How Can a Hajj App Resolve All the Issues of Pilgrims? Know Everything About It Here!

Yogesh Pant
Apr 07, 2023

All adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of doing so must do the Hajj, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, at least once in their lifetime. In Saudi Arabia, the holy city of Mecca is a required stop on a spiritual pilgrimage and religious duty. This pilgrimage is carried out during the final month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Dhu al-hijrah, and it includes a number of customs that are said to have existed during the lifetime of the Prophet Abraham. Since it brings together millions of Muslims from all origins in religious celebration, the pilgrimage is a uniting factor in Islam.

However, most of the people who join Hajj are older, an age where they want to devote themselves to their God. So, they face various issues while walking up there. They need the facility to keep smartphones with them at an earlier stage. But in today's world, they can carry and install different kinds of apps that can help them to complete the Hajj without any issues.

As we move forward with this blog, we will highlight everything about Hajj and how an app can help pilgrims to perform the Hajj smoothly and comfortably. So, let's read this blog with the overview of Hajj.

What Is the Hajj? (ما هو الحج؟)

Arabic meaning "Pilgrimage," Hajj is the trek to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that every physically and financially competent Muslim must perform at least once in their lives. It is the fifth pillar of Islam's core beliefs. The Hajj occurs between the eighth and twelfth of Dhul-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims who do Hajj successfully are referred to as Hajjis.

History of the Hajj (تاريخ الحج)

When Prophet Ibrahim (AS) abandoned his only son Prophet Ismail (AS), and his wife Hazrat Hajra (RA) in the midst of the desert at Allah SWT's direction in the year 2000 BC, this was the beginning of the Hajj. Hazrat Hajra (RA) rushed between the mountains Safa and Marwa in search of food and water for her hungry kid, which resulted in the miracle of Zamzam emerging from the earth. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) saw his loving wife and son when he returned to Makkah a few years later. Shortly after, the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had a dream in which Allah SWT gave him the order to offer his only son as a sacrifice.

While it was a severe test, Prophets Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) voluntarily consented to obey Allah SWT's directive. As Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was about to sacrifice his son on a mountain, a miracle sheep appeared in Prophet Ismail's place (AS). Muslims still offer the sacrifice at the conclusion of the Hajj, or Eid ul-Adha, across the globe.

After some time, Allah SWT (Subhanahu wa ta’ala, Arabic for “The most glorified, the most high”) instructed Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS) to build the Holy Kaaba. Once it was finished, Allah SWT ordered Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to summon the people to conduct Hajj. However, the Hajj rituals that Muslims perform today follow the example and directions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Facts About the Hajj (حقائق عن الحج)

How well-versed are you on the Hajj? These are a few Hajj facts you should be aware of:

Hajj Is the Fifth Islamic Pledge (الحج هو الرهن الإسلامي الخامس)


One of Islam's five pillars is the Hajj. Muslims who are in good health and financial standing must execute it at least once throughout their lives. In fact, a complete Surah –Surah Al-Haj—is devoted to it. In this Quran, Allah SWT explains:

"We set aside the location of the House for Abraham, [instructioning], 'Do not associate anything with Me and cleanse My House for those who do Tawaf and those who stand [in prayer] and those who kneel and prostrate.'"

And announce the Hajj [pilgrimage] to the people; they will come to you on foot and every lean camel and arrive from every far pass.

For they would experience advantages for themselves and praise Allah on fixed occasions for the [sacrificial] animals, He has given them. Let them perform Tawaf around the old House and fulfill their pledges.

That has been commanded, and whoever upholds the holy prohibitions of Allah, his Lord will think the best of him.

There is a specific clothing code for the Hajj and Ihram for Muslim men and women.

All men and women must wear Ihram in order to fulfill their Hajj commitment. Ihram is a two-piece, unstitched white garment used by males to cover their bodies from the waist down and over their shoulders. On the other hand, any straightforward garment that covers her body and a headscarf are appropriate Ihram attire for women.

Before getting dressed for Hajj, both sexes wash themselves. Men and women cut their beards and nails while ladies pluck one hair. Ihram is a state that stands for equality and purity. Consequently, it is essential that pilgrims keep their Ihram clean throughout Hajj since if it becomes unclean, Hajj will not be legitimate.

Almost 350,000 Pilgrims Oversee the Hajj

Hajj needs a wide range of services, from making travel arrangements, booking flights, clearing immigration, and departing for home. Every year, a large number of pilgrims go to Makkah to do the Hajj, necessitating a large number of services and staff members to assist them.

A survey states that in 2019, almost 350,000 volunteers and employees provided communication, supervision, transportation, and healthcare services.

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10, 981

Hajj Does Not Have Gender Segregation  (الحج ليس فيه فصل بين الجنسين)      

Although other Islamic rituals involve gender segregation, Hajj is the sole ceremony in which there are no distinctions between women and men at Masjid AI-Haram of Mecca. Men and women go around the Holy Kabba together on the Hajj, ascend Mount Arafat together, and even carry out the devil's stoning side by side. In essence, the Hajj represents the equality of men and women in the eyes of Allah SWT.

The Hajj 2022 event is restoring the pilgrims' journey to the holy city of Makkah in accordance with Islamic customs after the Covid19 Pandemic.

All Muslims must do the Hajj at least once in their lives, and it is one of Islam's five pillars.

Around 33 thousand men and 25.8 thousand women from Saudi Arabia travelled to do the Hajj in 2021 in order to fulfil their religious obligations. Due to limitations put in place by the Saudi government during the COVID-19 epidemic, which included only permitting domestic pilgrimage, there was a considerable decrease in the number of pilgrims that year. With around 2.5 million pilgrims attending in 2019, it was regarded as the greatest human gathering in history.

saudi arabia travel

Saudi Arabia increased the number of Hajj pilgrims to 1 million in 22 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Both pilgrims within and outside the Kingdom are included in this figure.  

The age restriction for pilgrims is 65 years old, according to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Moreover, pilgrims must possess current COVID-19 immunizations that the Saudi Ministry of Health has authorized.

Also, pilgrims must present to the Ministry a negative PCR test completed within 72 hours.

As we all know, Saudi Arabia capped the Pandemic's number of pilgrims. 60,000 pilgrims made the Hajj in total in 2021 compared to almost 2.5 million in 2019.

Challenges Travelers Encounter During the Hajj (التحديات التي يواجهها المسافرون في الحج)

Every Muslim has a religious duty to do the yearly Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, at least once in their lifetime, if they are able to. For the millions of pilgrims who travel from all over the globe to participate, the journey presents some difficulties. This post will discuss the five main challenges pilgrims have during the Hajj, including health, safety, and location.

Safety (أمان)

During the Hajj, safety is one of the biggest problems pilgrims must face. It may be challenging for municipal authorities to manage big crowds and provide food, accommodations, sanitary conditions, and emergency services for everyone during Hajj because of the enormous number of people that go there –up to three million – and the high probability that they will do so. There have been a number of catastrophes in the past despite attempts to avoid them. Notably, the 2015 crane collapse in the Grand Mosque left 111 people dead and 394 injured. Some mishaps have been brought on by disease, tiredness from the heat, and other conditions made worse by the physical demands of the trek. Many people are there who get lost in the path of Hajj and Umrah, and other people are unable to track them and lose their family members. The other people also face problems in making emergency contact.

Weather (طقس)

The Hajj pilgrimage is performed in the summer when temperatures often surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the prevalence of heat-related ailments such as heatstroke, dehydration, and fatigue, pilgrims must take precautions to remain hydrated and protect themselves from the sun. Particularly at Mina, Muzdalifa, and Arafat, the facilities offering water, public lodging, and other amenities might get overloaded, resulting in lengthy wait periods. Due to this, pilgrims feel unhealthy and need help in reaching the end of the Hajj, so this would be a technical problem.

Location (موقع)

The Hajj pilgrimage takes place in Mecca, which is in Saudi Arabia; getting a visa to enter the nation might take a lot of work. To undertake the Hajj, U.S. residents are required to obtain legal permission, and they must arrange their itinerary using an online system. Without this authorization, pilgrims risk severe penalties, including fines, incarceration, and travel restrictions. While in Mecca, travelers can only depart once the Hajj season is over with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah's authorization.


The pilgrims' health is a significant issue during the Hajj. Asking their tour operator about the vaccines needed for their visa and making sure their everyday immunizations are current are two things pilgrims should do. Furthermore advised are immunizations against polio, hepatitis A and B, and hand sanitizer, as well as remedies for common illnesses including colds, diarrhea, and rashes. In order to avoid aggravating pre-existing medical ailments, pilgrims must take precautions such as drinking enough water, getting plenty of rest, and using sunscreen.

In conclusion, the Hajj pilgrimage presents a number of difficulties for travelers, including security, the environment, lodging, securing a visa, and health. Pilgrims must take precautions to protect their safety and health, ensure the relevant permits and keys, and make preparations for housing and transportation in advance. Although making the journey is a religious requirement, travelers should be aware of the difficulties they could encounter and take the necessary precautions to be ready.

How Can the Hajj App Fix It? (كيف يمكن لتطبيق الحج إصلاحه؟)

Millions of individuals engage in the religious practice of pilgrimage each year. Millions of Muslims visit Mecca yearly to attend the Hajj, one of Islam's most significant pilgrimages. Nonetheless, there are various problems that pilgrims confront during Hajj. By creating an app that meets the requirements of pilgrims, these issues may be resolved.

Safety (أمان)

For pilgrims, safety is a top priority during the Hajj. The sheer volume of pilgrims making the journey might make it challenging to ensure safety. The following ways that the software might be helpful:

  • Delivering timely information on Mecca's security situation
  • Alerting pilgrims about any possible security risks
  • Supplying a map of the region that shows the safe areas and the forbidden locations
  • Provide the authorities' phone numbers in case of emergency

Weather (طقس)

    With the temperatures rising beyond 40 degrees Celsius, the weather in Mecca during the Hajj may be challenging. The app may assist travelers in getting ready for the weather by:

    • Giving pilgrims a weather prediction for the length of the journey
    • Warning of any severe weather conditions to pilgrims
    • Recommending weather-appropriate apparel and equipment
    • Providing advice on how to remain hydrated and prevent heatstroke

    Location (موقع)

        Finding your way around Mecca during Hajj might take a lot of work, particularly for first-timers. The software may assist pilgrims in navigating by:

        • Supplying a locality map with points of interest and landmarks
        • Giving directions to significant milestones, such as the Kaaba and the Jamarat
        • Providing details about methods for getting around, such as buses and taxis
        • Giving tips to the closest hospitals and emergency services

        In conclusion, an app may assist overcome many of the obstacles experienced by pilgrims during Hajj. The software may provide real-time updates, information, and suggestions to aid pilgrims in remaining secure, healthy, and organized while on the journey.

        How Mtoag's Hajj and Umrah App Works? (كيف يعمل تطبيق متواج للحج والعمرة؟)

        Many people or pilgrims found difficulty in completing their Hajj and Umrah journey. Whether technically or non-technically, issues occurring between trips are the primary concern. Many people have come up with many ideas to minimize this problem. However, Mtoag has developed a unique and comprehensive app that would help all pilgrims complete their journey stress-free and comfortably. Do you also want to know what this app is and how it works? If yes, let's read further and learn about it.

        As mentioned above, pilgrims face many issues during their journey locations, including safety, health issues, and many more. And after COVID-19, it becomes more necessary to look after your safety and health. As in Hajj and Umrah, there are primarily old age people, so protecting them from all these issues becomes more essential.

        After seeing this entire problem, Mtoag created the idea to develop a user-friendly application with an eye-catching interface. So, let's move forward and see how we avoid all the danger and make pilgrims' experience the best.

        In our app, there are many features that you should know now.


        1. When you open the app, you will get a user-friendly interface with a landing and splash screen. You can start your app quickly with a great experience.

        hajji app

        1. After that when you move inside the app, the first thing you will be seeing is the dashboard with all the facilities. With this fantastic and attractive dashboard, you can go through any feature and get access quickly. Apart from this, you will also get SOS alert option on the dashboard.

        1. Another feature of the app would be Hajj Map. In the above information, you must have heard about the location issues. Many people get lost, and their families cannot find them easily. For that issue, we have developed navigation ideas and GPS. It is indispensable for people to turn on this, and this way, your family would know the exact location. Moreover, you can get the exact path you have to go to complete the journey.

        1. It will not only share or provide your detail. It will help you connect and learn about other pilgrims. You can see how many people are visiting with you plus their information or party to complete the journey together.


        1. There are many people who visit for the first time and need to learn about the rituals that they perform throughout the Hajj and Umrah. So, in our app, you would find every ceremony with a description. With the help of this solution, people don't have to ask here and there to complete the rituals.


                  hajj app                                   

        1. In Muslims, reading the Quran is necessary while on Hajj, Umrah, or in everyday life. So, our app will provide you with all the Quaran. All 144 chapters are there, and you can read them in any language.

        1. For sharing the location, you need the contacts of your family members. Or if you want to connect with the other pilgrims, you can quickly go through the contact option where you can get all your contacts and add new ones.

        1. The most important feature is sharing your medical history. In old age people, there are many of them who lose their healthy bodies and suffer from some medical issues. So, our app helps you get all your medical history by filling out a simple form and provides all the precautions regarding your disease.

        hajj app

        1. The last feature is the chatting option. Not only can you call each other, but you can also get the chat chance and connect with people or operators with it also.



        There are some additional Features of this app.

        • Many people are there, who can't see correctly and face problems in interacting with the app, so we have come up with the additional features of audio and video processes. For instance, a person who doesn't know how to read can easily listen to the ritual guide, Quran, or messages to operate easily.
        • People roam around the countries for Hajj, and there they need different currencies. Our app also provides this option for the pilgrims, so they do not face any problems regarding money.

        There is also an admin panel that comes with many features like:

        • Manages all the details of each user
        • Also, provide add, delete, and edit option
        • It also contains a map option so that all the pilgrims can view the Map
        • The last thing it has is the Calendar and Schedule for a smooth journey.

        So, this is how our apps Hajj and Umrah work. Now, you can also visit Hajj and Umrah easily without any issues.

        However, a technology company needs to make this app and provide all these features to make people's lives this easy.

        Conclusion (خاتمة)

        One solution to all the problems, Right? Yes, the hajj and Umrah app can help you get rid of all the technical issues related Hajj and Umrah journey. Solving this universal problem can make people stressed and freely enjoy their Hajj.  

        With the help of this blog, you must have known about the Hajj and Umrah and how much people are devoted to their religion and complete this journey once in their lifetime. So, this app can become a blessing to them and fulfill their wish quickly.

        What are you waiting for? Let's make this app for thousands of pilgrims and make their journey stress-free and enjoyable.

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