Sage Intacct: Advanced Financial Management Tool for Growing Businesses

Yogesh Pant
Mar 26, 2024


"67% of the accountants admit that cloud technology has improved the service offerings and client interactions," according to a Sage source. Entrepreneurs worldwide have the same belief in the significance of accounting software, to the extent that they all consider themselves unable to function without robust accounting software. 

Do you have the same feelings as me? If so, it is likely that you are already aware of how vital accounting software is to a company, which is why you found this tutorial to help you approach it more efficiently.

For a firm to perform well over the long term, every cost must be tracked. But doing it by hand, which is prone to delay and human error, simply doesn't seem like the right approach. However, what would it sound like to claim that the accounting procedures are automatable? Thankfully, Sage Intacct, a sophisticated accounting system that has won several honors, offers a solution that overcomes all associated obstacles.

Throughout this article, we will explain Sage Intacct in detail so that, at the conclusion, you know exactly what it is and how it can help your company.

What Is Sage Intacct?

One of the most potent and well-known accounting systems is Sage Intacct, which is also the American Institute of CPAs' (AICPA) first and only recommended financial management solution. Sage Intacct's most advantageous aspect is that it is a cloud-based accounting program that revolutionized cloud computing in the fields of finance and accounting. In today's world of cloud-based company operations, Sage Intacct is an indispensable tool. 

The well-known cloud-based application constantly promotes company growth in a number of ways. With its headquarters located in California, Sage Intacct was established in 1999. One of the first cloud-based accounting systems that are also very scalable and adaptable is this creation by Intacct-related daily tasks to a greater extent as your company expands. More service time and lower maintenance expenses are two benefits of Sage Intacct.

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According to Gartner's 2020 Critical Capabilities study, Sage Intacct has run the field in Core Financials for five years. Studies reveal that Sage Intacct has helped a variety of businesses, including transportation services, assisted living communities, long-term care facilities, non-profit advocacy organizations, graduate schools, etc., and is very user-friendly for CPAs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers. In the next section, we shall learn more about Sage Intacct's extra benefits and its many features. 

  • Sage Intacct market share is 6.55% with more than 4008 companies using this software.
  • Looking at Intacct customers by industry, we find that Computer Software (12%), Information Technology and Services (8%), Nonprofit Organization Management (6%) and Hospital & Health Care (6%) are the largest segments.


  • 84% of Intacct customers are in United States.


Why Would Someone Use Sage Intacct?

When it comes to leadership, Sage Intacct surpasses every other accounting and finance management software. In addition to being an excellent automation source, Sage Intacct is renowned for its quick work approach. With the capacity to handle up to 1 billion API calls monthly, 100 million application requests daily, and 50 billion financial records, Sage Intacct effectively bridges the gap between business and seamless operation. 

When you use Sage Intacct, your company gains several benefits, including:

Automating Financial and Accounting Procedures

Businesses may save significant Time and money using Sage Intacct, which automates accounting and financial procedures. However, errors and delays can occur after Sage Intacct is installed. 

Increasing the Productivity of Businesses

Sage Intacct is the leading source of enhanced company productivity since it guarantees corporate development without the need to hire physical workers and offers improved efficiency and acute and clear insights. 

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Announcing Business Abiding

Sage Intacct is often associated with enhancing your company's compliance. Thus far, this is the best software for managing the finance department and accounting. It is essential to use the right software in order to create corporate compliance. In addition, it studies competitors to assist your company in reaching its goals and keeps tabs on the latest developments and trends. 

Introducing Scalability

The Sage Intacct technological architecture is capable of handling any difficulties your company may encounter. It offers committed constancy, contributing to the graph showing earnings rising steadily and business expenditures falling steadily. 

Based on your organization's nature, you may choose from a wide range of goods offered by Sage Intacct. The next section contains the information.

Sage Intacct Products: A Guide to Features and Cost

What is Financial Management? Objectives, Scope & Importance

We are aware of how selecting appropriate software for any category might be a really bad experience. After a thorough investigation, we will now discuss Sage Intacct's goods and useful characteristics. Below is a list of some numbers and information that the Sage Group has asserted. 

Fundamental Finances

One of Sage Intacct's primary modules, known as Sage Intacct Financials, is the core financials. Sage Intacct Financials contains all of the data about financial accounting. Well-organized financial reports make corporate operations function more smoothly. Pay attention to the reality that it gives you insightful information that may grow your company. It splits into six further ledgers, which are as follows:

Accounts Payable: 65% Faster Payable Processing

  1. Accounts Payable in Sage Intacct is renowned for automating labor-intensive manual operations and completing tasks with a few clicks.
  2. You may even save a significant amount of money by no longer needing to employ employees for your company accounts.
  3. Thanks to Accounts Payable, which provides support from a knowledgeable virtual assistant, your system can eliminate data input.
  4. Accounts Payable processes are paperless, making approvals simple.
  5. Sage Intacct's Accounts Payable module leverages Vendor Payments to streamline payment.
  6. It seamlessly integrates your banks, several payment systems, and suppliers for payment automation. The Accounts Payable feature in Sage Intacct eliminates the requirement for transaction printing.
  7. HSG, Kometsales, Hickory Creek Healthcare, and more trust accounts are payable from Sage Intacct.

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Accounts Receivable: Automation Boosts Cash Flows

  1. With Sage Intacct's Accounts Receivable feature, your firm may operate more efficiently and pay you more quickly than before.
  2. You have a choice of payment methods, and it automates the invoicing and payment procedures.
  3. A variety of papers are appended to the corresponding transactions in order to streamline recordkeeping.
  4. It easily connects to the rest of your system, including CRM Solutions, to manage invoicing, sales, and other data.
  5. Sage Intacct's Accounts Payable module leverages Vendor Payments to streamline payment.
  6. It seamlessly integrates your banks, several payment systems, and suppliers for payment automation. The Accounts Payable feature in Sage Intacct eliminates the requirement for transaction printing.
  7. Numerous platforms, like Stonestreet, PCF, Cornerstone, Marathon Venture, etc., trust the accounts receivable function of Sage Intacct.

Cash Management: Quickens the Close Process and Daily Cash Management Duties


  1. Companies really need a specific cash management strategy to survive a financial crisis. However, you may manage your cash with Sage Intacct in any way you choose.
  2. It maintains an organized log of the money's source, destination, and other details.
  3. The automated element that keeps your company current is what makes the Cash Management Software work so well.
  4. You may see it in real-time; it is the primary source for managing your bank accounts across all your locations.
  5. Women's World Banking, Elemica, Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation, Acquia, and others rely on Sage Intacct's Cash Management.

Your Success, Our Priority

Turn Your Idea Into Reality


AI And Automation Work Together with Intelligent General Ledger to Enable Smooth Accounting

  1. Business often takes unexpected twists, so you need something accountable to help you adjust to this always-shifting landscape. The answer is in Sage Intacct's Intelligent GL.
  2. AI powers Intelligent GL, which helps you rethink your company from a contemporary angle.
  3. It is renowned primarily for offering efficiency and flexibility to businesses.
  4. AI dimensions are used to simplify the intricate account charts.
  5. Intelligent General Ledger establishes rules to improve company accuracy.
  6. Financial transactions may be recorded once using Intelligent GL and edited across many platforms.
  7. Room to Read, Penn Station, ACUI, BIG, and more companies rely on Sage Intacct's Intelligent GL.

Order Management: 25% Quicker Cycles from Quote to Cash


  1. Manually completing quote-to-cash Intacct Accounting adds to its already complicated nature. The best remedy for this is Order Management from Sage Intacct.
  2. It is renowned for smoothly streamlining even the most complicated bookkeeping.
  3. Order Management is designed to simplify handling issues with sales, pricing, orders, and other things.
  4. When you utilize Order Management, all necessary data is automatically filled in.
  5. The following companies trust Sage Intacct: Jobvite, Welltok, Rapid Ratings, Traction, etc.
  6. Purchasing Cuts 50% down on Invoice-To-Payments.
  7. Buy approvals and predetermined transactions may be obtained using buy order software.
  8. The total purchase pace is accelerated by this organized method.
  9. It improves your company's accuracy and efficiency.
  10. Purchasing Order Software has a suite of dashboards that allow you to monitor various things, including your budget.
  11. This provides you with several reporting tools that you may use to examine sales and expenses and get insightful knowledge.
  12. Platforms like Lexxi, Donors Choose, Bay County Medical Care Facility, GoGuardian, ERB, and others rely on Purchase Order Software.

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Superior Capabilities

Sage Intacct provides further modules for financial management and company enhancement. Thanks to its sophisticated features, your company's accounting department is recognized for benefiting from flexibility and automation. It keeps you always prepared for new difficulties.

Several ledgers fall within the category of advanced functionality, including:

Adaptive Allocations: Facilitate Enhanced Company Exposure

  1. One benefit of dynamic allocation is that it reduces preparation time for spreadsheets and removes inaccuracies from the accounts.
  2. Several important corporate departments automatically get a portion of the expenses, income, and assets.
  3. Using dynamic allocation software to simplify your allocations across entities may save you three to four days a month.
  4. Now that Dynamic Allocation has automated the process and saved you Time, you may stop making manual revisions.
  5. Platforms like DMBA rely on the Dynamic Allocation provided by Sage Intacct.

Revenue Recognition: Provides Scalability for Businesses

  1. Using Sage Intacct, you can automate your company processes using revenue recognition software that complies with regulations.
  2. Revenue Recognition can overcome the challenges posed by ASC 606 IFRS 15. By using revenue recognition software, you may expand your company's capacity.
  3. Automating routine revenue recognition processes eliminates a great deal of complexity and human annoyance.
  4. The Revenue Recognition feature in Sage Intacct helps you save Time and money.
  5. Revenue recognition is renowned for converting orders into cash and coordinating revenue recognition with cost allocation.
  6. Platforms such as Geo Technologies, Jobvite, Acquia, Quaero, etc. rely on Sage Intacct's Revenue Recognition.

Fixed Assets: Automates Purchase to Disposal Processes

  1. Fixed Assets Software offers an automated and adaptable asset management solution with the Core Financials.
  2. Adopting fixed assets gives you more corporate control and facilitates the acquisition of real-time knowledge.
  3. By giving you spatial insight into your organization, Fixed Assets Software helps enhance overall decision-making.
  4. It expedites and fundamentally simplifies the accounting process.
  5. Revenue Recognition no longer concerns accounts and taxes. It keeps separate accounting and tax records and monitors them automatically.
  6. Platforms such as Dapple, Women's World Banking, USA Fencing, Bay County Medical Care Facility, and others rely on Sage Intacct's Fixed Assets.

Scalable, End-To-End Sales and Use Tax Solution

  1. Sales and Use Tax is a multi-tax system that automates and digitalizes accounting procedures.
  2. It allows your system to guarantee the installation of automated tax-law updates and streamlines the whole tax procedure.
  3. Because Sales & Use Tax uses no-code tax automation, calculating the taxes is made simple.
  4. With Sales & Use Tax, submitting and reporting audits becomes very simple since the task is completed precisely and quickly.
  5. It may help you grow your company and improve operational efficiency.

Intelligent Time: Provides Accuracy & Speed

  1. Sage Intelligent Time, driven by AI, revolutionizes timesheets and boosts company income.
  2. Intelligent Time offers comprehensive information to assist you in managing and accelerating your company's financial success.
  3. Your accounts department may concentrate on other duties rather than timely input using Intelligent Time.
  4. Because it is AI-powered, you can quickly examine and turn in your work without spending additional Time reconstructing it.

Spend Control: Maintains Your Budget

  1. Spend management is intended for businesses that are frugal. It monitors your expenditures to stop you from going over budget.
  2. If you use Spend Management, you can quickly compare your spending to your budget.
  3. It helps you make wiser and more well-informed financial choices.
  4. Advanced Functionality includes additional ledgers that aid in accounting automation and corporate efficiency, such as Inventory Management, Time and expense Management, Multi-Entity and global Consolidations, Vendor Payment Services, and Project Accounting. 

Reports and a Dashboard

Dashboards and reports have been shown to save you up to 40 hours a month on financial reporting monitoring, and they can even save you 75% of the Time it would take to verify the correctness of the data manually. 

It splits into three further ledgers after that:

  • Work together
  • Measurements
  • Engaging Visual Explorer


Sage Intacct billing software is a cutting-edge approach to managing your company's income and eliminating accounting hassles. Numerous platforms, like United Fire and Pathway Lending, have faith in it. Billing software simplifies and completes all billing tasks quickly. 

It also includes two more ledgers:

Billing for Contract and Subscription

Project Billing and Costing

The Sage Intacct Software's cost is determined by the total number of users and the module category you are using. On the other hand, the starting version costs 12,000 pounds and comes with everything you need to go live on the system, with installation taking between 50 and 70 hours. It will provide a company with around twenty workers and a five million pound annual revenue. 

For many businesses, it may not be as genuine as Sage Intacct's features. Therefore, we'll discuss the advantages of using Sage Intacct in the next part.

Highlights of Sage Intacct


There are aspects of Sage Intacct that will sway you in its direction. With a ton of unique features, Sage Intacct is the most significant kind of accounting software.

Streamlines Business Finance and Accounting

When it comes to managing accounts and company money, Sage Intacct is unmatched. It is renowned for maximizing financial efficiency and accuracy by completing tasks on schedule. Sage Intacct includes different modules, each of which affects several accounting parameters. This eliminates human mistakes and streamlines bookkeeping for your company.

Automation of Business

When you use Sage Intacct, your company's accounting and financial processes will be automated. It keeps up with the market's quick fluctuations. Additionally, Sage Intacct ensures that your system is automatically updated and upgraded. Because it does everything automatically, the whole procedure saves you a lot of Time. Investing in business automation can help you become more lucrative in the long run. 

Important Perspectives

Sage Intacct makes it possible to gain insightful information in real-time, which is essential for growing your company. It uses technologies known for enhancing control over company duties, including accounting, invoicing, reporting, and transaction recording, among others. Gaining insights via improved corporate management will pay off in the long term. 


Sage Intacct is affordable software that consistently helps you stay within your budget. Hiring actual employees is no longer necessary when using Sage Intacct since it automatically takes care of most tasks. Additionally, Sage Intacct has highly affordable rates, making it easy for your company to purchase. In summary, Sage Intacct provides an inexpensive answer to complex accounting issues. 

Sage Intacct is Used by Who?

Accounting for businesses is handled via cloud-based financial software called Sage Intacct. Accountants, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), bookkeepers, business analysts, managers, chief financial officers (CFO), auditors, tax authorities, and regulators may all use this program. 

Businesses use Sage Intacct to gather, store, process, retrieve, and report on financial Data. This automated approach increases corporate efficiency and eliminates the possibility of mistakes. The Sage Intacct system is available to everyone who handles company accounts. 

Sage Intacct: Benefits and Drawbacks

There are two sides to everything. One demonstrates the good, while the other has negative aspects. Although a system with the capacity of Sage Intacct has many benefits, adopting it as a technological foundation has drawbacks. We'll go over the benefits and drawbacks of using Sage Intacct here. 


  • You may use several cutting-edge capabilities with Sage Intacct.
  • The support staff at Sage Intacct is very committed to keeping you out of trouble with technology.
  • Money is essential to Sage Intacct and continuously records the company budget.
  • Your company will become more automated using Sage Intacct.
  • It brings about scalability, productivity, and increased company agility.
  • It's well recognized that Sage Intacct can help your company grow.


  • Pricing is not disclosed upfront with Sage Intacct.
  • Sage Intacct may sometimes become quite challenging to operate.
  • Only some tiny firms can afford Sage Intacct, but medium-sized enterprises could find the pricing reasonable.
  • Because Sage Intacct's technical help is somewhat pricey, consumers may need help.

The Top 5 Sage Intacct Alternatives

If you're researching the program, it wouldn't hurt to familiarize yourself with some Sage Intacct alternatives. Finding comparable features and functions is one aspect of researching alternatives. 

Following our investigation, we were able to get the following goods, which are the most comparable to Sage Intacct:

1) NetSuite


NetSuite's cloud-based accounting system offers several helpful apps, including SuiteSucces, SuiteCommerce, OpenAir, and a robust ERP. It is regarded as the best accounting program. However, it is more costly than Sage Intacct, and the return on investment takes a shorter Time. 

2) FinancialForce Financial Management ERP

An ERP System is Everything | Datix

Accounting software like FinancialForce Financial Management ERP is renowned for increasing efficiency and simplifying company finances. Your transactions are managed and resorted to by this fully functional financial system. It is rather costly since it maintains precise financial records. 

3) QuickBooks Online


Because QuickBooks Online is so well-structured, accounting is streamlined methodically. This cloud-based account solution allows you to save all of your information in one location. QuickBooks Online is very affordable and easy to use. Since QuickBooks Online is a sensible Alternative to Sage Intacct, it may be utilized as an alternative. 

4) Accounting Seed


Accounting Seed is the finest accounting software for small companies. Its excellent product capabilities include automation systems, personalized reporting tools, and more. It offers outstanding performance, a solid consultancy relationship, and improved company insights, all at a fair price. 

5) Workdays Financial Management 


Workday Financial Management provides a solid understanding of how to arrange your company's financial operations. Since they are constantly improving, you should be OK with current updates and improvements. Workday Financial Management prioritizes the needs of its customers and makes implementation simple. It is a respectable alternative for Sage Intacct. 


Any company involved in accounting and finance requires technology to relieve the burden of manually recording sales, payments, transactions, and other details. This will save firms money and hours of labor. The cherry on top? A platform that runs on the cloud. This blog discussed Sage Intacct, a comparable product the company had released.

In conclusion, Sage Intacct, with its many cutting-edge features, is the most significant accounting program. Every businessperson attests to the significance of cloud-based technologies, how they expedite general business procedures, and how they provide a structured path to increased production. In this blog, you may learn everything about Sage Intacct, from its features to its foundation. We hope this helps you better understand Sage Intacct and enables you to choose the right package for your company.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sage Intacct software used for?

Sage Intacct software is used for cloud-based financial management and accounting.

What is the difference between Sage accounting and Sage Intacct?

The difference between Sage accounting and Sage Intacct lies in their target markets and functionalities. Sage accounting is more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, while Sage Intacct is designed for larger enterprises with more complex financial needs.

Is Sage an ERP?

Yes, Sage is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provider.

What is Sage software used for?

Sage software is primarily used for accounting, financial management, and business operations.

Is Sage a CRM system?

Sage offers CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions as part of its software offerings.

How is Sage used in accounting?

Sage is used in accounting for tasks such as financial reporting, budgeting, invoicing, and managing accounts payable and receivable.

What are the 3 types of reports available in Sage Intacct?

The 3 types of reports available in Sage Intacct are financial reports, operational reports, and compliance reports.

What type of software is Intacct?

Intacct is a cloud-based financial management software.

Which companies are using Sage Intacct?

Companies such as Toast, Marketo, and Grubhub are known to use Sage Intacct for their financial management needs.

Is Sage cloud based?

Yes, Sage Intacct is a cloud-based software solution.

What type of system is Sage?

Sage is a comprehensive business management system that includes accounting, ERP, CRM, and other functionalities.

How big is Sage software?

Sage software caters to businesses of various sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

What type of software is Intacct?

Intacct is a cloud-based financial management software.

Is intacct an accounting software?

Yes, Intacct is an accounting software designed for complex financial needs.

What are the 3 types of reports available in Sage Intacct?

The 3 types of reports available in Sage Intacct are financial reports, operational reports, and compliance reports.

Who uses Sage software?

Sage software is used by a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large corporations, across various industries for financial management and accounting purposes.

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