Latest Google Algorithm Updates – Helpful Content December 2022 Update

Yogesh Pant
Dec 13, 2022

The Google December 2022 Update for Helpful Content, which we anticipate to be the year's last significant algorithm update, has already begun rolling out on Google. It started on 5th December and will take two weeks to complete entirely.

The update rollout notification was posted on Google Search Central's Official Twitter account.

The rollout of this most recent helpful material update will take two weeks, much as the rollout of its August predecessor.

The goals of the helpful content upgrade have stayed the same, and Google algorithm updates see it as a crucial step in ensuring that only authentic material that fulfills user intent appears higher in search results.

What Do You Mean by Helpful Content Update?

According to Google, the helpful content update algorithm evaluates each website using a few classifiers to decide whether the information it produces is useful. 

The Helpful content update, however, is a site-wide change. It implies that Google will search for alternatives, even beneficial material if it discovers a site creating more unhelpful content than helpful ones.

Here are several essential classifiers that assess the content's usefulness.

1. Using AI

You should review your approach if you run a website that uses AI technology substantially.

Websites that create material entirely by AI without human input or intelligence added to make the information valuable to users may face sanctions under Google's Helpful content update.

2. Writing for a Specific Audience

You are more likely to see the effects of the new Helpful content upgrade if your website writes about anything under the sun. It is only sometimes valid, mainly if your website is a news or publishing outlet.

Google attempts to assign each website to a particular specialized market, and from there, it assesses the site's authority based on the material presented. It implies that you must choose a specialized market and the primary target audience for your website.

3. Knowledge of Content Creator

Google has been using a lot of EAT variables to rank YMYL webpages, as has been seen. The skill of content writers and their first-hand knowledge of whatever they write about will be a crucial deciding element; Google is widening its scope.

4. Check the Page Time Spent.

It is the most crucial justification for your interest in this Update. It's more likely that the Helpful content update will reach your website if the user is happier with the information you provide.

Google will know that your material failed to satisfy the user's goal if it notices a trend where visitors visit your website for a short period, leave it, and then return to the search with the identical query they used to get your page.

Therefore, be sure your material is interesting and keeps readers interested for a short while. Additionally, consider using strategies that decrease bounce rates, which will, once again, lengthen the time users stay on your website.

5. Title and Content Conflict

Are you utilizing clickbait names that merely draw visitors to your website without truly delivering the value promised? The helpful content update then could be your worst enemy. Thanks to its language learning algorithms like MUM and BERT, Google can recognize which pages provide value and which don't. To ensure that your material is practical, follow its advice.

6. Following a Higher Word Count for Purposes of Ranking

Do you create thousands of words long material only to ensure all the keywords are used? Google claims that you are in the wrong since your goal in cramming your page with the material is to deceive search engines rather than adding anything of value for the reader. Google spokespersons have long denied such methods, and the Helpful content upgrade is more crucial than ever.

7. Imaginative Material

The likelihood is that a site's material will only appear on Google when it is based on hypothetical or highly creative events or themes. According to the official Helpful Content Update page, a date for a product, movie, or TV program should not be implied in material that promises to answer a query that needs to be adequately addressed.

8. Recovery Procedures for Websites Affected by the Updated Helpful Content

The Helpful content update has a site-wide effect as opposed to the core changes, which affect the rankings of certain pages within the site. The impacted areas will see a general fall in ranks and traffic in the days after the launch.

Google claims that unless the website owner sincerely attempts to enhance the content or eliminate the information that is less valuable for the users, the ranking of the affected sites will stay high.

The industry leader in search claims that its classifiers will continue to evaluate the value the caliber of the information for many months. The rating will increase, and earlier classifiers will only be relevant if the website raises the material it publishes and maintains.

Google Will Update its Spam Algorithm in October 2022.

Google has announced that a spam-fighting algorithm upgrade is being sent out to all languages and countries' search results. According to Google, the October 2022 spam upgrade will take some time to roll out fully. (This is evident, considering that Google spent 11 months preparing before launching it).

Google often publishes spam updates to arrange the quality of its search engine results. However, the specifics of these updates are only made public when they target specific forms of spam, as the link spam update of August 2021.

Spam updates assist in detecting phishing schemes and other bogus sites that aim to rank in search results by pretending to be relevant pages. Google specifies what it deems spam, which entails fooling people into submitting personal information or downloading malware on their systems.

This content is more likely penalized by Google's helpful content algorithm as hackers are the ones who can compromise sites that adhere to Google's Search Essentials. A site needs to be adequately secured to serve users' spam. Some may consider thin web pages spam while failing to meet Google's characterization.

The general rule is that when Google comes across a site with a spam update, its content will get demoted in the search results. If you notice a drop in rankings after the October 2022 spam update, you should go through your site's safety and look for signs of a possible attack.

Suppose a spam update has affected your website. In that case, Google estimates that recovery might take months, assuming you are prepared to make the required adjustments to your website in order to adhere to Google's spam regulations.

Release of the September 2022 Core Algorithm Update is Complete (26th September 2022)

Google declares that the September 2022 core algorithm change deployment still needs to be completed.

The September 2022 core upgrade took two weeks to go live entirely after it was launched on 12th September, only three days after Google's Helpful Content Update has completed rolling out.

After the core algorithm change in May 2022, the second core update of the year.

The SEO community asserts that this upgrade went live quite quickly but had less effect than the prior core improvements.

Even though this upgrade hasn't significantly affected, specific sites could be impacted following these core updates. If your website is among them, all you need to do is pay closer attention to what Google has to say about its significant improvements and make the necessary adjustments to your website. Given that the guidance is direct from the source, it will assist you in recovering your website.

The Rollout of the September 2022 Product Reviews Update is Complete (26th September 2022)

According to Google, the September 2022 Product Reviews Update rollout will be finished on 26th September 2022. This information was secretly updated on the search engine giant's website on Google Search ranking improvements.

The September 2022 Product Reviews update, introduced on 20th September, will be fully in working more in a week.

Furthermore, it's interesting that Google completed the distribution of the Product Reviews Upgrade on the same day it proclaimed the September 2022 core algorithm upgrade to be finished. In light of this, website owners and SEOs now have two new algorithm upgrades to consider if they see significant changes in the Google search ranks of their sites. 

If your site doesn't rely on reviews, you must pay attention to the significant Update. However, if you examine a website that offers product reviews, you must pay attention to both updates to improve your site's issues.

The website's relevancy is what Google's John Mueller says is more important when making fundamental adjustments than focusing on specific problems. As a result, Core adjustments apply to all websites, unlike Product Reviews updates, which only target product review sites. That holds for Google's adjustments beginning in September 2022.

Be sure to strictly adhere to Google's rules while keeping in mind the goal of your website.

Release of September 2022 Product Reviews Update (20th September 2022)

On 20th September 2022, Google announced the release of its September 2022 Product Reviews Update. This algorithm update is the sixth line of modifications targeting review sites.

This Update will start rolling out on 20th September 2022 and should be finished in a week.

Although Google hinted at product review changes in August, this Update has now available after the September Core Algorithm Update. Having said that, you could need clarification about whether the core update or the product reviews update is to blame if you see a change in your site's rating shortly. Websites that include product reviews are the main focus of the Product Reviews Update.

Therefore, if the content on your site is review-based, the ranking modification that took place after the September 2022 Product reviews Update is most likely to blame.

On the other hand, if you don't operate a review site but still see changes in your SERP ranking soon, Google's September Core Update could be to blame.

The Rollout of Google's September Core Algorithm Update Has Begun.

Just one week after releasing the much anticipated Helpful Content upgrade, Google announced the September Core Update release. Websites may see significant ranking changes for up to two weeks as Google releases its most recent core upgrade.

The core update, like in the past, aims to shake up the SERP ranks, and the sites that Google determines are providing higher value to the user's search intent will profit from the upgrade. However, websites with significant ranking losses don't need to freak out. Google advises such websites to review the material on the pages whose rankings dropped.

The only option to avoid the effects of the core upgrade is to make the material relevant to the users. Which website owners should know about Google's core upgrades is covered on a specific Google page.

The leading search engine makes it quite apparent on this page that poor link quality or other SEO concerns are not to blame for the ranking decline. Instead, despite the enormous effort to make the material relevant to the consumers, Google's algorithm may have discovered other websites with previously failing pages.

You can determine if your content strategy aligns with Google's suggestions by asking a few basic questions regarding your content.

15 questions to ask about content quality if you're affected by Google's core update

  • Do actual people who write for real people create your content?
  • Have you constantly put in the time and effort to create original material for your content?
  • Are you delving deeper into the subject, or are you simply skimming the surface?
  • What distinguishes your writing from the competition in terms of quality?
  • Have the title, description, and content been too optimized to attract bots rather than actual users?
  • Are you attempting to attract people's attention by employing clickbait?
  • Does your material have the potential to get backlinks from legitimate sources?
  • Is the author of the material a recognized authority in the subject?
  • Do you have a particular area of expertise, or do you cover all topics?
  • Is the information you're presenting at odds with universally accepted scientific truths?
  • If readers follow your content's suggestions, will they suffer financial or personal losses?
  • Does the writing adhere to grammar conventions?
  • Is the material syndicated?
  • Are there any obtrusive interstitial components that hinder the user experience with the content?
  • How well does your content perform on mobile devices?

Completed on 9th September: The Rollout of the Helpful Content Update

The newest algorithm change from Google began rolling out on 25th August and took 15 days to finish. Google has verified that the implementation of the Helpful Content Update is now complete. The modification has little effect on a few sites while being predicted or feared to cause significant changes in the SERP results.

The Update was introduced as a new site-wide signal that would categorize websites according to how beneficial their published material was. Google warned against posting information created by artificial intelligence (AI), superficial content that offers no value, and content predicated on assumptions.

It is advised that websites affected by the upgrade review their previously published material to ensure that only relevant and high-quality information is accessible for Google to crawl.

This upgrade is likely a benefit rather than a burden for publishers that maintain distinctive, useful for the user, and highly genuine material. Only on 8th September, the day before the rollout was complete, did the upgraded display significant ranking variations.

Here is a specific piece that may assist you in comprehending the new signal in its entirety if you want to learn more about the new beneficial content upgrade.

The Rollout of Updated Helpful Content Begins

As Google had previously indicated, the Helpful content update's distribution started on 25th August. It is also mentioned on the official website for search ranking improvements. Although the Update was released on the 25th, Google predicts that the full deployment will take at least a week or two.

Significant ranking changes are now different from the topic of any urgent conversation. However, Google had said at the pre-announcement that it might take up to two months for the Update's effects to become apparent.

We also know that the core upgrade now includes valuable content as a signal, which implies the call may be applied when Google bots re-crawl websites. My in-depth post on helpful content updates and how website owners may adjust to the new signal the search engine giant has included in its algorithm is available here.

Preannounced Update of Useful Content

Google has preannounced the next major upgrade! This one will be implemented this week and is called the Helpful Content Update.

Although we have yet to determine the exact dates, the rollout is anticipated to take one or two weeks to complete. This upgrade is expected to have a significant effect since Google has said that the website's rankings would decrease if they don't fulfill users' search intent.

The Helpful Content Update will also be a site-wide update, which means that sites frequently publish unhelpful content. Such as AI auto-generated, rephrased, scraped, and range that covers fundamentals that people are already aware of –will experience a significant decline in traffic because they are labeled as unhelpful.

Because the effect is anticipated to be worse than what the Panda update did back in 2012, several SEOs are predicting that this is the Panda 2.0 upgrade. This upgrade would prioritize ranking websites that include unique material created by humans (not computers) for real people (not for Googlebot's.)

Additionally, with this upgrade, it can be difficult for general websites that cover a wide range of subjects to rank. For sites that provide information for which they have a track record of competence, Google has indicated that the modification would improve rankings.

Regarding subject matter knowledge, Google is again recommending that material authored by individuals with a history of writing on the subject will rank better. Additionally, the content's freshness will be paramount.

Additionally, it implies that material that is now ranked may drop out of it if timely changes that increase the article's worth are not made.

In general, Google wants all website owners to concentrate on producing content that genuinely assists the visitors with this future upgrade. Sites' rankings may suffer if Google discovers sufficient evidence of lousy user engagement with the content. Once the deployment begins, we will keep you informed and provide further details.

Roll out of the July 2022 Product Reviews Update is Complete.

Google's July 2022 Product Reviews Change began rolling out on 27th July 2022 and was completed on 2nd August 2022. While it was anticipated to take two to three weeks, the news that this algorithm update was accomplished in only six days surprised the SEO world.

There has yet to be much discussion of this algorithm upgrade in the business, despite the fact that specific sites seem to have been struck more severely. As you are undoubtedly aware, Google has its methods, and this upgrade is one of them. It rewards review sites that provide higher-quality material.

That also implies ranking drops are expected for review sites with insufficient value-added material. If you operate a review website, now is the time to look at your visitor statistics. Di you see an increase in traffic, or is it the same?

Suppose your website was one of those negatively impacted by the algorithm change. In that case, your rivals are likely producing material superior to your own, necessitating a revision of your content strategy. 

Update to the July 2022 Product Review Algorithm

The product reviews algorithm was updated on 27th July 2022 by Google. It is the fourth upgrade in a series of algorithm modifications aimed at product reviews.

Google made the formal announcement on Twitter. This algorithm upgrade, which was introduced on 27th July 2022, will be fully implemented in two to three weeks. There is a need for specific guidelines for the July 2022 algorithm adjustment for product reviews.

This algorithm update, which is an enhancement of Google's product review algorithm first released in March 2021, would prefer websites that offer product assessments based on a thorough study over those that only rehash the details given on the manufacturer's website.

So does it impact all sites? No

This Update does not apply to all sites since it is not a core upgrade.

Additionally, this restriction DOES NOT apply to customer reviews posted on e-commerce websites since they are not considered comprehensive review articles.

The only websites impacted are those that provide extensive product reviews.

Therefore, if you soon notice changes in the search rankings of your review website, it's probably due to the July 2022 product review algorithm overhaul.

Google's product review changes make it evident that the business prioritizes user-value-adding evaluations.

Instead of fake reviews, the search engine favors evaluations based on tried-and-true first-hand experiences.

You may prove to Google that you meet its requirements by listing the benefits, limitations, and features of the goods you review and comparing them to similar ones.

The search engine prefers reviews based on tried-and-true first-hand experiences rather than made-up reviews. By mentioning the advantages, drawbacks, and features of the items you evaluate and contrasting them with other like products, you may demonstrate to Google that you satisfy its expectations. 

Include pictures of the goods you evaluate as well.

The Rollout of the May 2022 Core Algorithm Update is Complete (9th June 2022)

Google said on 9th June that the June 2022 Core Update deployment was complete, two weeks after it began. It's crucial to note that there were significant variations over these two weeks. We have seen websites improve in ranks, then quickly lose those positions and reclaim them. It seems that with this Update, Google made some significant modifications to the fundamental algorithm. It may be a while before we see another one.

Core Algorithm Update for May 2022

The May 2022 Core Algorithm Update deployment has been announced by Google, which implies that the erratic SERPs fluctuation season has returned. Given that it has been six months since Google released a Core Update, there has been a lot of talk about an imminent update. Google last released a significant update in November 2021.

Although two upgrades to product reviews came after this in December and March, only review sites were affected.

Hate speech is unacceptable to us, and core upgrades are more of an opportunity than a problem. That's because Google is attempting to level the playing field in the search environment with fundamental improvements by elevating the ranks of the websites that have performed exceptionally well over a specific period.

While some websites profit, others can have their ranks displaced. However, it emphasizes the need to update the material to reflect the new user purpose and changes in their work sector.


Hold on. We're just getting started with the December 2022 helpful content algorithm upgrade. The first three to four days after Google announces an update are often when we see the most prominent effects, but it will take around two weeks for everything to trickle out.

We advise comparing your rankings and organic traffic throughout the next week to the same time frames from the previous month and year. How this most recent algorithm update has affected your orders should be determined by if there have been any positive or negative adjustments to ranks and visibility. After that, we advise reading Google's "More content by people, for people in Search" whitepaper to see how you may create more valuable and genuine articles.

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