Starry AI: A Perfect Review for AI Image Generators!

Yogesh Pant
Jan 17, 2024

These days, artificial intelligence-generated art is getting more and more popular. Those who like to participate in the trend may already downloaded a variety of mobile applications for iPhone and Android, such as Starry AI. Through the use of descriptive language, users may construct graphics on this third-party website that the AI will utilize as a starting point for the change. Additionally, users can create and share projects on the move the ease thanks to its mobile app, available for iOS and Android. 

The notion of creating conceptual art using AI generators has been around for a while. But because of initiatives like DALL-E Tiny, a notion that ordinarily would have been seen as really amazing, instead became the starting point for an addictive game of meme generation. Individuals acquainted with the trend would input ludicrous prompts for design ideas, producing the most bizarre and hilarious design mashups. 

Amidst this AI-generated art explosion, StarryAI has become one of the greatest and easiest alternatives to experiment with. Although users may start taking photographs directly via the internet portal by visiting the website, installing one of the mobile applications is the best method to fully experience the service. A maximum of five picture creation credits are granted to new users immediately; these credits may be added to daily or by making purchases within the app. Select one of the two AI styles by tapping ‘Enter a command’ to start making art created by AI. Then, enter the desired sentence of illustrative keywords so that the AI is inspired. Since anything may be entered as a design prompt, even emoticons, this would be a great chance to become creative and go outside the box. In the end, choose “create,” validate the request, and watch as the program transforms the text you typed into a lovely image. 

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Now, let’s know the StarryAI, the AI image generator with its features, pricing, a few questions related to it, and alternatives. 

What is StarryAI?

With the help of the picture creation software Starry AI, producing visually attractive material is made easy. Users may create striking and inventive artwork with simply a word prompt. By removing the need for technical knowledge in art production, the Starry AI picture generator is intended to save time and effort. It is accessible to a broad spectrum of people and is free to download on iOS and Android smartphones.

We will go over the Starry AI app, its main features, and more in this tutorial. Use the Starry AI methods or suggestions if you are a professional wanting to add some originality to your material or if you’re creative and want to generate more images. Aside from that, an elegant AI portrait Generator appears, producing elegant selfies quickly. Learn more information about it. 

Important Characteristics of Starry AI


The platform offers alternatives for customized projects by letting users choose from a wide range of models, styles, aspect ratios, and starting photos. 

Complete Ownership

Users are allowed to use their created artworks for any reason, including personal projects, printing, and social media sharing. They also own full ownership of the artworks they create. 

Frequent Upgrades

In order to guarantee constant development in the caliber and diversity of created art, StarryAI regularly upgrades its AI models. 

User-Friendly Interface

People of all skill levels may easily produce art with this app thanks to its smooth and fun user interface.

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Advantages of Starry AI

Time and Cost Savings

Starry AI reduces the need for technical skills and speeds up the art production process. 

Diverse Art Styles

Users may experiment with various aesthetics and discover the ideal match for their content thanks to the abundance of models and styles that are accessible. 

Accessible and User-Friendly

Users can easily create art on the move thanks to the app’s straightforward UI and availability on both the iOS and Android platforms. 

Disadvantage of Starry AI

Limited Editing

In comparison to other Starry AI alternative applications, the Starry AI app might still be lacking in certain areas even if it gives customizing choices before making the picture. 

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Steps to Use Starry AI

Step 1: 

To visit the website page, click Starry AI. Then, click the green "Start Creating" button.

Step 2: 

You will be prompted to join up via a pop-up screen. You can easily sign up and access the editing mode by using your Google account. You may enter text there for Starry AI questions, customization choices, etc. When you’re prepared, click “Generate”.

Step 3:

The artwork will be produced instantly by the Starry AI program. To save the picture, choose the download option. You can also generate a high-resolution download AI picture of a starry night by using the modification tools. In addition, there seems to be growing interest in AI Face Generator. You may click the link to learn more. 

A Few Frequently Asked Questions about Starry AI

How Can AI-Generated Art Be Created?

There are just a few simple steps involved in using StarryAI to transform your words into AI-generated images. Choose from our four AI techniques to get started: Art, Photos, Illustrations, or Custom Styles. Next, decide on your favorite creative genre, whether it Cyber Punk for its future aesthetic or Portraits for its timeless appeal. Use our handy Prompt Builder tool, or craft a brief text prompt to articulate your creative concept. Your AI-generated artwork will start to appear in a matter of seconds once you’ve adjusted the parameters. 

Can We Use StarryAI for Free?

With StarryAI’s free AI art generator, users may produce up to 25 pictures per day. If you choose StarryAI Pro Unlimited, you will be able to create an infinite number of images in addition to special features like priority creation, complete access to all canvas sizes, and other advantages. 

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How Does the Art Generator at StarryAI Operate?

With the use of sophisticated machine learning and neural style transfers, StarryAI’s AI art generator creates contemporary AI-driven art. The process of creating art is made easier by the user-friendly StarryAI app. Select a style to personalize your project after entering a text prompt. Once your choices are more refined, you can easily create one or more photos that will be kept in your StarryAI account under the “My Creations” section for further tweaking and exploration.

Is the Art Produced by StarryAI Exclusive?

Each AI-generated picture has its intrinsic uniqueness, even if they vary in terms of visual nuances and complexity. The original music is influenced by a number of sources, including the text you submitted. You may be certain that when your original thoughts are translated into art, your AI-generated masterpiece will stand out as a unique work of art. 

How Does StarryAI Produce Images?

The following are the detailed steps for using StarryAI:

  • Create an Account
  • Select "Art," "Photos," "Illustrations," or "Your Styles" from the available selections.
  • To create an Art picture, place your prompt in the top left corner.
  • To generate your picture, click the "Generate" button.
  • Post your creations and subscribe to other artists.
  • For Producing Images Using StarryAI
  • After clicking "Create," choose "Photos."
  • Enter your prompt in the top left corner, choose "Generate," or change the parameters as necessary.
  • If you find a prompt difficult to follow, use the "Prompt Builder" option.
  • To Create An Illustration
  • After selecting "Create," choose "Illustrations."
  • Click the "Styles" button and choose "Flat," "Detailed," or "3D."
  • After entering your prompt, choose "Generate."

Is There A Copyright Problem With The AI-Generated Art?

The AI-generated art you produce is yours, so long as you have the right to use any original or referenced pictures that you used throughout the generating process. As such, you are free to use all of your works for business and non-commercial purposes by StarryAI’s license conditions. Printing your works and using them in social media campaigns fall under this category. 

However, it’s important to remember that any information that violates StarryAI’s content policy and other set criteria cannot be found inside the app and should not be used in any way. 

Is It Possible for Us to Customize the Art We Make?

Through a variety of prompts and often updated features, StarryAI gives you the ability to tweak and polish the subtleties of your AI-generated material. From wool to cyberpunk, the professional and free alternatives provide a wide range of pre-set themes. Additionally, with many options, you may create your themes and styles by customizing settings and creating exact prompts.  

What Makes StarryAI Art Generator Unique Among Online Art Resources?

By continuously adopting and pioneering innovations, StarryAI has maintained its position at the forefront of AI technology, from stable dissemination to thorough model training. As of right now, the app offers some of the best AI art production options available, providing a simple and intuitive image generator that you will undoubtedly love. 

What Are The AI-Generator Artwork's Resolution And Quality?

With StarryAI, you can choose the exact dimensions and quality level of your material, so you may customize your projects to fit your exact needs. With longer runtimes –like 150 minutes – you may anticipate more complex sights since the generator has more time to do its magic. You may also modify your projects for a variety of media, such as Instagram, presentations, webpage pictures, and more, by using different size options. You have a selection of the following canvas sizes using StarryAI Pros:

  • Square (1:1)
  • Scenery (4:3)
  • Extensive (5:3)
  • Headshot (4:5)
  • Mobile Headshot (9:16)

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Do AI Chatbots and AI Art Generators Have Similarities?

While many open-source AI applications have identical code, the majority of AI chatbots and art producers use different algorithms and functionality. As such, although some chatbots can produce text produced by AI, most of them are unable to produce visuals. 

AI-Generated Art: Who Owns It?

Ownership of AI art is governed by complicated laws that might change in the future. Generally, the terms and conditions specified by the picture generator determine the exact ownership specifics. 

Ownership and copyright issues about AI-generated photos are still hotly contested legal issues. AI artwork is not eligible for copyright claims, according to a recent federal court opinion. Nonetheless, there is still disagreement on protected material features including fictitious characters, corporate trademarks, and personal identities. Currently, the AI generators and their users decide the majority of basic ownership issues. 

StarryAI Pricing

With its freemium concept, StarryAI enables users to produce up to five watermark-free artworks every day. For individuals in search of further features and advantages, StarryAI offers a Pro subscription. Here are the specifics of the pricing:

  • StarryAI Pro for One Month: $11.99
  • Premium 40 Credits: $7.99
  • Pack of 40 Credits: $15.99

The Top 5 Starry AI Alternatives

VanceAI Art Generator 

VanceAI Art Generator is a potent tool designed to help artists easily produce stunning pictures. This platform, which makes use of cutting-edge AI technology, enables users to turn their ideas into beautiful pieces of art. Whether you need inspiration or have a particular idea in mind, VanceAI Art Generator can make your ideas come to life. 

Important Features:

Creative Artistic Rendering

The VanceAI Art Generator creates very creative and eye-catching artwork in a matter of seconds. This is an essential tool to have if you utilize a lot of abstract images in your content or marketing. 

Options for Customization

Users are allowed to choose from a variety of customization options that may change the result. To ensure that the final product is more like what they had in mind, customers may also supply reference photographs.

Wide Range of Uses

This tool is adaptable and useful in several fields, such as graphic design, marketing, entertainment, and more. 


NightCafe gives innovators and artists the freedom to express their ideas and realize their creative ambitions. Artists may use its sophisticated capabilities to produce visually striking and engaging works of art that captivate and engage people. NightCafe offers a platform for unrestricted creation and creative discovery, regardless of whether you are a professional artist or an amateur. 

Important Features:

Customization and Control

Users can create distinctive and individualized works by varying the strength of the applied creative styles. 

Excellent Output

NightCafe produces visually striking and high-resolution images that adhere to professional standards for creative imagery. 

Many Artistic Styles

Artists have a variety of alternatives to explore and experiment with thanks to the platform’s large array of artistic styles, which include fantasy, CGI Mecha, anime, cubism, and more. 


Fotor is an adaptable platform that provides a selection of strong tools for picture editing and enhancement. One of Fotor’s many amazing features is the Ai Art Generator tool, which makes it simple for users to produce creative images. For photographers, designers, and artists who want to quickly turn their photos into beautiful graphics, Fotor’s AI Art Generator tool is a great resource. 

Important Features:

AI Artistic Filters

A set of pre-made artistic filters is available from Fotor’s AI Art Generator, which rapidly turns common photos into gorgeous works of art that are influenced by a variety of art movements and genres. 

Customizable Art Effects

Users can create individual and distinctive creative interpretations by varying the artistic filters’ strength and application.

Simple to Use Design

Fotor’s intuitive design makes it possible for even inexperienced users to easily browse the site and make use of the AI Art Generator feature. 

High-Quality Output

The AI Art Generator tool ensures that the creative graphics developed exceed professional standards by producing visually appealing and high-resolution outcomes. 


For artists and designers wishing to produce creative graphics based on descriptions, Hotpot.AI’s AI picture creation tool is priceless. The amazing platform Hotpot.AI provides a variety of effective tools for producing beautiful images. One of its most notable features is the AI Art Generator tool, which lets users create beautiful artwork only by expressing the visual notion they want. 

Important Features:

Simple to Use Interface

Artists and designers of all skill levels may use Hotpot.AI thanks to its user-friendly interface. Even without previous technical knowledge, users may create beautiful pictures with ease because of the design’s intuitiveness.  


Users may enhance and perfect their works by using the customization options provided by the AI Art Generator tool. To realize their ideal creative vision, users may play around with various compositions, colors, and style options. 

Creative Inspiration

Hotpot.AI is a great place to get creative inspiration, particularly for artists who are venturing into new areas or looking for fresh ideas. Users are inspired to think creatively and conventionally by the AI Art Generator. 

Dream by WOMBO 

Dream by Wombo, with its AI-powered technology, adaptable creative styles, and intuitive UI, is a useful tool for content makers who want to produce engaging visual content.

Important Features:

Versatile Artistic Styles

There are many different artistic styles available in Dream by Wombo. Users may experiment with many aesthetics and discover the ideal fit for their creative vision, regardless of whether they favor realistic, surreal, or abstract approaches. 


To improve and adjust the created artwork, the platform provides customization choices. The intended creative impression may be achieved by adjusting several factors, including composition. Style parameters, color, and composition. 

Creative Inspiration

Dream by Wombo is a great place for makers and artists to be inspired. It encourages users to investigate original creative notions by bringing fresh insights and igniting their creativity via the creation of graphic versions of their thoughts. 


Starry AI is quite beneficial. In terms of performance, it can undoubtedly provide striking graphics that are both visually appealing and practical. While there is a limited selection of art styles available in the Starry AI free edition, the full version gives a far wider variety. This lets users continue playing with the visuals and instructions provided by Starry AI. Many content providers might also benefit from repurposing or presenting their images in novel ways. 

Even though Starry AI is a powerful AI picture generator, users may still choose to utilize a variety of Starry AI substitute applications in addition to or instead of it. In this article, we briefly examined five of these substitute applications. If you're looking for an app with a user-friendly interface and a variety of art styles, you may utilize applications like VanceAI or Fotor, which are similar to Starry AI. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StarryAI?

StarryAI is a cutting-edge AI-driven art generator that transforms textual descriptions into stunning visual masterpieces.

Is StarryAI free to use?

Yes, StarryAI offers a free version where users can generate up to five artworks daily without watermarks.

How does StarryAI ensure the quality of generated art?

StarryAI employs state-of-the-art AI techniques and regularly updates its models to guarantee high-quality art outputs.

Can I use StarryAI on my mobile device?

Yes, StarryAI can be accessed on iOS and Android devices, making it widely available for users across different mobile ecosystems.

Do I retain ownership of the art I create with StarryAI?

Yes, When users create artworks using StarryAI, they retain complete ownership rights over those creations. 

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