Impact of Corona Over a Different Sector

Yogesh Pant
Mar 23, 2020

COVID-19 that is a coronavirus has been noticed in 100 countries or more than this. In the present scenario, technology-based companies and stores or offices get closed and workers of traveling warned to stop the supply chain. As per the latest study, coronavirus outbreaks or shutdown the maximum wrap of China due to which the 5 million businesses face problems worldwide. A particular issue that can be analysed is the provinces of China which can be most affected by the virus. It has been also found that impact can intricately link with the network of global business.

Impact over IT companies

According to research or reports, affected areas and with confirmed cases are around 100 as of 5 February in homes but more than this, business cases in china are around 90 %. It has been observed that 49,000 businesses in particular regions are subsidiaries & branches of companies that are related to foreign. Half of the companies (approx. 49.55 %) along with subsidiaries of the impacted region are in Hong Kong headquarter, instead of it, accounts of US is 19 %, Japan is 12 % & Germany is of 5 %. As per the report of Monday, 70,000 cases of coronavirus have been getting confirmed in the location of China as well as the rate of deaths is confirmed around 1770 as calculated by the Chinese National Health Commission.

Impact over IT companies
Globally impact

Researchers found that there are approx. 51000 companies exist over worldwide, from which 163 comes under the 1000 fortune, having one or more than one direct supplier within a region which gets impacted. In another case, 5 million companies present from which, 938 comes under 1000 fortune which having the 2 tiers means 2 suppliers. The business of India and China or the other countries get a drag out and the rate of economic growth also forecasts yearly.

During the research, it has been noticed down that forecasts of global growth has been taken as percentage point for two-tenths in which collectively growth rate of G-20 is affected by 2.4 % as well as china facing it as 5.2 %. This has been assumed that this rate is considered as a baseline when the virus spread out by the first quarter ending and in the next quarter, it restores the normal activities of economics. Although the infection rate and rate of death get sever as per the economic global toll, it becomes severs condition and international level supply chain gets affected due to which the amplification disruption occurs.

Supply chains worldwide get affected including China and India. In addition to this, lockdown in China and India or other countries get extended due to which companies face great impact as employees have not able to go offices and organizations and proceed with their work from home due to which economy rate is decreased out.

Five sectors have been recognized by the researcher who found that these sectors face too much impact. The name of sectors can be defined as: serviced, retailing, manufacturing, wholesale trade and services based on finance. For an instance, an impacted province like Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong & Beijing having an account for a total of 50 % of employment as well as the total sale of 48 % of sales volume for the economy of Chinese.

Globally impact
Look over some industries


Executives of Walmart broke down with the retail giant's which respond to an outbreak of the coronavirus in China. It happened during the community event or company investment on 18 Feb. The company faces a negative hit over financial precepts as a result of the first quarter of the outbreak. But the retailer is running yet in most of the China locations. This company is doubled out with a partnership for delivery purposes.


Coronavirus outbreak in China mainland faces a diverse effect on luxury brands. At present, 24 of its sixty-four stores in China get closed and rest 40 locations reduced down the number of working hours. Founders or authorities stated that the company has to take the mitigating actions as well as take effective precautions through which society's safety and wellbeing are maintained out.

Walgreens Boots Alliance

This company has been facing an up-picking of hand sanitizer bottles or face masks and similar products in locations worldwide. This company helps in meeting the requirements of customers and makes the partners of other companies provide well-being to the customers or society. The employees of the company stated that they work mainly for the safety & clinical offices and provide help to the pharmacy members to address the queries of patients.

Look over some industries

Home depot

Coronavirus is a fluid situation for any company. This will affect down the working of the employees within a particular organization. Home depot is focused on remain touch with the suppliers as well as create the contingency plans to ensure the minimum impact over the supply chain.

Mc Donald’s

The CEO of the company stated that their main priority is customer safety. This company is mainly working with the local authorities; provide face mask & prevention steps and meal to the patients in hospitals. There are several restaurants present but approx 3000 are yet open.


CEO stated that it is too early to know about the coronavirus impact; the company still expects some drops over the international delays & sales in products imported from China. This company is still working with its vendor partners to minimize the disruption.

Major impact

Major impact

The rate of interest in an earlier time is low but now the companies are going under debt due to higher returns demanded by investors. In case, if companies are not in a condition to pay rents and their finance, this will force them to lay off from workers, pause their investments and slash cost along with a declaration of bankruptcy. Now, a business faces troubles in open the companies and in attract the customers back. With declination in revenues, borrow money from somewhere it seems to be problematic.

Major impact

It seems to be important for a technology company and other offices that they take precautions steps for risk mitigations and cope up with the high impact of COVID-19. For additive features, monitor the coronavirus spreading and its precaution steps. Mtoag is a mobile app Development Company , although it is a perfect thing to consult with the company for business benefits. There is a number of employees who provide better understanding and knowledge.

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