How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11 / MyDream11

Yogesh pant
Mar 30, 2019


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How to Develop a Best Fantasy sports App like Dream11 / MyTeam 11?

Dream11 is the hep word for a Fantasy Sports mobile application in today’s virtual world. People from all walks of life especially the youth seemed drawn to this mobile gaming magnetism that holds their attention and provides wholesome entertainment and excitement to them. It seems more like a stress busting mobile application that keeps them glued to the win-win streak. With benefits galore, everyone is vying with one another to reap the benefits and rewards that come in the shape of goodies and cash prizes too. Fantasy sports app development is a type of process in which we develop app to get sports update.

Dream11 is a mobile application platform wherein Indian fantasy sports enthusiasts can create and duel their own dream teams depending on their intuitive powers and sports skills. They are free to select from in vogue players who may be either currently playing or might have upcoming matches to play, to form their winning team and match them against the other team to win successfully, make points as per the players on-ground performance and try a shot at winning stupendous rewards and cash prizes. 

Sports lovers all over the country have now got a zealous opportunity to display their expert knowledge of the sports of their choice through sports app platforms such as Dream11. Fantasy sports such as cricket, kabaddi, football and basketball are played with gusto due to the introduction of the wide gamut of sports leagues in different kinds of game sports. Fantasy sports are all about fun, exuberance, heightened emotions, anticipation, game fever and the chance to win thrilling rewards in the process.


Are you looking to jump on the band wagon of creating your very own Fantasy Sports app platform like Dream11? Then why to delay?

Now since you have made up your mind to make a wise investment towards developing a Website and Mobile Application for your Fantasy Sports, team up with us to know more on how we can help you convert your desire to pure reality. If you want to develop your own sports app like Dream11 then contact us we can create that at affordable prices. Choosing the right fantasy sports app development company will fulfilling your desire of creating a quality Dream11 app.

This mobile app solution would enable customers to call and book the taxicab directly through the app. This is a server less mobile solution but you will have to take the hassle of regularly updating and adding a map defining destinations and price calculations as per your provided services and usage of mileage by the customer. Another hassle that arises is the garage to client and client to garage charges that you would need to calculate every time a customer alights or embarks from your taxicab. Though this mobile solution seems simple enough but in the long run it turns out to be cumbersome to all involved.

First and foremost choose the sport that you want the fantasy sports app and website to be built on. Have a brainstorming session with our app development team for getting the nitty-gritty straightened out before we proceed to provide you with the fantasy sports mobile app that would be compatible on all devices using either of the OS flavors of iOS and Android. You can be sure in getting an app that would be completely user friendly and help in stimulating user engagement and boost up your user base. Doesn’t it sound interesting to you? Ask for the best customized quotation for your fantasy sports app and website – we can assure you of the best customer centric prices. Dream11 is a type of app in which we get sports update.

Mtoag Technologies have an expert design and development team for Android, iPhone & React Native Apps. We also work on the latest technologies such as Java, Phone Gap, Objective C, Android SDK, Core data, ionic amongst others and are adept at creating Fantasy Sports Apps such as Dream11. Join hands with us to get the most excellent features for your Fantasy Sports Website Development and Mobile Apps. 

To get a better understanding on the ease of futuristic features and functionalities of the Fantasy Sports App, read on to know more:

User/Contestant Registration / Log In: A new user will need to use this feature to first register himself and provide all the required credentials like Username, Password, Email Address, Mobile Number & Referral Code (if referred by some contact) and then Log In to the app. fantasy sports app development is on demand in today’s era.

Landing Page: This is the default page where the user will land post log in. List of matches are visible here for the user to select via filtering a search of Matches, Choice of Sports (Cricket, Kabaddi, Basketball, Football), Match Status (Currently Live Match with Results/Upcoming Match), Match List (Tournament Name – Participating Teams – Team A (Name + Image) & Team B (Name + Image), Match Time Schedule (Date + Time). Post selection of match by the User from the given list, he will be navigated to the Contest Section. 

Contest: This section displays the complete contest listings match wise with relevant details like Filter Contest via: Entry Fee Range, Winning Range, Contest Type, Contest Size; next comes Contest Listing via: Contest Type, Contest Name, Entry Fee, Total winning amount of the contest, Winners Count (here user can view the winning criteria according to their rank), Total Team Count (team that can join). User can opt for his preferred contest and join. Looking for cheap & affordable mobile app development services usa then click here.

Join Contest: User needs to pay upfront the respective entry fees to join the contest.

Payment Modes: Online payment modes such as Credit/Debit Card, PayTM Wallet, App Wallet, Referral Bonus Cash Points

Create your own Contest: User will be able to create their own contest with a single tap for submitting details such as: Contest Name, Total Winning (Min & Max) Amount, Contest Size (Ranging from 2 to 100), Allow Multiple Team (Yes/No), Entry Fees (Calculation as per Contest Size & Total Price Amount), Join Contest (Contest Initiator needs to join first before creating), Contest Initiator can invite his/her friends to join the contest. If we see as the business manner, then fantasy sports app development is an awesome start-up idea to invest.

My Contest: The user can view and edit the list of contestants who have joined to play as well as Filter Search for (Upcoming/Live/Results) Match, but only before the match commences. Thereafter it will be solely managed by the application owner.

My Profile (Dashboard): This feature allows the user to view & update his/her profile. It also includes: Your Reward Points, Account Details (Available Balance, User Winning Amount, User Cash Bonus (via Referrals), View Transaction History, Manage Payments, Add Cash, Withdraw Winning Amount (Add details of your Bank Account or PAN Card), Overall Ranking, My Friends, Invite to Earn (via sharing Referral Code) & Logout. We also offer fantasy sports app development at simple cost.

fantasy sports app development
Features for Admin User via Backend Panel
  • Admin Login: Admin needs to login to the App by using his Username & Password.
  • Dashboard: Statistics provided for Total Matches such as Upcoming, Ongoing or Played Matches, Total Contestant count & Entire Earnings
  • User Account Manager: Admin shall manage the entire user accounts to Edit/Add/Delete/Active/Deactivate accounts.
  • Manage Matches: Admin is empowered to manage entire matches to Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate matches.
  • Manage Games Category: Admin is empowered to manage the games categories.
  • Contest Manager: Admin is empowered to manage the entire match contests to Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate match contests.
  • Earnings: Admin is empowered to view the entire earnings through the app via setting different filters. Dream11 app grown really big & fantasy sports app development also.
  • Manage Payment: Admin is empowered to manage different modes of payment of the App
  • Manage Reward Points: This feature allows the Admin to manage the Reward Points presented to the users.
  • Manage Cash & Bonus Prizes: Admin can manage the cash prizes & bonus cash prizes to be presented to the users.
  • Manage Reports: This feature facilitates the Admin to generate Match Contest Reports, Contestant Players Ranking Reports and Earning Reports, to name a few. 
  • Manage Cash Withdrawal to Bank Request: Admin is empowered to view the entire cash withdrawal to Bank request from the contestant. Admin has the authority to Accept/Reject Bank Details, Accept/Reject PAN Card Details, View Entire Contestant List (Approve/Reject) and Send money to Contestant. 
  • Manage CMS Pages: Admin is empowered to manage all sections related to About Us, Contact Us, and Help & Points System.
Additional Relevant Features/Functionalities
  • Live Match Scoreboard: User can watch live scores of currently ongoing matches and sports, along with match highlights, expert game analysis, etc.
  • Live Scoreboard API Integration: The mobile app API provides ready to use data for developers to seamlessly integrate to their platforms.
  • CRM Integration: The back-end panel is well integrated into the app to assist in management of user location, sending tickets & emails and much more. It is the best Fantasy Cricket Sports app Dream11 where its participants can win cash prize legally
  • Push Notification: Alerts, updates and messages will pop up to intimate users when it is time for creating the team and what time the match would start, etc.
  • Real-Time Data Analytics: This feature enables data to be captured in real-time, continuously stored and updated in real-time.
  • Mail Reminder System: Customized Emails will be sent to participants to intimate them about upcoming matches as well as information about their picked players or team. Legal Aspects for Fantasy Sports App.

As per the Central Government Act, “The Public Gambling Act, 1867, comprising of 18 Sections, in Section 12 it states, “Nothing in the provisions of this Act contained shall be held to apply to any game of mere skill wherever played.” Looking for fantasy sports app development & want to develop you own Dream11 app than contact Mtoag.


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