Instagram Feed Understanding The WordPress IG Gallery

Raju Ram Khakhal
Aug 09, 2019

There are so many interesting options available under WordPress based Instagram plugin option. It is really important that you come to learn more about the IG feeds now and things will gladly pick the plugin, which seems to be the best in this regard. Unlimited source is the one for you to consider over here. You can try checking out more on the features of Instagram Feed and then can make way for the right choice in here.

  • Through IG feed, you get the chance to display the IG photos from the current desired sources by just determining any proper combination of the hash tags, public usernames, photo URLs and locations.
  • There are some of the most wanted filters available in this lot. You can easily get the chance to exclude photos of the specified hash tags, profiles or even locations. One option is the “filterExcept.”
  • On the other hand, this option will allow you to just show specified photos from any of the hash tags, public account, location or even the Instagram photo URL.

Some extra features you can work on:

There are some of the major features that you need to work on when it comes to Instagram Feed. You can try going through these options and things can gladly work out in your favor.

  • You can limit the number of photos to be used in here. You get the chance to choose the desired number of the latest photos, which you might like to display in the IG grid. You can always show only the best and even the newest feed for amazing the audience over here.
  • You will get complete control of the sizes. You have the liberty to take complete control over the gallery. You get the chance to set up its gutter, width and number of the columns and some rows. Here, you will end up with responsive breakpoints and fully responsive uses.

Flexible features that you might cater to:

There are so many features, which make Instagram Feed the perfect choice you could have ever asked for. The more you get to learn about these features, the better option you are subject to get along with.

  • The first point that literally comes to your mind when you think of IG feed is flexible UI customization. This Instagram Feed Widget comprises of around 8 adaptable parameters, which will help you big time in shaping the gallery in a proper manner.
  • The plugin over here is going to offer a perfect choice of layout and even post templates that will allow you to just implement around 99% of the use cases. It does not matter how you are planning to display the gallery. You can actually go for content element or can work on it as a page of its own.
  • The platform is just going to look like the way you have always wanted it. You can actually wrap the stunning images in some colorful IG feeds. All you have to do is just adjust the color as per your choice and things will turn to work out in your favor.
  • There are 10 of the color schemes available for you to choose over here. From there, you can create your own color scheme if you want to by just changing the color of around 13 UI elements to it.

Heading for the popup features:

The popup displays are here to post complete with all the available IG account data in here. Just to browse through all the images in the said gallery, the website visitor will now have to open a single image in the current popup version. There are some features that you are likely to come across in this section.

  • You will enjoy infinite scrolling with the mouse wheel and even post location. You can even get the chance to post author with username and picture.
  • You will enjoy post location, follow button, Call To Action button and even view on IG button.
  • You get the immediate chance to share post in the social media and support carousel posts and videos.
  • You will enjoy auto play video services while scrolling. If you want, you can add some information about info and likes count.
  • You can also post text with the emojies and hash tags. There you have latest comments and view all the links.
  • The services are going to be fully responsive in nature with specified layout for the mobile devices. You further get the chance to automate new posts as uploaded while you scroll.

Features for the WordPress version of IG Feed:

This particular feed has its share of awesome features for the WordPress version . You have WordPress short code generator, visual composer support and even more.

  • Under the Shortcode generator, you get the chance to set up IG feed InstaShow in the quickest possible manner because of the built-in live shortcode generator.
  • Then, with the help of visual composer support, you can install and then manage InstaShow as the visual composer element. This service helps in supporting one of the major page builders natively.
  • You can further enjoy Live update. So, there is no need to download, unzip, change files on server and more. You can now get to add some new features and bug the fixes quite easily.

The InstaShow is one perfect choice for the fashion industry, photographers, musician, event agencies, public organizations, bloggers, public figures, celebrities, brands, designers, fitness instructions and restaurants.

More to know:

Here, you get the chance to actually use any of the combination of the public user names, hash tags, location and even photo URLs for displaying IG photos on website. Now, it is up to you to use multiple sources to just point out the one you want. There are filters available under two options, “only” and “except.” Just learn more about the IG feed now and then you can select the one you like the most in here. If you want to download Instagram videos to mp3 mp4 then choose best free online youtube videos to mp3 mp4 converter that will help you in downalod Istagram and other social media videos in different formats

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