Decktopus AI Review: Get an AI PowerPoint Presentation

Yogesh Pant
Jan 01, 2024

Do you often find yourself putting in hours on end developing presentations, battling with alignment, design, and finding the ideal photo? Do you wish there was a simple method for making stunning presentations that are also interesting and interactive? Decktopus AI is your answer, and it’s finally here. These issues were addressed in the development of this AI-powered presentation tool, which makes the process of producing polished presentations simple and pleasant.

What is Decktopus AI?

Decktopus AI Complete Review 2023. Pros, Cons, Pricing and more

The process of creating and developing polished presentations may be automated using Decktopus AI, an inventive presentation tool driven by AI. You only need to provide the program to your subject to have a completely prepared presentation; you won’t have to deal with the headache of manually developing and resizing items. It is intended to increase productivity and save time, particularly for those who do not have much design knowledge.

Who Created Decktopus AI?

A product called Decktopus AI was created by Decktopus, Inc., a business devoted to enhancing the creation and distribution of presentations. Their goal is to streamline and simplify the process of creating presentations.

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Features of Decktopus AI

Rapid Creation of Presentations

It just takes a few keystrokes to create a presentation with Decktopus. The AI-powered tool does all the formatting and design work for you; it quickly produces a presentation of high quality.  

Customization Possibilities

To make your presentation unique, Decktopus provides several customization possibilities. You can change the content, add or delete slides, update slide designs, and even submit your logo. This adaptability guarantees that your presentation properly complements your style or branding.

Voice Recorder

Decktopus offers extra features like a voice recorder and a custom domain to improve your presentations. To make your slides more lively and interesting, you may add audio narration by using the integrated voice recorder. Decktopus also lets you utilize a custom domain, which adds a polished look to your presentations.

Quick Deck Creation

Decktopus will create a completely prepared presentation for you if you only give it a subject.

Slide Design

Decktopus handles element resizing and reorganization on your slides, saving you from having to make manual edits.

Suggestions for Content

By removing the uncertainty of what to include, the AI-powered Decktopus can enhance your presentation with suggested photos, symbols, and extra information.

Adaptable Elements

With features like voice recording, forms for real-time feedback, and custom domain connections for a customized brand experience, Decktopus enables you to add a personal touch to your presentations.

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Steps to Use Decktopus AI

Step 1: Log into Decktopus

Log in to to see the dashboard.

Step 2: Use AI to create:

To begin the creation of your presentation, choose "Create with AI".

Step 3: Describe Your Display:

Input information about the presentation's content, target audience, goal, and time allotted. Decktopus uses these inputs to tailor the material to your requirements.

Step 4: Choose a Model:

Select a template that goes well with the topic or style of your presentation.

Step 5: Create a presentation.

To let Decktopus' AI magic happen, click "Generate Presentation". Your presentation will be prepared for modification in a matter of seconds.

Step 6: Modify and Tailor

To update slides, add comments, alter designs, or regenerate material, use the editing options. Adjust the presentation to meet your needs and tastes.

Step 7: Download and Preview

Once your presentation is complete, glance at it to make sure everything appears great. To save your completed presentation, choose "Download as PPT or PDF" at the bottom.

How Does AI in Decktopus Operate?

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Decktopus analyses your inputs to provide a visually attractive presentation that meets your needs. The created slides will match your objectives since the AI algorithms consider variables like subject, audience, aim, and time available. Decktopus offers a smooth and effective presentation-building experience by fusing customizable choices with AI-generated material.

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Top Decktopus AI Benefits:


Decktopus saves you a ton of time by automating many parts of creating presentations.

Simple to Use

Anyone can use Decktopus to produce presentations that appear professional, even if they have no design experience.


Decktopus provides a vast selection of themes, typefaces, and hues, enabling users to tailor their presentations to their preferred style or branding.


Decktopus' AI-driven features recommend visuals, icons, and extra information, streamlining and expediting the presentation production process.

What Is the Price to Develop an App Like Decktopus AI?

A lot of variables come into play while developing an application like Decktopus AI, including the complexity of the AI algorithms, the number of features needed, the resources needed for development, and the expenses associated with maintenance and support. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to estimate a precise cost in the absence of precise information on these factors. I can, however, give you a ballpark figure based on the data at hand.

A$7/month PRO plan, a Business plan with customized pricing, and a free tier with restricted functionality are all available from Decktopus AI. Along with limitless presentations, storage, AI deck creation, AI magic pictures, and other features, the PRO plan offers 100 AI credits. These capabilities are expanded in the business plan to incorporate form tracking, custom domains, brand customization, and other 34.

The following expenses would need to be taken into account to create a comparable application:

AI development may include creating machine learning models for applications like as text analysis, picture generating, and deck building. Depending on the intricacy of the models and the developers’ experience, the price might vary significantly.

Platform Development

This covers the price of creating the user interface, including AI features and making sure the program functions on various hardware and operating systems.

Maintenance and Assistance

Ongoing expenses related to bug fixes, update implementation, application upkeep, and customer assistance.

Marketing and Sales

Expenses related to advertising the program to draw users and make money.

As a rough estimate, keep in mind that full-stack developers typically pay between $100 and $200 per hour in the United States. With AI and software development becoming more complicated, this may potentially grow to $200-$400 per hour. If a project lasts six months, the total might be between $72,000 and $144,000. An additional 20% should be budgeted for marketing, sales, and maintenance; this brings the total cost to between $90,000 and $126,000. Please be aware that these are just very preliminary estimates, and that depending on several variables, the real cost may be greater or cheaper.

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Pros and Cons of Decktops

Every product has advantages and disadvantages, and being aware of them might help you choose wisely.

Decktopus Pros

  • Interface that is easy to use
  • AI-driven features to improve the development of presentations Capability to generate presentations with a professional appearance even if you have no design experience
  • Numerous personalization choices
  • Different price tiers to accommodate different demands
  • Now let's explore some of Decktopus's drawbacks.

Decktopus Cons

  • Perhaps some consumers would rather have greater influence over the design process.
  • For some people, there can be a learning curve with the AI functions.
  • Some small organizations or individual users may find the pricing exorbitant when there are free choices available, such as Google Slides.

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Costing of Decktopus AI

It might be difficult to find a presenting tool that combines excellent functionality with reasonable costs. To provide you with a clear picture of what to invest in and what value you will get back, we seek to dissect the Decktopus AI price structure in our review.

No Cost Plan

Decktopus AI provides a Free Plan for those who are not familiar with AI-powered presenting tools or who are not sure whether to invest straight away. This is a terrific approach 

to familiarize yourself with the features and user experience of the platform since it lets users build up to three presentations. Even though the Free Plan has significant limitations, it offers an early look at the world of effective, AI-assisted presentation development.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is a considerable increase, costing $9.99 per month (or $7.99 per month if invoiced yearly). With limitless presentations and access to all capabilities, it unlocks Decktopus AI’s full potential. The Pro package might be a great deal if you prepare presentations regularly or need a greater range of features.

Plan of Business

Decktopus AI offers a complete presentation solution that facilitates teamwork and efficient administration for enterprises. This package, which is priced at $36.00 per month (or $29.99 per month if paid yearly) per user, includes team-centric features that facilitate collaboration, coordination, and the creation of engaging presentations as a group.

Exclusive Savings

Understanding the value of accessible education, Decktopus AI offers instructors and students a sizable discount. Users may get a substantial 50% discount on their plans by using the code SUPPORT EDUCATION, making it an affordable option for individuals working in the educational field.

To sum up, Decktopus AI's price structure is designed to accommodate a variety of user requirements and financial constraints. No matter where you are in your career—a novice, an experienced presenter, or a company owner—you may discover a plan that meets your needs. The benefits and downsides of Decktopus AI will be covered in the following part of our review, which is important information to consider when determining whether this AI-powered presentation tool is ideal for you. Keep checking back!

Decktopus AI Alternatives


Slide Bean’s intuitive PowerPoint replacement tool utilizes artificial intelligence, akin to Beautiful. Ai, to assist in producing a superior visual presentation design. The free program that looks like PowerPoint gives modifiable templates, or users may start from scratch and design their slide presentation.

When modifying presentations in outline or design modes, users are limited to the content block structure, which restricts how much they may customize compared to other PowerPoint alternatives.

Gamma: a refined, business-like template substitute for Decktopus


Decktopus is designed to make presentations in conventional formats, like PowerPoint or Google Slides. Gamma’s is a wonderful alternative if you want to design something unique. Users may create presentations and other documents using this application that have a look and feel more akin to a contemporary website than a presentation. Similar to Decktopus, Gamma targets users who are professionals. The business-oriented templates, including the “Company Fact Sheet,” “Sales Presentation,” and “Deal Review,” reflect this. Gamma also offers custom branding, statistics to monitor presentation views, and Q&As integrated into presentations. 

Decktopus as its name implies, is mostly focused on decks, but sometimes you need an app with a lot more functionality. That includes Simplified; it features an AI presentation generator similar to Decktopus, but it also offers AI services for copywriting, video editing, and graphic design.

The program can convert presentations into movies, which is one of its many unique features that sets it apart from Decktopus. This makes it simple and fast to produce video material in the form of a presentation. Simplified focuses on producing templates for presentations that customers may utilize to enhance their material.

Canva Magic Design is an alternative to Decktopus for people who prioritize aesthetics.

Canva Magic Studio, AI-Driven Design Suite with AI Video

Decktopus includes many features that aid in the creation of visually appealing presentations, including the ability to pick images. Canva is an excellent choice if you want to take this even further. Canva prioritizes design in all of its tools, and its AI slide creator is no exception.

Canva offers a portable presentation-making experience, akin to Decktopus. Canva is a design-first tool, therefore the modifications that are made here are mostly focused on appearance. It comes with design components that automatically adapt as well as color, style, font, picture, and layout recommendations.

Tome App

Given the current buzz about AI, you have most likely heard of Tome. Your presentation may be created for you by an artificial intelligence tool called Tome. You may modify and refine the basic presentation that appears as soon as you enter a prompt.

If users would prefer not to provide a prompt, Tome additionally offers a selection of many well-curated templates that may be used as a reliable foundation for creating a presentation. Although Tome leverages AI and technology extensively, users will still need some design knowledge to modify their cards after they are created.

The Gamma App

Using disorganized notes, gamma technology makes it easy to create dynamic, visually attractive information. It uses AI-powered design tools to generate beautiful, brand-consistent slides and presentations with only one click on templates and no need to modify code. Integrated analytics and collaboration capabilities are also available, and users may include websites, videos, charts, and GIFs.


Canva: Visual Suite for Everyone

If you are looking for pre-designed templates, Canva is the presentation tool for you. The majority of presentation systems, including PowerPoint, now include templates and design shortcuts so that users may begin with a visually appealing set of slides.

Canva takes this capacity to a whole new level with templates made for almost every purpose and subject. This ought to be a competitor for presenters who have the skills or the time to design their dream slide presentation.

Canva’s variety and range are great, but occasionally you will explore endlessly in search of the perfect design. This restricts how much of this simplicity of use can be considered time-saving.

Furthermore, you can be certain that they will only utilize the templates you pay for since not all of them are available for free.

Like some of the other applications on our list, Canva offers a free tier for users. To sample Canvas capabilities without having to pay for them completely, anybody may do this.

Slides on Google

Google Slides is PowerPoint’s universal replacement. If you have used PowerPoint before, you should be somewhat comfortable with Google Slides now. There is nothing noteworthy or out of the ordinary. It’s essentially a solid online presentation platform, and one of its best qualities is how user-friendly its functionality and interface are.

Because of its collaborative capabilities and ease of use as a free online application, Slides is a popular choice among a variety of users.

One drawback of Google Slides is that it's designed to work similarly to traditional presentation slide decks, which provide great support for presenters but give little consideration to the audience and their voice.

Slides also have the well-known PowerPoint problem of a plethora of alternatives and a daunting blank canvas.


Prezi maintains some of the accessibilities that Keynote loses since it is a web-based presentation tool, much like Google Slides. Prezi’s strongest feature is its animation. Those who lack originality have no place there.

But if you have the vision and the skills, it is possible to make visually stunning presentations that will “wow” your audience far more than a standard PowerPoint presentation.

When it comes to visually stimulating presentations delivered using video conferencing services, Prezi is an interesting option. It also has a highly inventive function that allows you to superimpose objects over the presenter’s video feed.

The disadvantage of Prezi is that creating outstanding presentations demands a high degree of technical proficiency.


Visme Review: Ultimate Tool for Creating Presentations, Infographics,  Design & Video - My Chart Guide

Visme’s PowerPoint replacement presentation software allows users to create slide shows, infographics, interactive charts, and other visual content. To add new material and rearrange components inside the workspace, users of the straightforward cloud-based application may simply drag and drop new objects into the workspace.

With Visme, users may either start from zero and customize a variety of templates, or they can start from scratch and create presentations from scratch. The presentation program offers thousands of symbols, drawings, and data visualizations. Users may choose to add extras like GIF, audio, and video files to boost engagement.


The creation of presentations has been completely transformed by Decktopus AI. Decktopus's robust AI capabilities, customizable features, and time-saving tools enable users to create polished presentations in a matter of seconds. Bid farewell to tiresome design and formatting duties and welcome to powerful presentations that enthrall your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Decktopus AI free or paid?

Decktopus AI is not entirely free. It offers both free and paid plans. The free plan has limited features compared to the paid plans. Paid plans start at $7 per month.

Is Decktopus any good? 

Yes, Decktopus is highly rated by users. Users appreciate its ease of use, variety of templates, and the ability to create professional-looking presentations quickly.

What is Decktopus?

Decktopus is an all-in-one presentation software powered by advanced AI technology. It helps users create visually appealing presentations by automatically generating outlines, slide content, images, and icons based on user input.

Can I use AI for free?

While AI technologies themselves are free, the platforms that provide access to AI services often charge fees. Therefore, whether you can use AI for free depends on the specific service you're referring to.

How do I use Decktopus for free?

You can use Decktopus for free by signing up for their free plan. However, the free plan comes with limited features compared to the paid plans.

Is Decktopus free?

No, Decktopus is not entirely free. It offers a free plan with limited features, as well as paid plans that provide more features and capabilities.

What is the best AI presentation maker?

Decktopus is highly rated among users and is often recommended as one of the best AI presentation makers due to its ease of use, variety of templates, and ability to create professional-looking presentations quickly.

How to make AI videos for free?

Making AI videos for free would depend on the specific AI video-making service you're using. Some platforms may offer free trials or free tiers with limited features.

How much is an AI app?

The cost of an AI app can vary greatly depending on the specific app and its features. Some AI apps are free, while others are paid. The price can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per month.

How do I download a PowerPoint from Decktopus?

The process to download a PowerPoint from Decktopus isn't explicitly mentioned in the provided sources. Generally, you would need to export the presentation in the desired format (like .pptx) and then download it.

How to create a PowerPoint presentation?

Creating a PowerPoint presentation typically involves choosing a template, adding slides, and inserting content such as text, images, and multimedia files. Each of these steps varies depending on the specific presentation software being used.

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