Top Tips for Making a Website That Stands Out from the Competition

Mayanka Pant
May 07, 2024


Today's data-driven, digital-first business environment makes an online presence for a firm more crucial than ever. A website is a quick and simple way for a business to build its clientele, build its brand, and maintain its competitiveness. Making a website from the ground up may be intimidating, particularly for startups or individuals with little online expertise. On the other hand, with the right planning and guidance, you may boldly go on this journey and give yourself the ability to create a unique online identity for your business.

In this post, we'll discuss making a website from scratch. While this book is written with novices in mind, before you begin, be aware that certain methods may need intermediate to advanced knowledge of web design and coding.

How to Make a Website in 10 Easy Steps from Scratch

As of February 2023, there were 1.13 billion websites worldwide, of which 82% were inactive. This indicates that 200 million of them are still live. There are 5,708,965 websites in India. With 97 billion and 80.05 billion visits, respectively, Google and YouTube are the most popular websites worldwide. According to Statista, the most popular websites and online services in India are shown in the figures below by category.


Making a website from scratch is a fun opportunity to ensure that your website accurately reflects your company's goals and vision, despite the fact that it does require labor. Every aspect of the website may be customized, including its design and usability, which inspires you to apply your own original ideas.

These ten stages are crucial when starting from scratch when making a website.

Grow and Get Relevant Skills

Before you begin developing your new website, you should evaluate your strongest suit, particularly your web development and coding abilities. These skills come in handy when creating a do-it-yourself website since they allow you to handle crucial technical steps independently, which speeds up development and expands your creative options. Prerequisites for website development include search engine optimization (SEO), which promotes and optimizes your site to be discoverable and competitive within Google's search algorithm, and debugging and troubleshooting (to ensure your site is consistently compelling, up to date, and free of critical security flaws). Programming with HTML/CSS and JavaScript offers further advantages for several design and usability components. It is quite helpful to be proficient in both front-end and back-end web development since it allows you to understand and manage problems pertaining to the site's underlying design and client-facing usability at a very technical level. Check out our guide if you're thinking about pursuing a career in web development.

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Choose a Goal.

After assessing our skills, it's important to set a clear objective for your website. This objective will guide the creation and design of the website, ensuring that it fulfills its intended function. Do you want to improve user experience, build your brand, or boost sales? If these goals are clear, it will be much easier to develop the elements of the website.

If all relevant questions have been answered, designing the user interface, visual elements, potential pages, and other items directly related to your goals should be simpler. For instance, if you want to use the website to promote your brand and streamline online transactions, you may design a home page that offers quick access to corporate updates, highlighted products, and identity-based information (such a lengthy "About Us" section). Whatever your vision, be sure to be as clear and precise as you can with your goals.

Select a Web Server Provider


Selecting a hosting company is an easy but important step in the creation of a website. Many loans also demand web hosting in addition to a domain name.

Similar to website builders, web hosting is a service that lets you create a website and register a domain name (we suggest Hostinger to anybody just starting out).

Selecting the finest web hosting solution will allow you to have the most flexibility and eventually have access to several revenue streams.

Whether it's Wix, Squarespace, or another website builder, you can only use that one.

On the other hand, if you utilize web hosting, you may create a website or websites using a number of free website builders, such as WordPress, Joomla, Dr. Pal, and so on. This allows you a great deal of artistic freedom while building your website.

Selecting the right web host is crucial for your website and for you, particularly if you want to monetize it.

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It also implies that you won't be constrained in terms of your abilities or the prices you may charge for them. Many website builders ultimately retain a substantial portion of your sales. Consequently, choose a trustworthy web host if you want to operate a business out of your website.

The data on your website is also kept secure and available via web hosting, allowing users to view it anytime they choose.

Web hosts are not all the same, but they are quite different in terms of dependability and performance. You don't want a malfunctioning web server to cost you supporters or clients.

What is the location of a web server host?

After years of observation involving over twenty web hosting businesses, we have determined that Hostinger is among the most affordable and reliable providers.


If you choose the Premium option, which also comes with a domain name, the first year's payment will just be $47. If you want to stay longer, the renewal fees have gone up a bit.

Select a domain name.

Selecting a domain name for a website may seem simple and quick in theory. But as GoDaddy notes, the procedure is comparable to deciding on a company name. Your domain name will play a significant role in your online visibility, so you should think carefully about it. If your domain name is unique from an SEO perspective, it could be easier for search engines to locate your website and for digital marketing campaigns to promote it. Don't forget to set aside some time to explore a few domain ideas. Do extra market and keyword research to help you create a name that is memorable, short, and accurately describes the service or product you are selling. Your domain name should be memorable, distinctive, and reflect your target area or demographic. You could even want to include your location into the name.

These variables include whether you need e-commerce capabilities, appointment scheduling, or other crucial business operations. If you can customize it to your liking, use the theme as a basis for more ambitious development projects, such atomized widgets and plugins, page layouts, and color palettes.

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Select a Site Layout or Template

The arrangement of your website will play a significant role in enabling the desired user experience, thus selecting a layout needs serious thought. As a beginning point, choose a website builder that offers a variety of suitable site themes. Next, narrow down your selection to just those possibilities whose layouts and designs go well with your ideas. These factors might include if you need appointment scheduling, e-commerce functionality, or other essential company functions. Use the theme as a starting point for more ambitious development projects, such personalized color schemes, page layouts, and plugins and widgets, if you can modify it to your desire.

Create Helpful Pages 


The most successful websites include a lot of pages or sections, often consisting of a main page and multiple auxiliary pages that showcase different business units. These pages should be simple to navigate and readily available since they make up the majority of your website. The way they are grouped and sorted should also be guided by the intended user experience. Using a website builder, you must be able to create, remove, and modify pages inside of your primary site theme. With this tool, create pages that express the purpose and messaging of your website. Consider the main page of the ASA. Its home page has several capabilities arranged logically, along with sections dedicated to the organization's history, current goals and endeavors, downloads, and social media platforms. This kind of method helps NASA users by giving them access to all the information they need in a fast and effective way. Whatever the name or level of expertise of your company, you must use the same process while creating your website. Focus on appropriate page divides rather than jam-packing pages with information in one spot.

Establish a Payment System, If Needed. 

If the goal of your website is to enable online sales, make sure it has an appropriate storefront style that showcases the products and services your company provides. Smooth digital transactions are often seen as a make-or-break feature for retail websites, so be sure to design your business wisely. First, most profitable online companies use a range of payment methods, including connected services like PayPal and Google Pay, in addition to debit and credit cards. Additionally, the cornerstone of your payment system need to be secure, effective, and seamless payments that promote insurance and a sense of adaptability. This feature might increase both the number of goods or services being assessed for purchase and the bounce rate of your website.

Features like sticky header navigation, which keeps the header in place when scrolling, could also be useful to you. It lets customers keep browsing and buying products. Providing a straightforward and enjoyable user experience may significantly boost customer trust and loyalty; the most successful internet shops are little examples of this concept.

Your Success, Our Priority

Turn Your Idea Into Reality


Analyze and Enhance Your Website

After putting the necessary elements in place, you should spend some time testing and fine-tuning the completed version of your website. In 2021, one of the most trustworthy indicators for assessing a website's effectiveness is its usability. Its user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) it provides should thus be given top priority. These elements may be assessed via usability testing and technical audits of the website's front and back ends. Keep an eye on how users interact with your website and record any mistakes, miscommunications, or other issues that come up. This is a great way to evaluate usability. Asking thoughtful questions will lead to more insightful answers and thorough feedback, both of which will enhance the clientele's experience. During technical audits, look at various SEO components (such naturally occurring keywords and backlinks, content optimization), site performance metrics (like multimedia playback and page speed), and problems with the site's underlying code.

Promote Your Online Presence

Importance of Online Presence and How Your Business Can make the Best of It

It's now essential that your website be online in order to get it in front of the people you want to see it for. Fortunately, websites may choose from a wide range of effective digital marketing techniques. Creating social media accounts is a great way to improve the exposure of your website. A lot of these systems make it simple to connect straight to the URLs of the websites, syndicate content from the sites, and point followers to other pages within the websites. Many different types of websites allow for the direct integration of social networks. Since organic linking increases ranking authority, this is good for SEO for all linked entities. Other choices include reaching out to us and using Google's business and advertising, which might help property owners advertise their websites via targeted advertisements and, if possible, have relevant physical locations added to Google Maps (along with links to their websites). By employing site multimedia imaginatively, web administrators may extend their website's reach into other social markets.  An internet video might be reposted on a social networking site with a link to the original content.

Update Your Website Frequently


Even after your website has been created and gained popularity, make sure you keep it updated. If your website has outdated content and poorly maintained features (broken links, faulty multimedia, etc.), people may get disinterested or bored with it as it gains popularity. You must use your website for purposes other than uploading and blogging because of this.

HostGator advises you to follow a few crucial steps to ensure that your website is maintained. Among them are:

  • A visual checklist with recommendations for enhancing your website.
  • Create a content schedule to ensure that the information on your website is up to date, trustworthy, and representative of the latest trends and advancements.
  • If there is still value in outdated information, consider repurposing and republishing it (maybe with an SEO-friendly backlink to the original).
  • Audit design-related elements and references to certain site keywords on a regular basis.
  • It is worthwhile to think about updating site layouts and designs to more accurately reflect current events.

Additionally, pay close attention to customer comments as it might help develop an online experience that is more thorough. If consumers are having trouble seeing your website on a mobile device, you may want to consider improving the theme or style of your website. Make sure to inform your users about these changes by posting on social media or sending them an internal email.

Web developers are largely in charge of building robust and eye-catching websites; they often need full-stack programming expertise. With Berkeley Coding Boot Camp, aspiring developers may accelerate their business objectives or explore thrilling new career possibilities by learning these skills in three to six months.

How to Acquire and Improve Your Skills in Creating Contemporary Websites

After discussing the process of beginning from scratch when developing a website, there's one more important question to be addressed: where (and how) can you start?


Making a website from start is not too difficult, but it does benefit from having a solid basis in fundamental abilities. Thankfully, there are several ways to acquire the knowledge and skills required to create and develop contemporary websites. These include standard college degrees in relevant disciplines, boot camp programs, and individual study plans. Your choice will probably be influenced by the curriculum structure and optimal learning rate that you have in mind. Each of these choices offers a different angle on honing your website-building abilities.

A brief synopsis of each learning choice is provided below.


The best way to learn how to create websites is probably via a boot camp program, particularly if you want to become an expert in coding and web building. These courses provide a thorough introduction to web development and the fundamentals of coding, along with several modules that offer opportunities for practical, project-based learning. Different experience levels of students are catered for in their course design.

Boot camps, while intense and rapid, are comprehensive and somewhat adaptable. Novice website developers often pick up abilities that will come in helpful later on and study at their own pace. For example, students at Berkeley Coding Boot Camp may learn full-stack web programming in as short as 12 to 24 weeks, depending on their availability and level of commitment.

Furthermore, according to HackerRank's 2020 Developer Skills Report, almost one in three hiring managers sought for boot camp alumni for developer jobs in 2020, demonstrating the growing respect web development companies have for these grads. Of these managers, over 72 percent felt that their new recruits were "equally or better equipped for the job than other hires."

This statistic displays the proportion of hiring managers who thought boot camp grads were "equally or better equipped" than other job candidates.

See our guide on learning JavaScript at a boot camp for further resources.

Ready to bring your B2B portal or app idea to life?

Conventional Degrees

Alternatively, those who want to work as web developers might enroll in a conventional college degree program and acquire practical skills. These choices enable students to refine their website-building skills while learning about larger firms that contain such capabilities, even though they are frequently lengthier than most boot camp programs. They also provide students the choice of learning on or off campus in a welcoming, slower-paced environment. Many well-known universities are offering separate online courses in web development and coding.

Digital arts, computer science, and engineering majors are relevant to website building.

Individual Instruction

There are many different alternatives available for independent learning, including website development skills, for those who choose to study alone. These choices come in a range of formats, such as comprehensive instructional films, educational applications, and free online courses. Independent learning offers the rare opportunity to develop critical soft skills like project compartmentalization, time management, and personal responsibility while studying on your terms, at your speed, and with the media of your choice. But compared to the previous two songs, it is less organized.

Your website is prepared for use! - Conclusion

Wonderful work! Your website should be operational at this time.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help setting up your website or if you run into any problems.

It's also crucial to link Google Search Console to your website. Known by its common name, GSC, this useful tool assists you in tracking search engine traffic and determining the most popular content among your audience. Google Search Console offers a thorough overview of the operation of your website as well as significant insights that are critical to its maintenance. This tool has a simple setup that should take no more than ten minutes to complete. You can discover a comprehensive guide to assist you at every stage right here.

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