A Synopsis of Namelix: An AI-Assisted Business Name Generator

Yogesh Pant
Feb 22, 2024


An array of new AI business tools that can automate laborious activities and simplify workflows has been made possible by artificial intelligence.

But what if you're still coming up with ideas for your company? Is AI helpful in starting a business?

Sometimes it does. With only a click of a button, Namelix, an AI-powered company name generator, generates brand logos and performs the brainstorming for you. Additionally, it is free. 

Creating a company name and logo is fundamental to building a brand identity. 

If your startup is still in the early stages of development, this free AI tool is worth checking out since brand identity may make all the difference in getting your company concept noticed and remembered. 

Here's what we're going to do: that.

We examine Namelix and its features below, including whether Namelix offers a solid selection of recognizable company names and whether entrepreneurs and startups may profit from using this AI tool. 

What Is Namelix?

Namelix is an artificial intelligence online service that creates company names.

Users may develop hundreds of unique company names and brand logos for their companies with this free tool. In 2018, Jack Qjao, a software engineer, established Namelix.

Namelix is an AI-driven tool that assists entrepreneurs and businesses in coming up with catchy, concise, distinctive, and memorable company names. It uses sophisticated language models to provide original name concepts appropriate for your company. 

The Functions of Namelix and How It Differs from Other Naming Tools

Namelix is not only an additional arbitrary name generator. This clever naming tool uses artificial intelligence to give your firm a distinctive, memorable name. Namelix combines natural language processing and machine learning to create meaningful, catchy, and brandable names –unlike other programs that mix words or add suffixes. 

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Namelix operates by examining your chosen keywords and producing hundreds of potential names based on length, style, industry, and domain availability, among other factors. After that, you may peruse the names and see how they appear as logos, courtesy of Namelix's AI-driven logo generator. Along with popularity resemblance, syllable count, extensions, and other factors, you may also sort and filter the names. 

Namelix differs from other naming instruments in that it

  • Uses cutting-edge AI techniques to generate meaningful names rather than ones at random
  • Provides a large selection of name styles, including humorous, abstract, contemporary, classic, and more.
  • Offers superior logos created by AI for every name.
  • It lets you tweak your findings and change your naming choices
  • Allows you to click once to register both your logo and domain name.

Features of Namelix

AI-Powered Name Generation

Using artificial intelligence, Namelix creates short, memorable, and recognizable names that are appropriate for your company concept.  

Availability of Domain Names

Namelix verifies that every name it creates is available for registration, so you can be confident that you may get the ideal domain name for your company. 


You may tell the name-generating process what kind of name, how long it should be, and other details you like. 


Namelix offers suggestions for names it comes up with so you can be sure you're picking the ideal name for your company. 

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How to Create Innovative Identity Solutions for Your Startup Using Namelix

Namelix is simple to use and enjoyable. All you have to do is adhere to these easy steps:

  • Enter one or more keywords that best characterize your startup into Namelix. For instance, you may input terms like exercise, health, and so on if you're making a fitness app. 
  • Select a name style from the selection that drops below. Several possibilities are available, including inventive, rhyming, brief, and enjoyable. If you are unsure, you may alternatively choose "Any style."
  • After selecting "Generate Names," pause for a little while. After that, Namelix will provide hundreds of name suggestions based on your style and keywords. 
  • Look through the names to see how each appears as a logo. Click on it to see further information on each name, including social media accounts, trademark status, domain availability, and more. 
  • You may click "Refine" and change your settings if you're unhappy with the results. Changes may be made to the length, industry, extensions, style, and keywords. Additionally, you may filter the names based on resemblance of popularity using the sliders. 
  • You may add a name to your favorites list by clicking "Save" once you discover one you like. Additionally, by selecting "Share," you may get a URL to send to friends or coworkers for comments. 
  • Click "Buy" to register your domain name and logo with Namelix when you can make your name official. Additionally, you may download your logo in several sizes and formats. 

How to Use Namelix to Register Your Logo and Domain Name

You may register your domain name and logo with Namelix after you've chosen a name and verified it via testing and user feedback. Namelix provides a one-stop shop for all your branding requirements, streamlining and simplifying the process. Here's how to register your logo and domain name with Namelix:


To see the costs and plans for your domain name and logo, click the "Buy" button next to each name. Namelix provides a range of choices, including standard (domain and emblem), premium (domain, logo, and extras), and primary (domain alone). You may choose the plan based on what your demands and money allow. 


To finish the checkout procedure, provide your payment information. Namelix takes several payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, and more. An email confirmation with your purchase information and invoice will also be sent to you. 


You can download your logo from your account dashboard in several sizes and formats. Depending on your package, you may also get other tools and perks like business card design, social media kit, logo changes, and variants. 


With your domain name and logo, you can establish your online presence and enjoy your new brand identity.

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Applications and Use Cases

Namelix is beneficial in the following situations:

  • Establishing a recognizable company name and logo for startups and new ventures.
  • Rebranding: Using new name concepts for an established company to change its image.
  • Goods and services: Naming a fresh item or service or expanding a brand.
  • We are developing games for iOS and Android mobile applications.
  • Blogs and newsletters: Choosing exciting domain names and names for online journals.

Namelix Review: Benefits and Drawbacks

Here is a summary of Namelix's features and benefits.


  1. No cost. Namelix is available to everyone at no cost.
  2. Intuitive. Using Namelix is simple. Additionally, it keeps track of your preferred names and gradually offers better suggestions.
  3. Adaptable. You may use Namelix to filter results according to your choices, such as a shorter name, a specific term, or a domain extension.
  4. Ideal for getting started. Namelix creates distinctive, reasonably priced, and recognizable names.


  1. Only some created names are going to be excellent.

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A Few Namelix Branding Advice and Best Practices

With the aid of Namelix, you can develop a strong brand identity for your business. To get the most out of it, however, there are a few pointers and best practices you should adhere to. Here are a few of them: 

Be Specific with Your Brand Vision and Values

Before using Namelix to generate names, you should have a firm understanding of your business's goals and core values. This will assist you in selecting styles and keywords that are consistent with the personality and message of your brand. 

Be Imaginative and Receptive

When using Namelix, you need to be imaginative and receptive to the names that it suggests. Don't restrict yourself to the names everyone uses, whether apparent or widespread. See what works best for you by experimenting with various combinations of keywords, styles, lengths, industries, extensions, etc. 

Be Creative and Distinctive

When using Namelix, you should refrain from stealing or mimicking names that other companies have already registered as trademarks or taken. Additionally, names that are excessively similar to or confusing to already-existing brands should be avoided. Online resources like Trademarkia, Namechk, KnowEm, and others may be used to verify the validity and accessibility of your name on several platforms. 

Be Memorable and Catchy

When using Namelix, you should come up with simple names to say and recall. Additionally, lengthy, intricate, or difficult spelling names should be avoided. Online resources like PickFu, UsabilityHub, SurveyMonkey, and others may be used to gauge how memorable and catchy your name is with actual people.  

Be Attractive and Relevant

When using Namelix, use names that appeal to your target audience and are pertinent to your specialty. It is advisable to consider your name's language and cultural connotations in various marketplaces and areas. You may investigate the demand and popularity of your name and keywords using web resources like Moz, SEMRush, Google Trends, etc.


Namelix offers email-based customer service. Email help is prioritized for those who pay.


  • Brandmark: Create a polished logo that fits your company name with ease.
  • Registrars of domain names: Verify availability and purchase domains for the names you want.


Namelix offers a developer API that enables programmatic name generation.

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What People Are Expressing

Here are a few instances of satisfied clients speaking well about Namelix:

  • "The AI-generated name's options were creative, unique, and relevant to my business idea. I found the perfect name for my startup!"
  • "As a designer, Namelix helps me quickly ideate and create brand names for client projects. The ability to filter results saves a ton of time."
  • "I liked how Namelix learned my naming preferences, and the recommendations got better the more names I saved."

Alternatives of Namelix

Name generators for businesses, such as Shopify and Namelix, provide valuable resources for identifying a fitting moniker for your startup. Selecting a name for your company may be one of the trickiest aspects of starting a business. In one of two succulent sentences, how would you encapsulate your organization's core values?

You want it to be both pronounceable and memorable. Something that informs and connects with your target audience about your message: it may be challenging to find a name that fits all of those criteria; our suggestions for choosing a business name, which we discussed here (in French, German, and Italian), could be helpful. So why not create your memorable brand name with a name generator?

The top five company name generators are compiled in this post to assist you in selecting the ideal moniker for your prospective venture.


Migrating To Shopify: Things To Consider Before Doing That- Out Origin

With good reasons, Shopify is one of the most popular business name generators available today. Anyone may use their website thanks to its simple, intuitive UI. You must enter one or two words into the generator –the fewer words, the better –and press the generate button. After that, relax and watch as Shopify comes up with hundreds of memorable company names that you may utilize. 

The one thing we need to improve in Shopify's search engine output is the need for more creativity in the results! Rather than proposing alternatives to your keywords, Shopify creates their names by combining your search queries with additional words. 

Still, Shopify is a helpful tool despite this. You will discover some recommendations to help spark some ideas, even if Shopify's hundreds of results need to include your ideal company name.

Business Name Generator

The appropriately called Business Name Generator is an excellent option for those needing free brand name generators. 

A helpful user manual outlining some of the critical features of Business Name Generator can be found on the site, just below the search engine. 

Business Name Generator outlines the six essential processes in creating the ideal company name under this tutorial. This guide is beneficial for those who are just starting out in the process of developing their business. It explains what creates a catchy company name and why these choices work so well. 

Although the generator offers fewer possibilities than Namelix, it may present you with a wide range of possible company names. Business Name Generator may be a valuable tool for brainstorming memorable company name ideas since it searches for words related to your keywords and combines them. 


Brandfetch | TRUiC Logos & Brand Assets

Like Business Name Generator, TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) provides helpful advice on choosing a fantastic company name. Furthermore, TRUiC walks you through the following phases of expanding your company, covering everything from brand exposure to business registration.

After entering two or more keywords into the search engine, the TRUiC generator lets you completely personalize your name by including your location and industry. Some of the names it offers include your locality, which adds a more unique touch. 

After choosing a name from the generator, TRUiC notifies you of the domain's availability. Additionally, it has links to a logo generator, so you may start creating a fantastic brand.

For those wishing to launch their company but needing a little more help and guidance, TRUiC is an excellent choice.



Looka can assist you in creating a brand name that will set you apart from the competition. Using their generator, you may examine logo ideas, generate name ideas, and verify name availability. 

Looka offers a variety of filter choices to assist you in selecting the ideal company name, much like some of the other possibilities we've looked at thus far. In addition to generating name suggestions based on industries or abstract concepts, you can filter by letter length. You may come up with names for everything from bakeries to business consultants, for instance, or you can come up with names that highlight your company's values. 

These choices let you identify certain company name concepts that, in one or two memorable phrases, capture the essence of your business.


NameSnack - Business Name Generator

NamSnack stands out for having an easy-to-use UI. The website's homepage provides all the information you want about the business name generator and its applications. Their website explains the advantages of using the generator and clarifies what you may anticipate from it. 

Like most other company name generators on this list, NameSnack provides options for designing logos and doing domain searches. 

While NameSnack may not have the same level of filtering choices as Looka and Namelix, it more than makes up for it with the quantity and diversity of names it produces. NameSnack guarantees that you will come up with something exceptional, even if you are still looking for the ideal name. 


With the aid of Namelix, a vital and cutting-edge tool, you may develop a fantastic brand identity for your business. You can create hundreds of original, memorable names for your company with Namelix and use AI to create beautiful logos. Additionally, you may register your domain name and logo with a single click, filter your results, obtain confirmation and comments, and change your naming preferences. 

Namelix is more than just a generator of names. Using cutting-edge AI algorithms, it's a clever naming tool that generates meaningful, memorable, and original names. With various features and advantages, including a social media kit, business card design, logo revisions, and variants, Namelix is a one-stop shop for all your branding requirements.

Namelix is an excellent option if you're searching for a name for your company. It's quick, simple, and enjoyable to use. The diversity and quality of names it creates will astound you. The service's professionalism and ease of use will also make an impression on you.

The best naming tool for startups is Namelix. It is the most effective method for giving your company a distinctive and attractive brand identity. The name of the future is Namelix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the names generated?

Namelix uses an advanced AI system called a language model to generate creative, short, brandable names relevant to your business idea.

Does it work for any industry or business type?

Yes, Namelix's AI can generate names for any industry - tech, fashion, consulting, ecommerce, and more.

Can I register the domain for my favorite names?

Yes, Namelix provides domain search and availability directly within the tool. You can also seamlessly register domains through integrations with popular registrars.

What languages does Namelix support?

Currently, Namelix generates English business names. Support for other languages is coming soon.

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