Tekmetric: Reviews, Features, Pricing and Alternatives

Yogesh Pant
Jan 02, 2024

Tekmetric is a shop management system for entrepreneurs in the car repair industry that is driven by business. It provides inventory management, real-time reporting, centralized communication, reduced procedures, and clear DVI. Tekmtric is a 2016-founded startup headquartered in Houston, Texas. We will go into great depth about the app and Tekmetric Login in this blog!

What is Tekmetric?

Shop owners like you have the ability to expand their businesses and the flexibility to pursue more of their passions thanks to the Tekmetric Shop Management System TM. Our all-inclusive, cloud-based solution gives your repair company a contemporary, user-friendly workflow that delivers a 21st-century client experience. To ensure that you are available for your clients, colleagues, and loved ones, you may monitor shop metrics and repairs at any time and from any location.

Shop owners can’t find an all-in-one solution like the Tekmetric Shop Management System, which effortlessly blends cutting-edge functionality and industry-leading connections. With the shop owners’ consent, retailers may also utilize Tekmetric’s API to share their company data with other services and other chosen connections. Everybody participating in the repair process will find life simpler because of key features including customer profiles and notes, digital vehicle inspections, TekmessageTM True Two Way Texting, a job board, a tech board, and TekmerchantTM Text-to-Pay that seamlessly combine to create a simplified workflow.

Transparency, honesty, creativity, and most importantly, a customer-first service philosophy are values that Tekmetric upholds. Since its founding in Houston, Texas in 2015, Tekmetric has been offering retailers dependable, prompt customer support. Our customer-focused service attitude of listening to clients has remained a key principle even as Tekmetric has expanded to employ over fifty individuals. Operating on Tekmetric, thousands of businesses across North America set industry standards for customer service, shop profitability, and community participation. Shop owners and the Tekmetric team are working together to achieve their common goal of advancing the auto repair sector.

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Pros and Cons of Tekmetric Reviews


  • Each problem we encounter must be resolved. The Tekmetric Customer Service crew has been excellent.
  • Inquiries are addressed almost instantly, and the follow-up is excellent.
  • Greatly functional, and well-designed, and the digital inspections are a pleasure to use.
  • We like that it is online, simple to use, has an excellent support staff, and is updated often to improve the program.


  • RO Board is dirty quickly, and a rapid counter sale is not possible.
  • I cannot think of a single thing that I dislike about this program.
  • The one thing I don't like is that shop supplies aren't included when you provide a client with an estimate.
  • Other than the fact that deleting a customer's car erases the bills from their account, I don't have many problems.

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How to Login to the Tekmetric?

All store workers who use Tekmetric may access their online accounts by logging onto the corporate website. Take a look at the instructions below!

Tekmetric's Requirements for Login

  • Please ask the shop owner for your login credentials.
  • Make sure your internet connection is up and running at all times.
  • For optimal compatibility, any device running the Chrome web browser will function. Other alternatives are Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. A 10-inch screen is required for the gadget.

How to Log in to Tekmetric Step by Step

To rapidly access the Tekmetric login page, visit the official website at www.tekmetric.com and click the Sign In link located in the upper right corner. The steps involved in logging in are listed below.

  • Open a secure web browser on your PC or mobile device to visit the Tekmetric website.
  • On the website, click the Sign In link located in the upper right corner.
  • After logging in using your email address and password, click the Sign In button.
  • If your login details are correct, you will see your Tekmetric user dashboard page.

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Change the password for Tekmetric Login.

If a store employee loses their account password, they may simply establish a new own by following the guidelines provided below.

  • By visiting the Tekmetric login page and selecting the link on the login form, you may change your password.
  • A form to reset your password will appear on the screen.
  • Click the "Reset Password" button after providing your email address and completing the captcha verification.
  • Your address will get an email with a link to reset your password.
  • Open your email and click the password reset link. Then, type a new password for your account.

Activate Account

New hires need to activate their accounts before they may log in. A 24-hour link to activate their accounts will be sent to all new members. After making sure your email is correct, click the link to activate your account. If you don’t activate your account, you will need a fresh activation link. They may send a new activation link at any time using the employee profile area of the store admin.

Tekmetric API

The Tekmetric API is a component of the company’s service package designed to streamline and automate management duties for car repair shops. It gives developers access to Tekmetric’s many functions so they may incorporate them into their services or apps.

The Tekmetric API provides resources for developers, including SDK, API documentation, and example code 2, and supports many development methods, including GraphQL and RESTful APIs.

It also supports OAuth 2 and SSO authentication mechanisms and offers a sandbox environment for testing API requests without compromising production data.

Additionally, the Tekmetric API facilitates platform and tool integration, allowing for smooth system-to-system workflow. For example, the list of featured integrations on Tekmetric’s websites shows that it may be linked with Advance Auto Parts, OEC Repairlink, ProDemand, and Slack, among other companies.

Nevertheless, precise information about the uses and capabilities of the Tekmetric API is not made accessible to the general public. Developers would have to sign up for a free developer account on the Tekmetric API platform to access more detailed information.

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Tekmetric's Features

The helpful characteristics are listed below.

1.    Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time information to swiftly assess the success of your store by seeing the important metrics associated with various areas. Finding key performance indicators for sales, income, labor expenses, etc. might be helpful.

2.    Workflow

This auto shop software has a workflow that may be customized to match the particular needs of the businesses. This tailored process improves the operations' overall efficacy and uniformity even further.

3.    Digital Car Inspection

This function improves communication between the client and the business by taking images and videos of the car and displaying them alongside the repair orders. It enhances Tekmetric’s capacity for communication.

4.    Mark-Up Matrices

To assist companies in managing the cost of their services, Tekmetric offers a range of Mark-Up alternatives depending on variables such as labor expenses, overhead costs, profit margins, etc.

5.    Tekmerchant

Integrated payment processing services are part of the Tekmetric software. It’s a fantastic method for safely completing online payments for their service.

6.    Centralized Communication

Staff members can communicate, debate job orders, and handle their responsibilities more effectively when there is a centralized communication system in place.

7.    Tekmessage

Important information about repair orders, including appointment reminders and progress updates, may be sent to customers via a messaging system.

8.    Inventory

Tracking the crucial components and maintaining inventory is made remarkably easy by the Tekmetric software suite's inventory management system.

9.    Integrations

Quickbooks, Carfax, and other third-party systems may now be easily integrated with Tekmetric. It improves the system efficiency of Tekmetric.

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Pricing of Tekmetric Software

The cost is $99.00 for Tekmetric.

Ideal for moving away from paper records and using digital fundamental tools for your organization.

  • No Limitless Repair Requests
  • Schedules and Consultations
  • Management of Vendors and Inventory
  • Pre-made Work & Sublease
  • Inspections of Digital Vehicles (DVI)
  • Digital Authorizations & Invoicing for One-Way Messaging
  • No Restrictions on Users' Monthly

Increase by $299.00

Boost productivity and boost sales with strong tools to propel your store to new heights. Everything in Start is included in the price, plus:

  • Work Guide and Schedule of Maintenance
  • Components That Are Integrated Purchasing Marketing Studies
  • Reports on Inventory
  • Both job and time clocks
  • Monthly Videos for DVI Unlimited Users

Scale $389.00

With our most complete and cutting-edge bundle, you can dominate the market with unrivaled competitive advantages. The cost includes every item in Expand, additionally:

  • Dual-Phase Messaging
  • Analytics for Employee Performance
  • Instantaneous Store dashboard
  • Specs, Service Bulletins, Filters, and Technician Board Fluids
  • No Restrictions on Users' Monthly

Alternatives for Tekmetric


Shop-Ware shop management systems, the industry leader recognize by operators of single and many sites, let you provide uniform service with knowledgeable personnel at every location. With the help of integrated vehicle inspections and cloud-based repair orders, you can quickly prepare service requests and send them to your clients for prompt approval. Inventory management, premade tasks, live chat, native parts ordering, payment processing, and an automated gross profit optimizer that finds and meets your shop’s parts GP goal are all included in this all-in-one platform. Link your preferred third-party application with the widest range of direct integrators, such as Quickbooks + Mitchell1.


Small to medium-sized enterprises may benefit from the cloud-based auto shop management system called Omnique.

Omnique provides several capabilities, such as the ability to create estimates, order components, and schedule appointments. It can interface with nearby vendors of components and gives shop managers access to labor time estimates. The technology enables technicians and service advisers to access real-time data and link many businesses via a single interface.

Separate logins are made for each user and administrator to enable safe access, allowing them to see just the features they need. To guard against data loss, the information is automatically saved on a secure and is backed up off-site.

Omnique is compatible with all major operating systems and devices and is offered at many price levels on a monthly subscription basis.


Order writing, workflow management, and fleet maintenance are some of the functions that the on-premise auto shop management system MaxxTraxx offers. Automotive, bicycle, heavy truck, restoration, motorcycle, and marine repair businesses may all employ this system. There are several versions of MaxxTraxx available, and it can handle daily operations in stores of any size.

Several shop management functions are available with MaxxTraxx, including order histories, work-in-progress tracking, appointment control, task scheduling, and quotation tracking. Shop managers get color-coded notifications to let them know when they are losing money on a repair order overall or when they are selling an item for less than what it is worth at retail. When looking for component returns or order recalls, users may search their order history.

Features for parts management offered by MaxxTraxx support precise costing, various components pricing, inventory control, and invoice monitoring. Transaction exporting is possible for those who link the service with QuickBooks.


Napa Tracs is an online solution for company growth and administration that gives auto repair firms access to technical resources. Extended hours are available six days a week for live tech help. Using data from real-time sources, the program assists in creating estimations and bills.

Robust solutions from Napa Tracs are suitable for single users, groups of users, and even several businesses. The program has accounting, marketing, and other technological aspects. Owners may obtain any technical information on spare parts or other car-related information by using the Napa Tracs database.

When monitoring a vehicle’s service history and the customer’s contact details, the Smart Cell Phone option makes it possible for users to access the system via mobile devices. This program also helps in marketing strategy planning and accounting work automation.


A cloud-based shop management system called Fullbay was created specifically for heavy-duty commercial repair businesses. Even when they are not in the shop, shop owners, technicians, managers, and customers may remain active in the repair process thanks to the app.

Through a branded portal, Fullbay enables clients to make repair or maintenance requests, see a vehicle's status, authorize work, and settle invoice payments in addition to keeping track of a vehicle's maintenance history. Owners may generate real-time data to monitor the performance of the business and observe how effective each professional is. Additionally, shops don't need to input financial data into another program since Fullbay interfaces with QuickBooks Online to provide comprehensive recordkeeping.

The software works on tablets, phones, and web browsers and is compatible with both iOS and Android. No matter where you are, your shop can stay on the bleeding edge of fleet maintenance thanks to its many industry-leading integrations.


A flexible and effective solution for managing car repair shops is Tekmetric. For companies of all sizes, its extensive feature set, flexible pricing, and excellent support make it an excellent option. To make sure they choose the platform that best meets their demands, prospective users should examine their unique needs and the alternatives that are accessible.

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