How to build your CRM system avoiding common mistakes

Yogesh Pant
Jun 29, 2020

The software of custom relationship management seems to be useful for many firms. It permits the organization to access, keep & manage the effective data sales. Most of the companies in the present scenario are thought to adopt CRM development. Hence, companies also want to learn how to develop CRM. Mtoag provides information about how to create and develop the CRM and save out the money for a long time. Mtoag is a mobile app development company that has skilled experts having knowledge of the development of CRM. This expertise helps you to solve all your queries.

Benefits of Development of custom CRM

CRM provides three benefits through which companies adopt the development of CRM such as HubSpot & Salesforce. These benefits can be discussed below:

Getting stable of a scalable solution

CRM mainly works as standalone software and become popular for enterprise software. This feature can be used to design additional applications in a single database for various departments.

Improving workflows

Design a scratch using CRM is much beneficial for the business. It is specially designed for different departments. A CRM feature is mainly used in the sales & marketing department. Workflows can also be improved out with integration through services of third-party.

Enhance the growth line

Developers of CRM pack their CRM solutions with several features. The main focus is to target the huge amount of audience through which interface intuitive becomes less. Solutions of CRM include required features for the vendors otherwise; there is a requirement to pay a lot of time and money.

Types of CRM software

It has been seen that CRM with scratch provides several advantages. Hence, there is a requirement to know about CRM software types. There are three types of CRM software present, these can be discussed below:


This type of CRM is focused on automating or streaming sales, services for customers & workflows of the market. The main features of operational CRM can be defined as:

  • Management of lead
  • Management of contact
  • Pipeline of sales
  • Helpdesk


The main focused of Collaborative CRM is to enhance teamwork as well as the communication level with build data transparency. This framework is commonly used for packed several features for chats, board shares & collective discussion. This will permit users to share several files easily.


Analytical CRM permits the user to source large information from several touchpoints & then process it out. This system offers statistics insights & data analytics. The main purpose of this CRM is to help with effective planning. The main advantage is that it offers real-time analytics & data.

Features of CRM software

It has been clear that currently, many companies are looking for the services of painting CRM development which requires additional features. The functionalities of CRM software have been categorized into three types that are: basic, Must-have & advanced. The list of features has been discussed below:

  • Contacts management
  • Reminders set
  • Calendar editing
  • Task management
  • Report generating

Key features of CRM

CRM provides some key features that can be used in several diverse industries & organizations. These key features have been defined as:

Custom reports

Reporting of custom is an insight source having several features. Every business requires collecting methods and reporting of data.

Social media integration

The system has been integrated with the use cases to track out all operations on social media. Business uses this to evaluate the brands and interests.


CRM related to sales has been equipped with the option of the invoice such as a history of the searchable invoice, tracking of status, & rapid invoice.

View of pipeline

This will help in tracking the process of sale and its related moments like mode of contact, latest leads, modification, and many more.

Mobile version

This provides an opportunity to boost the business of sales. It is because of the functionality of CRM that it supports with smartphones.

Marketing via E-mail

CRM performs the functions of mailing automatically as use several letters of various customer groups. Integration with email system permits to track the customer’s communication.

Tracking of touchpoints

This feature helps in tracking out the communication level among the representatives of the company & clients. This permits company to store the customer’s information.

Sharing of files

CRM helps in maintain the customer record and keep their documentation in a single place and prevent files view from the third party.

Advanced features of CRM

Now, we discuss designing the structure of the CRM with additional features or functionality that can seem to be useful for large enterprises or businesses. The list of features has been discussed below:

  • Third parties integration
  • Chatbots
  • Scoring of customers
  • Management of call center
  • Referrals tracking
  • Internal unity with software creation

Key points before design CRM from scratch

To design the CRM software, there is a requirement of effective features that manage the timeframe & effectively make the CRM process development. Some key points have to be considered before build develop CRM.

Features set

For develop CRM, it is essential to set the goals and evaluate the objectives as well as features that help in fulfill the expectations and make the business easier. In the present world, it has been necessary to note down all the requirements of the software. More money has been spending on adopting more features.

Roles of CRM

It seems to be a good idea to develop the custom relationship management by breakdown its roles in categorizing like sales, marketing, support, etc. Employees in each role have adopted different functionalities with appropriate information. This will help in removing the data breached risk among several departments.

Internal software Vs Platform of SaaS

If you want to build a custom CRM as a service, in that case, you have to start with preparing the background of tech from the first step of the development of the product.

The development cost of custom CRM

Commonly, the cost of custom CRM has been varying from $30000 to $300000 & much more. It mainly depends on the region or the complexity where developers have been hiring. As an average, software engineers salary has been defined as pre the country and discussed below:

  • For USA employees - $92,046
  • For Ukraine employees -$22,389
  • For Germany employees - $53,713
  • For Australia employees - $49,674
  • For United Kingdom employees - $40,497

Summing up

The software of CRM and its development is something that every business has required to improve its functionality. It provides several benefits and enhances the relation of customers for increased revenues. It provides several opportunities and seems to be an important tool in the current competitive world.

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