what is NFC Tag? How can it be incorporated in your life?

Raju Ram Khakhal
May 13, 2019

Near Field Communication or NFC Tags as they are popularly called, are small integrated circuits that run without power and are used to store information which can be only taken through NFC enabled tablets and smartphones. NFC tags are small round or square shaped stickers enabled with wireless technology that help in transferring data amongst two NFC enabled smart mobiles.

NFC tags do not require power to function and you can get them with various memory capacities. Data can be fed into the NFC tags, written, rewritten and recoded as many times as you want, but only till it isn’t locked. Once the NFC tags are locked, the amazing security feature in them doesn’t allow it to get unlocked.

NFC tags are easy to use and require the physical presence of the NFC enabled mobile within close proximity of maximum 1 inch or you can also tap the tag with the said device to complete the desired task which was intended.

There is a lot of hype revolving around NFC tags as they are being used effectively for mobile payments and ingenious marketing methods. Though the world is slowly opening up to the untapped power of NFC tags, it entirely depends on your creativity and intelligence in using them. The NFC tags can be programmed to launch apps and perform various simple actions with the help of your mobile. The NFC tags draws a wee bit of power from your mobile when it is tapped and gets the task done. Read on to know of the various uses NFC tags can be put to with the mere touch of your mobile device.

Switching On/Off the light system

It is really tiresome to get up once we plop down on our sofa or bed and then realize that the lights need to be switched off. So also is the case when we enter home in darkness and need to reach the light switch. NFC tags enabled light system would be required to do this simple yet cumbersome job for most. You just need to wave your mobile and voila the light can come on and off for you.

1) Switching on the radio for an insight of the traffic free route

NFC tags can switch on the radio for you as you sit in your car ready to drive off to office or on way back home. It can tune into the radio system for a perfect traffic free route to guide you to your destination without much hassle.

2) Setting up Google Maps to your destination

NFC tags can be encoded and stuck into your car to load up Google Maps if you are going outstation to guide you with smart driving directions to your destination. Just tap on the tag and be on your way. Get the best NFC App Development.

3) Wake up Alarm clock

An alarm clock enabled with NFC technology is the answer to your morning waking up story. Place the alarm clock where your hand cannot reach to shut it off or snooze it for that 10 minutes more sleep time. It will become necessary for you to walk the distance with your mobile to shut it off and get ready timely to reach office.

4) Switching on the mobile hotspot

The NFC tags can be programmed to switch on your mobile hotspot in a jiffy if you are travelling and need to check some documents on your laptop or tablet. All you need to do is to stick the NFC tags on the laptop and give it a tap to start your hotspot instantly and you are ready to complete your work.

5) Systematize your To-do list and work menu

Everyone likes to remain organized but being human; we all have a tendency to forget something or the other. Entering the to-do list in the NFC tags can help you to keep all those things in mind and get the list completed efficiently.

6) Sharing Wi-Fi

It is not always easy to keep your Wi-Fi password in mind. Sometimes one need to share it with friends or known and forgetting the password at that vital moment could signal rude behavior on your part. To avert such an eventuality, you can program the NFC tags with the Wi-Fi password to your NFC enabled mobile. You can now just share the password with a slight tap to the other NFC enable smart device.

7) Digital Business Visiting Cards

Digital Business Visiting Cards are slowly coming into vogue nowadays. It is a trendy way of sharing your business information such as contact details, website address, your business profile and any other information that you think would be necessary to part with a future client/customer.

8) Locking & Unlocking your home/garage/office door

With a NFC tags you can lock and unlock your home, garage or office premises door, but for this you also need a smart lock which is programmed to function with a NFC tags. The NFC tags in your mobile will send a command and the door can be locked and unlocked instantly.

9) Switching on the PC/laptop

Switching on the PC or laptop can be time taking if you are in a hurry and also have another task to do in hand. Just wave your NFC enable mobile to the specially programmed NFC tags connected to your laptop and get on with your work.

10) Business Advertising

Spending on a NFC tags for your new store’s advertising and promotion is a well considered option by many companies through flyers and paper leaflets stuck with NFC tags. When the prospective customer scans the NFC tags he can get to your exact location with the help of Google Maps enabled route.

11) NFC tags for educational institutions

This is an apt solution for educational institutions that have a multitude of foreign students attending on a regular basis. NFC tags can be placed at specific locations or objects to help the students to get the required information about the place or thing in English. This helps in teaching foreign students in English in a novel mannel.

Mtoag Technologies have been in the business of mobile app development since more than a decade. If you think that your business could get a boost by designing a NFC tags for it or are desirous of getting a NFC tags created for your home use, you can get in touch with us for the same.

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