Grofers, BigBasket: Price Estimation for Grocery Shopping App

Yogesh Pant
Apr 10, 2019

Let's Checkout Whole Grofers, BigBasket Price Ideas for Grocery Shopping App

Online retail and grocery stores has seen a sudden burgeoning in the market today. Thanks to technology prowess, retailers are smiling all the way to the bank by selling their products ranging from groceries, fruits, vegetables, bakery, beverages, home appliances, home décor, etc. through such online platforms. These retail store platforms are trending on a rapid scale.

Nowadays people are getting more accustomed to buying products from the comfort of their homes rather than trudging to the department stores for shopping. Rough estimations put the market scenario at nearly 50% of online shoppers in the age band of 20 to 40 years. Let’s talk out grocery. In this article we will talk about cost estimation for grocery shopping app, Grofers, BigBasket. Let's talk about grocery list app.

Aspects that determine development cost for a Grocery Shopping App

There are three different types of mobile apps for grocery and retail stores. There are numerous aspects that decide the cost estimation of developing a grocery app. It depends on what kind of grocery app one desires, its development method and the time frame in which it is required to be made. You can opt for a grocery shopping app similar to Grofers or BigBasket which are in vogue today and have changed the complete perspective of shopping groceries and other essentials with on door delivery facility. Grofers, BigBasket are two types of grocery app which we use in our life. Are you looking for the best grocery app development then contact Mtoag for better customization?

E-Commerce Grocery Shopping App

This kind of app lets the customer buy products without worrying about user-centric location. A good app for people on the move who have a preference for timed delivery.

In-Store Grocery Shopping App

Customers can view products with specifications as they are kept in the store before shopping. This app is more like a virtually visible grocery store.

Personalized Grocery Shopping App

This app helps the customer to order for his/her desired product even if it isn’t available at the store. A personalized shopping experience wherein the customer gets duly informed when his/her product is available at the store. If you want to know properly that how much amount need to spend for Grofers, BigBasket Grocery Shopping App making. We offers best  mobile app development services india.

grocery shopping app

If you are interested for getting made a grocery shopping app from any of the above, Mtoag Technologies have readied clone scripts on the lines of BigBasket, ZopNow and Grofers grocery shopping apps. These apps are built on 3 panels namely Admin Panel, User Panel and Grocery/Retail Store Delivery Panel.

Let us describe their features and functionalities to you for better understanding of the app:

Admin Panel/Control Panel

The Admin will be in supreme command of the app – will filter all sorts of information that is fed by the customer through the display screen. The Admin Panel will work on the back end to grant permissions to the user for registering on the app and other requisite permissions to enable user to have a wonderful shopping experience with the least effort. Learn how to success your business via Succeed with GROFERS, BIGBASKET Clone App in 24 Hours.

Admin Dashboard

Track and manage all orders and activities through one screen.

Store Management

Manage the orders and customer requests while efficiently taking care of the store

Customer Management

Directly connected with consumers and can keep them engaged while providing customer centric services to them.

Assign Order

Take care of complete order processing from receiving the order till its delivery to the user location. 

grocery shopping app

Manage Payment

Empowered to manage all the payment modules securely and transparently to successfully meet with user expectations. GROFERS, BIGBASKET Grocery Shopping App Works better to increase your sell.

Other Admin Responsibilities

Undertake all other responsibilities to provide the best of services and smooth operation of the online grocery shopping app.

User Panel

The User Panel consists of creation of User Profile, Username/Password and Bank/Card details for smooth processing or order management. Users can leave their feedbacks, suggestions and concerns on this panel for helping to provide quality services and bettering the overall performance of the grocery shopping app. 

The User Panel is rich in features such as:

User Profile

Updated information on the User and Login credentials and shopping interests

Browse Product Category

Surf the product categories with specification of items for shopping.

Schedule Delivery

Consumer can schedule delivery date and time slots according to convenience.

grocery shopping app

Multi Payment Options

Completely secure payment gateways and multi-payment methods.

Multi Payment Options

Completely secure payment gateways and multi-payment methods.

Track Your Order

Consumers can track their order in real-time with location tracking details.

Discounts & Offers

Get the best discounts and offers that are pocket friendly and customer centric.

Reviews & Settings

Write about your experience and give reviews for the benefit of other users. User has the facility to manage review settings on his own. Being a star in your grocery selling industry you should use of GROFERS, BIGBASKET grocery shopping app

Grocery Store Delivery Panel

Management of all selected items and quantity as per given orders. User can choose to pick up from store or have it delivered to own location. Timely notifications sent to user with order and delivery details. Total management of delivery vehicles and processing cancellation and accepting of order requests by drivers. Final notification is sent upon successful order delivery to user to promote reliability in transactions.

Development cost of the grocery shopping app harbors on some prominent factors such as:

App Design

This is the most important factor that attracts the consumer to linger on your app and complete a successful sale. The more engaging and user-friendly UI/UX app design, that much more pricey it would be. The basic intention is to capture the user attention through a visually appealing app design that can be simple yet eye-catching, feature rich and well within your budget and aspiration.

Want To Step Up Your GROFERS, BIGBASKET grocery shopping app? You Need To Read This First.

App Size

It depends on the features and functionalities that you require for the app. If you choose the features wisely you can cut down the costs considerably. Get the best ecommerce solution here.

App Platform

You need to choose the right platform for your grocery shopping app – Android or iOS. Though nowadays you can even create an app using React Native that will save a lot of money and you will get both the platforms for your mobile app. 

grocery shopping app

Mobile Wallet

This is actually a necessity because it helps to keep the customer associated with you. The mobile wallet helps in processing digital monetary transactions through a secure window and works well with web as well as mobile apps.

Mobile App Developer Resources

Depending upon the expertise, experience, location and number of developer resources involved in the development process the budget can be calculated accordingly.

Some Important Features & Functionality to Consider Towards Development Cost

Basic Features

User Profile, Barcode/QR Code, Order Status and History, Shopping Cart, Offer Zone and Help are considered as basic requirements for providing a great shopping experience to our user base.

Advanced Features

Customer satisfaction being the prime goal of any successful Grofers, BigBasket grocery shopping app , providing users with advanced features such as payment options like Debit/Credit Card, COD, Net Banking, etc. as well as In-App Calling & Messaging, Data Syncing, Push Notifications, Geo-locations and much more. Keeping customers in the loop post order confirmation till door step delivery is another business boosting feature – a must have for the mobile app. Read out our new full article about how to build online auction websites.

Grocery Shopping App Grofers, BigBasket Dev Process

  • The six stage development process includes:
  • Brainstorming and Planning
  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile Creation – User Friendly/Customer Centric
  • Quality Analysis of Website Speed and Bug Free
  • Deployment – Live
  • Monitoring & Evaluation for judging performance and stability

Price Estimation for building the Grocery Shopping App

The price estimation can waver from USD 10000 to USD 50000 depending upon the complexity of features and functionalities, single/cross platform of choice, number of resources and country location. Being one of the leading ecommerce industries in the world, business estimates in 2019 worked out to USD 18 million and projections for 2022 work out to nearly USD 30 million. The options are open to you, decision lies in your hands to take benefit from this awesome and enthralling business while there are only a few players in the market today.

Mtoag Technologies is a well known web and mobile app development company whom you can associate with for your grocery shopping app development. Drop us an email for getting the best quotation you can completely rely upon. So this was all about cost estimation about grocery shopping app like Grofers, BigBasket . If you have any query then contacts us. If you want to learn about Indian grocery store then click here.

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