Creatio: A Perfect Guide for Low Code CRM Platform

Yogesh Pant
Jan 22, 2024

For organizations, customer relationship management, or CRM, has always been important. Businesses cannot develop a connection with their customers, retain customers, or make money without CRM. Low-code technology is one of the new tools that businesses are using to keep their clients and income streams. Since then, companies looking for scalable and efficient CRM solutions have contacted low-code suppliers like Creatio. Let’s explore Studio Creatio Low-code, a newly popular CRM approach, and learn all there is to know about it using Synodus.

Let’s move forward with this blog and learn everything about the Creatio CRM. 

An Overview of the Low-Code Platform Creatio

 In 2014, Katherine Kostereva established Creatio. As of right now, the firm has agreements with over 700 businesses, created branches in 14 countries, and employs 700 individuals across 7 locations. The low-code tool assists companies in creating products that increase productivity, optimize sales and MKT processes, and improve customer service. Data is correctly saved, client interactions are handled, and activities and procedures are automated with the aid of Creatio. Whether the IT staff is on board or not, Creatio is an excellent platform for creating apps, With Creatio, organizations may combine tools and automated activities to best meet their requirements, giving them more flexibility and scalability. Their two best-known products are Creatio CRM and Studio Creatio. 

A low-code platform for creating business apps is called Studio Creatio. The products come with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface and an easy-to-use UI builder. Week-long processes may be shortened to a few hours with the use of Creatio low-code. As long as they understand the platform enough, anybody with or without coding experience may use it with ease. 

Sales automation is built in Creatio CRM. The marketing team may automate consumer segmentation and multi-channel marketing campaigns using Marketing Creatio. Sales Creatio automates sales solutions and the sales process. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by service creativity, which also motivates clients to return items.   

Primary Features for Studio Creatio's Low-Code Development

Creatio has all the conventional features of a low-code platform, just like the other guys. A group of visual modeling tools to facilitate faster development times, extensive integration and APIs to establish digital ecosystems, and artificial intelligence to aid in decision-making for businesses. It does offer many security features, simple lifecycle management to create secure and simple programs, and governance tools to eliminate shadow IT. But several aspects set it apart from its rivals:

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The Sales and Marketing Domain Knowledge of Creatio

Creatio began as a CRM supplier and is familiar with the specific needs and pain areas of every sales and marketing department. By integrating this knowledge into the low-code solutions, Creatio creates a stable environment with a wide range of features that let you create business-related apps and manage customer service, sales, and marketing plans. 

By using the tool, you may engage consumers with a seamless procedure and quick response, keeping their attention. Customers are given them while attention and concentration as a result. Among Creatio’s noteworthy characteristics for corporate applications are:

  • CRM: Contact tracking, email marketing, prospect segmentation, lead scoring and management, and customer database. 
  • Financial CRM: Tracking expenses and managing assets  
  • Analytics and monitoring of sales  
  • Automation of sales: Field Sales Management, Campaign Management 

BPM Capability

As a BPM tool, Creatio manages all internal company operations, particularly those involving employees. Based on each person’s weekly and monthly success from each department, it creates graphs. Payroll and other duties are then handled based on historical data. 

Among the notable BPM characteristics are:  

  • Control of Access / Authorizations  
  • Warnings / Indications  
  • Automation of Business Processes  
  • Management of Business Rules  
  • Tracking Process Changes  
  • Procedure Charting  
  • Design and Modeling of Processes  
  • Management of Visual Workflow 

Encourage the Use of Cloud-Based Applications

Because Creatio is designed to operate on AWS and Azure, cloud-based apps may be supported by it. In addition to flexibility, this guarantees enterprises scalability and security. Additionally, Creatio provides on-site deployment, giving customers complete program control and direct database access. Once authorized, users may define personalized permissions and build up complex integrations. Additionally, the Creatio low-code platform offers power AI/ML models together with other low-code functions to assist users in configuring AI. 

Marketplace for Plug-ins and Integration Flexibility

Creatio Marketplace, a vast collection of plug-ins, integrations, and industry-specific apps, is referred to as a component of the Creatio system. This is where users may locate all the programs or plug-ins they need for their apps. Software developers, software resellers, and software distributors may publish their shared solutions and templates to the creation low-code platform via the Creatio partner program. 

Users may discover a plethora of intriguing new tools and features that are updated often on Creatio Marketplace. One plug-in for order and shipping management is FedEx Connector, for instance, which is available to users. Another example is the Landigi connection, which gives customers the ability to create and implement high-converting landing pages with customizable elements and themes. 

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ChatGPT Connector for Use Cases Focused on Customers

Recently, ChatGPT has gained popularity and attention because of its amazing capacity to produce writing that seems human. These days, ChatGPT is used in low-code, marketing, customer support, and content production. In order to accommodate complicated use cases, Creatio low-code intends to incorporate ChatGPT connector into its CRM solutions. It is said that the ChatGPT prompt is incorporated into “communication panels,” which include email, chat, phone, and other customer-facing and communication interfaces. It would be useful to create customized templates, such as a copy-paste email prompt, for various uses. In terms of customer support, it may provide recommendations to customer care representatives during client conversations depending on the content of such conversations. 

Drawbacks of Creatio Use (Selected From User Reviews)

Based on information gathered from Selecthub, TechRadar, G2, and Capterra, the following are some typical drawbacks that customers of Creatio may have encountered:

  • Perhaps Creatio isn’t strong enough for use cases involving big enterprises. Many said that Creatio lacked some sophisticated capabilities for certain sector needs, despite their competence in CRM. Even for small and medium-sized businesses, Creatio makes a useful partner. 
  • When compared to other CRM competitors, Creatio offers fewer choices for social media integration. It may be necessary for you to use their low-code features to develop one yourself. 
  • Many users noted a higher learning curve than anticipated, making it difficult for novices to fully use the platform even with its user-friendly layout. 
  • Visit the reviewing website mentioned above for more information. Remember that every user will have a unique experience and use case, therefore you should be aware of the usual drawbacks only. 
  • A great CRM is essential for a firm to succeed. Any firm that wants to expand successfully needs CRM solutions, so why Creatio?

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An effective CRM should be simple to use, and with Creatio’s user-friendly features and layout, you can get started learning right away. Installing Creatio is meant to increase your company’s productivity, thus it was designed with the idea that hiring and training staff members wouldn’t be difficult. 

Top 5 Arguments for Using Creatio Instead of Other CRM

Automation of Low-Code Processes

The use of low-code technologies has grown significantly among companies seeking to modernize and get a quick return on investment. You can quickly and simply automate your company ideas in minutes using Creatio’s low-code platform. The Studio part of Creatio allows workers with little to no coding experience to easily construct their requirements. Creatio was designed for both IT experts and non-IT people. Any company may use low-code technology to create unique solutions with ease. Building user interfaces and business logic falls under this category. Tech-savvy people may make smarter decisions with the help of machine learning models supported by Creatio’s Low-Code platform. 


When a company chooses to purchase a CRM, it also makes plans and develops Creatio with that in mind. Adaptability is a barrier to expanding enterprises, and Creatio does a great job at solving this problem. With Creatio’s low-code platform, you can quickly and simply develop a new process for your department and teach your staff about it, all while accommodating your changing business needs. 


A strong analytics tool is essential for any CRM in order to comprehend employee or corporate performance, and Creatio does this by using dashboards. With different statistics shown at once on Creatio’s user-friendly dashboards, you can easily monitor your business’s performance, and identify clients who are satisfied with your offerings. Not requiring complicated construction, you may also create as many custom dashboards as you need whenever you feel like it. An essential component of every CRM system is the creative analytical tool. 

Client Contentment

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of any successful business, and Creatio can help you stay ahead of the competition by monitoring your customer satisfaction level, offering timely services, keeping track of your customer’s needs, and keeping track of all of your customer ratings through process automation and email integration. You can also never miss an important email from a client. We are the company to choose for your Creatio requirements since Creatio has shown itself to be an excellent CRM in this industry. 

What Can You Create with Studio Creatio?

Several important use cases in various industries have been involved with Creatio low-code. Creatio low-code assists in the creation of 360-degree dashboards, the management of complex cross-channel campaigns, and the tracking of real-time statistics in marketing and sales. Additionally, it enhances marketing-to-sales handoffs and automates sales funnels. 

Additionally, Creatio improves productivity in the service industry by managing cross-channel communications. AI is used for case lifecycle management, as well as filtering and addressing common concerns. Process management gains from Creatio low-code as it facilitates a variety of processes, basic visual tools, and teamwork. Process flow documents may be automatically converted to PDFs for appropriate documentation. 

In addition, creation facilitates efficient resource allocation, budget tracking, and project scheduling in project management. In addition to handling digital components, Creatio may assist in enhancing Human Resources, including talent management, performance reviews, and employee onboarding. After integrating Creatio, Supply Chain and Financial Management also show improvements, particularly in budgeting, order fulfillment, inventory management, and spending monitoring.  

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Using Creativity in Brands

OTP Bank Romania and Creatio

The biggest independent supplier of financial services in Central and Eastern Europe is OTP Bank Romania. It provides both individual and business customers with a wide range of banking services. The bank had difficulties due to its manual procedure and divided personnel, which hindered the bank’s efforts to enroll more customers faster. OTP Bank Romania needed a strong software solution for its whole customer journey in order to address the problem. 

A strong BPM tool, CRM system, and several other company management procedures had been implemented, with Creatio’s low code serving as the foundation of its business growth strategy. Additionally incorporated were digitalization and customized current account workflow. The business results were impressive, as over 900 workers showed higher productivity. Additionally, there was an improvement in risk management and back-office process openness. 

Inventiveness with DEP

The first online platform to provide website, digital marketing, and SEO techniques together with Adaptive or Responsive (RESS) website solutions is Dealer eProcess (DEP). In addition to several other manufacturers, the dealer has strong relationships with Jeep, BMW, Acura, and Toyota. DEO looked for a way to improve marketing, sales, and servicing procedures because they were worried about how personality-driven and fast-paced car sales were. Additionally, they aimed to raise the caliber of update flows, worldwide data access, ticket insurance, and data transfer. 

Creatio low-code offered just what DEP required and came to the rescue. It provided complete business process management, data-driven marketing tools for customized campaigns, and monitoring of consumer feedback for increased responsibility. In addition, omnichannel routes, instant ticket issuance, and management process automation were implemented. 

What was the outcome? Currently, tickets are handled with 98% operating efficiency in 24 hours. The customer satisfaction score on the NPS measure was 98%, and the average wait time has now dropped to only 30 seconds.    

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Creatio Pricing

Creatio offers 3 types of pricing for distinct customer groups (Updated Jan 2024)









Number of users

Starting with 5

Starting with 5

Starting with 50






50K executed process elements




1GB per user

2GB per user




Cloud/ On-premises

Cloud/ On-premises

Custom UI branding





10K API calls per user per day



Custom domain name




On-site deployment support




Alternatives of Creatio

Mondays Sales CRM

A well-known CRM integrating project management, collaboration tools, processes, and automation is There is a free trial available, and monthly pricing begins at $US 8/user. Monday does not operate a call center, but a committed online support staff is available around the clock. 

It is less expensive to utilize than Creatio. You have greater flexibility to create original applications and develop them using the open platform. In addition, it has marketing and project management capabilities, making it a more complete CRM platform. Though both systems are user-friendly, how easy they are to use will ultimately rely on your preference for project boards ( or Kanban displays (Creatio). 


As a CRM, Freshsales –a component of the Freshworks software suite –offers multichannel communication features, task management, and sales customization. Freshsales provides a free version in contrast to Creatio, and its pricing is reasonable. Price-wise, the ‘Growth’ level plan is similar to Ceatio, starting at $US 15/user each month. FAQs and a forum covering common issues are available for assistance at Freshsales. Additionally, a customer service desk is open around the clock. 

In contrast to Creatio, Freshsales offers a longer trial time, a free edition, and a few special sales capabilities including deal insights based on artificial intelligence and dynamic forecasting. Moreover, it is more expandable than Creatio and may expand along with your company. 

Soffront CRM

A newer CRM featuring automated capabilities for customer support, marketing, and sales is called Soffront. Additionally, it provides franchisees and digital marketing companies with a set of capabilities. Saffront provides email and online ticketing in addition to live phone help. 

Soffront is more customizable, has a more extensive automation toolkit than Creatio, and is better suited for larger businesses. Social media integration is also included. Because of its size, the CRM platform is more complicated. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud

In the CRM industry, Salesforce Sales Cloud is well-known for its various cutting-edge capabilities, including an AI-driven platform and Salesforce automation. The most intelligent CRM solution available is Salesforce if you want to run a date-driven company. With its wide array of sales functions, the Salesforce app is particularly user-friendly. Salesforce Sales Cloud plans begin at $25. For customers who have bought support packages, Salesforce offers 24/7 individualized and dedicated customer service in addition to an online help center. More applications than any other CRM have native connectivity with them.

Salesforce has more scalability than Creatio. All company sizes, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations, may benefit from the sales CRM. It also includes more sophisticated features and AI integrated across the platform. But compared to Creatio, it requires more time to understand due to its expanded scope. 

The Groove Sales Engagement Tool

A well-liked CRM product that builds on Salesforce’s initial feature set is Groove Sales Engagement. Consequently, it has capabilities like activity monitoring, campaign automation, and process optimization. For many different businesses, like healthcare, real estate, and financial services, you may buy specialist solutions In addition to a specialized support phone line and email, there is a help center for general assistance. Salesforce is the primary integration feature of Groove, enabling the smooth use of both platforms by users. 

The Groove Sales Engagement Platform, which emphasizes relationship-based selling over Creatio’s activity-based selling strategy, is much more suitable for larger work teams. It performs better for businesses that want a CRM tailored to a certain sector. 


In the era of cutting-edge technology and rapid development, Studio Creatio low-code is without a doubt a superb tool for CRM. It is the ideal fusion of a traditional low-code platform with modern, distinctive features, ideal for CRM and other uses. It is confident to state that Creatio low-code is the appropriate and reliable partner to handle any CRM-related concerns given its experience with prior partners. We hope that this blog has given you important new knowledge about Studio Creatio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creatio used for? 

Creatio is a global software company providing a leading no-code platform for process management and CRM. Its powerful products streamline sales, marketing, service, and operations for mid-size and large enterprises. It can be used to automate business tasks, implement rules, and develop third-party integrations.

How many employees does Creatio have? 

As of 2021, Creatio had 700 employees.

What are the benefits of using Creatio? 

Creatio offers several benefits such as the ability to automate business ideas in minutes, streamlining sales, marketing, service, and operations, and operating in 110 countries worldwide. It also provides integration capabilities, identity and access management, and organization structure managemen.

Is Creatio a public company?

Information about whether Creatio is a public company is not explicitly stated in the provided sources.

Who is the CEO of Creatio? 

The CEO of Creatio is Katherine Kostereva.

Who uses Creatio? 

Creatio is used by mid-size and large enterprises across various industries including banking, credit unions, insurance, telecommunication, transportation, business services, and retail.

What are CRM products? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy for managing a company's interactions with current and potential customers. CRM products are software systems that help manage and analyze customer relationships and interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Examples of CRM products include Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics.

When was Creatio founded? 

Creatio was initially released in October 2014.

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