repositories may be cross-checked against submitted papers. Education departments might benefit from repositories since they provide certain anchor texts or papers that students can utilize as a reference while completing writing tasks. 

Teachers have the option to submit files they used in class to make sure there is no duplication or plagiarism. Instead of going full out on the internet scavenger quest, repositories let users check for copying against certain sources. Copyleaks teams can collaborate to construct a repository. 

  • Text Comparison

As was previously noted, copyleaks allow users to upload numerous documents at once and cross-check them with one another. This function allows the user to quickly determine if a piece of writing has been directly copied or has been poorly paraphrased. The fact that the system is able to identify any widely used file type only serves to improve this. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, PDFs, and more may all be ready by copyleaks.

Direct file uploading is possible via Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and other locations. Additionally, the system can look for duplicates in codes and images. If necessary, users may look for commonalities among papers written in several languages. Copyleaks surpasses the capabilities of standard plagiarism detectors. 

  • Copyshield

A common way that people protect their houses from intruders is by installing security cameras and alarms. The protection mechanism for your website and its content is Copyleaks’ Copyshield!

Copyshield protects you from having your information copied to other websites. The technology searches the internet regularly to find any instances of content theft from your website. This is a very helpful tool for anybody who owns, runs, or maintains a website. 

  • A.I. Grading

It’s not only teachers that have to grade written assignments. Users may enter any particular grading information they want to discover in documents using Copyleaks’ A.I. Grading Tool. Next, the user submits the written assignment that has to be graded. The A.I. gives a score according to the user-provided criteria. Teachers will like this feature. Depending on the application and demand, many additional professions could find this tool useful.

Does Using Copyleaks Require Any Minimum Requirements?

If a user checks twenty or fewer pages a month, Copyleaks’ services are free to use. Anyone who wants to use the system more often may easily sign up. 

Businesses that want to provide more than one service should give them a call to arrange a chat with one of the company’s representatives. 

To start with Copyleaks, there are no more criteria other than getting in touch with the firm about your demands. 

Fixing Frequently Occurring Problems with Copyleaks' Plagiarism Checker

Even though Copyleaks is a very comprehensive and accurate plagiarism detector, some users do have issues, such as:

  • Processing Slowly

Copyleaks compares text submissions to a database including billions of documents and online pages. It makes sense that the procedure takes some time, but if it seems too long for your taste, consider dividing your lengthy text document into manageable chunks or minimizing the formatting altogether. 

  • Unsupported Types

It is advised that you convert your file to a widely supported format, such as.doc (or.docx), PDF, or HTML, since Copyleaks may not support specific file types. 

  • Misconfigured Settings

The plagiarism checker may sometimes have too high of a sensitivity level or repeatedly return instances that you would want it to ignore. Pay around with the parameters to determine the appropriate degree of detection and add or remove the sources that, in your opinion, would most accurately represent a plagiarism check. 

Benefits of Using the Plagiarism Checker at Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a more sophisticated plagiarism detector than the others we’ve looked at, therefore there are a few benefits to utilizing it instead of similar programs. For instance, you may use it from any location as long as you have an internet connection since it is cloud-based. It’s a fantastic choice for those who live abroad because of its multilingual assistance. Copyleaks now support German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.   

Copyleaks offers these benefits in addition to being reasonably priced and providing access to its API for integration with a variety of systems, including university learning management systems like Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard. By looking for instances of their material online, it may also assist companies in preventing copyright infringement. 

Limitations on Using the Plagiarism Checker on Copyleaks

The plagiarism detector on Copyleaks provides several advantages, but there are a few disadvantages as well. Cost is the most important factor. Although there is a free version accessible, you will have to pay to access the most feature-rich options. 

Depending on how many papers you wish to have checked, there are two different payment options: monthly or yearly. This may make it unaffordable for a large number of students who may benefit from its features to prevent instances of academic plagiarism. 

Concerns about security and privacy exist in addition to the price. Documents are kept on a third-party server while they are being reviewed since they are uploaded to the cloud. While Copyleaks takes precautions to protect user information, some users may choose to utilize a local plagiarism detector that doesn’t keep track of their work. 

What Is the Copyleak Pricing System?

Copyleaks provides a range of pricing and plan options.

These choices are based on how much checking the user has to do.

A user is probably better served by the free version or one of the more affordable solutions if they just sometimes require the service. 

There are many excellent solutions available for businesses or customers that need a larger volume of usage. 

Customers may choose to pay for their memberships on a monthly or yearly basis.

Copyleaks pricing is provided for its yearly subscriptions:

  • 20 pages: No cost
  • A hundred pages: $10.99 a month
  • Monthly: $24.99 for 250 pages
  • Monthly cost for 500 pages: $40.99
  • $1,000 pages/month: $75.99
  • Monthly cost for 2,500 pages: $184.99
  • Monthly cost for 5,000 pages: $349.99
  • 10,000 pages: a monthly cost of $679.99
  • 10,000+ pages: Call for custom pricing.


Is There an Enterprise Version of Copyleaks Available?

This question has a somewhat yes and somewhat no response.

The answer is “yes,” since any kind of company, regardless of size, may utilize Copyleaks.

Some of the program's features are more appealing to bigger businesses.

Companies may work directly with Copyleaks staff to customize the program’s usage to meet their requirements by scheduling a demo. The reason for the “no” is because their product does not have a dedicated “enterprise version.”

Copyleaks Deals & Discounts

Here are some details about the current sales and promotions at Copyleaks.

Do They Offer a Free Trial for Copyleaks?

A free trial is not available from Copyleaks.

The program is available for users to try for free with a twenty-page restriction.

If users are unsure If Copyleaks is the best option, they may also request a demo.

Do They Have Coupon Codes for Copyleaks?

No, Copyleaks does not provide any form of promo code.

Is Copyleaks A Lifetime Contract?

No, Copyleaks does not provide customers with a bargain good for life.


What Are The Main Alternatives to Copyleaks?

You could also have a look at a few alternatives to Copyleaks' offerings.

  • Turnitin

Probably the most well-known online plagiarism detector is Turnitin. Turnitin, a tool used by millions of instructors, guarantees that teachers get unique student work each time a student turns in a written assignment. It provides instructors with grading options similar to Copyleaks.

Before the work is graded by the system, instructors may enter their preferences and criteria into Turnitin. Additionally, the website helps students create unique information so they don’t have to worry about making false claims. The program targets teachers in higher education and regular classroom environments. Additionally, there is no solution for website security against unauthorized copying offered on the website. 

  • Plagiarism Check

A website called Plagiarism Check provides basic guidelines for examining written material for evidence of plagiarism. The website offers all of Copyleaks’ basic functions.

There are features like examining online books and webpages, as well as looking for instances of poorly paraphrased text. 

Plagiarism Check provides packages for professors in higher education, students, and K-12 instructors. The service offers reasonable monthly alternatives to students and also teacher-only packages that schools may buy. 

Teams and repositories –two of Copyleaks’ most business-oriented features –are absent from Plagiarism Check.

Although the Plagiarism Check is a useful tool, educational institutions should utilize it most.

  • ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid leans somewhat more in the writer’s way. The program helps authors create the best possible material. ProWritingAid helps writers improve their writing by providing corrections and comments. The program does not advertise that it is a plagiarism detector.

A closer look revealed that this website does provide plagiarism checks. However, based on how many plagiarism checks are necessary, the user may have to pay extra monthly costs. 

  • Copyscape

Most importantly, Copyscape only lets consumers provide a URL to see whether their work has been duplicated online. Unlike Copyleaks, it does not check for plagiarism or duplicate material by copying and pasting or uploading documents. Moreover, Copyleaks has many WordPress connectors in addition to learning management system integrations, which Copyscape does not. 

Copyscape’s reporting is significantly easier than Copyleaks’ and only covers a small portion of the many varieties of plagiarism that exist since it simply searches online for pages. 

  • Originality.AI

Furthermore, originality.AI employs end-to-end encryption to protect your data, in contrast to other third-party tools, and deletes all contributed material after 24 hours. 

Originality. AI customers may choose to do a simultaneous plagiarism and AI-written content check. Additionally, Originality. AI connects with other AI services, such as OpenAI and ChatGPT 3 and 4.

How Does Copyleaks Set Itself Apart From Rivals?

Copyleaks has established itself as more than simply an instructional resource. The technology is designed to be the ideal choice for companies that want to create content that won’t get them into trouble. 

What makes Copyleaks stand out from the competition is the way it presents itself as a business-forward solution. In order to make sure that others outside of schools also enjoy and profit from this software, Copyleaks has gone above and beyond. 

Copyleaks Is Best for Whom?

Educators or anybody working in an educational setting are the obvious options. Copyleaks is going to be helpful for teachers who evaluate and assess writing assignments regularly. 

Businesses should investigate Copyleaks if they wish to protect their brand from accusations of content theft. They would appreciate the extra protection of knowing that the material on your website is protected from word snoopers. 

Why Is Copyleaks the Best App for Similar Businesses and Teachers?

The solution is easy to understand. Copyleaks offers peace of mind with their cutting-edge software. The website provides the reputation and marketability insurance that authors, educators, and company owners need. 

Is it Simple to Use Copyleaks?

Copyleaks AI promises to identify plagiarism in a matter of seconds. 

  • The Text Compare tool on the website is available to users. 
  • Users may quickly and simply enter two texts to get a report outlining the amount of plagiarism found in each piece of work in a matter of seconds. 
  • Users may easily detect the AI content from any source with a Copyleak AI detector. 
  • This service sample from Copyleaks provides an overview of how easy it is to utilize their tools to find instances of plagiarism. 

Copyleaks is trusted by several respectable and well-known companies, which is evidence of their capacity to provide high-quality, user-friendly services. 

Which Features Are Favorites Among Users?

Numerous positive things are mentioned in Copyleak's customer evaluations.

  • Quick Interface

Customers have expressed how much they appreciate how fast the system finds any signs of worry.

Users may get reports in a matter of seconds and determine whether or not there has been plagiarism.

  • Capability to Verify PDF Documents

The capacity of Copyleaks to read and analyze PDF documents is one of its main advantages. Because these papers are hard to alter, certain systems may find it difficult to operate with them. Importing items into Copyleaks is a popular way for users to look for any questionable material.  

Which Features Are Upsetting to Some Users?

Customers did, however, find several characteristics to be less than delightful throughout their visits.

  • Sluggish API Reaction

A slower-than-normal experience has been noticed by some customers who are using the program on numerous machines. 

  • Pages vs. Words

Copyleaks charges monthly or yearly fees based on the volume of pages or words that are examined. According to some users, there might be confusion caused by this disparity, which prevents them from processing any more work for the month via the system. 


We've learned a lot from investigating CopyLeaks and how it interacts with AI content. While CopyLeaks does a remarkable job of recognizing information created by humans, it has trouble correctly identifying content created by artificial intelligence.

It is an effective technique that can deftly elude AI detection systems. It does this by making the language produced by AI seem human, which makes it more difficult for AI detectors to identify problems.

This makes us an invaluable resource for producing footage that, although having originated from AI-generated material, seems authentically human. It guarantees that your material stays distinct and original, which makes it a great option for anyone looking for high-quality content that is difficult to tell apart from human writing.

AI detector CopyLeaks and similar techniques will be essential in maintaining the authenticity of material as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to conflate human and machine-generated content. However, the changing environment emphasizes the need for continual improvement to stay up with AI's rapidly developing capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Copyleaks identify content plagiarism?

By comparing the text to other online sources and scholarly databases, Copyleaks finds instances of plagiarism.

  1. Is AI-generated material detectable by Copyleaks?

Yes, Copyleaks can distinguish AI-generated information from human-generated content using sophisticated algorithms that detect patterns often seen in machine-generated language.

  1. Is it feasible to incorporate Copyleaks into already-in-use content development or learning management systems?

In order to make the process of checking for plagiarism as efficient as possible, Copyleaks does provide integration options for a variety of learning management systems and content production platforms.

  1. Which languages is Copyleaks compatible with in order to identify material created by AI and plagiarism?

Many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and many more, are supported by Copyleaks.

  1. Does Copyleaks provide real-time scanning to identify information that has been produced or plagiarized?

Yes, Copyleaks provides real-time scanning features to find instances of information that has been copied or created using artificial intelligence (AI) as soon as it is submitted.

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