How to Hire a Full Stack Developer for development projects

Yogesh Pant
Apr 12, 2019

Tactics to Hire a Motivated Full Stack Developer for projects

Full Stack Developer: In normal parlance there is often a mention of terms such as client side, server side, back-end and front-end technologies . Full stack development means combined development of front-end and back-end sections of an application from the germ of an idea to its final finished product.

Full stack web development revolves around three layers. Read on to get a detailed insight of the actual implementations that take place in these three layers namely:

1. Presentable Layer

This deals with front end development for creating a User Interface; Front-end technologies are an essential part of web development. User Experience is also a key area that plays a pivotal role in the success of the project. JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 are some of the basic front end technologies implemented in web development to target end users.

2. Business Logic Layer

This deals with back end development and is used for data validation; The business logic layer can be accomplished in the server by choosing any one language from C++, Ruby, Python, Java or Asp.Net depending on suitability. Data is also processed here to provide adequate information to its users. In this blog we are reading about How to Hire a Full Stack Developer for projects for better Full Stack Development. We are the best Node.JS Development firm which provides custom node js development services.

The server sends a message for exchanging of data to the database management system. The back end system via server-side rendering of JavaScript, HTML & CSS creates the front end display of data and sends it to the user.

3. Database Layer

This deals with data diligence and data storage.

This 3 phased architecture is a normal client server software architecture model through which the whole gamut of web development revolves.

Although we remember many things when we hire a proficient Full Stack Development. Normally, specialist programmers/developers are hired to handle each layer individually. This is the traditional pattern of web development – front end specialist programmers who are well associated with working on JavaScript, HTML & CSS; back end developers who solely take care of server side implementation of languages; and data specialists who would efficiently manage facets of data diligence and database. JavaScript happens to be in the web development industry for more than two decades and definitely is the most accepted framework for full stack web development .

Some Popular Types of Full Stacks based on JavaScript framework
  • Linux. Apache. MySQL. PHP. (LAMP Stack)
  • MongoDB. Express. AngularJS. Node.js. (MEAN Stack)
  • Linux. Nginx. MySQL. PHP. (LEMP Stack)
  • Ruby. SQLite, PHP. (Ruby on Rails)
  • Python. Django. MySQL. (Django Stack)
full stack developer

C urrent Trends Full Stack Development There is a booming trend with regards to full stack web development to implement the entire stack. Get the best Cakephp Development services by experienced & motivated developers.

Those who are specialists in one subsystem such as back-end, front-end or database may not be able to comprehend the bigger picture. It is a known fact that when multiple people work in a team, the work becomes dependent on coordinating and strategizing too many people and the project also tends to get more complex, time taking and budgets go awry.

Organizations are looking for people who have a thorough knowledge of multiple technologies or multi-platform environments and who can singlehandedly perform all the roles related to designing, development and database management for successful launching of the website. Hence, there is a great demand for full stack developers in the market. Read on to know about the characteristics required in a full stack developer:

D escription of a Full Stack Developer Full stack developer needs to be well versed with the triple layers of website development – frontend, backend and database. A sound knowledge of some of the programming languages used nowadays, databases, user interfaces, version control amongst others.

Area of Expertise

The full stack developer should be able to identify customer and business demands towards web technologies. If he is more adept in JavaScript framework, he has a wide choice of full stacks upon which he can work on. The basic requirement is to have working expertise in HTML, CSS, database, deployment of web servers, OS, payment gateway systems, version & algorithm control systems.

Mastering Programming Languages

It is advisable to master some major languages instead of delving into multiple languages and getting seriously overwhelmed in the process. Full stack developer should focus on the programming languages such as PHP, Python, ASP.Net, Ruby, etc. that best meet your future goals. Gain command on your chosen languages for effectively coding customized applications with them.

Connecting the dots of Full Stack Development

It is pragmatic for a full stack developer to have an expertise in both frontend and backend development. The basis of nearly 99% of web development projects lies in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We are the best provider of Angular JS Development in India, USA.

To know if your fundamentals are clear and precise on these technologies, it is best to create some basic pages to hone your skills. Having an in-depth understanding of networks, hosting environments, servers, databases, data structures, algorithms and programming languages and connecting these dots correctly should hold you in good stead in full stack development .

full stack developer
Master of one yet the Jack of all trades

It’s a good virtue to gain as much information and knowledge that you can gain about various technologies, but it is nearly impossible to gain expertise in all of them. Hence, it is advisable to select the best and important technologies and leave out the rest. While you go about learning and working on different technologies, focus on the one that you can command on. Just keep in mind which stack is most in demand by customers and businesses. Turn that full stack into your specialty to have an edge over the others. These are some qualities that should have by full stack developer.

Remain updated through Developer Networks

To know what is going on in the IT sphere it is very necessary to stay updated via remaining connected to developer networks, communities, online forums, social media, chat groups and surfing the web regularly. The better informed you be, that much more beneficial. We are the well known & well running mobile app development company.

Experience rules the day!

A full stack developer is a master at working on all tiers of web development. Seeing the cutthroat competition in the IT industry, companies are looking for ways and means to cut down on costs and deliver a customer-friendly and cost effective project to their clients. The full stack developer is a 3-in-1 option that many companies are looking for because employing a single developer as compared to employing three developers is really budget friendly for the company. If you are looking for the best React.js Development company then contact us.

An excellent and quality end product with user experience satisfaction and optimum functionality is what is expected from the full stack developer. Mtoag Technologies outsources full stack developers for client projects. If you are looking to hire one, give us a call @ +91 9829038870 or email us with your requirements. We will get back to you with the trendiest option for your business.

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