Features and cost to making app like Urbanclap!

Mayanka Pant
Jul 29, 2019

How much does it cost to make an app like UrbanClap / TaskRabbit with all features?

Service Marketplace UrbanClap Clone App Development

Interested to start your own On-demand service app like UrbanClap and TaskRabbit? With the UrbanClap clone app you can start linking service providers and service requesters through your potent one-stop app. You can choose Mtoag to be your mobile app development agency usa partner for helping you design and develop your essential service marketplace with elan.

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What is UrbanClap App?

The market is witnessing a sudden spurt in on-demand essential services from consumers who are looking for efficiently managed services. Though the demand is high, there is a severe lack of class service providers. There is also a huge problem of exorbitant service charges and inefficient labor – the customer would have to haggle on the service charges and if the labor was incompetent, the work done would be sub-standard and unsatisfactory. The customer would be left in a dilemma and at the losing end.

During such a chaotic scenario, the UrbanClap App entered the on-demand service marketplace in 2014. People witnessed a welcome change in the on-demand service marketplace by getting prompt and efficient services. UrbanClap witnessed a momentous growth from $1.6 million in 2017 to $ 17 million by 2019. UrbanClap revenue estimations are projected to triple by the coming year, and it has already garnered $110 million in funding. Such is the persona of the on-demand essential services marketplace today.

Develop UrbanClap like On-demand Services App

Mtoag brings with it a decade long experience in developing web and mobile apps for our clientele that range from entrepreneurs, startups to small, medium and large organizations. As a business entrepreneur if you are interested to enter this money-making on-demand service marketplace, it is very essential for you to have a tech-savvy Website Development company & app and certainly not a basic one. Mobile savvy consumers nowadays look for on-demand service apps that can consider their needs and connect them to the nearest possible and relevant service provider as soon as possible. Our powerful UrbanClap like clone app script has been developed with the latest technologies and trending features to cater to the on-demand services market. The UrbanClap like clone app solution can be engineered as per your business requirements within the prescribed time and well within your budget.

The Working Mechanism of UrbanClap like Clone App

  • Service selected by the User
  • Task defined by the User
  • Selection from available service providers
  • Service provider reaches User’s location
  • Provides estimate for any other service requested
  • Task completed
  • Payment made
  • User Ratings and Reviews
Benefits of the - UrbanClap Clone App

Save Time with the UrbanClap Clone App

This essential on-demand services application helps users save time and money loss by going through the age-old method of searching for online service providers and assigning tasks to unverified strangers. The service providers via the app are handpicked and verified before being added to the UrbanClap Clone App.

Highly Secured UrbanClap Clone App

The clone app has been engineered with umpteen security trials to make sure that the performance is unobstructed with any unexpected hacking attempts. The contact details, ratings& verifications of service providers cannot be altered. If you want to know about Cost to Build a Messaging App like Snapchat then click here.

User-Friendly Clone App

Simplicity and ease in use is how the app user interfacehas been designed to endear user experience. The app allows seamless browsing of services to its end users. Customers can effortlessly search for their required service needs and decide from the available dropdown options.

Easy Online-Payment Options

Users can select the available option of online payment through debit or credit card, e-wallets, integrated digital payment apps, net-bankingamong others. This helps in keeping payment records and also avoids the hassle of paying cash.

Revenue Generation with the UrbanClap Clone App

The app like UrbanClap is a one-stop solution for providing excellent user experience and services to your clientele. Business owners can add various types of revenue generation streams for increasing their profit ratios.


The app’s design elements help tointegrate several ad sections for advertisements that do not interfere or disturb the User interface.

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Post user payment for services rendered, the admin can receive the appropriate commissions as per the agreement with service providers.

Sponsored Profiles

Service providers interested in posting their profiles right on the top of the service provider list can sponsor theirprofile and be featured in top searchesfor getting more business opportunities.

Salient Features of the UrbanClap like App

Multi-Payment Integration

The app like UrbanClap supports multi-payment integration with severalglobally acceptable payment gateways effortlessly. Payments can be made via debit/credit card, online digital payment apps, e-wallets, net banking etc.

Multi-Currency Integration

Keeping the global audience in mind and to boost user convenience, the app users can pay for services availedthru their local currencies.

Login via Social Media

Users can login to the app like UrbanClap through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ etc.


The app provides information of services with service provider locations, service charges and ratings. Service requesters can run a keyword search for their requirements which eventually helps in saving their time.

Multi-Language Integration

The app like UrbanClap has been integrated with multi-lingual options for catering to a global audience with several languages including English, German, French, Mandarin, Spanish and Italian among others.

In-App Messaging

Service requesters and service providers can use the in-app messaging feature to chat directly with one another. They do not need to keep a record of their chat or share contact details if the deal doesn’t go through.

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Cost Estimationfor developing an app like UrbanClap

There are many features that come into consideration for making a successful app like UrbanClap. A rough estimation can be around $15,000 to $40,000 depending on the OS platform. To get an exact estimation of the cost, we can meet for a discussion of your design, features and OS platform requirements to be incorporated into the app. Mtoag is adept at provide an expert solution for your business idea that would suit your budget.

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