SaaS Development

Yogesh Pant
Apr 16, 2020

SaaS is common stands for service as software which seems to be software distribution based on the cloud. The delivery of this model is accomplished by third-party providers over the internet. For this model, there is no requirement to install any software. It offers a monthly subscription that is related to companies, only require thing is an internet connection.

The main reason behind choosing SaaS development for outsourcing

The development of a SaaS product provides several opportunities for businesses to provide services online. The success secret of SaaS developments is its teamwork, life cycle, tools which have several features. SaaS developments have been applied in various sectors like messaging software, offices, CRM, ERP, invoicing, accounting, software for payroll processing, software for management, and many more. This development is essential because of its time and cost-reducing or it also provides inner communication.

Why SaaS development outsourcing is the best idea for a business

SaaS development provides software in charge of having essential resources for various projects. The main reason behind the use of SaaS development for outsourcing is that it facilities low cost for different projects, no requirement for hire new members, timeframes are short for project launching, meet demands of the market fast. These are the main reasons behind using SaaS development for professional, experienced sectors.


Development strategy for SaaS products

If a developer has a lack of knowledge for a project, there is a requirement to set a strategy and team outsourcing. Applications based on SaaS development are bringing different value to various customers. It means that product capabilities target audience. The overall application has to be fulfilled with functional tools, having user-centered design along with analytics or account management skills. The application defines the basic functions to develop SaaS apps.


SaaS development based team structure

There is a lack of maintenance and upgrades chances for products with the latest changes. This seems to be another reason for SaaS development and product launching. Team structure involves:

  • Project manager
  • Developers of back end
  • Developers of front end
  • Architect of cloud solution
  • QAs
  • Designer of UI/UX
  • Specialist of DevOps
  • Administrators

Team arrangement is easy if timeframes & budget estimation, the complexity of app reduce down and technology stack should be appropriate, but it requires time-consuming and extra work demands.

SaaS development life cycle


There is no requirement for product creation or product implementation is possible without a possible plan of a business. There is a requirement for a design strategy for technical development through which the best services will be provided to customers.


Platform evaluation

Select an appropriate platform for SaaS application for requiring tools to project completion. The main task here is to evaluate the possibility of features implementation successfully.


For product creation, the planning phase is requiring in which project requirements or technical specifications involved.

Selection of subscription model

Finalization has been taking place for cost or architecture along with taking backups for the recovery plans in case of disaster.


The core features have been developed along with the creation of the architecture of scalable software. This part also involves order testing and performance evaluation.



After service deploy, there is a requirement to update all applications and check out the security to meet the expectations of the client.

SaaS development tools

In the development of SaaS software, there is a requirement of effective tools through which products have been developed efficiently. For full fill these requirements, some effective tools have been used which can be defined as:

  • Server-side: Technology of the server-side is best for web development. This is mainly used for customization, use easiness, community support or for accounting. The name of common tools is Node.js, RoR, Java, NET, python.
  • Providers: Providers seem to be the toughest and complex way in aspects of workforce or cost. The name of common tools is AWS, Heroku, DevOps tools, Google cloud.
  • Front end: This seems to be a perfect platform for JavaScript. The name of common tools is Angular, React or Vue.js.
  • Analytics: Analytics seems to be important in each field of business. The name of common tools is Mix panel. Google analytics and Barometries.
  • Database management: The best source for management of database if analytics. The name of common tools is mongodb vs mysql.
Cost of SaaS development

The cost of SaaS development seems to be lower as compared with the installation of traditional software for the enterprise. This provides offers a subscription for a month which is mainly base on parameters of usage. Provider offers a competitive price based on premises of software. But in the case of SaaS development, there is no requirement to purchase the hardware or any software. The companies get a permit for appropriate budgeting to reduce down the money spending over unnecessary tools.


Development of SaaS is not easy and outsourcing is the main aspect included in software designing. The most common steps for increasing demands of SaaS development are defined as:

  • Concept identification: Success is only gain in business due to uniqueness. The development should be in a field that is not developed.
  • SaaS functionality thinking: App features should be related to terms of customers' desired or demand.
  • Technical stack: a select appropriate tool for the design app feature.
  • Budget evaluation: cost identification is an important term for planned the features and functionalities of the software.
  • MVP: It is defined as a minimum viable product which helps in delivering product on time to exact client.
  • Improvements: SaaS app is suitable for the company & users to maintain the upgrades.
Wrap up

Outsourcing of SaaS development has several advantages like lower cost, access is easy, scalability, upgrades are constant. Still, there are some cons present such as controlling is not good, a requirement of connectivity, performance is slow, etc. apart from these cons, their development of SaaS is very popular and makes revenues by delivering the best services to different companies. Mtoag is leading mobile and web development company london , USA focusing on iPhone, iPad & Android apps.

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