Importance Of Internet of Things in Our Life

Mayanka Pant
May 16, 2019

Internet of Things: How it has changed the world today

IoT devices or Internet of Things that most of us have become aware of nowadays are simple everyday usable things or devices to which we can remain connected through our smart phones and devices and allow them to perform tasks on their own for our benefits. Some years back had we seen someone talking or instructing an audio speaker to play a hit song or switch on, dim or switch of the lights and fans or xyz task would have sounded preposterous and the person would have appeared silly to us. But with the advent of IoT devices the vista has completely changed. People seem to have become more comfortable with the use of IoT apps and connected devices for their smart homes and offices. There has been a sudden burgeoning of IoT devices and smart assistants ready to do the task on our bidding or as they have been programmed through sensors that activate and deactivate as the need arises.

There are many ways in which the IoT devices are helping to change the world and increase the comfort levels in our everyday lifestyle. Read on to know more about IoT app Development and their varying uses in today’s technology savvy world of ours.

1) Smart homes

There has been a remarkable surge of installations of IoT devices and changing a simple home into a smart home. Locking/unlocking doors, lights switching on and off upon sensing your presence in the room, appliances working on their own and sending you feedbacks of your daily utility items and so many more possibilities.

2) Wearable apps

Wearable IoT app devices are expected to sell way past 400 million devices by 2020. Wearable IoT apps help in portraying users in a trendy avatar through smart watches, virtual reality headsets, fitness trackers, and so many more. There is a vast potential and immense possibilities for businesses engaged in developing IoT apps.

3) Smart cars

The automobile industry is judiciously incorporating IoT apps technology for developing smart cars which has an immense future in sight. Self-driving cars, app navigation, app integration, various diagnostic tools and newer innovations are set to change the face of the automobile industry. Estimations project that more than 80% of the automobile industry would have internet connectivity by 2021. We are the best mobile app development company in USA, india to make better apps in Ios/Android at simple cost.

4) Boost Business

As consumers get more used to IoT devices , there will be a sudden requirement of utility items such as furniture, gadgets, appliances, security systems, etc. this would be a fresh spring of generating revenue for businesses that gear up to meet up with this new demand.

5) A new shopping experience

The internet has already brought a sea change in the way we do shopping nowadays. With the use of IoT interconnected smart devices, store inventory can be better managed and stocked up by predicting customer requirement patterns to avert customer displeasure on not getting the required item when he or she stops by to shop.

6) IoT devices ecosystem

Though we are connected to the internet for our day to day use or office work, most of us work independently or by connecting to a hub. With the use of IoT technology the IoT apps would start interconnecting with one another on a larger scale through a centralized hub for better provision of services and inadvertently create an ecosystem.

7) Cloud Hosting

For IoT devices to rapidly spread and perform as a large ecosystem, a basic infrastructure such as the cloud is of utmost importance. The cloud infrastructure is omnipresent and can work hand in hand with IoT apps for better use of technology and services. The cloud-based applications can receive information from IoT devices with the help of sensors, assimilate the data and engineer it forward to complete the assigned task.

8) Healthcare

When we think of healthcare we can imagine the long queue of patients, harried nurses and doctors. IoT apps can lessen the burden on healthcare app by smartly collecting and monitoring patient health data and vital statistics for providing efficient service to the patients by doctors and nurses. Hospitals are also introducing smart beds that monitor the ease and comfort of patients in particular sleeping or sitting postures for better relief.

9) Better Traffic Management

Rush hour can be killing if you are pressed for time to reach office, home or the airport to catch a flight. IoT devices installed in cars can help to monitor traffic snarls and find an alternate route with lesser traffic and more convenience to the driver. Equally so would be smarter traffic lights that could streamline traffic congestion and detour burgeoning traffic.

10) Better Food Supply

With the use of IoT apps and devices, farming can get a welcome boost. Farmers can be well aware of changing weather conditions, analyzing crop growth, irrigation schedules, pest management and how to proceed on with different situations on hand. This would give a rise in production and better management of resources.

11) Better Waste Management

Disposal of waste can be efficiently managed through the use of smart dustbins connected to collection truck drivers having smart waste management systems. Smart dustbins can send an alert to collection drivers upon getting full so that they can plan their route accordingly and save time and money by not stopping at empty bins. NFC app development using IoT would also manage

12) Renewable Energy

With the creation of smart homes, offices and an entire ecosystem, there would be an instant requirement of energy sources. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are green sources of harmless energy that is cost effective and can considerably help in reducing global warming and bettering the environment. IoT powered smart grids can help in curtailing electricity blackouts in cities and also provide lighting to remote villages and locations.

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