Top 5 Awesome PHP Web Performance Guides to Escalate Success Rate

Raju Ram Khakhal
Feb 10, 2020

Are you having a wonderful idea and planning to go in for PHP web development for the same? Looking to simply hire PHP developers for your offshore PHP development requirement? If yes, then Mtoag are the experts to get the job done for you, well within your budget and on the given time scale.

PHP is an open source server-side scripting language that is highly popular for skillfully designing websites. Its recent version 7.4 was initially released on Nov 2019. PHP programming language is the most favored web development language.The PHP language gets effortlessly embedded in HTML code. There are PHP extensions that offer unparalleled functionality for scripting code and relatively speedy in comparison to its competitors. PHP is highly extendible as well as platform independent. PHP language also supports a wide range of databases and is highly cost effective for developing web applications. There are millions of websites running on PHP language. Some of the well-known websites running on PHP are Facebook, Tumblr,, Mail Chimp to name a few.

Before you jump on to the PHP development bandwagon, you must understand about website optimal performance. Every business needs to have a proper maintenance and smooth working of their website to encourage visitors to it. If you aren’t tech savvy then it is best to hire PHP developers to develop your offshore PHP development project.


To run a PHP web application successfully, performance is an integral point to consider. Visitors to websites normally complain about slow loading pages, unresponsive links, pages not being accessible amongst other performance factors. This leads to loss of visitors and inevitably prospective customers to your website. It is pertinent to keep checking and monitoring your web application’s performance levels to keep your customers satisfied with you.We have outlined 5 major reasons that you should consider for measuring your website performance.

  • Caching
  • Profiling
  • Reviewing Database Access
  • Suppression of Loops
  • Minifying Static Scripts

Follow the given simple, easy and effective steps that can help to tune up your PHP web application’s performance to optimum levels.

1. Caching

Caching tops the list when it comes to optimizing website performance methods. Caching is the practice for reducing page download time and enhancing web application Development Company. Due to this, visitors experience with the website increases multi-fold.

When a visitor visits the website, he clicks on images and pages that catch his curiosity. The cache is mainly a copy of those images and HTML files stored on the web server. When the visitor comes the second time to the website the cache portrays the stored objects to the visitor. Though, a good gesture on the part of the cache, but, it needlessly slows down the website’s performance.

It is sensible to strategize caching from the server-side alone to offset delays in loading time of the website. There are a variety of tools available in the market to help in enhancing your caching strategy. This will help in getting you a higher ranking on Google as well as enhancing page load time of website.

2. Profiling

Profiling is another means for upping your ante of web performance. There are umpteen Open Source tools readily available in the market for assisting in profiling your website. Prefix is a popular profiling tool with the ability to provide regular feedback on your server-side performance and the time the page took to load amongst other features. Xdebug is another debugging tool that has now been enhanced with profiling reporting capabilities. It will showcase the basically required PHP code while pointing out the time-consuming section effectively.

3. Reviewing Database Access

Database is a fundamental element of any web application. Keep a check on the fundamental resources to provide data on query stats, database indexes, executing plans, amongst others. SQL Database Server is a costly affair but it is an inherent requirement of PHP language. Detailed reporting of every SQL query across the application is a must have for proper functioning of the PHP website. APM (application performance management) tools help to track SQL queries from multiple databases. This is a very important aspect that PHP developers on hire take care for proper functioning of PHP web application.

4. Suppression of Loops

PHP development normally supports 4 types of loops for implementing certain code blocks for particular time frames. Loops are immensely powerful and play an integral part in saving precious time of offshore PHP development. Whenever you hire PHP developers, as per standard procedure they consistently use loops for working out various instructions. Developers need to take care in evaluating and executing loops in PHP development. Loops are also responsible for creating bottlenecks if certain codes are executing slowly which have been put into loop. This can reach alarming situations and relatively slow down the PHP web application.


5. Minifying Static Scripts

Normally PHP employs various scripts like HTML, CSS, JS, etc. for developing the entire application. Eventually all these scripts play pivotal roles in the performance of the PHP web application.

It is advisable to minify such static scripts and accentuate a faster loading application. There are some manual steps you can undertake for reducing total processing time such as minimizing server requests, load order optimization, minimizing downloading elements size, refreshing CSS and JS files, merging etc.

Utilize easily available tools like JS Minified, JS & CSS Script Optimizer from the market for performing these manual procedures.

To Conclude

PHP web applications are the best in today’s market. If you are stressed out with performance issues of your PHP web application, you should try out the above tips. Though most of your issues should be solved, but some issues might require professional assistance. It is business sense to go with the experts and hire PHP developers from a well-known website development company in India, USA. Mtoag, has always been in the forefront in providing proficient and skillful PHP developers for hire. We are just a call away should you decide to seek professional expertise for optimizing your PHP website performance.

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