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Yogesh Pant
Feb 28, 2024


Are you a business professional or a regular person who wants to make fantastic artwork for pleasure or profit?  

As everyone knows, many different AI picture generators are available, like Leonardo AI, Midjourney, NovelAI, and others. 

But a more inventive and user-friendly tool –the Craiyon AI picture generator-entered the market. 

This is why you are looking for "What is Craiyon AI image generator" online, as you are unaware of this product's features, applications, and other aspects.

We have been testing Crayon AI for a while, and now I will talk about my own experience. 

We'll review all you need to know about Crayon AI in this tutorial.

  • The leading figures in AI art in 2023
  • Of Americans, 27% claim to have at least one example of artificial intelligence-generated art.
  • 74% of artists feel that using AI in art is immoral.
  • The most valuable piece of conventional AI art ever auctioned at Christie's was purchased at $432,000. 
  • The most valuable NFTs produced by AI sold for $1.1 million.
  • 53% of Americans are concerned that false news will be distributed using AI-generated visuals.
  • 76% believe that artwork created by AI shouldn't be regarded as art.
  • 54% of people are still able to identify artificial intelligence in art.
  • 55% of artists fear that utilizing AI to create art would make it more challenging to sell their original works.
  • Text-to-image AI has been utilized by 65% of artists to generate new ideas.

What Is Craiyon AI Image Generator? 

An AI picture generator called Craiyon –previously called DALL-E mini –can produce visuals in response to any language prompt you provide. 

Engineer Boris Dayma developed this free word-to-image AI program so that anybody could produce quirky visuals with only a little text. 

To enhance the quality of your queries, Crayon AI generates new photos and provides access to an existing image collection. 

As previously said, Craiyon AI's picture generator was once known as DALL-E Tiny. However, OpenAI requested that the website alter its name. 

Due to their almost identical names. DALL-E Mini and OpenAI's DALL-E image generator, OpenAI, requested that the names be changed. 

From a financial standpoint, they both gain from the choice to rename.

Nevertheless, Craiyon AI creates visuals corresponding to the text prompt using a sizable language model known as CLIP. 

CLIP can learn the link between words and pictures since it has been trained on an extensive collection of text and photos. 

It's a straightforward tool; all you have to do is enter some introductory text, such as "A cozy cabin in the woods during fall, with colorful leaves scattered around," in only one minute, you'll have nine fantastic outcomes. 

A comfortable cottage in the woods

Anyone may use Crayon, a free tool, at any time. It's a fantastic method of using AI to produce fresh, engaging content. 

But keep in mind that there is an accessible subscription plan, which will allow you to create photographs more quickly and remove advertisements. 

Another fascinating detail is that you may utilize Crayon AI without creating an account. 

Isn't that fascinating? 

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How Is Craiyon AI Operational? 

Crayon AI is a unique system that uses a neural network, a method inspired by the human brain. It's an intelligent algorithm that, like human brains, learns from examples. 

Crayon AI is given a large number of words and images to examine in order to train it. Crayon AI examines the connections between words and pictures by reviewing these samples. 

It may thus use what it has learned to produce a corresponding image when you give it a phrase. 

An astronaut cat in space

To put it simply, Craiyon AI is similar to an intelligent person who can create images as words when given instructions. 

There are two steps involved in creating an image:

Text to Code

Initially, a code is created from the text prompt you supplied. The technique known as natural language processing (NLP) is used to do this. The study of how computers and human language interact is known as natural language processing, NLP. 

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Code to Picture

An image is then produced by using the code. The use of deep learning accomplishes this. This kind of machine learns from data by using artificial neural networks. 

You now have a basic understanding of how Craiyon AI operates. Correct? 

Creating graphics might take some time, particularly for complicated word questions. Don't worry; Craiyon AI is constantly improving, as are the outcomes.

The Workings of Crayon AI

This tool relies on advanced NLP and ML algorithms to operate. To guarantee the quality of its output, it uses copious amounts of visual data from several web sources. It's crucial to remember that Craiyon AI makes an effort to envision the meaning of the written words –it doesn't comprehend them. 

  • To create its photos, Crayon AI makes use of many models:
  • A pair of image encoders and decoders that translate unprocessed pictures into a numerical sequence.
  • A model that uses the text input to encode an image.
  • A model to enhance filtering by assessing the quality of the output photographs.

Examining Crayon AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

This tool's use is simple and easy to understand. Let's examine how you can use this AI tool step-by-step:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website of Crayon AI.

Visit the Crayon AI website to get started. It's a platform that will unleash your creativity. You have the opportunity to create a free account, but you may also use the tool and explore the website without having first to create one. 

Step 2: Write a Thorough Description for the Photograph.

Write a comprehensive description of the picture you have in mind in the text prompt box. This is your canvas; clearly state your desired artistic direction. 

Even negative terms may exclude some components so that your image is consistent with your goals. 

Step 3: Edit and Improve the Description You Wrote

Take a close look at your description before moving on. The correctness and quality of your picture will depend on the words you choose and how your phrase is put together. Make sure your creative objective is conveyed in your description.

Step 4: Get the Picture Creation Started

Now that you have the correct description, it's time to realize your vision. Press the "Draw" button to start the creative process. 

If you're using the free version, be a little patient as the picture develops –a minute or so may be needed. 

Step 5: Choose and Polish Your Work

Your creation is prepared for public release. Select the picture that best reflects your vision from the created options. Click the picture for a larger view so you can appreciate it in more detail. 

If you want more excellent quality and resolution, you may click the "Upscale" option. Click the "Screenshot" option to save your work as a PNG file, capturing a moment in time captured in your artistic expression. 

This approach's ease of use and simplicity make it appropriate even for those without any prior technical knowledge of AI or content creation tools. 

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Use Cases for the AI Generator Crayon

Crayon AI was first developed to produce creative art and design. For this reason, it was dubbed "Craiyon AI art."

However, Crayon developers always try to improve its features so that users of all stripes may use them.

Currently, you may use Craigion art for: 

  1. Content production is helpful for websites, marketing materials, and social media. 
  2. Sketches, paintings, designs, and original illustrations for books, periodicals, or websites may 
  3. All be produced using it.
  4. Entertainment: It can produce cartoons, GIFs, and other amusing things.
  5. Research: Images of scientific items or historical objects may be produced using Craiyon AI. Building a database of plant and animal species or making pictures of ancient sites may benefit from it.
  6. A flexible tool, Craiyon AI can help educators, researchers, artists, designers, content producers, and entertainers create original and captivating material.

Features of the Craiyon Image Generator 

An AI picture generator called Craiyon can create visuals based on any language query. These are a few of its attributes:

  1. Realistic and imaginative visuals are produced using Craiyon AI. 
  2. The fact that Craiyon AI drawing produces nine pictures as output is a valuable feature. 
  3. Craiyon has a "Enhance" option for producing photos with greater resolutions.
  4. Images in various styles may be produced using Craiyon AI. This covers aesthetics like photography, drawing, and art.
  5. Negative terms might be used to exclude specific unwanted ideas or components from the picture. 
  6. A sizable and vibrant user base of Craiyon AI shares photographs and comments. 
  7. It provides several options to improve your experience, such as the capacity to eliminate advertisements and watermarks, quicker results, and upscaling.

Until now, Craiyon has been a free service; however, a premium membership is available for quicker results. 

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Turn Your Idea Into Reality


Crayon Inspirational Advice 

Listed below are some pointers for crafting potent Crayon prompts:

Give Precise Instructions in Your Prompt.

Your Craiyon AI prompt is more likely to provide an accurate and relevant picture if you are more detailed. 

For instance, write "a cute dog sitting under a table" rather than just "a dog."

You may also attempt it again to get the most out of the request. 

Employ Various Keywords

Use keywords to make it easier for Crayon to comprehend what you're searching for if you want to have best results. 

For instance, you may use keywords like "cat," "feline," "meow," or "whiskers" to get a picture of a cat.

It's Okay to Use Negative Terms

Negative terms might be used to exclude 

Specific unwanted ideas or components from the picture. 

You can utilize negative prompts such as blurry, mutated hands and fingers, oversaturated, censored, amputation, poorly drawn hands, mutation, mutated, extra limb, disgusting, dual, poorly drawn hands, missing limb, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, malformed hands, and more. 

Employ Descriptive Wording.

The more specific your suggestion is, the more probable Crayon will produce a picture that accurately captures your idea.  

For instance, state "a mountain range with snow-capped peaks" rather than "a landscape."

Try Out Various Environments

There are several parameters available in Craiyon AI art that let you customize how your photos turn out. 

For instance, you may change the quality, size, and style of your photographs.

Here are some instances of Crayon prompts that work well:

  1. A vibrant Beagle artwork with gentle colors and geometric forms. 
  2. Denim mushroom adorned with spikes and rivets.
  3. A panther's face in the forest, staring straight ahead through the foliage.
  4. A haunted house in a flower field at night, surrounded by fog and tombstones, rendered in a light watercolor style.
  5. Black dude with imagination, great attention to detail, and good looks.
  6. Pop-art minimalist, colorful image of a woman with piercing stare and swirls.

There are many applications for Craiyon AI; be inventive and enjoy yourself—these are just a few examples!

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Crayon AI Pricing

One of the most excellent things about Crayon is that it is always free. Unlike its rivals, there is no restriction on the quantity of images. You may create as much AI-generated art as you want using this AI art generator. 

  1. You can subscribe to one of two paying programs if you want more features.
  2. You may upgrade to the Supporter Tier for $60/year or $6/month. You may access:
  3. A little quicker time to create the picture (45 seconds as opposed to 1–2 minutes)
  4. Private AI art generation: Free tier members' pictures will soon be searchable (anonymously).
  5. There are no advertisements or watermarks on the pictures.
  6. This tier is ideal for those who like Craiyon's work and want to contribute to their purpose. 
  7. The Professional tier is next, costing $240 per year or $24 per month. This includes:
  8. Waiting for nine AI-generated photos took 15 seconds.
  9. First dibs on new features

This tier is ideal for anybody who wants to produce a large number of photos fast. 

It is important to remember that purchasing money does not get you access to a higher-quality picture style.

Pros and Cons related to Craiyon

What made Craiyon's AI tool appealing to me: 

  1. It's cost-free.
  2. It is straightforward to use.
  3. You can create an infinite number of nine-image sets.

What about Craiyon's tool didn't appeal to me:

  1. It could be better.
  2. It might be annoying to wait a minute or two, particularly if you want to adjust the style or the AI model picture outcomes.
  3. For this reason, if you are serious about building a solid AI image, we suggest choosing a Crayon alternative.

The Top 6 Craiyon Alternatives You Should Try

These are Crayon's top 4 rivals if you want to produce more realistic and distinctive graphics but have yet to discover the finest Crayon AI alternatives. It would help if you weighed the benefits and drawbacks of each of these choices to determine which one best meets your requirements. The items on the list are:

Leonardo AI

AI Art Generator - Create Art, Images & More | Leonardo AI

We have spent a lot of time experimenting with several AI picture generators, and after all, Leonardo AI is the most user-friendly and recommended choice for novices. 

Pre-built models that may be used to create a variety of production-ready art assets are made available to users by Leonardo AI. 

Additionally, you can train your model, which you may utilize to create any game component. 

Leonardo's AI was primarily designed with game asset creation in mind. Leonardo AI is the ideal choice whether you are a game designer or a gaming fan. 

For basic functionality, Leonardo AI is free to use. A free account may be created, and you can produce up to 150 daily tokens. 


Midjourney V5 is Out Now – Next Steps in Photorealistic Experience with AI  Art | CineD

This tool is at the top of my list because it can easily and rapidly produce high-quality AI-generated graphics in various styles. 

To unleash your imagination, you must get into one of the newbie-only rooms on Discord, join the community, and use the command "/imagine." The final picture turns out better the more precise your written description is. 

We also like looking through the fantastic works of art other users have posted and the masterpieces made by the Midjourney Bot. 


NovelAI - The Ultimate AI-Powered Storytelling and Authorship Tool

NovelAI is the third alternative, and it's also a great one. A modified version of the Stable Diffusion text-to-image model is used to create pictures. 

This novel AI tool is an excellent choice for those who like anime. 

This tool provides two functions: An AI tool for creating stories and an AI tool for creating images. 

The primary distinction is that the AI narrative authoring service is free, whereas the picture production service is paid for. 

Dream Studio

DreamStudio AI: What is It and How to Use it?

Because it is more sophisticated, this solution is best suited for users of AI with more excellent expertise. On the other hand, if you understand its complexities, it can create some fantastic artwork. 

Stable Diffusion is an open-source picture generator that real professionals in the area may use. 

Although it is difficult to set up, the most significant aspect is that it is free to use indefinitely. 

Lensa AI

December 2022 was a viral month for this tool. You might feed the picture generator a selection of your selfies so it has options for style. After that, it would produce stunning, intriguing photographs you could use as your profile photos. 

It was expensive.

AI Jasper

Jasper AI: An Honest Review & Beginner's Guide (2024)

Though it is still helpful for painting, this technology is often used for text production. 

The cost is the primary disadvantage. The tool isn't good enough to warrant the lowest tier of $24 monthly. 

Last Words

AI has firmly established itself as a constant. 

The fact that AI generation is widely used and adapted for text or picture production –indicates that it is a durable technology. 

We have a particular and sentimental place in our hearts for Craiyon since he was one of the first to create images. Still, in terms of capabilities, it is inferior to the alternatives. 

In terms of leisure, we suggest using Craiyon. However, Midjourney and Leonardo AI are better choices for more serious AI image production.

FAQs: Craiyon AI Image Generation Tool

What is Craiyon AI Drawing?

Craiyon AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) image generator capable of generating images from text prompts. Craiyon was formerly known as DALL-E mini, but later changed its name to avoid confusion with the DALL-E and DALL-E 2 models from OpenAI, and at the request of OpenAI.

What is the alternatives of Craiyon AI?

The most useful alternatives of Craiyon AI are NovelAI, Leonardo AI, Dream Studio, Midjouney, DALL-E, and many more.

Is Craiyon Free?

Yes, Craiyon is free to use for non-commercial purposes. However, it is sponsored by ads. You will see ads when you use the free version of Craiyon. If you want to use Craiyon without ads, you can subscribe to a paid plan.

Is Craiyon any good?

Craiyon is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including: Creating art, Designing products, Generating marketing materials, Illustrating stories, and more.

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