AI Project Development – how should project managers prepare?

Mayanka Pant
Oct 22, 2021

As a project manager, one can become a part of many different types of IT projects in various domains. While some might be easy, the other might be complex to SaaS web applications . But as a project manager, it is essential that you have the capacity, knowledge, and experience to handle the variety of projects as they come your way.

With AI and ML leading the market with their new concepts and advancements, a project manager needs to have a clear and healthy understanding of these concepts to excel with the different projects. It will not be wrong to say that artificial intelligence is ruling the market, and many companies are adopting AI. From finance to healthcare to small enterprises to big companies globally are benefits from this technology. For a project manager to excel and make it big out there,they must develop a specific knowledge in this field to cope with the ever-expanding horizon of artificial intelligence.

Before we dig in any further, it’s essential that we have a clear understanding of what these different concepts are all about

Artificial intelligence

a field of computer science that is dedicated to solving problems that minimize human efforts, etc., can be rightly defined as artificial intelligence—for example, learning, generalization, pattern recognition, etc.

It will not be wrong to say that with the use of artificial intelligence, one can find means to enhance the role of machine-enabled functionalities. What makes artificial intelligence exceptional is the fact that it does not make human efforts obsolete but finds a way through which these efforts can be improved and enhanced. Some of the many advantages of artificial intelligence are :

  1. AI significantly cuts down on the time that is taken to do a task. It promotes multi-tasking and distributes the work effectively among the existing resources.
  2. The execution of simple as well as complex tasks can be carried out successfully within the restricted budgets.
  3. Operates 24*7 without any interruptions and breaks
  4. Creates an excellent common platform for people with different abilities
  5. With its mass-market potential, this technology can be applied to sectors globally.
  6. Promotes faster and wiser decision-making.

Its primary function is processing large amounts of data quickly, finding patterns in data, learning from it, and making predictions. AI is undoubtedly a significant step towards making the life of project managers more straight forward and successful. Project managers can primarily benefit from AI as :

  1. AI enables project managers to develop deep insights, enhancing the quality of decision-making.
  2. By providing the accuracy of project planning, AI can give the project managers reports of project progressions.
  3. AI is one of the most effective ways through which project managers can plan projects within a fixed period of time, making the best of available resources.
Machine learning

a form of data analysis that automates analytical model building; it is only through machine learning that computers find access to hidden insights. It is undoubtedly one of the bestways through which companies globally can make predictions and better decisions.

Machine learning is a potent tool with the help of which companies can revolutionize how they work. Some of the many advantages of machine learning are :

  1. Reviews large volumes of data and discovers trends and patterns which are not visible to the human eye.
  2. One of the most significant advantages of machine learning is that it does not require constant human supervision. It enables a system to develop its own algorithms and finds problems and threats on its own.
  3. Machine learning can handle varied data coming from multi-dimensional sources. They can successfully work in the most complex and uncertain situations.
Data science

an essential part of organizations all around the world; data science is a method that is used for transforming business data into assets that helps them to reduce costs, seize opportunities, improve revenues, build enhanced customer relationships.

We live in a digital world, where data is being generated at an insane rate every day. It is this increase in data that has led to a considerable rise in the number of data scientists required globally. Companies all over the world are adopting this technique to grow their business and promote better customer relationships. Some of the many benefits of data science are :

  1. multiple job opportunities–a data science expert can find multiple job opportunities and work on the designations of data scientists, data analysts, business analysts, research analysts, etc.
  2. Business advantages- it is only because of data science that companies can keep an effective track on various aspects such as what is being sold the most, ensuring that the products are getting delivered at the correct address, etc. by all means an essential step towards the growth, success, and name of a company.
  3. Save on time and energy- with the help of data science, an organization can efficiently and effectively sort out their data. Whether they need the correct information for recruiting, planning, or development, the use of data science filters information that enables a project manager to make the right and quick decisions.
The difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are both hot words that are ruling the IT industry. Some confuse them for being the same elements, but that is clearly not the case. Even though as much as 80% of people chose AI over ML, here is a list of some primary differences between the two.

  1. The main aim of AI is to make a computer system that can replace humans for solving problems, whereas ML is a system that uses the provided data for answering specific questions.
  2. Machine learning and deep learning are subsets of artificial intelligence, whereas deep learning is the main subset of ML.
  3. Unlike machine learning, artificial intelligence has a broad scope.
  4. AI can perform various complex tasks, whereas ML can perform only specific functions for which they have been programmed.
  5. The primary focus of AI is growth and success, whereas ML is only concerned with finding accurate data for the questions asked.

If you are looking to build your career as a project manager and are finding foolproof ways to go ahead with it, then it is essential that you have an understanding of all the concepts mentioned above. Even though artificial intelligence makes one stand out, the fact is that all these three elements have earned their place in the market and are beneficial in different situations. The proper amalgamation of all these sources can help a project manager significantly plan their projects in the proper manner. Some of the significant benefits of using these technologies are:

  1. Reduced expenses – by creating a more organized system and providing value for money, a project manager can find means to cut down on costs and expenses by the wise use of these technologies.
  2. Enhanced efficiency – management is an essential part of a development program. For a project manager to ensure that the work is getting done within the time limit, making the best use of available resources, and providing positive outcomes, boosting success and growth is the primary objective. The right blend of these technologies pushes a project manager to do precisely this.
  3. Predictive analysis – one of the most significant advantages of these technologies is predictive analysis. By obtaining information from past projects, these technologies enable project managers to plan a project keeping all the relevant factors in mind.

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