Insightly CRM Review 2024: Features, Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

Yogesh Pant
Mar 22, 2024


A cutting-edge, scalable customer relationship management tool for quickly expanding businesses is Insightly CRM. It gives consumers one location for corporate operations like customer support, marketing, and sales. It has capabilities for managing contacts, opportunities, projects, and tasks. It includes user-friendly workflow and process automation features similar to no-code standalone business process management systems. This simplifies platform pipeline management. 

Furthermore, the solution offers customizable, adjustable reports and real-time sales data. Insightly CRM has an end-to-end sales CRM process, which is one exciting feature we discovered throughout our analysis. Users may convert closed-on won prospects to post-sales projects. Furthermore, because of its RREST public API, it can be integrated with almost any business solution. This allows you to link it to your current equipment, including office suites and the like. Additionally, it has native interfaces with Google, MS 365, and PandaDoc document management software. 

Professional and Enterprise are the three Insightly CRM price tiers created annually. The starting price for Insightly CRM is $29. The software provider also provides other solutions, including Insightly Marketing and Insightly Service. The latter is intended to compete with the top marketing automation solutions on the market. Along with its digital business solutions, it also provides Insightly All-in-One. 

 Market Insight About CRM and Insightly CRM

The size of the customer relationship management market is projected to be USD 72.95 billion in 2024 and is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.74% to reach USD 105.91 billion by 2029. (Source: mordorintelligence)


Companies using CRM Platforms technology software are majorly from the United States with 313,645 (63.90%), United Kingdom with 43,509 (8.86%), India with 28,370 (5.78%) customers respectively. (Source: 6sense)


Top industries that use CRM Platforms for Consulting (9,899), Marketing (9,570), Software Development (8,820), Digital Marketing (8,047), CRM (7,917), Project Management (7,878), Technology (7,812) Customers. (Source: 6sense)


What Has Insightly CRM Updated?

According to our assessment of Insightly CRM, the software vendor is renowned for its commitment to enhancing its offerings. To improve teamwork, the organization wants to increase the scope of its project management skills. Notable updates and additions that have already been made include the capacity to add a search box to custom field dropdowns, the ability to duplicate drill path cards when creating a duplicate of the dashboard, the implementation of report editing limitations unique to each report, and the incorporation of a grid pertaining to leads and contacts that are related to marketing lists. 

There have been further noteworthy modifications, such as:

blog contact


Provides more than 500 pre-built connections to seamlessly integrate Insightly with a variety of frequently used software programs. Some of the most recent improvements are more connections, eliminating data transfer limitations, and a new bulk action for carrying out AppConnect integrations. 


This application, which debuted in September 2021, now has a new mobile app with significant upgrades in the customer portal, ticketing management, and knowledge base- three critical areas. 

Knowledge Base

Provides users with the ability to create tables of contents automatically, restructure articles in bulk, access new API endpoints, and archive knowledge articles in bulk. 

Ticketing Management

New applications for smartphones and tablets, an updated API endpoint, the ability to mention @ in ticket comments, insight into agent operations, automated surveys to gauge customers' happiness, and enhanced ticket merging are just a few of the recent enhancements.  

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What Is the Price of Insightly CRM?

Additionally, Insightly includes an Opportunities Dashboard to help you monitor key performance indicators such as Top Sales and Total Sales. 

Insightly CRM offers three pricing tiers for the program

  • Plus ($29)
  • Professional ($49)
  • Enterprise ($99)

As was previously discussed in this review. More information, including incorporated features, is available below. 

$29 Per User Each Month (Paid Yearly)

  1. Take the lead in management
  2. Personalized, automated emails
  3. Email layouts
  4. View in Kanban
  5. Management of opportunities
  6. Management of tasks
  7. Dashboards for business intelligence integrated in
  8. Indigenous project administration
  9. Workflows that are automated and configurable
  10. Permissions depending on roles (2)
  11. Adaptable page layouts and profiles (2)
  12. Particular fields (500)
  13. Public REST API

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Professional: $49 per user each month, paid yearly

  1. All of it, plus
  2. Assignment and routing of leads
  3. Plan your outgoing email correspondence.
  4. Individual queues
  5. Real-time, customizable insight cards (100)
  6. Total automation of the process
  7. Unique items
  8. Permissions based on roles (unlimited)
  9. Unlimitedly configurable profiles and page layouts
  10. Particular fields (100)

Enterprise: $99 per user per month, paid yearly

  1. Everything in a Professional Aspect
  2. Personalized applications
  3. Field-specific authorization
  4. Computed fields
  5. Goods, pricing lists, and quotations
  6. Particular validation guidelines
  7. Sandboxes
  8. Real-time insight cards that are customizable and limitless
  9. Total automation of the process
  10. Unique items
  11. Permissions based on roles (unlimited)
  12. Unlimitedly configurable profiles and page layouts
  13. Particular fields (100)

What Differentiates Insightly CRM

Additionally, Insightly provides a thorough overview of every opportunity to provide representatives with the necessary context. 

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During our analysis of Insightly CRM, we discovered that the company's constant commitment to development is the true strength of the platform. Over time, the product has seen notable modifications, such as the addition of powerful specialist tools and an expanding customizability feature set. Furthermore, the product's user interface, which is evocative of well-known social networking platforms, makes it simple to use. However, based on customer evaluations of Insightly CRM posted online and our independent product research, it could be more flawless than other systems. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Insightly CRM that provide a fair assessment of the product. 

Pros of Insightly CRM:

Variety of Project Management Solutions

Insightly offers various visually appealing and intuitively simple project management solutions.

Appropriate for All CRM Proficiency Levels

Insightly's user-friendly features and intuitive interface adapt to users of different levels of CRM experience, regardless of your expertise.

Options for Automation in Subscription Plans

Insightly's subscription plans provide a wide range of automation tools that make it easier to automate and streamline various business operations.

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Complete Integration

The product's AppConnect platform seamlessly integrates with various frequently used software programs, encouraging productivity and teamwork across several corporate divisions. Thanks to its REST public API, Insightly CRM connections are simple to set up and can be customized for nearly anything, including today's finest employee time-tracking software. 

Extremely Scalable Platform

According to our study of Insightly CRM, the solution is extremely scalable. It expands and changes to fit your business. As such, businesses of all sizes and in many sectors use the platform. 

Cons of Insightly CRM:

Learning Curve

Because of the platform's comprehensive feature set, new users may have a longer learning curve. It might take extensive training to use all the features that Insightly CRM has to offer. 

Complexity of Customization

Although a strength, customization may be difficult for people who want simplicity. Those looking for a more straightforward CRM system could find the vast customization possibilities overwhelming. 

Dependency on Updates

When they rely on frequent updates, users must adjust to new features and changes. Depending on the organization's process, constant upgrades could require more time for training and adjustment. 

Not Integrated with Social Media Natively:

The software lacks built-in omnichannel features, so although you may set it to interact with social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, it does not have native interfaces for these platforms. 

Observant CRM Essential Elements

The most significant CRM capabilities of Insightly CRM and the tasks they enable businesses to do are highlighted in this part of our evaluation. They are as follows:

Contact Management

Partners, suppliers, contacts, organizations, and vendors can all be tracked more easily with Insightly CRM. It complies background data, email correspondence, significant dates, and other information into one easily accessible place. 

Project Management

Use Insightly to manage complicated project plans effectively. Track deliverables, define milestones, monitor activity progress, and manage processes using a repeatable workflow. 

Sales Pipeline and Opportunity Management

With Insightly CRM's configurable stages, fields, filters, and views, you can efficiently manage and get insight into the sales process.

Calendaring and Task/Event Management

With Insightly, you may create tasks associated with leads, contacts, organizations, or opportunities. Additionally, users may develop events and easily integrate them with their calendars. 

Email Platform Integration

It easily interfaces with popular email clients like Gmail and Outlook, allowing users to follow email conversations and add new contacts right from their inbox. 

Insightly for Mobile

With Insightly for Mobile, users can remain informed and connected on the move by accessing real-time consumer information via a mobile app.

Dashboards and Reports

Use Insightly's extensive dashboards and reports to monitor your company's health. By customizing reports, you can measure sales, productivity, and project performance. 

Integration Capabilities

Evernote, MailChimp, Dropbox, Google Apps and Docs, Outlook, QuickBooks, Slack, Xero, and more are just a few of the apps that Insightly can interface with.

The Advantages of Insightly CRM

Based on our independent analysis of the system, the team found that utilizing Insightly CRM may provide significant advantages for businesses. Generally speaking, they are:

Increased Interaction with Customers

Complete monitoring of all client interactions- including emails, calls, meetings, and sales –is made possible with Insightly CRM. Relationships are strengthened and made more individualized as a result of this comprehensive awareness of the client journey and its requirements and preferences. 

Enhanced Sales Effectiveness

The sales process is made more efficient with Insightly CRM's features, including lead management, opportunity tracking, and workflow automation. To increase sales efficiency, this involves monitoring sales possibilities, allocating duties, creating reminders, and automating processes. 

Improved Capability to Make Decisions

Detailed reports and dashboards that provide up-to-date information on sales, tasks, and projects are among the advantages of Insightly CRM. This data-driven viewpoint allows users to identify patterns, evaluate performance, and make well-informed judgments for more strategic and successful business decisions. 

Enhanced Project Management

Insightly's strong project management capabilities guarantee that complicated project plans are handled effectively. Through a repeatable workflow, users may manage procedures, create milestones, track deliverables, and monitor project progress, improving project results and schedules. 

A Very Scalable CRM System

The scalable solution offered by Insightly CRM may accommodate businesses' expanding and changing demands. Because of its flexibility, the CRM system can adjust to growing data quantities and user needs, making it a flexible and reliable option for companies of all sizes. 

Top 5 Alternatives for Insightly CRM

With the Insightly alternatives being offered, a review of Insightly CRM is complete. This helps give you an idea of which solutions are about the same price range and can do almost everything Insightly CRM can. Typical alternatives for Insightly CRM are as follows:

1) HubSpot CRM


A complete customer relationship management tool, HubSpot CRM is intended to simplify and enhance a range of business-to-business communication processes. The solution provides intense contact and lead management capabilities, which act as a single center for managing interactions, customer data, and sales activity. It is renowned for its easy-to-use interface, ability to automate tasks, and integration with other HubSpot products. It is a well-liked option for companies looking for a comprehensive approach to improve client interactions and increase revenue. Check out the Hubspot CRM vs. Insightly CRM guide for a more thorough comparison of this software and Insightly. We also provide a list of suitable alternatives for Hubspot CRM. 

2) Freshsales

Review of Freshsales CRM: Is It the Right CRM for You?

With its user-friendly tools and automation capabilities, Freshsales is a dynamic customer relationship management (CRM) platform that gives sales teams more leverage. It has strong lead and contact management features let customers handle transactions, keep track of conversations, and get insightful information about their sales funnel. Freshsales is promoted as a flexible CRM system that gives companies the resources they need to improve sales procedures and cultivate closer client connections. It does this by offering an intuitive user interface, AI-driven capabilities, and connectors. Our research team created a list of alternatives to Freshsales if you're looking for more adaptable options.

3) Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM Module: Improve Your Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management platform Odoo CRM is renowned for its adaptability and versatility. It is very adaptable. Its extensive feature set, which includes lead and opportunity management, monitoring of client interactions, and sales automation, makes it stand out. Odoo CRM is unique because its broad customization options allow customers to adapt the system to their requirements. This feature is comparable to the degree of customization offered by platforms like Insighlty CRM. Odoo CRM's versatility makes it a desirable option for companies looking for a customized and expandable CRM system. 

4) Pipedrive

How to manage sales contracts in Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM platform with a sales emphasis intended to improve and expedite the sales process. With its intuitive UI and visual pipeline management, Pipedrive allows sales teams to handle leads, monitor deals, and anticipate sales success. With its ease of use, customization features, and automation capabilities, Pipedrive is a well-liked alternative for companies looking to boost sales productivity and get a comprehensive picture of their sales activity. You may go through our list of Pipedrive alternatives for other well-liked options. 

5) Zoho CRM

How to use Zoho CRM

A complete customer relationship management tool, Zoho CRM enables companies to efficiently handle their marketing, sales, and customer service procedures. With its extensive feature set, Zoho CRM helps businesses run more efficiently by managing leads and contacts, automating sales processes, and providing analytics. Zoho CRM offers a scalable solution with adaptable and user-friendly design, integration features, and AI-driven insights for companies looking to improve customer-related processes and spur development. The comparison between Zoho CRM and Insightly CRM shows how the two work together. Potential customers may also review our selection of excellent Zoho CRM alternatives.


Insightly, CRM, marketing, and service are vital tools, and their combined potential is considerably greater.

Our newest product, the All-In-One solution, is where Insightly really shines. The items were recently grouped due to the significant advantages of using the whole platform. An efficient data flow across departments enables Insightly teams to collaborate and make well-informed choices. 

At a reduced price, Insightly All-in-One offers all of the company's solutions, including CRM, Marketing, Service, and AppConnect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

During our Insightly CRM evaluation, we found some fascinating FAQs online. These are our responses to them, presented in the most impartial manner imaginable.

What advantages does Insightly CRM offer?

For companies managing client connections and projects, Insightly CRM provides advantages, including simplified project management tools, an intuitive interface appropriate for all CRM skill levels, and a wealth of automation functions in its premium tiers. These features increase productivity and flexibility.

Is there no cost for Insightly CRM?

Sadly, while there are free trial periods, the firm no longer provides free versions as of the time we conducted our Insightly CRM review. There are three pricing tiers for Insightly CRM: Plus ($29), Professional ($49), and Enterprise ($99).

Is it simple to use Insightly CRM?

Most people agree that Insightly CRM is easy to use, with a simple UI for both new and seasoned users to understand. Its simplicity of use is further enhanced by features that may be customized and a smooth integration procedure with popular email services.

Does Insightly run on the cloud?

Yes, web browsers and specialized applications may be used to access Insightly CRM, a cloud-based program housed online. Because of its cloud-based architecture, teams worldwide may collaborate in real-time.

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