Learn About DocuSign: A Perfect Integration for Contract Lifecycle Management

Yogesh Pant
Jan 31, 2024

These days, a lot of people –from customers and business professionals to educators and students –are moving to electronic signatures. 

It is painless, rapid, and paperless. The papers may be posted without needing to be printed, and you don’t have to wait for signatures. 

Electronic signing often removes the chance of long identification verification processes, document loss after delivery, and other similar issues. 

One of the most significant businesses in the electronic signature sector is DocuSign. With the aim of simplifying business for users, it offers services to millions of people worldwide. Additionally, it’s not too difficult to produce an electronic signature on the platform and sign documents. 

To save you time when you need something signed quickly or need your business partner’s signature on a contract before they depart for the weekend, we’ll go over how DocuSign operates, how to set up your account correctly, and the fundamentals of using DocuSign. We’ll also go over some pointers for getting the most out of DocuSign. 

Now without further ado, let's get started.

What Is DocuSign?

Documents may be electronically signed by users of the DocuSign web service. It may be used to transmit, receive, and sign any sort of document, including tax returns, contracts, and permission forms, by both people and corporations. 

Features of DocuSign

Transmitting and receiving secure digital signatures is the main use of DocuSign. DocuSign’s electronic signatures are safe, easy to use, and provide an excellent mix of practicality and effectiveness. The program’s drag-and-drop editor and DocuSign templates make the process of preparing e-signature documents quite simple.

Beyond that fundamental function, DocuSign offers additional capabilities that support and enhance the main objective of simplifying signatures. The following advantages are associated with a DocuSign account:


What greater illustration of DocuSign’s focus on speed and simplicity than the ability to use the payments feature to send customers requests for payments? With just one easy step, your client may use their bank account information, credit or debit card, Apple or Android pay, or both to sign and pay. 

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Simplify the Procedure

DocuSign can automate your agreement and approval procedures. The System of Agreement from DocuSign allows you to digitize disorganized paper trails and automate the whole process.  

Smartphone Applications

You may prepare documents for electronic signatures while on the move by downloading the mobile version of DocuSign, even though the majority of users use the software on their PCs. This is quite helpful in sales and real estate, particularly if you have to travel to provide presentations. 


DocuSign integrates with a number of well-known programs, including Google, Salesforce, Apple, and others. But the list of programs also includes Oracle and SAP. Given that DocuSign connects with more than 300 different programs, it should function with the system you now have. 

Creating an Account on DocuSign

To transmit contracts and other documents using DocuSign, you must first register for an account. On the other hand, the recipients of the contracts won’t need an account of their own to sign them. 

The cost of a DocuSign account is tier-based; single-user accounts start at $10 per month and may accommodate up to five contracts. You may work on papers with comments, create reminders, and brand your documents at higher levels. You may also benefit from a 30-day free trial before creating an account. 

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How to Use DocuSign?

When you initially use DocuSign, you may choose your signature from a choice of pre-made templates, draw your signature, or upload your own. 

You may then create an “envelope” to submit after that. In this manner, you may submit the contract together with any other papers you would want to include, such as terms and conditions or an agreement description. 

You may upload these documents in Word, Excel, and PDF formats, among others. You may create and store a template envelope if you often submit the same set of documents to reduce the number of uploads and adjustments you need to make. 

You will be able to add the signatories after the document has been posted. If your document has several recipients, you can also choose a signature sequence so that each recipient gets the papers once the preceding individual has finished their task. 

On the document itself, you may customize fields for signatures, initials, and complete names. In addition, you may create custom fields, draw lines across superfluous areas, and use trick boxes and dropdown menus. 

When many persons need to sign to begin portions of the document, you may navigate between the signatories on the upper left corner of the paper, and the document will direct each person to the correct spot. Each participant’s portions are color-coded to show which person has to sign what. 

You will get a notification when the receivers open and see the contract, and a copy of the finished document will be sent to each party for their records after it has been signed by both sides. 

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A detailed Tutorial on Sending documents Using DocuSign

  1. Make sure you log in to your DocuSign account first.
  2. Upload the document that has to be signed after that. OneDrive or Google Drive are two examples of cloud services from which you may upload straight from your smartphone.
  3. DocuSign will send the document to the recipient if you provide the names and addresses of all the persons to whom it has to be sent, along with a subject line and body content.

When you're finished, click "Next."

  1. Include the fields for signature. This would save you the trouble of sending the document back and forth in case the receiver doesn’t sign any of the necessary paperwork. Using the signature tool located at the top of the menu on the left side of your screen, just drop the icons where you wish to indicate that a signature is required.      

At this point, you may also use other features included in the toolbar, such as checkboxes, dates, initials, stamps, indicators, and more.

  1. Lastly, review your paper one more time to make sure nothing was overlooked. Once you're satisfied, press "Send."

A Comprehensive Tutorial on Using DocuSign to Sign Documents

  1. Open the DocuSign email, choose "Review document," and you will be sent to the website where you may start the signing procedure.
  2. Examine the consumer disclosure that is included at the start of the paper first. Next, click "Start" after checking the box indicating that you are legally consenting to sign electronically.
  3. The sender has stated that you must sign at the first signature mark, which is where you will be directed immediately. Press the "Sign" button.
  4. After that, you'll be prompted to "Adopt your signature." You may either physically sign it using your mouse or a touch screen, or enter your name and initials and choose a signature style for them to appear in. Additionally, a photo of your signature may be uploaded. 

Click "Adopt and Sign" to add your signature to the document after you're satisfied with it. Once you've completed this, you'll be able to sign every other field in the document with a single click.

  1. After reading the document through and signing all the appropriate spots, click "Finish." Once you've finished signing the paper, a notification will appear. After that, you may save a PDF copy for your records.      

 The signed document and a copy in the sender's DocuSign account will be sent to them via email.

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Advice on How to Utilize Docusign More Efficiently

  1. If you make any changes to the basic contract –for example, by deleting a section or adding additional comments –add an initial box for the other parties so that you may make the changes as explicit as possible and give them an opportunity to approve the changes. 
  2. Once you’ve completed producing your document, you may get a preview of it. At this point, make sure everything is correct and that the starting boxes and necessary signatures are placed in the correct locations by double-checking everything. 
  3. If the request is for more than just a signature, consider the information you’re obtaining and confirm that it is required before requesting it. 
  4. Tell the recipients ahead of time that the envelope will be transmitted via DocuSign. For first-time users in particular, this is crucial so they know what to anticipate when the document comes. 

Comprehending the Cost and Pricing of DocuSign

DocuSign provides a variety of price packages to accommodate various user requirements. Plans for individuals, small enterprises, and enterprise-level organizations are all included in the price structure. The number of envelopes (documents) that may be delivered each month, the degree of assistance offered, and the extra features that are accessible usually differ throughout the plans. To choose the best plan for your document management needs and budget, you must be aware of the features and restrictions of each tier.

Personal: The starting monthly fee for individuals and single proprietors with minimal esignature requirements is $15.

Principal attributes consist of:

Five envelopes per month

Reusable models

Standard: The most affordable option, starting at $45 a month for each license, is ideal for small to medium-sized teams that need to send, sign, and collaborate.

Principal attributes consist of:

Every aspect of the Personal Plan

  • Shared templates: You may create and distribute templates for commonly used documents with the Standard plan. With the use of templates, which act as pre-made document structures, you may create and deliver papers for signatures more quickly. You may make sure that document preparation is consistent and effective by distributing templates across team members.
  • Collaborative Commenting: This DocuSign platform feature allows for input and discussion on documents. Throughout the document review process, you and your team members may communicate and collaborate by adding notes, annotations, and makeups right on the page. This facilitates communication and guarantees that everyone involved may provide feedback before the paper is finalized. 
  • Customized Branding: You may usually change the branding of your DocuSign documents and account using the Standard plan. You may brand the user interface and emails sent to signers with the company’s colors, logo, and other aspects. For both internal team members and external receivers, this personalization contributes to a unified and polished experience. 
  • Business Pro: The cost per license begins at $65 per month for automating and optimizing agreements with advanced capabilities.

Principal attributes consist of:

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Every element of the Standard Plan

  • Attachments for Signers: You may use this feature to attach files to your papers so that signers can examine and sign them. Any additional files, supporting documentation, or other pertinent information that must be exchanged during the signing procedure may be included in these attachments.
  • Formulae and Advanced Fields: This feature lets you use formulae and advanced fields to create documents that are dynamic and intelligent. By including sophisticated data input requirements, conditional logic, and computations in your papers, you may personalize and streamline the signature process. 
  • Using PowerForms: you can develop self-service, reusable document templates that other parties may fill out without needing to have a DocuSign account. These forms are readily accessible by a special URL and may be tailored using conditional logic or pre-filled data. 
  • Bulk Transmit: this function saves you time and effort by enabling you to submit many papers for signing in one batch. You may personalize the signature order, upload a list of recipients and supporting documents, and send them all at once. This is very helpful if you have a lot of people to communicate agreements to at once. 
  • Payments: You may accept payments straight from your DocuSign agreements by using the Payments functionality. As you complete the signing procedure, you may safely accept payments for membership dues, application fees, and other transactions thanks to this feature's integration with well-known payment processors.

DocuSign Alternatives: How to choose an eSignature software that works for your company

E-signature software makes document procedures more consistent and convenient. Every platform has advantages and disadvantages, and they might range from gathering and distributing employment applications to concluding contracts and even paying taxes. DocuSign, a major player in the market, provides an extensive toolkit for even the trickiest eSignature processes. However, we think that the widely held belief that a service with more features is always superior isn’t necessarily true. 

Your attention will probably turn to more practical issues like cost transparency, availability, and simplicity of use while working on everyday document-driven activities. We’ve reduced the number of important factors in our comparison of DocuSign’s paid and free alternatives so that you can make an educated decision about which one to try out and determine which is best for you and your company. 

Among these criteria are:

  • Accessible
  • Integrations
  • Costing
  • Safety
  • Encouragement

Learn why your top pick for an electronic signature system should be able to handle more than simply document signing.

SignNow via AirSlate

Over 20 sectors and 28 million users worldwide rely on signNow by airSlate, an award-winning eSignature solution. At 9.56 out of 10, on average, it is ranked as one of the best eSignature apps for enterprise businesses. G2 names signNow’s eSignature solution the Momentum Leader for Winter 2023. 

SignNow was first released in 2018 and is renowned for its user-driven design and straightforward, mobile-friendly interface, which navigating eSignature processes simple. It continues to be lightweight, speedy, and intuitive even with an increasing number of additional features and connectors introduced. 


In relation to free alternatives for DocuSign, DocHub functions primarily as an online PDF editor that also includes eSignature features. It appeals to consumers and small enterprises with little document churn because of its affordable prices. With DocHub, users may annotate documents, whiteout text, add pages, combine files, add fields, and more. It also has all the typical features. DocHub smoothly integrates services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Gmail. In addition to providing a free 30-day trial period for the Pro Plan, DocHub provides a Free plan.  

Adobe Sign

Included in the Adobe Document Cloud package of services, Adobe Sign is one of the most well-known brands and rivals of DocuSign in the eSignature space. Using a web browser or a mobile device, users may submit, sign, and monitor eSignature operations using this cloud-based eSignature service. Adobe Sign is a personal and commercial tool that is included with Adobe Acrobat. 

The platform offers a number of services, such as sending reminders, gathering signatures from many users, generating branded forms, and signing documents using an eSignature or digital signature. Individuals may use Adobe Sign for free for seven days, and teams can try it for thirty.  


Without PandaDoc, our list of alternatives to DocuSign would be lacking. The single feature of this all-in-one document management and automation software is eSignatures. With the system’s support for several document formats and connectors, users may combine their current file storage, payment, and CRM applications into a unified workflow. To speed up document turnaround, function, one user may utilize eSignatures indefinitely, access payments, and download a mobile app. PandaDoc provides a free 14-day trial. 

Formstack Indicator

Documents can be gathered and electronically signed on any device using Formstack Sign, an eSignature automation system. Formstack Sign is a no-code workplace productivity tool that works for all kinds of enterprises. It includes workflow automation features. 

Drag and drop fields, upload a document, and provide your signer’s details. Formstack Sign will email or text the signer a copy of the document that needs to be signed. 

Using desktop and mobile devices, users may certify their documents and forms using the app’s adaptable signature capabilities. You may ask to see the whole audit log once the form or document has been signed. Formstack Sign provides a free 14-day trial. 


If you need digital signatures, DocuSign is an excellent tool to utilize in general. DocuSign seems like a helpful addition to your day, particularly if your firm needs many signatures every day. You’ll find it helpful, and your customers will like the increased efficiency that e-signature technology may provide. 

However, this solution is probably not worth it if your field of business does not need a lot of signatures. DocuSign provides a free 30-day trial to assist you decide if you're still not sure.

Try it out and see for yourself how beneficial it may be, is my recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does DocuSign ensure the security of documents?

DocuSign ensures document security through robust encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and secure storage of signed documents. These measures protect documents from unauthorized access and maintain their integrity.

Q: Can DocuSign integrate with my existing business tools?

Yes, DocuSign offers integration capabilities with popular third-party applications such as CRM systems, project management platforms, and cloud storage services. This allows for seamless data synchronization and enhanced workflow automation.

Q: What factors affect the cost of using DocuSign?

Factors such as the number of users, the volume of documents processed, and the need for advanced features can impact the overall cost of using DocuSign. It is important to assess your organization’s specific needs to determine the most cost-effective approach.

Q: Which pricing tier should I choose?

The choice of a pricing tier depends on your organization’s document processing requirements. Evaluate the features and limitations of each tier to select the one that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Q: Can DocuSign be used by individuals or is it primarily for businesses?

DocuSign offers plans for both individuals and businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a large enterprise.

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