Top Apps Like Snapchat You Need to Try Today

Yogesh Pant
Oct 10, 2023

Snapchat is a name that needs no introduction in the social media industry. The app has become a vital part of the millennials’ lifestyle, who never miss a day of sharing their moments or maintaining their streaks. With 238 million daily active users, Snapchat is probably the most loved social media platform after Facebook and Instagram. The popularity of this instant messaging app has tempted a number of Snapchat competitors to create apps like Snapchat.

And to your surprise, let us tell you that users are even embracing these apps similar to Snapchat for obvious reasons. Firstly, the app keeps crashing at times, and secondly, there is nothing left unique about Snapchat. You can even use Snapchat filters without Snapchat through third-party apps. 

So, if you’re also looking for apps similar to Snapchat, you’re probably not the only one. The App stores are flooded with apps like Snapchat with a good number of downloads. 

However, not all of the Snapchat competitors are successful, but we have managed to compile a list of some of the most popular and relevant apps like Snapchat. But before you put all your focus on Snapchat alternatives, you first need to make sure whether you really need to switch to another platform or not. 

A Quick Review of Snapchat

If you’re a social media enthusiast, you already know popular is Snapchat. As we know Snapchat is a camera app that lets you capture and share your photos and videos with your friends and followers. You can also add filters, stickers, and effects to make your snaps more interesting and expressive. 

The app was launched in 2011 by Reggie Brown, a former student at Stanford University. The app quickly garnered a huge user base due to the distinct features it offers. The app generated a whopping $389.82 million in revenue in 2019. 

The photo or video a user shares with their contact quickly vanishes after they see it. Not just the privacy, Snapchat quickly became the hottest social media app because of its interactive, fun filters and snap camera. While most of its users are satisfied with the services, others still complain about what can be improved. 

Below are some pros and cons of Snapchat to get you a better understanding of the platform: 

Snapchat Pros

Snapchat Cons

Interactive features and creative filters

Many of its stand-out features are no longer unique

Auto delete feature for messages and snaps

Lots of software issues and bugs

Supports AR features

No cross-platform content sharing

Highly secure and robust privacy

Limited 60-second videos

An all-in-one messaging app

Expensive advertising

Photo and video editor

Why Should You Look for Snapchat Alternatives?

Despite the immersed popularity of Snapchat, the app has some drawbacks that might make you want to look for other apps like Snapchat that can offer you more features, privacy, and control over your social media experience. 

Here are some reasons why you might want to look for Snapchat alternatives:

  • Snapchat has a confusing and cluttered interface that can be hard to navigate and use.
  • The app does not allow you to save or view past snaps from other users unless they are in your chat history or stories.
  • It does not let you use your own photo as a profile picture, only an avatar or bitmoji.
  • The app consumes a lot of storage space and battery life on your device, especially if you use it frequently.
  • It does not show you the online status or last seen of other users, so you might not know if they are available or not.
  • It has some security and privacy issues, such as the possibility of hackers accessing your account or snaps, or third-party apps violating your data.

Top 10 Apps Like Snapchat

Now that you know the reason why you should consider looking for Snapchat alternatives, let’s take a look at our curated list of top apps like Snapchat. 



  • Source: App Store, Play Store
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, Windows Phone, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 3.8 Billion+

Instagram is a popular social media app that lets you share your photos and videos with the world. It is a great option for those who are looking for apps like Snapchat. Instagram has many features that Snapchat does not have, such as stores, and live functions. 

Instagram has an advantage over Snapchat when it comes to privacy and security. It allows you to delete your messages after sending them, just like Snapchat. But unlike Snapchat, Instagram also lets you know who blocked you on their app, so you can avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. 

Apart from individuals, Instagram is the best social platform for online businesses and personal branding. It has everything you need to showcase your products, services, or talents to a large audience. You can also use hashtags, stories, reels, and IGTV to reach more people and grow your network.

It is also an app for saving memories and staying connected with your loved ones. You can use video calls and audio messages to chat with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. You can also create highlights and albums to organize your snaps and relive your moments.

Instagram Pros and Cons



Reels and 10-minute IGTV videos

No audio calls

Face filters for photos and videos

Frequent frustrating advertising

Private chat

No auto-delete feature like Instagram

Video calls and messaging

Cross-platform file sharing


  • Source: App Store, Play Store
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 260.84 million+

TikTok is a social media app that lets you share entertaining and educational videos. It is similar to Snapchat in many ways. Like Snapchat, you can use many video filters and different songs and sounds to make your videos more fun and catchy. 

You can also edit your videos with a TikTok video editor to make them better. The app does not have any features that let you delete your files, messages, chats, and video calls after sending them. 

But it has a lot of comments, likes, and followers that you can interact with. You can download TikTok on iOS, Android, and Web devices.

TikTok Pros and Cons



Engaging short videos

No messaging services are available

Lots of interactive video filters and effects

Limited editing

Simple and easy user interface

Frequent lagging issues

A long list of songs to add to your videos 

Wickr Me

  • Source: Play Store, App Store, Web
  • Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Number of Downloads: 5,000,000+

Wickr Me is the best app for those who want something like Snapchat. The app works on both iPhone and Android devices. It lets you send encrypted messages, voice notes, pictures, and videos. 

Wickr Me is one of the best filter apps like Snapchat. It has stickers and filters for photos and videos. The app has a feature that makes your pictures, videos, and messages disappear after a while just like in Snapchat. 

Another advantage of Wickr Me is that it protects your privacy. No one can spy on, interfere with, or monitor your conversations. The app lets you find your friends by their names or by using your contacts list. This is different from Snapchat, where you need a username or a snapcode.


Wickr Me Pros and Cons



Extremely fast and secure

No sync between other apps and devices

No annoying and frustrating ads

No screenshot alerts

Full anonymity


  • Source: App Store, Play Store, and Web
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 34.8 million+

Telegram is a mobile messaging app that is simple and safe. It is one of the best apps like Snapchat for Android and iOS users. The app claims to be the quickest messaging app in the world. 

Telegram connects people through its special network of data centers that are spread across the world. With Telegram, users can chat, make voice and video calls, share different files, make group chats with up to 200,000 people, and even make bots for easy tasks. 

Telegram is a great place for collaboration and building large online communities. It has a sleek user interface that makes it very user-friendly. And with Telegram’s secret chats, you can send content that disappears after some time just like with the Snapchat app. 

When it comes to security, it is the top app like Snapchat for Android and iOS. However, it lacks face filters and photo editing options. 

Telegram pros and cons



Group chats and public groups

No screenshot alerts

High level of security and privacy

Relatively smaller user base than Snapchat

Smart AI bots

No face filters are available

Fun and useful stickers and GIFs

Audio and video calls


  • Source: App Store, Play Store, and Web
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 100M+

SnapSeed is a powerful app for enhancing your photos and videos. It works on both iOS and Android devices. The app offers various tools for photo editing, such as digital filters, brushes, healing, and structure.

SnapSeed is different from Snapchat, as it does not have any social features. You cannot chat with your friends or share your content directly from the app. However, you can still edit your photos or videos and then post them on any social media platform of your choice.

SnapSeed Pros and Cons



Easy to use

No built-in chat or video calls

Wide range of photo and video editing tools

No messaging services

Cross-platform sharing


  • Source: App Store, Play Store, and Web
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 100M+

Cluster is an app for creating and sharing private photo albums with your loved ones. You can make photo albums and invite specific people to view them. The app lets you have a private and safe space where you can share your photos or videos with only those who matter to you.

Meanwhile, the app does not have any photo editing tools, face filters, or any communication features. It is like a digital photo album where you can store all your cherished memories together.

Cluster Pros and Cons



Sync between mobile and web

No built-in messaging service

Group sharing option

No filter or editing tool

Notification when a new photo is added to the album


  • Source: App Store, Play Store, and Web
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 10M+

Imgur is one of the powerful apps like Snapchat that works on iPhone and Android devices. The app is unbeatable when it comes to hilarious memes, cute animal videos, and other entertaining content. The app lets you make short videos and GIFs and then share them with the Imgur community or post them on other social media platforms.

Imgur does not have a chat feature or disappearing messages like Snapchat, but it has a feed full of amusing videos, memes, and GIFs. It is one of the apps that are like Snapchat in terms of fun and humor.

Imgur Pros and Cons



Interactive newsfeed

No messaging option

Trendy memes and funny GIFs

No face filter and photo editing tools

GIF creator feature

No auto-delete feature like Instagram


  • Source: App Store, Play Store, and Web
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 50M+

Slingshot is an instant messaging app that can be considered a good alternative to Snapchat. It lets you send messages that disappear after a while just like Snapchat. The unique thing about Slingshot is that you can reply to your friends' media by making your own awesome and quirky photos or videos.

When you take a photo or video, you have two options to proceed. You can either pick the 'reshoot' option if you are not satisfied with your photo or video. It lets you try again. The other option is 'draw' which means you are happy with your result and you are ready to edit it and send it.

Slingshot is amazing and works flawlessly. Its user interface is simple and elegant. You can also invite your friends to join it by clicking on an option that sends a text message. Security-wise, the app is reliable and there are no major complaints from the users about this app.

Slingshot Pros and Cons



Messaging feature

No audio and video calls available

Reshoot option

Photo and video editing app


  • Source: App Store, and Web
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 50M+

Clipchat is an app that lets you share photos that disappear after a few seconds with a simple tap on the screen. It is very similar to Snapchat, so much so that it seems like a Snapchat clone. The app has a sleek and simple interface, unlike the quirky and complicated ones of other apps. 

When you send a photo with Clipchat, the receiver sees a blurry version of it first. When they tap on it, the photo becomes clear with a cool animation effect. Snapchat’s main feature is photo-sharing, but Clipchat focuses on video-sharing.

ClipChat Pros and Cons



Similar interface to Snapchat

No audio and video calls are available

Elegant user interface

Video sharing option

Marco Polo

  • Source: App Store, and Web
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web
  • Number of Downloads: 10M+

Marco Polo is an app that has some features similar to Snapchat. You can chat with your loved ones through messages on this app. What makes this app different is that it respects your privacy and does not use your data for ads. 

If you care about your security and privacy, this app is for you. Marco Polo does not delete your messages like Snapchat. But it has a simple and easy interface, and if you value your privacy above all, you might want to give this app a try.

Marco Polo Pros and Cons



No frustrating ads

No auto-delete messages feature

Elegant user interface

Video sharing option

Top 5 Apps with Filters like Snapchat

This section of the blog focuses on some of the top apps with filters like Snapchat. These apps are available on both Android and iOS devices. 

Let’s take a look at the list of some popular face filter apps: 


Fotor is a photo editing app that has many features to make your photos look amazing. You can use filters, effects, and editing tools to change the style and quality of your photos. Fotor has filters for different purposes, such as face filters,  black and white filters, vintage filters, cinematic filters, and Disney face filters. You can have fun with these filters and create different expressions and atmospheres for your photos.

Fotor also has a special feature that uses AI to turn your photos into cartoons. You can use this anime filter feature to make your photos look like animations with just one tap. You can upload your photos and get a cartoon version of yourself right away. You can even edit your Snapchat pics on this app. 

Besides filters, Fotor has editing tools that let you tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other settings of your photos. You can also use retouching tools to fix any imperfections and make your photos look smooth and perfect.


BeautyPlus is a face filter app that has many features to make your selfies look better. You can use filters, effects, and editing tools to change how you look in photos and videos. The app lets you smooth skin, erase blemishes, change skin tone, add makeup effects, and more. 

BeautyPlus has a lot of users and good reviews for its easy-to-use interface and the quality of its filters. Many users like the app’s ability to make their selfies look more refined and beautiful. 

The app also has advanced features like object removal and photo editing tools, making it more attractive for users who want to personalize their photos more.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is more than a photo editor; it is also a selfie enhancer that lets you apply amazing face filters in real-time just like Snapchat. You can choose from a range of awesome face filters, such as fashionable accessories, makeup filters, and festive filters for occasions like Valentine's Day, Easter,  Halloween, and more.

After picking your favorite filter, you can fine-tune your look by changing your makeup and hair colors. Moreover, the app enables you to modify the shape of your face, eyes, and lips in real-time, making sure that you always snap the most beautiful photo possible. 

With this app, you have everything you need to create flawless and stunning selfies with ease.


Snow is a perfect face filter app similar to Snapchat. It lets users change their selfies and videos into amazing and fun visual stories. With a huge variety of face filters, Snow gives users a lot of choices to improve their look, show their creativity, and spice up their content. 

Whether you want to experiment with a stunning makeup look, become a cute animal, or explore a magical world, the face filter feature in Snow has it all.

Also, Snow's face filter feature is smoothly connected to the app's camera interface, making users easily apply face filters to photos and videos, and quickly share their changed content with friends and followers.


Funveo is an app that lets you have fun with your photos by applying hilarious face filters. You can become anything you want, from a jolly Santa Claus to a spooky vampire DJ. 

This snap camera alternative has a huge collection of filters, voice effects, and masks that you can use to spice up your selfies, photos, and videos. 

This app makes boring chats more lively and exciting. Funveo always brings you new filters and masks to try out.


Snapchat introduced the idea of self-deleting photos and stories, making it the ideal app for users who care about security and privacy. However, some drawbacks in the app have made users look for other apps like Snapchat.

The 15 alternatives we’ve mentioned above offer similar services like Snapchat, from free voice, text, and video chats, to file and photo transfers – some with the extra advantage of encryption.

All these choices can help you finally leave behind the annoyances of using Snapchat and enjoy a better experience with your contacts. Choose the one that suits you best while also meeting your privacy and security needs.


How to Send a Picture as a Snap?

To send a picture as a snap, you need to open the Snapchat app and tap the camera icon. Then, take a new photo or choose from your photo gallery. Next, you can edit your snap by adding filters, stickers, text, or drawings. Finally, you can send your snap to your friends or add it to your story.

How to Use Snapchat Filters without Snapchat?

There are some apps that let you use Snapchat filters without Snapchat. For example, you can use Snap Camera, Face Swap Live, etc. 

Are there Other apps like Snapchat?

Yes, there are other apps like Snapchat that offer similar features such as auto-delete messaging, stories, filters, and stickers. Some of these apps are Instagram, WhatsApp, and Signal.

What is the Best App to Find Snapchat friends?

One of the best apps to find Snapchat friends is Wink, which is a social app that connects you with new people who share your interests. You can swipe through profiles, chat with them, and add them on Snapchat.

Is There an App like Snapchat for Kids?

There is an app like Snapchat for kids called Messenger Kids, which is a child-friendly version of Facebook Messenger. It allows kids to chat, video call, and send photos and videos to their approved contacts. It also has fun filters, stickers, and games that kids can enjoy.

Can Snapchat be Safe for Kids?

Snapchat can be safe for kids if they use it responsibly and follow some safety tips. For example, they should only communicate with people they know and trust, avoid sharing personal or sensitive information, report any inappropriate or abusive behavior, and use privacy settings to control who can see their snaps and stories.

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