what is whatsApp? Everything you need to know!

Raju Ram Khakhal
May 24, 2019

‘What’s up guys?’ That’s how the trend started with WhatsApp mobile app. “What is WhatsApp?” this was a viral question that everyone was inquisitive about and eager to find out. WhatsApp app took the world by storm and anyone and anywhere with a smartphone wanted to log on to it and experience this new chatting extravaganza. It was a novel way of wishing your friends, relatives and contacts in a unique way. This made WhatsApp the most popular social chat mobile app with its easy to use features such as sending free text messages and images. Develop your own whatsapp clone app.

One could even send an audio message and share videos with one another. Out of phone balance – users could make a free WhatsApp app call if they were connected to the internet. Location and contact sharing was another feature that WhatsApp app maintained. All the above features could be shared between person to person or in a group chat irrespective of town, city or country location. Feelings and thoughts had found a new means of expression – WhatsApp.

WhatsApp app app has more than a billion users worldwide in its kitty and the numbers gradually increase with every passing day. Since its inception, WhatsApp has introduced many new and innovative features for enhancing user experience. Over the years, many chat apps have appeared in the social media world having similar or some additional features. The mobile chat app world has now become a multi-billion dollar industry and many businesses have partaken in its success, while many more are showing interest in developing a mobile chat app like WhatsApp app with newer and inventive features for attracting users to their mobile app.

The Technical Stack
  • Ejabberd is an eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) server that helps WhatsApp app to function. The YAWS server was used for Multimedia storage.
  • The Ejabberd language which is adaptive to hot fixes and instant updates for enabling seamless communication was programmed with Ejabberd which is an Open Source server, though later on WhatsApp app also utilized the Php language.
  • Database used was Mnesia and Offline Database was SQLite
  • OS used was FreeBSD to power the servers
  • Virtual Machine Beam
  • LYME/LYCE Stack

The Cost Factor for a WhatsApp app like clone

The cost factor for a WhatsApp app like clone depends largely on the following:

The App Platform (Android, iPhone, Web, Windows Phone):

The cost can be determined upon your choice of app platform for developing a WhatsApp like app. There is a substantial difference between the above given platforms due to which costs vary.

The App Design:

The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is the soul of any mobile app. For chat messenger apps like WhatsApp app, userfriendliness with the app plays a pivotal role for the app’s success. A cheap app design can mar the chat app. Getting the right app design may require increased cost. We are the best Chatbot Development Company in India, USA.

The Chat App size:

The WhatsApp app like clone app size will entirely depend upon the variety & total number of features and functionalities added in the application.

Latest features of WhatsApp app like clone

Registration / Login

The user is required to register through his mobile number at the time of login. The mobile number is verified by an OTP message sent via SMS to the phone.

Auto Synchronization of phonebook contact list, messages & chat groups

This feature will automatically synchronize your phonebook & Google contact list. If you are an old user and registering with a new phone, this feature helps you download your messages & chat groups as they were in your old phone.

Real time messaging

This is the most important feature of the chat app clone. One to one, multi-user or group chat options with Emojis, GIFs and stickers enhance UX.

Capture and send images& files

Click an instant pic and share with your friends, family or that special person. You can even send files and other docs as required.

Voice Calling

This is a free calling feature which uses the internet connection to make or receive calls through the WhatsApp app clone. It doesn’t use up your data minutes or money.

Video Calling

Free video calling through this WhatsApp app clone feature is well regarded by users who are social media enthusiasts. It is a must have feature for gen next.

Multimedia sharing and receiving

Through the functions of the YAWS server one can easily send multimedia files such as images, screenshots, videos and voice messages.


Pop-up notifications on-screen help in alerting the user that a new message has been received on the WhatsApp app. This feature is enabled by Google Cloud Messaging for Android phone users and Apple Push Notifications for iPhone users.

Location sharing

Users can share their location with guests visiting or meeting someone at a particular place. The developer can also set the time period for sharing your live location from a few minutes to hours if required.

Contact sharing

Share your contacts with one another from your phone book memory in a jiffy. You can select the options such as phone number, email or address before sharing contact details.

Tick marks to notify message status

One of the most important features that instantly inform the user of the status of his message, whether sent, pending, received and read.

WhatsApp on Web

Users won’t need to pick up their phones for using WhatsApp while workingfrom their laptop or PC as they can also access their WhatsApp app like clone through their web browser by selecting the web option from the app and scanning the code on the PC through the phone. Get Messaging App like Snapchat at affordable prices.


This section contains your privacy, account and profile settings. You can change and alter the kind of information that you may want your contacts to view. Switching on or off the read receipts, changing your profile name and display picture, blocking or deleting contacts, status updates, and other profile settings are some of its prominent features.

Mtoag Technologies has an appreciable presence in the mobile app development world and is well known in legitimately helping entrepreneurs and businesses from ideation to deployment of their web and mobile apps. If you have an idea or wish to create a clone like WhatsApp app chat messenger, we can help you out with it. We are just a call away. If you have some questions that need answers or a quotation& time estimate for the above, feel free to contact us through our query form or contact details available on our website. The time and cost depends on the features that you choose for developing the chat messenger like WhatsApp app.

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