Tabnine: The Best Full-Function Code Generator.

Yogesh Pant
Jan 09, 2024

Tabnine Chat is a code-centric, enterprise-grade chat program that enables developers to communicate natural language with Tabnine’s AI models in a flexible and free-form manner. 

While ChatGPT and other tools help produce “first draft” code, Tabnine Chat intends to complement professional developers’ workflows on large projects, particularly in companies, by offering the following crucial features:

With the context of the code you are working on, Tabnine Chat operates within the IDE. This makes it beneficial for gradual and highly contextual work as well as for starting from scratch when designing apps, which is usually the case with bigger commercial projects. 

Customers of Tabnine Enterprise may link their repositories to Tabnine Chat so that it can help with coding and respond to inquiries about internal projects. This is particularly helpful in cases when the company uses a large collection of internal libraries, services, APIs, and best practices. 

Tabnine Chat can work with many enterprises’ stringent security and compliance standards. To guarantee complete code privacy and security, Tabnine Enterprise also permits isolated environment deployment via on-premises deployment or Virtual Private Cloud deployment. Furthermore, we can ensure that our models aren’t trained on GPL or other copyleft code since Tabnine Chat was only trained on open-source code with permissive licenses. 

To increase software development efficiency, Tabnine is an AI-powered code assistant that offers complete, high-quality code completions for lines and functions from inside the code editor. 

The use of generative AI technology provides a number of features that anticipate and recommend the next few lines of code depending on syntax and context. 

Developers who like precise code completions and want to increase their coding productivity would find Tabnine to be a good fit. 

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For developers working on intricate codebases or needing to do a lot of code exploration, it may be quite helpful. 

Tabnine is a flexible option for developers working with a variety of programming languages and development environments because of its language support and interaction with several IDEs. 

What is a Tabnine?

By providing real-time code completions, conversation, and code creation in all the most widely used coding languages and IDEs, Tabnine is an AI code assistant that improves your productivity as a developer. 

Using Tabnine can greatly reduce your coding time and increase your coding velocity. It goes by many names, including IntelliSense, intelliCode, autocomplete, AI-assisted code completion, AI-powered code completion, AI copilot, AI code snippets, code suggestion, code prediction, code hinting, content assistance, unit test generation, and documentation generation. 

For Tabnine Enterprise self-hosted clients ONLY, this plugin is NOT required.

Only customers of Tabnine's Pro, Enterprise, and Starter SaaS plans are eligible for this plugin.

The Tabnine Enterprise plugin available in the JetBrains marketplace is what customers of the self-hosted version of Tabnine Enterprise should use.

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Let your questions be answered with Tabnine Chat (Beta).

With training only on legal open-source code, Tabnine Chat is a private and secure AI assistant that can answer any inquiries you may have from inside your IDE. 

You may ask almost any question you have about code using Tabnine Chat. For instance, you can create code that does a certain job, create tests for a certain code, provide documentation for code that already exists, describe the rationale behind old code, and much more.  

The technology behind the Hood / Tabnine

Multiple language-specific machine learning models were pre-trained from scratch on code power Tabnine. Every AI model developed by Tabnine is trained using open-source software with permissive licensing. You may use a developer’s laptop, a server located behind your firewall, or the cloud to execute Tabnine’s AI completions. 

Total secrecy of the code

Your code is never made public.

NEVER store or distribute any of your code with Tabnine. Explicit opt-in is required for every activity that shares your code with the Tabnine servers to train team models. After the first period needed for training models, Tabnine does not keep any user code. Only the members of your team have access to the private code models that Tabnine Enterprise has built. 

Trained on Permissive Licensing for Open-Source Code

About our Public Code trained AI model, Tabmine only employs open-source code under permissive licenses (MIT, MIT-0, Apache-2.0, BSD-2-Clause, BSD-3-Clause, Unlicense, CC0-1.0, CC-BY-3.0, CC-BY-4.0, RSA-MD, 0BSD, WTFPL, ISC). Your code and AI data are NEVER utilized to train any models other than private code models, regardless of whether you are using Tabnine’s Pro plan or our Basic Plan. 

Tabnine Pro: Complete Function, Natural Language, and Entire Line Completions to Code

You are in charge: 

Tabnine Pro provides whole-line, full-function, and even natural language code completions as you write. You may either accept the completion of your whole line or continue typing to see additional real-time options that continuously adjust to the context of your code. 

Whole line completions: 

As you write code, Tabnine provides whole-line completion, allowing you to finish a line of code with a single keyboard. 

Whole function completions 

Tabnine creates your whole function using simply a suggestion, saving you from ever leaving your editor. 

Say what you want in terms of the script or function, and Tabnine will provide the appropriate code for you to utilize. This is a natural language for code completion. 

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Tabnine Enterprise

Everything Tabnine Pro and more - The ideal option for companies with unique requirements

Automate Remote Knowledge Sharing: 

Easily exchange knowledge across nations and time zones. As Tabnine becomes familiar with your coding patterns, it may provide professional advice to all team members at any time of day.

Enhance Code Quality & Consistency: 

Tabnine makes code more readable, manageable, and consistent across your project by recommending completions that follow your best practices. 

Accelerate Developer Onboarding: 

By providing instantaneous inline coding instruction, Tabnine’s AI assistant helps new team members go through the onboarding process more quickly and lessens the need for experienced devs to undergo training. 

Cut Down on Code Review Iterations: 

With the aid of your Tabnine AI helper, you can write the correct code the first time. With Tabnine, you can avoid expensive and time-consuming code review iterations by using code advice that aligns with your team’s best practices. 


Tabnine may be locally hosted to meet the security needs of your company.

Models for private code repositories: 

Tabnine Enterprise provides unique models built on many repositories. Link your Bitbucket, GitLab, and GitHub projects, then train your custom AI model to get code completion recommendations that are specific to your coding habits and style. 

Advantages of Tabnine Use:

Enhanced Productivity

By recommending the next few lines of code, Tabnine can help you save a ton of time. This is particularly useful for jobs that need repetition, like developing boilerplate code. 

Enhanced Accuracy

By recommending code that is compatible with the rest of your codebase, Tabnine may assist you in avoiding mistakes. This may help your code become simpler to maintain and of higher quality. 

Enhanced Learning

By recommending code that is pertinent to the current job, Tabnine may assist you in learning new programming languages and frameworks. This might be an excellent method to begin using a new framework or language. 

How to Begin Using Tabnine:

You may take the following actions to get Tabnine started:

  • Visit to access the Tabnine website.
  • Select "Install" from the menu.
  • Install Tabnine in your IDE by following the instructions.
  • Get coding now!

The Following Are a Few of Tabnine's Attributes and Functions

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Code Completion

Depending on the context of your current typing, Tabnine may recommend the subsequent lines of code for you. You can save a ton of time by doing this, particularly on recurring activities. 

Code Formatting

Based on your settings, Tabnine may format your code automatically. Your code’s readability and maintainability may both benefit from this. 


For the code that it recommends. Tabmine may provide documentation. This may aid in your comprehension of the code and its application.

Error Detection

Your code may have errors that Tabmine can identify. By doing this, you can make sure that your code is valid and prevent problems. 


Over time, Tabnine will be able to learn from your code and provide more relevant code recommendations. You may learn new programming languages and frameworks with the aid of this. 

One useful tool that might help you improve as a developer is Tabnine. For developers who want to increase their learning, accuracy, and productivity, it is quite helpful.

Here Are A Few More Tabnine Features and Capabilities

Programming Language Support

Tabnine is compatible with more than 25 languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, and PHP. 


You may alter Tabnine to suit your tastes. You are free to choose the features you want to utilize and change the settings to suit your preferences. 

Integration with Other Tools:

Jira and GitHub are two examples of additional applications with which Tabnine may be connected. This might assist you in managing your projects and keeping track of your code modifications. 

Limitations on Tabnine

It is Not Perfect

Tabnine is currently in its early stage of development, therefore its accuracy may not always be flawless. Nevertheless, things are always improving. 

It Might be Annoying

Tabnine could be distracting if you are not cautious. You must concentrate on your coding and avoid being too distracted by the advice. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tabnine

Tabnine PROS

  • Code completions for whole lines and functions to expedite the coding process
  • Using the natural language-to-code functionality makes it easier to communicate coding goals.
  • Models that are native to code for increased completion relevance and accuracy.
  • Supports both mainstream and specialized programming languages with broad language coverage.
  • Connectivity with widely used IDEs to provide a smooth development experience.

Tabnine Drawbacks

  • Requires a large amount of memory, which might affect performance on computers with limited resources.
  • The AI recommendations can be overly forceful or invasive for some individuals.
  • AI models have few customization choices and are dependent on pre-trained models.
  • There may sometimes be errors or inappropriate recommendations in completions for certain users.
  • It may not always provide developers with the precise code solutions they need since it is an AI-powered tool.

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What Are the Benefits of Tabnine Chat for Developers?

Over a million developers using Tabnine!

We are pleased to report that 30% (and often more than 40%) of the code written by more than a million engineers is now effectively automated by Tabnine. We want to express our gratitude to our wonderful user base. Although one million developers is a big number, we are certain that all developers will utilize AI shortly. As such, you are the first to employ AI technology to produce software of better quality more quickly. We are driven to push the envelope and take Tabnine to new and exciting technological heights with your trust and feedback. 

Whole-line, full-function, and natural language-to-code completions are made possible by Tabnine’s new code-native AI models.  

We have fully redesigned our AI models and how we incorporate new models into the platform in the last year. Currently, Tabnine enables any compatible AI model to guide developers, instead of imposing a monolithic approach that requires just one model.

Tabnine now employs a group of twelve code-native models. Unlike models that are pre-trained on text and then retrofitted to learn code, the new code-native models are trained entirely on code. Every one of these models has its fundamental “vocabulary” refined to match a particular language and domain, making use of the model’s full learning potential for the relevant code patterns. Our code-native models provide a 5x increase in proposal length and superior accuracy than Tabnine. 

The new AI models enable Tabnine to produce code based on natural language descriptions in comments, as well as contextually finish whole lines of code and even entire functions. This feature is now part of Tabnine Pro for Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs and works with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and seven additional languages.  

We will be progressively implementing the new models for greater length and accuracy than the existing mid-line code completion offered by Tabnine Starter. The new models are now used for predicting whole lines and code fragments. 

Our emphasis on developers was shown last week when Stack Overflow named Tabnine as one of the top two AI tools used by developers. 

The addition of Tabmine Chat significantly broadens Tabnine’s use beyond code development. Tabnine Chat is simple to use, intuitive, adaptable, and powerful all at once. Developers may do the following noteworthy tasks using Tabnine Chat:

  1. Describe a section of code; this is extremely helpful when navigating a new codebase.
  2. Use natural language to search your code repos; it's similar to being able to "talk with your codebase.”
  3. Write new code according to natural language specifications, such as "Build an application that can read the London weather."
  4. Add functionality to the code, for example, "Add logging to this code."
  5. Refactor code by utilizing human-readable phrases like "Change convention," "Add type specification," etc.
  6. Create docstrings, or documentation, for certain code areas.
  7. Identify and resolve any bugs in the code.
  8. Create unit tests.

Tabnine Pricing

To guarantee you get the greatest version of Tabnine, there are three pricing plans available. 


  • Free
  • For Just One User


  • Quick code completions
  • Basic code completions are provided by an AI model that was trained on open-source code with permissive licenses.


  • $12.00
  • Every month
  • For Just One User


  • Code completions for whole lines and functions
  • From natural language to code completions
  • Learns your style and coding patterns
  • A collection of cutting-edge AI models tailored to fit your tech stack and optimized for all programming languages. 
  • Trained on permissive licensing open source code.
  • Trained on your repositories, the private repository model


  • Personal
  • For An infinite number of users


  • Hosting oneself
  • Centralized personalization
  • Implement Policy

The Best Suggestion for a Tabnine Alternative


Wiki, documents, and project management tools are all combined into one platform in Notion, an integrated workplace. It enables productive teamwork and job streamlining for both individuals and groups. 

Five advantages of Notion include:


  • Wikis for knowledge consolidation
  • Project oversight
  • Creating documents with extensive formatting choices
  • AI helper for increased output
  • Template Gallery for a fast start

Notion AI

Notion AI Comprehensive Review for Beginners: Pros & Cons, Tutorials and  Tips | WPS Office Blog

Notion is an integrated platform that integrates project management, wiki, and document functions. It acts as a one-stop shop where people and groups can consolidate their knowledge, work together on projects, and produce effective papers. 

Four benefits of Notion AI are as follows:


  • Wikis: Gather facts and wisdom in one location
  • Projects: Effectively oversee and work together on any kind of project.
  • Papers: Produce stunning and effective next-generation papers.
  • Notion AI: Use AI capabilities and support straight from Notion

Salesforce Einstein

Data, AI, CRM, development, and security are all combined into one all-inclusive platform called the Einstein 1 Platform. 

Five benefits of Salesforce Einstein are as follows:


  • Consolidated
  • Astute
  • Automated
  • No Code and Low Code
  • Ajar

Salesforce Einstein 1 Application Development Platform

A collection of tools, frameworks, libraries, and services used by developers to create, test, launch, and oversee software applications is known as an application development platform. These platforms provide a complete environment that helps development teams collaborate and expedites the process of developing new software. 

Five advantages of Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform for Application Development are as follows:


  • Consolidated
  • Astute
  • Automated
  • No Code and Low Code
  • Ajar


Poe is an AI-powered platform that enables users to have interactive discussions and ask questions, with prompt responses. 

Poe has four advantages, such as


  • AI-driven query processing
  • Interactive chats in real time
  • Prompt reaction
  • Interface that is easy to use


HubSpot is a customer platform that includes all the tools, resources, and connectors required to link your sales, marketing, content management, and customer support. With HubSpot’s integrated platform, you can concentrate on what matters –your customers –and build your company more quickly. 

Six benefits of HubSpot include:


  • Software for marketing automation. Plans that are both free and premium.
  • CRM software for sales. Plans that are both free and premium.
  • Software for customer service. Plans that are both free and premium.
  • Program for managing content. Plans that are both free and premium.
  • Software for operations. Plans that are both free and premium.
  • Software for business-to-business transactions. Plans that are both free and premium.


For distant teams, Miro is a visual collaboration tool that offers a cross-device, secure, and scalable solution. No matter where they are, teams can connect, work together, and co-create in one area. 

Eight advantages of Miro include:


  • Visual project administration
  • Process mapping and diagramming
  • Workflows for product development
  • Visualization of data and content
  • Workshops and asynchronous teamwork

Miro AI

  • Integrations and applications
  • Resources for developers

Claude 2

Claude, Anthropic’s AI helper, offers a variety of features and services. 

Claude 2 has one advantage, which is:


  • Natural language processing, data analysis, machine learning, and customized suggestions are some of Claude's primary functionalities.


You may create and execute code in more than 50 programming languages with Replit, a collaborative browser-based integrated development environment. It makes program development simple and requires no setup because of its robust compiler and interpreter. 

Replit has 7 advantages, such as:


  • Real-time execution and modification of code
  • Multiplayer editing and cooperative coding
  • Strong interpreter and compiler for more than 50 programming languages
  • Ghostwriter is an integrated AI-powered pair programmer.
  • Deployment without setup using custom domains
  • Detailed instructions for learning while creating
  • Get employed via the Bounties program and earn cycles.

Wondershare is an online platform providing innovative, efficient, and practical solutions. offers four advantages:


  • Creativity in videos
  • Diagram and visuals
  • PDF fixes
  • Information administration


For our part, we thought Tabnine was rather helpful. It spared me from having to change the context to search for information. It made us able to write code more quickly. Using markdown files to document the code or project was easy and saved us at least 70% of the typing. 

We believe that when we are learning a new programming language, a tool like Tabnine may be very helpful. It may aid in our rapid comprehension of best practices and code syntax. Both public and internal organization repositories may be scanned by the machine learning model that was used to train the helper. This may support the use of best practices. 

We hope this is helpful to you. We'd be interested in learning about your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tabnine an AI?

Yes, Tabnine is an AI. It utilizes artificial intelligence to provide code completion suggestions. The AI learns from a vast amount of open-source code repositories and uses this knowledge to predict and suggest code completions as you type. This makes coding more efficient and helps to reduce errors.

Which is better Tabnine or Copilot?

Choosing between Tabnine and Copilot depends on your specific needs. Copilot, with its GPT-4 powered AI and extensive GitHub integration, offers broad language support and a deep understanding of coding patterns. It's ideal for developers who need advanced AI assistance and work primarily with GitHub repositories. On the other hand, Tabnine stands out for its focus on security and the ability to tailor its AI model to an organization’s specific coding standards. If your priority is a tool that aligns with enterprise environments and offers both cloud-based and on-premises solutions, Tabnine could be the better choice.

Does Tabnine use GPT?

No, Tabnine does not use GPT. It is powered by a proprietary large language model (LLM), trained on a carefully selected dataset of code repositories that have high quality, robust security standards, and use permissive open source licenses.

What is the use of Tabnine AI?

Tabnine AI is an AI-powered code completion tool that aims to make coding more efficient by suggesting relevant code snippets as you type. It can be integrated into various IDEs, making it a versatile tool for developers working in different environments. Another unique feature of Tabnine is its local AI model that allows you to use it offline, a feature that’s not available in many other code completion tools.

Can I use Tabnine for free?

Yes, you can use Tabnine for free. Tabnine’s Starter plan is completely free.

What are the disadvantages of Tabnine?

One of the main disadvantages of Tabnine is that it tends to be slower in generating code suggestions compared to Copilot 3. Also, some users have reported that Tabnine doesn't always offer relevant or correct code completions with the first suggestion.

Is Tabnine safe?

Yes, Tabnine is safe. It is powered by a proprietary LLM, which has been trained on a vast array of public code repositories. However, the key difference is that Tabnine’s dataset was carefully vetted to ensure it only includes secure, high-quality code with permissive open-source licenses.

What model does Tabnine use?

Tabnine uses a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM).

How does Tabnine work?

Tabnine works by analyzing the code you are writing and predicting what the next line should be based on patterns it has learned from millions of open-source code repositories. It uses a proprietary LLM, which has been trained on a vast array of public code repositories. It can suggest completions for variables, functions, classes, and more, helping to speed up your coding process.

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