What is Kamailio? How Does it Benefit VoIP Service Providers?

Yogesh Pant
Feb 21, 2024


Although VoIP has been around for a while, its marketability and exposure have lately increased. Businesses and their associates are beginning to recognize its potential and advantages. While other technologies are available to construct VoIP solutions, Kamailio development is becoming increasingly popular. It is linked to its incredible assortment of qualities. It is well-known for combining expandable APIs (Application Programming Interface) with a SIP core. It is one method of serving as a foundational element for creating unique Kamailio growth. However, before moving on, you need to comprehend what Kamailio is. 

How Do You Define Kamailio?

The most well-known term used often in this technocrat environment is Kamamailio. We must identify critical distinctions between the Kamailio-based system and other open-source phone systems. Check out the essential distinctions between Kamailio and other open-source phone apps now. 

Although we know a Kamailio SIP server's effective term, it doesn't function exactly like an Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. The primary use of the Kamailio solution is as an SIP router. However, the server hides a few capabilities, including presence and instant messaging. Regarding scalability, Kamailio can handle up to 5000 call setups per second and an infinite number of routing rules can be handled by its least-cost routing. Additionally, Kamailio has integrated validation with several Perl-programmable databases and extensions. You may also augment VoIP development services and combine them with online services using the Java API. While messaging and machine-to-machine communication are two common uses for Kamailio, it may also be highly user-friendly for the telephone. Let's talk about a few of Kamailio's features. 

What is Kamailio, Exactly?

Kamailio may be summed up as an open-source SIP proxy. Kamailio, formerly OpenSER and SER, can seamlessly handle hundreds of calls per second. 

Kamailio aims to receive and process SIP messages by changing heads or other manipulations. RTP and Media Stream don't interface with Kamailio. 

They are primarily intended for VoIP systems' scalability (via load balancing) and security, allowing for simpler management of enormous call volumes without costly horizontal expansion. 

Scaling PBX systems, media servers like Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, or SEMS, and SIP-to-PSTN gateways are all possible with Kamailio.

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Essential Characteristics of Kamailio: 

  • Sturdy and Effective SIP Servers
  • Adaptable minimum cost route
  • Modular building design
  • Multi-homing and multi-streaming SCTP
  • Processing SIP messages asynchronously
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptable error message recording and debugging system
  • Many Backend Databases
  • Tracking and Resolving Issues
  • Engine for routing least cost
  • Services for presence and instant messaging
  • SIP load balancer
  • SIP routing
  • VoIP communication system
  • Connectivity
  • SIP firewall protection
  • Support for diameter and authentication
  • Simple connection with gateways for PSTN
  • APIs for extensibility, among many more.

Furthermore, Kamailio may be;

  • SIP proxy server
  • Server registrar SIP
  • SIP address server

Application server for SIP

  • SIP messaging server
  • SIP WebSocket server: 

Key Features Kamailio has been developing open-source software for 20 years, and over that time, it has added a ton of features that are essential to business and solved some of the main issues with VoIP systems.

Performant SIP Server: 

Kamailio offers many modules to support various server types, including support for Registration Server, Location Server, SIP Proxy, Application Server, and Redirect Server. 

Dynamic Modules: 

With Kamailio, you may create custom modules to provide new functionality and only load the 150 required modules. This improves flexibility and showcases performance.

Features for Routing 

Kamailio offers more adaptability for both stateful and stateless message routing. Supports a variety of load-balancing methods, such as LCR (least cost routing). Kamailio also supports backup routing, for instance, failover. 

Transport Layer

Over IP4 and IP6, it supports TCP, SCTP, TLS, and UDP. WebRTC using web sockets.


To stop flooding request assaults, provide the capability for SIP user authentication and IP address authentication, and allow for secure audio conversations using Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP). Additionally, Kamailio offers a topology concealment option, which conceals or masks internal information to a generic configuration. 

Asynchronous Behavior: 

Kamailio can handle distributed message queues, interprocess message queues, SIP messages, and TCP messages asynchronously. This contributes to its ability to offer better throughput. 

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VoIP Providers' Gains from Kamailio Development Services

With the help of the VoIP service provider and the Kamailio development service, a bespoke unified system with several advantages may be obtained. Let's talk about some benefits that VoIP service providers may have from the best Kamailio development services:

Scalable development

Outsourcing your task to a bespoke Kamailio development service provider is an additional choice. With years of expertise, knowledgeable developers know how to make the most enduring and scalable solution possible using this virtual SIP server and its functional capabilities. You can fully use this cutting-edge VoIP development platform with professional development services. 

Constant Support

If you choose the top Kamailio development services, you will get a product with first-phase features. But as we all know, things change constantly, even the market. As a result, you have to provide your VoIP development service provider clients with more features. The most significant group is what you'll need to develop your Kamailio solution. The same employees will then be available to the support services to provide additional features and improvements. 

Services with Additional Value

Because they must have worked with several VoIP development service providers' products, regular specialists often provide Kamailio development services. Not only can Kamailio provide software development and maintenance services, but you can also use their vast expertise. There's a greater chance that you'll get insightful knowledge and suggestions that can improve your VoIP company's efficiency and open up new income sources. 

The top Kamailio consulting services for VoIP providers provide these advantages, and developing a Kamailio solution is a labor-intensive process. It requires experience, experience, and in-depth familiarity with the whole platform. You may benefit from enhanced ROI by minimizing the hassle of resource management and by focusing on the company's growth and expansion when combined with the finest development, support, and consulting. 

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What Advantages Can VoIP Solutions Offer Companies?

Using VoIP development tools for commercial communication is crucial. Every business uses a variety of VoIP solutions made by the top VoIP providers. Utilizing VoIP development-based solutions for operation communication has several benefits; we'll go into more detail about the top three benefits later. 

Lowers Costs

The VoIP solution uses SIP-based communication. Simply put, VoIP solutions need an active internet connection to function. It offers a less expensive way to communicate. 

Improves Dialogue

VoIP development service providers provide encryption solutions to protect other packets and media. Businesses may additionally request that the Session Border Controller (SBC) technology offer higher levels of security. When using a SIP-based solution, you also cease sharing your private information, communications, and data with third-party apps and solutions.

Boosts Safety

Solutions with encryption are built by custom VoIP development services to protect media and other traffic. With the Session Border Controller (SBC) mechanism, businesses may request increased security. Additionally, when you utilize a SIP-based solution, you cease to share your private chats, data, and information with third-party apps and services. 

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Scalability in Perspective with Kamailio

The capacity of Kamailio to scale VoIP systems with dependability and failover support is by far its most significant advantage. Any VoIP system can be scaled on demand by adding extra Kamailio servers. 

Additionally, load balancing across geographically dispersed VoIP systems is supported by Kamailio. This implies that Kamailio can quickly load balance traffic to many sites for a firm with numerous locations. 

  • Utilize Siremis UI to manage.
  • The Siremis project by Kamailio is a user interface that makes managing Kamailio simple. 
  • Of course, there are more methods for handling Kamailio that include
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) Scripting Configuration Files for API Interface.

How VoIP Solutions May be Developed with Kamailio Development?

To provide a cutting-edge solution for the VoIP service provider, unique Kamailio development is combined with other VoIP technologies. Developing one of the following categories of VoIP solutions is the main application of Kamailio Solution development. Let's examine some valuable hints that facilitate the creation of VoIP solutions by Kamailio solution development. 

  • Build the phone system using Kamailio development as a stand-alone SIP server. With the same excellent speech quality and additional functions, this phone system may appeal to many users. 
  • Scalable IP PBX might be developed using Kamailio solution development, similar to Asterisk or FreeSWITCH-based IP PBX.
  • A load balancer to quickly balance the excessive server demand.
  • The least-cost routing approach uses a crucial component of every efficient system.
  • A SIP-based instant messaging server
  • SIP-based, primary presence server

Solutions for unified communications

These helpful hints helped us understand how to use Kamailio development to create VoIP solutions.

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Development of the Kamailio Solution to Help VoIP Service Providers

The market for voice-over-internet protocol has been around for a while. It has been a part of the globe and many lives for over ten years. VoIP-based communication has provided many enterprises with high-quality communication, cutting-edge functionality, and financial advantages for many years. VoIP-based solutions have become more popular among enterprises due to technological advancements. Due to the VoIP market's unique characteristics, many serial entrepreneurs have chosen to invest in this rapidly expanding industry. The service model is the first thing to be defined when starting a VoIP firm. 

In most service models, business owners provide various VoIP services, from essential calling services for home or business customers to more sophisticated communication options like enterprise-level conferencing. In addition, some VoIP enterprises cater to other businesses, offering services like wholesale VoIP and VoIP termination. A VoIP service provider must hire skilled VoIP development services to create software that can be utilized to provide various services. Only some options were available before for making a VoIP solution for the company. But as time went on, several dependable and robust VoIP development technologies were launched for the benefit of organizations. One of the most excellent VoIP development tools available today has been around for a while –Kamailio. 

It was recognized with the "Open Source Excellence" award at SimCon 2019 in February 2019 due to its remarkable feature set and sturdy design. You may create many safe and scalable VoIP solutions with the Kamailio development.

One of the following VoIP solution types may be developed using the Kamailio solution development:

  • Telephone system that uses Kamailio development and is constructed as a stand-alone SIP server. With the same excellent speech quality and other characteristics, this phone system can serve many users.
  • Failure routing system to handle the failure issue more expertly
  • Easily balance the excessive demand on the server using a load balancer
  • Using the Kamailio solution creation tool, a scalable IP PBX may be constructed comparable to Asterisk or FreeSWITCH-based IP PBX.
  • Lowest cost routing option that may be included in any extensive system
  • SIP-based Simple Presence server and SIP-based Instant Messaging server for unified communication
  • Plus additional

Hybrid solutions may also be developed using the Kamailio solution development process. By hybrid solution, I mean that Kamailio development may be coupled with any other VoIP technology to create a cutting-edge VoIP service provider solution.

Although Kamailio-based systems are simple to use and administer, developing Kamailio solutions requires technical know-how. Working with a Kamailio development business or specialist is best to create a scalable, dependable solution that includes integrated security features. 


Kamailio is the ideal platform for creating any SIP-based software, application, or module. It is also the best choice for creating VoIP software via customized Kamailio development. Only a select few businesses and knowledgeable Kamailio developers are skilled in creating reliable Kamailio solutions. We are one of the few businesses capable of making any Kamailio application or solution.

Additionally, Mtoag Technologies provides the most excellent telecommunication system solutions to support the expansion of your company. Our group of VoIP experts at Kamailio has helped several VoIP service providers with their expertise in this field. Reach out to a top global supplier of bespoke VoIP solutions if you're a VoIP provider searching for the finest Kamailio consulting services!

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