Top 10 iOS 13 Features

Yogesh Pant
Aug 14, 2019

Top 10 iOS 13 Features That’ll Excite Mobile App Developers in 2019

There is plenty of good news for Apple iPhone users. The iOS 13 is bringing in some of the best, biggest and user friendly features to make the iPhone a coveted pride possession. We have delved into the iPhone features and brought out the 10 best iOS 13 features for our readers. The new iOS 13 is portraying an enormous enhancement in its performance along with a gamut of new features to be compatible with future versions of iPhone. Mtoag recognized as top iphone apps development company in India, USA to provide quality iPhone App Development Services. Hire iphone app developers. 

Read on to know more about the exciting features that will be available in iPhone 6S for users.

1. Unknown Callers Silent Mode

If you have been thronged with spam and marketing calls who are evidently not in your iPhone’s contact list, this heart rendering feature will make you super happy. Open the Settings tab and go to the Phone section. Scrolling through this section, you will reach the new “Silence Unknown Callers” option. Switch it ON to send those irritating calls directly to voicemail without even getting a beep.

2. Dark Mode – iPhone

Users will at last find relief from the battery consuming full glare screen mode in their phones with the inception of Dark Mode feature in the upcoming iOS 13. This feature will be prevalent in all applications as well as being visible system wide. The Dark Mode feature can be manually turned on and scheduled as per your preference. Third party app developers will find it easy to integrate this feature in their apps. The Dark Mode will save battery power and your phone will run longer, plus it will be pleasing to your eyes as well.

3. Quick Path Keyboard

This is a wonderful feature of the iOS 13 keyboard. IPhone users can type with ease and also be able to swipe/glide across the word with élan. Prior to this feature addition to iOS 13, iPhone users were dependent on third party apps like Swift Key or Gboard for the swipe/glide/type functions. Mtoag is a renowned Swift app development company providing best Swift app development services. Get futuristic and feature-rich Swift-based mobile apps at budget prices.

4. Low Data Mode

This is a cost saving measure feature that will bring smiles to all those who are burdened with heavy data usage or roaming data charges. Seeing the high data prices and sudden upsurges by in data plans by telecom/mobile companies, Apple has added the Low Data Mode in the new iOS 13. Go to the Settings app and click on the Cellular section. As you scroll down, you will see the Low Data Mode option there. Click on this option to cut down on your data usage and save money. 

5. Managing the Safari Tab

Many of us have the habit of leaving Safari tabs open incessantly. The Safari browser has now been enhanced with excellent history and search features. Simply go to the Settings App and scroll to the inbuilt Safari section found there. You can schedule the automatic closing on tabs in durations of a day, a week or even a month as suits your preference.

6. Safari Dual Mode Screenshots

People are fond of taking screenshots in their mobile phones, so is the case with iPhone users. Now there has been a feature addition in Safari through which the user can select either of two given options of “Screen” and “Full Page” for taking screenshots. The Screen allows you to take pictures screenshots while for capturing the full website you can use the Full Page option. No need to download third party apps for it.

7. Improved Search-in Messages – Apple

Users will be happy to note that the iOS 13 is coming with a completely revamped Search-in Messages feature. All you need to do is swipe down for a search. The new interface has a new option called “See All” through which you can see a recent search result or a full list of it. Previously it was truly horrendous to maneuver through the Messages app of iPhone previous versions.

8. New Photo/Video Edit Tools and overhauled Photos

The new iOS 13 is bringing some truly amazing features in its kitty. Now iPhone users will be able to impart an expert’s touch to their lovable snapshots. Through the edit feature tools, users can add in shadows, highlights, brilliance, contrasts as well as noise reduction to their photos as well as their videos without much effort. The videos can be enhanced with editing and adding of filters and effects along with a rotational capability.

9. Emoji Search & Custom Created Memoji and Animoji

This is a choice favorite and high in demand feature of iPhone users to Apple. Users can now search for their mood emojis straight through the updated Emoji search feature. Plus the additional support feature for user created Memoji that is compatible to all iPhones. For Animoji lovers, they will have 3 cute characters – a cow, a mouse and an octopus for easy usage in the Messages appHire IOS DEVELOPERS and Programmer for Your iOS App Idea & Project. We have dedicated iOS Developers for hire, Get a free consultation for your app project. 

10. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the Control Center – iOS 13

Is bringing a welcome feature of managing your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from one Control Center itself. The method has been truly simplified in the new iOS 13 version as compared to its predecessors. Just go to the Control Center where you will find the Wireless Networks Widget. There you will see two options for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As per your requirement, say for example you want to switch on your Wi-Fi, simply long press the Wi-Fi button and you will find a list of available networks. Select your preferred network and connect. The same goes for Bluetooth – long press the Bluetooth button and effectively manage your Bluetooth connections.

Despite the above improvements, the new iOS 13 provides enhanced data stability, security of Enterprise App development , upgraded Core ML 2 for enhanced functionality and storage of Cloud-based apps. IOS 13 is set to open a new eon in top mobile app development companies.

iOS developers for hire can now experiment a lot while creating an iOS. If you are interested in getting an app developed for deploying to the Apple Store, Mtoag Technologies is the right company to partner with.

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