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Yogesh Pant
Aug 22, 2023

Let’s discuss the success story of Amigo Fresh, from a startup to a successful milk and grocery delivery business. The success starts with an idea of digital transformation, and Mtoag Technologies left no stone unturned in helping Amigo Fresh throughout the transformation journey. We will also discuss the challenges faced by the company and the solutions provided by Mtoag, as well as the outcomes of this successful collaboration.

About Amigo Fresh

Amigo Fresh is a milk and grocery delivery company that aims to provide fresh and unadulterated milk and grocery items to customers at their doorstep. The company sources its milk from local dairy farms and ensures that it is pasteurized and homogenized before delivering it to customers. 

Apart from milk, the company also deals in fresh vegetables and grocery products, which include drinks, bakery items, spreads, and sauces. The app offers different subscription plans and payment options for customers. 

How It All Started?

The client approached Mtoag Technologies with the requirement of developing a mobile app for their business. The main objective of the app was to enable customers to order, subscribe, pay, track, and provide feedback for their milk delivery service. 

The app also aimed to improve the efficiency and visibility of the milk supply chain and enhance customer retention and satisfaction. Additionally, they need customization, different panels, delivery options, and many more advanced functionality's integration. 

We knew their requirements for subscription and non-subscription-based milk delivery, with an option of normal and express delivery, would stand as a challenge for us. Still, we are adept at transforming challenges into a beautiful reality.

We quickly acted upon their requirements and scheduled a meeting. After several brainstorming sessions, we created a wireframe and prototype of the project. After the client’s confirmation, our developers started working on the back-end and front-end aspects of the projects.

Challenges Faced by Amigo Fresh

The digital transformation journey wasn’t easy for Amigo Fresh; there were many challenges waiting for them:

High Operational Costs

Amigo Fresh had to deal with multiple intermediaries, such as distributors, retailers, transporters, etc., who added to the cost and complexity of the milk supply chain. Moreover, the company had to manually manage the inventory, orders, deliveries, payments, etc., which resulted in errors and delays.

Lack of Online Presence 

Amigo Fresh relied on traditional methods of marketing and advertising, such as flyers, banners, word-of-mouth, etc., which were not effective in reaching out to potential customers. Moreover, they had no online platform or app where customers could easily access their services and information.

Difficulty in Scaling Up

The company had limited resources and capacity to cater to the growing service demand. They also faced challenges entering new markets and regions with no established network or presence.

Solutions Provided by Mtoag Technologies

While Amigo’s digital transformation journey was full of challenges, Mtoag helped them overcome these challenges and ensure seamless development through its experience and cutting-edge solutions.  

Customized and User-friendly Mobile App

Mtoag Technologies undertook the entire responsibility of Amigo Fresh’s digital transformation. We offered end-to-end services, including UI/UX designing, back-end & front-end development, and post-maintenance services. We keep the app’s user interface simple and intuitive so users can easily navigate what they want. 

High-end Features Integration

We promised to deliver a feature-rich mobile app. And to uphold this promise, we worked on each and every functionality, such as online ordering, subscription management, payment gateway, delivery tracking, feedback system, etc.

Online Ordering

Customers could order groceries and milk from the app with just a few clicks. They could also choose their preferred delivery time slot from the available options.

Subscription Management

Customers could subscribe to different plans offered by Amigo Fresh from the app. They could also modify or cancel their subscriptions anytime from the app.

Payment Gateway

Customers could pay for their orders or subscriptions from the app using various modes of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc. The app also supported secure transactions with encryption and verification.

Delivery Options & Tracking

Customers could track their orders or deliveries from the app using GPS and real-time updates. They could also contact the delivery person or customer care from the app in case of any issues or queries.

Feedback System

Customers could provide their feedback and ratings for the milk quality and delivery service from the app. They could also view the feedback and ratings of other customers from the app.

Complete Tech Suite For Amigo Fresh

We worked to provide three different panels for Amigo Fresh mobile app: Customer App, Driver App, and Admin Panel. 

Customer App

  • OTP based login
  • Multiple Category Shopping
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Subscription Management
  • Wallet Option
  • Promotional Banners
  • Refer and Earn
  • Vacation Mode
  • Location Verification

Drivers App

  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Delivery Area
  • Partial Order Deliver as per Customer Request
  • Route Optimization
  • Manage Wallet and Payments
  • Create and manage batch-based orders
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Driver Management & Tracking
  • View Earning
  • Order History

Admin Panel

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Order Management
  • Payment Management
  • Product Management
  • Driver Management
  • Report & Analytics
  • Real-Time Synchronization

The Results

Amigo Fresh gained several benefits from the app development project, such as:

Reduced Operational Costs

The app eliminated the need for intermediaries and enabled Amigo milk delivery company to connect with the customers and the dairy farms directly. This reduced the operational costs and complexities involved in the milk supply chain. 

The digital transformation of Amigo has not only reduced the operation cost but increased sales and revenues for them. Earlier, the company was limited to serving its offline customers. Now, with a dedicated mobile app, it has earned a nationwide reach with customers from different cities and states, driving sales and growth for Amigo Fresh.  

Improved Customer Retention

The app ensured that customers received fresh and quality milk and groceries from Amigo milk delivery company every morning at their doorstep. The app also allowed customers to choose their preferred type of milk, delivery time slot, subscription plan, payment mode, etc., which enhanced their convenience and satisfaction. 

Enhanced Online Presence 

The app increased the online presence and visibility of Amigo Fresh in the competitive market by showcasing its services and information on a digital platform. The app also helped Amigo attract new customers looking for fresh and quality milk delivery services online. 


We have seen how Mtoag Technologies helped Amigo Fresh in developing a customized and user-friendly mobile app for their business. The app development project allowed the company to overcome its challenges and achieve its objectives. 

The app development project also resulted in various benefits for Amigo Fresh, such as reduced operational costs, improved customer retention and satisfaction, enhanced online presence and visibility, and increased scalability and growth potential.

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