How to make business more efficient with enterprise app development?

Raju Ram Khakhal
Jun 01, 2020

Services of enterprise app development have been used by different employees & various clients via mobile apps in order to track out the events or projects progress. Big enterprises having follow the strict schedule & manage out all activities at similar time. Although, enterprise mobile apps is commonly different from the everyday life applications. It has existed with some particularities or pitfalls.

Introduction to enterprise application

This can be defined as everything that provides solutions through which a job makes better. It involves plans for employee’s certification, tutorials, database, etc. these apps has been designed for companies internal purposes like, workflows, etc. with using this application, employees can perform their work effectively through which business process automation has been improved.

Enterprise application software type


These apps will help in connecting multiple departments through a single network. It means that employees remain in contact with their supervisors and access the database & documents.

Employee level

It has some failures as it associated with the employees only and can be used for internal purpose. This will easily catch out essential information.

Departmental level

Name suggests that this level serves for the particular departments like teams of marketing and financial teams. This level seems to be useful for the customers as well as to the internal workflows or their optimization.

Advantages of development of enterprise mobile application

Control over supply chain

Mobile apps dealing with supply chain includes different features for controlling the work, accurate planning, and management of transportation. This can help in improve the efficiency.

Mobile accounting

Mobile accounting can be state as the ability through which employee-generated data has been viewed and staff report has been checked by the company.

Focused on gaols

Company's main focus is to evaluate the goals or tasks. Along with it, there focus is also on to reduce down the human mistakes or the paperwork.

Management of modified data

Management needs more efforts as it includes verification, corrections made, with analysing information.

Transactions & accounting

Mobile apps permit the user to make specific transactions and manage the deadlines of payment as these apps includes features of payments.

Important point’s before development enterprise app

  • App development perspectives: It has been seen that technology of mobile devices getting changed rapidly. So employees create a reliable or flexible application of mobile for the company that seems to be scalable or with better quality.
  • Demands of employees from app: currently, people prefer tablets or smart phones for perform their work operations. In order to motivate the employees for app change, the best solution to understand their expectations or requirements.
  • Useful software integration: the best advantage of using the apps is that user has access to use required features freely. As an example, developer integrated 1C, Oracles, etc for offer an app.
  • Issues of security: There is a requirement to keep overlook over storage transfer issues in order to develop a enterprise app. It is because user personal information has been stored over apps which need strong passwords.
  • Control administration: There is a requirement of attention towards development of enterprise mobile app. Administration, company Training staff, IT policy has to be connected with the smartphones or tablets.
  • Strategy of agile development: This methodology includes stepwise software development and the process is iterative. This approach seems to be useful for developing mobile app enterprise as it involves testing, designing or development methods which evaluate overall lifecycle of the project.
  • MEAP: The platform of mobile enterprise application has to be simple through which employees used it over the smart phones as well. The peculiarity of MEAP platform is theta it involves feature of cross-platform.

Stages for development of enterprise mobile app

The development of enterprise mobile app seems to be more complex and time consuming. There are different stages involve in development process that can be discussed as:

Step 1: Specification draft

There is a requirement to define a objectives or goals of your idea. It seems to be necessary component to evaluate the audience target and their expectations.

Step 2: Platform consideration

This is the toughest step for any enterprise through which work platform get decide. For enterprise application development, there is a requirement to select the platform from Android or iOS.

Step 3: Designing of wireframe

The best model for mobile app is prototype that will help in showing the capabilities or functionalities of the app. This step helps in define the future concept of the application. This stage can be get change as per the requirements at any time.

Step 4: Designing of UI/UX

Users want that any application they used has to be flexible or designable. Along with it, they require high grade functionality to application. The application has to be used with simplicity.

Step 5: Development of product

This is most important part of develop a mobile application. It requires a skilled or experienced person who can approach successfully to project and fulfills the expectation or requirements.

Step 6: Testing

This step allows the person to test developed application. This can be done by best testers who are end-users. For development of enterprise application, there is a QA department which assures about the mobile app quality and fix out the bugs if any present.

Wrap up

As the process of development include several stages, so it is a time consuming or costly process. However, enterprise mobile app development is come with specific benefits through which a user can set new goals for business and fulfil them with better outcomes. Mtoag is a mobile app development firm in India, USA. Our software engineers team or developers team help you to deliver flexible & scalable apps for business along with fulfilling all the requirements.

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