AI in the modern healthcare system

Mayanka Pant
Apr 17, 2020

Artificial intelligence uses different software algorithms in the medical sector to provide human knowledge about complex healthcare. The main aim of AI-based programs is to analyze the prevention steps or methods of treatment in the medical sector. The main investment field of AI application in the medical sector.

Introduction to AI and its importance

AI permits different computers to learn more things from their set parameters, experiences by performing numerous tasks that can be performed by human beings only. In the AI implementation case, developers have been indulging in applying deep learning over language processing. Applications of AI helps to improve diagnosis accuracy make life easier for ill people and produce novel drugs.

Doctors use different devices for monitoring the health of a patient, facilitate diagnosis & also perform operations. The best achievement in the health of AI is to connect and collect the data of the patient. An example is EMRs which store ill patient data and provide services along with maintaining the reports. Robotic surgical operations are not a part of the fiction but it becomes a reality. AI perform bypass surgery or remove prostate level cancer. This application seems to be more useful in terms of treatment and doctors spend lots of their time to communicate with a patient for diagnosis.

Implementation of AI in the health care center

Process out data of a patient

Doctors should provide knowledge to customers for treatment and educate them with test results, protocols of examination. It has been noticed from Google labs that patients are mainly suffered because of improper diagnosis. This problem is saved by AI. With AI technology doctors can access the impact of the drug on the human body which helps a doctor to understand all the features of patient illness and their genetic structure.


AI helps in recognize the indication of the malignant neoplasm to diagnose the different disorders and tuberculosis. For example, Ada service which seems to be a mobile app that generates several questions and recognizes the problem by user symptoms. Novel technology like the analysis of genetic is too popular for DNA and also helps in predisposed certain diseases. Another important project is MedClueRx which allows a user to medicate in a situation of depression, diseases.


Maximum information process out

It has been known that AI processed out several pages/sec to search for important information for the user. The AI-based system helps in decision support which helps medical workers. This system helps in combining the patient data and other medical information to maintain the history of medicine for a patient.

Drugs creation

Drugs are The referred to as complex organic type compounds that have a perfect structure for a lifetime. drug went under testing and comes in the market if it seems to be effective and useful for the patient. As per research, it has been noticed that approx 45% of new drugs have not affected patient health.

AI technology-based drugs provide a composition model of drugs and researchers are trying to form drugs from it by using appropriate chemical composition. A new service named Atomwise used by researchers to design a formula for drugs.

AI advantages in the healthcare sector

The most common advantages of AI in healthcare can be defined as:

  • Increased the rate of data collection along with computing power rate maximization.
  • Increased database rate of genomic sequence
  • Introduce a new technology to maintain the records of a patient in electronic form.
  • Increased availability of data obtained by the doctor's side or medical devices.

The reason behind the implementation of AI become complicated in healthcare

Some challenges have been seen with the AI during implementation in health care sectors. The main barrier for AI is data privacy and its security for the future. Along with it, there are chances of data hacking of patients.

Another problem is the inaccurate algorithms for operations. The most common example is IBM Watson in which algorithm is used for cancer patient treatment but it is limited for synthetic cases. The reports generated from this algorithm seem to be wrong.

The next challenge biases. The low status of socioeconomic is the risk aspect of mortality premature. It means that poor people are not able to afford them as compared to rich people. The results of bias are generated due to the low minority’s inclusion in sets of data. There is a requirement to eliminate seek research of medical and prejudice of medical to gain exact representation of patient health.

Future of AI in healthcare

As per the research, it has been recognized that a stethoscope based on AI technology is the scope for the 21st century. A stethoscope is one of the important tools of the medical field which is necessary for every doctor to check patient health on an initial basis. Doctors' life gets simplify by using the applications of AI, neural networks or machine learning in hospitals. Medicine innovations help in diagnose the accurate diseases, find out better medicines as well as also recognized the patient's exact condition.

There are different novel technologies are developed which can be defined below:

Recently, Google is working on create and design algorithms for analyzing data of EMR in different patterns. This technology helps out doctors to predict patients' conditions and to know how long patients stay in the center.

Microsoft develops an algorithm from artificial intelligence for the treatment of cancer patients. This project involves the development of cell and the main idea of this is to develop the malignant cells in case of failure. Microsoft healthcare boot offers virtual assistants to solve medical related problems.

IBM also develop an algorithm from AI for the treatment of cancer patients and spent $4 billion to adopt a language and designed questions to know about the patient's condition and their problems.


Summing up

Hospitals professional sees AI technology benefits like storing data of patients and also monitored the real-time condition of the patient. This can be done by using wearable devices that are designed by using AI technology. Scientist assumes that with AI, the development of ultra-precise medicine get fast and the patient gets quick treatment. Mtoag provide conclusive jobs and provide real time solutions for people issues. Connect with top custom mobile app Development Company and its services.

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