What is ERPNext? Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

Yogesh Pant
Mar 21, 2024


This is your first time seeing an open-source ERP program like this one. With this open-source, free program, you can run your company.  

It is intended to function as an ERP system, a suite of software programs that unifies and controls every aspect of the company.

It can be accessed through desktop programs, mobile apps, and the Internet. Its extensive feature set is helpful to companies of all kinds. 

The Python and JavaScript programming languages were used in its development. Version 3 of the GNU General Public License governs the use of the source code. 

What is ERP?

Various jobs and procedures, including manufacturing, inventory management, accounting, human resources, and sales, are vital to every organization. At every level, there are experts for every activity or procedure. In order to thrive in the industry today, it is crucial to maintain and handle these jobs effectively. 

ERP unifies all of these activities/departments to provide improved management, control, increased productivity, and a decrease in mistakes or redundant labor, all of which lower costs and boost profit.

What is ERPNext?

An open-source, cloud-based ERP program is called ERPNext. It supports you in assuming total control over the decisions made in your company.

Most businesses choose a web-based ERP solution, even if some are seen to be costly and complicated to use because of the gear, software, and input required by the system itself. In addition, it is relatively straightforward to use and maintain and costs less.

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Consequently, ERPNext can assist you with the following: Finance, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Project Management, Task Management, Employee Training, Data, Inventory, Purchase, Selling, Production, Manufacturing, and so on.

The owner of the firm may fully alter and manage these features. Additionally, readily accessible via mobile and desktop interfaces.

Top Industries that use ERPNext

Looking at ERPNext customers by industry, we find that Information Technology and Services (23%) and Computer Software (9%) are the largest segments. (Source: enlyft)


Top Countries that use ERPNext

24% of ERPNext customers are in India and 21% are in United States. (Source: enlyft)


Features of ERPNext

ERPNext offers a really large feature set right out of the box. The open-source platform offers a large number of features for every solution. After reading the following, you should now have a better understanding of exactly how extraordinarily extensive this ERP system really is. 

Module for Accounting

ERPNext's accounting solution allows you to examine and analyze your company's cash flow in real time. This fully functional accounting module covers almost every facet of bookkeeping and financial management. 

The accounting module's essential features include point-of-sale (POS) support, sales invoicing, account charts, account dimensions for project financial monitoring, quoting, pricing rules, multi-currency support, flexible tax rules, purchase orders, double-entry bookkeeping, and a comprehensive suite of accounting reports.

Module for Asset Management

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ERPNext's asset management module allows you to manage and preserve data on your company's assets by tracking their movements, value changes, and depreciation. Its primary features include asset sales and purchases, maintenance management, and asset movement monitoring. 

CRM Section

With appropriate sales optimization, the customer relationship management (CRM) module enables you to attract new consumers and retain your current clientele. This module allows your staff to effectively monitor leads and sales possibilities and provide quotations while on the road. Email synchronization, email campaigns, prospect and lead management, sales pipeline, and sales stage monitoring are a few of its primary features. 

Modules for Payroll and HR

You can efficiently handle all employee lifecycle aspects with ERPNext's human resources and payroll module, including hiring and onboarding, payroll, attendance, and separation. Among the main functions of the module are payroll, expense claims, contract administration, hiring and onboarding, monitoring of attendance and leaves, and more. 

Module for Stock and Inventory Management

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This module is designed especially for companies that operate in the wholesale and retail industries. You may anticipate inventory management using a hierarchical location tree while using it. Stock movements, batches, and serials may all be tracked. 

Price lists, packing slips, stock level reporting, stock reconciliation, stock items, and warehouse management are a few of its features.

Production Section

Together with education, healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, and not-for-profit are other industry-specific modules (beta). With the manufacturing module, you can strategically plan and track your production using Work Orders and handle multi-level Bill of Materials.

Additional features and capabilities include job cards, subcontracting, operations management, capacity planning, production schedules, and the ability to track work progress at each workstation. 

Module for Project Management

You may manage internal and external projects with the help of the project management module. It will assist you in better managing your team, delegating duties to them, tracking their development, and maintaining the timeliness of the project development process. Together with making profitability determinations, the module will also make budgeting easier. 

The project management module includes several essential features and tools, such as a customer portal, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, projects, project reports, tasks, and templates. 

Module for Quality Management

The quality management module helps ensure the proper quality of team performance, corporate policies, goals and objectives, customer services and support, productivity, tracking techniques, reviewing, and operational efficiency. This module has many elements, such as reviews, quality objectives, actions, and quality processes.  

Module for Service and Support Management

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With this module, you can significantly enhance your helpdesk services—service your employees and clients with more excellent quality. Use the system's user-friendly problem tracker and integrated knowledge library to improve customer service. With features like problem tracking and maintenance schedules, you can simply manage client requests, maintain quality server levels, and keep an eye on staff response times and resolutions. This module includes features such as warranty claims and service level agreements. 

Module for Sales and Purchases

ERPNext's sales and purchases module may help you boost productivity while keeping costs down by efficiently managing your sales and purchases cycles from the buying stage to the sales order. The selling component includes a wide range of sales activities, such as delivery monitoring and quotes. In contrast, purchasing orders, supplier bids, and material acquisition are all included in the buying element. 

Module for Integrations and Customization

Since ERPNext is an open-source system, it provides strong integration and customization options. The ERPNext platform's print formats, custom scripts, custom fields, and other customization options are readily figured out. Additionally, the platform has built-in functionality for integration with several locations, including the US, Italy, India, and the UAE. ERPNext also has built-in interfaces for Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), several payment gateways, and more. 

ERPNext also offers resources and customization tools for developers who want to contribute to this constantly growing open-source ERP system. You can learn how to contribute to this expanding community by sharing your knowledge or simply designing and making your own additions. 

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Module for Websites and Portals

ERPNext offers users a feature-rich content management system for blogs, websites, and online forms. Using the platform's built-in portal, you can manage your online store, shopping cart, web forms, product and service catalog, and more with this module. 

By providing them with a direct link for placing bids and doing online shopping for your goods and services, the ERPNext Portals will allow you to establish direct connections with your clients and suppliers.

ERPNext Benefits


As said earlier, ERPNext is an open-source ERP program designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that helps with a range of cross-departmental tasks and procedures. The ERP software is quite adaptable, particularly regarding the range of solutions it provides and the sectors it supports. The platform may help with several critical organizational tasks, including planning, budgeting, and financial accounting. 

User-Friendly Interface

Considering how tremendously loaded this platform is in terms of modules, tools, and capabilities, the simplicity of use is somewhat unexpected. Because of its user-friendly design, ERPNext makes corporate resource planning more accessible and affordable for non-technical users. The program is most appropriate for small and medium-sized enterprises because of this. 

ERPNext offers a wide range of capabilities via a single, cohesive platform, making it your one-stop shop for simple and effective administration. Because of its metadata modeling solutions and Model-View-Controller system architecture, it successfully eliminates the need for complex or bespoke programming. 


ERPNext's cross-compatibility with other current systems and solutions is an additional advantage. Numerous tools, devices, and solutions from third parties may be used in combination with the platform. Its user interface (UI), particularly for non-technical users, is well-designed and simple to understand. The UI is easy to use and has the potential to increase efficiency and productivity in all areas. 

Sophisticated Accounting Instruments

ERPNext's multi-currency capability for its accounting module is among its numerous selling factors. When you combine that with its reporting, tax computations, bank, and payment reconciliation solutions, you have an all-in-one powerhouse that will tremendously help your finance and accounting teams. Because of this, companies trying to increase their market share internationally will find the ERP software helpful.

Examples of Actual Businesses That Have Transitioned to ERPnext from other ERP platforms include:


Taza Cocoa

The US-based chocolate maker Taza Chocolate moved from QuickBooks to ERPNext. The firm required a system that could combine their production, inventory management, and sales operations since Quickbooks was not strong enough to satisfy their expanding demands. ERPNext was a perfect fit for Taza Chocolate because of its versatility and customization possibilities. Taza Chocolate's order processing and inventory management significantly improved when it moved to ERPNext. 

The Fresh Fruits Company

Fresh Fruits Company is a UAE-based company that supplies restaurants, lodging facilities, and caterers with fresh fruits and vegetables. They moved from an antiquated, unscalable old system to ERPNext. Fresh Fruits Company was able to integrate all of its activities, from sales to accounting, using a scalable and flexible solution from ERPNext's cloud-based system. ERPNext increased the productivity and accuracy of Fresh Fruits Company's operations by streamlining and reducing human data input. 

Fractal Analysis 

An Indian analytics company called Fractal Analytics moved from a mix of several software programs to ERPNext. They need a system that combines their project management, HR management, and finance management procedures. Thanks to ERPNext's modular design, they could tailor the system to meet their particular requirements. Fractal Analytics experienced improvements in project management and financial reporting after their move to ERPNext, which led to increased productivity and profitability. 

ERPNext Pricing 


While ERPNext offers two paying options for its cloud-based version, its on-premise/self-hosted version is available for free. The Standard plan is available, with a monthly starting price of $10 per user and an annual option of $110. The Pro plan is available at a beginning monthly cost of $25 per user or $275 yearly. For both options, the provider is providing a 14-day trial. 

The basic package requires a minimum of five users. It includes hosting, all modules, basic support, and up to three hours of onboarding assistance. The Pro plan also includes everything from the self-hosted version, with up to five hours of onboarding help. Enterprise-level onboarding, priority support, and an account manager are included. For further information, contact the seller directly. 

  • It gives the education sector a 30% discount.
  • It has three price tiers (as of when this article was written; see its official website for further details).
  • Open source: This is self-hosted, on-premise software. Thus, all modules are accessible, and it is completely free.
  • Managed Hosting: The monthly cost per site begins at $10.
  • Enterprise: Each user pays $25 a month for it.


It is intended to install the program swiftly and independently without assistance. Nevertheless, it offers videos and other materials to support the user's implementation.

Businesses that pay for cloud hosting or logins will get one-on-one assistance with system configuration.

Services and Supports

This open-source ERP offers screen-sharing and email chat assistance for clients that host their own websites.

Email support, bug-fixing assistance, and one-on-one help sessions with the support staff are available to cloud-hosted clients.

Additionally, customers may post queries on the open-source ERPNext community forum.

Modules for ERPNext

Accounting for finances

Using this module, the user may upload bank statements, see corporate transactions, and have aggregated financials.


This module provides information on payroll and leave administration and offers employee lifecycle.


This is for inventory control and warehouse administration. 


Oversees all aspects of sales, including client relations, sales orders, and quotes.

ERPNext's Sales Feature



Purchasing represents a cash outflow for the business's assets and stock. ERP helps you make wise judgments when purchasing necessary supplies and technological items to prevent material waste and damage. 


Project management maintains records of expenses, time spent, the status of given tasks, and refunds.


The manufacturing module manages the Bill of Materials, Production Schedule, Work Order, Stock Entry, and Time Sheet. 


The education module has been updated to meet the demands of the modern world, where education should be accessible to everyone. Additionally, many educational institutions have utilized it despite fierce competition from other schools since it offers many possibilities for both staff and students.

Medical Care

This module is a present for the medical field. It covers organizing doctor's appointments, patient histories, medication schedules, etc. 

Online Shopping

An e-commerce module aids in product sales. You may upload and update products on this marketplace, list products in groups, add items to a shopping cart and choose from a variety of categories.

Web page

A website is an excellent medium for public interactions. This module facilitates the creation of webpages, blogs, and product descriptions and allows for the purchase of those products.

Some Module Screenshots

Menu of open-source software modules for ERPNext

ERPNext advantages and disadvantages



  1. The main benefits for your business consist of:
  2. Its UI is functional and straightforward to use.
  3. It is accessible without charge. No license fees
  4. You are capable of using this program on your own.
  5. It helps you save time and money with its extensive features.
  6. It has an easy-to-use reporting mechanism.
  7. It offers your company a consolidated, adaptable platform.


  1. Big industries shouldn't use this ERP software.
  2. Companies needed more faith in it since it was a new product.
  3. Regarding concerns with customized version upgrades, are they
  4. Not decent documentation

Which industries is it supporting?

Sectors that ERPNext supports

It offers specialized modules for the following sectors to help them. Those sectors are

  1. Farming
  2. Producing
  3. Shop
  4. Distribution
  5. logistics
  6. Banking operations
  7. Instruction
  8. Medical Care
  9. Non-governmental
  10. Options
  11. ERP Odoo
  12. Dolibarr
  13. Axelor
  14. CRM Espo
  15. Crumble CRM
  16. CRM Suite
  17. inoERP
  18. Trypton


Among the businesses that use it are

  1. Global Union
  2. First office
  3. Neolync
  4. So electronic
  5. V3 Systems
  6. Run Elastic

There Are Five Distinct Reasons Why ERPnext Distinguishes Itself from Its Rivals:

Free & Open-Source: 

You may use and download ERPNext for free. It is an open-source solution. It offers companies an affordable way to automate their processes without paying high installation and license costs. 

Interface That's Easy to Use

ERPNext has an intuitive user interface that is simple to use and comprehend. Because of the system's modular nature, firms may customize it to meet their requirements. 

Numerous Features

ERPNext offers enterprises a wide variety of functions, such as project management, accounting, inventory control, human resources, and more. Additionally, it provides connectivity with other programs like payment gateways, e-commerce, and CRM. 


Because ERPNext is so flexible, companies may tailor the program to meet their unique requirements. It is a more practical option since it can be set up to correspond with the workflows and business processes. 

Good Community Reaction

The robust ERPNext user and developer community actively participates in developing and enhancing the program. The community gives companies access to resources and assistance, which facilitates the adoption and implementation of the solution. 

Top 5 Alternatives of ERPNext

1) Odoo

Unlocking Growth Potential: Leveraging Odoo ERP for Small and Medium  Enterprises

Odoo is a one-stop shop that offers organizations solutions for accounting, human resources, project management, sales, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM). However, It is also somewhat pricey; while it provides all these services, the cost could be higher if your company is trying to find the best. 

2) The Acumatica

17 features that make Acumatica a leading cloud ERP - Sphere

The verdict is still out on whether Acumatica is superior to ERPNext, despite some people saying as much! –but if, once again, cost is not a concern for you, it can be claimed with some degree of confidence that it is the most excellent Odoo alternative available. Because of its extensive feature set at a premium price, Acumatica is best suited for medium-sized to large-sized companies with substantial budgets and significant management issues that call for such sophisticated business management software. 

Acumatica's size allows it to serve customers on par with businesses like KFG and Mitsubishi. If Acumatica isn't already in that league, or if you want to get there and can afford the high running expenses associated with licensing it, it could be worth a shot to see whether it is. 

Acumatica's size allows it to serve customers on par with businesses like KFC and Mitsubishi. If Acumatica isn't already in that league, or if you want to get there and can afford the high running expenses associated with licensing it, then it could be worth a shot to see whether it works better for you than ERPNext.

3) NetSuite from Oracle

Inficore Limited | Products

You are moving to software that is less drastically different from ERPNext than some of the others on our list, which makes perfect sense if your company has been using ERPNext for a long time and has deeply integrated it into your tech stack. If so, you have to look into Oracle NetSuite. This software provides smooth cash management across currencies and geographical locations, which is very useful for multinational corporations that often do business internationally due to the nature of their operations. 

However, Oracle NetSuite is more appropriate for medium-sized to large-sized organizations because of its competitive price. These companies can afford the high subscription cost and take advantage of their specialization in effortlessly managing cash flows between currencies. Consider looking into some of the other options on our list that provide the services you want at a lower cost if your tiny suburban club seldom draws members from further than a 50-mile radius.

4) SAP Business One—Best Accounting


This one could be the most unusual piece of software on this list. While it may not be for everyone, it can accomplish wonders for those whom it does serve. SAP Business One's design prioritizes businesses' accounting demands. It provides comprehensive reports of a company's payables and receivables modules and even aids in streamlining transaction inputs. 

Additionally, the program has extra capabilities for effective cash flow management, budget management, and creating estimates to lower your company's operational expenses. These capabilities and the standard financial analysis and reporting tools make it an excellent choice for anybody searching for company management software with an accounting focus.

Having a well-managed supplier base is crucial for business operations. SAP Business One's functions, such as buying, procurement, and inventory management, may assist your company in managing its suppliers and preventing accounting errors with them.

5) Dynamics 365 from Microsoft


Before we discuss the unique features that this software offers, let's take a moment to discuss one significant benefit that it has over other programs: Microsoft and its suite of apps are already so well-integrated with the tech stacks of most businesses that adding Microsoft Dynamic 365 –another Microsoft application –can frequently be a huge help. (This blog, which you are now reading, was created using Microsoft Word, demonstrating the extent of integration that Microsoft enjoys.)

Human resource management is the best use case for the program itself. The first has to do with the capabilities built into the software, such as the ability to monitor sales prospects and hyper-targeted email marketing based on customer data the program gathers automatically. 

The program's interoperability with other Microsoft suite apps is the second justification. Your marketing team will have a more seamless experience if the program uses Outlook as a data source if your organization currently uses it. 


ERPNext software is a feasible alternative for companies seeking a reasonably priced, adaptable, and dependable ERP solution. It has been tried and proven, expanding its user base and offering help when required.

Before making a choice, you need to think about a few drawbacks.

When choosing the best system for your company, consider your company's size, budget, complexity, and support needs.

Similar to ERPNext, there are several open-source ERP programs available.


What are the functions of ERPNext in the manufacturing sector?

ERPNext effectively maintains bills of raw and finished materials, subcontracting, item variants and inventory. It takes care of shop floor management, capacity planning, product status, multiple unit measurement, quick stock balance tracking, and stock replenishment.

How does ERPNext help in project management?

ERPNext helps in planning, organizing and delivering projects in time with its efficient time tracking and billing facilities. Users can also manage real-time chats and help the customers access relevant data easily.

Can I manage assets with ERPNext?

Yes, you can maintain your assets with the asset management feature of ERPNext. It takes into account the asset lifecycle, inventory, depreciation, asset value adjustment, scrapping assets, purchasing and selling of assets.

How can the helpdesk feature in ERPNext enhance my business?

The helpdesk in ERPNext gives a platform of communication with the provision for the customers to resolve issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

Can I design my website according to my ideas?

Yes, due to the customization feature in ERPNext, you can convey your ideas and ERPNext delivers you your desired website.

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