Perfect Travel App Ideas for Your Travel and Tourism Businesses!

Yogesh Pant
May 08, 2023

One of the areas with the most significant growth rates worldwide is the travel industry. When someone plans a vacation, a travel app is their best choice. This software turns into a helpful tool and a trustworthy travel buddy.

An innovative concept is the foundation of any successful business. A successful company is the product of fresh thinking, careful preparation, and skill. Therefore, as a startup in the travel technology industry, you must seek novel and original ideas if you want to expand your company via a travel application.

This article contains a compiled collection of creative but practical top mobile app ideas. Read the statistics on the travel and tourism sector before diving in.       

Facts and Figures about the Travel and Tourism Sector

Here are some statistics related to the travel sector:

  • Most tourists go to Europe, while Asia-Pacific receives more than twice as many as the second-largest tourism region.
  • 1.8 billion People are expected to work in the tourism business by 2030.
  • With the help of sophisticated travel applications, about 30% of clients can effortlessly plan their vacations.
  • 84% of tour operators are eager to invest in travel app development. After all, the provision of such services helps the sector significantly.

Top 3 Mobile Travel Trends for Service Providers in the Tourism Industry

Modern customers need a simple and fun travel experience. According to Mobile Marketing Reads, the number of downloads of travel apps surpassed 24.7 million in May 2021, up 123% yearly. People utilize smartphone applications to look for and book lodging and fights and get notifications about travel statuses. Additionally, travel applications over websites offer some significant benefits. These benefits include speed and features not accessible on mobile web platforms, such as push alerts and offline access. Travel businesses need to be aware of how customer tastes shift and technology's new possibilities.

What Motivates Companies That Provide Tourist services?  

By using mobile technology, tourism service companies may increase their business potential. Brands spend a lot of focus on customers' mobile activity so that business professionals may use mobile apps t make travel more enticing and accessible.

 By implementing a mobile-first strategy and associated trends, tourism and hospitality companies can:

  • Remove the pressure of traveling
  • Raising conversion rates
  • More revenue
  • Target each client separately
  • Get and keep clients
  • Promote products and services when it is appropriate
  • Boost consumer advocacy and brand adherence

What Trends in Mobile Travel Help Keep Travel Companies Competitive?

Technology is a preferred method for connecting with contemporary consumers. Travel service companies should always be aware of the newest developments in mobile technology. To assist you in deciding where to invest, we have selected the most promising travel trends.

  • Establishing Relationships before, During, and After the Journey

Owning the traveler has attracted the attention of most hospitality and tourist businesses. They aim to provide passengers with more than just hotel rooms and plane tickets. The industry's goal is to maintain customer interest before, during, and after excursions.

Travel agents need to curate the experiences of business and leisure tourists thoroughly. Applications may serve as users' assistants accessible around the clock to help them before, during, and after visits. For instance, airlines may provide traffic updates and flight status information before departure. Apps may provide mobile airport maps to help tourists navigate airports, or even better; mobile in-flight entertainment can improve travel experiences. By easing ground transportation reservations and destination activities, apps may also enhance experiences at the location.

Airbnb aspires to develop into a full-service travel agency rather than merely a platform for customers to book lodging. The recent Trips feature from Airbnb allows customers to participate in events nearby. The Airbnb app proposes activities like fishing and horseback riding. Users may also see authentic local establishments that neighborhood residents have suggested.

Applications have opportunities that don't confine tourist service companies to a single service. They enable hotels and airlines to build long-lasting relationships with clients who will afterward wish to use their preferred travel service provider again.

  • Conversations on Demand

Many consumers search for items using speech technology nowadays. Compared to a few years ago, travelers are more at ease conversing with bots and virtual assistants. According to a Google study, one in three tourists worldwide is now interested in speaking with a digital assistant to plan or book a trip. People may purchase a hotel room or an Uber trip hands-free and learn about the best travel alternatives and departure timings. Smartphones, wearables, home appliances, and in-car entertainment systems allow users to voice-control every part of a journey. In other words, mobile technologies enable tourist service providers to engage in much more excellent communication with clients.

Chatbots, for instance, may sell goods and services, educate clients, and provide customer support. Hipmunk is a San Francisco-based internet travel agency. When is the ideal time to go from Washington to Iowa? And other queries may be asked of Hello Hipmunk using its AI-powered chatbot assistants for Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Skype or which Florida hotel chain is the least expensive. Planning a family vacation may be done in a group chat using Hello Hipmunk without leaving the chat window.

Alexa's most frequently used ability, Amazon's virtual assistant, is searched. Google said 30 percent of their search queries had a geographic component in 2016. These two details imply that voice search is becoming more significant to passengers.

In response to this trend, Kayak now allows its customers to ask Alexa to make trip arrangements, including booking accommodations, activities, and vehicle rentals. Another billion mobile users will undoubtedly have access to new locations and travel opportunities thanks to natural language processing technologies.  

  • Experiments with Progressive Web Applications

The emergence of the internet and mobile devices has upended the tourism sector. While users are switching from desktop to mobile, they still want to use all desktop websites' capabilities. Because of this, travel companies should consider the potential of advanced web applications (PWAs). PWAs are a group of APIs that enable mobile webpages to provide native app features like offline access and push notifications. A PWA website that is SEO-friendly might save on expenditures. For instance, there is no need to support both a website and mobile applications when using a PWA. A PWA may provide users with a dynamic and rich experience similar to what a native app would offer.

The website for Trivago has successfully transformed into a PWA. It's accessible in 55 countries and 33 languages. Since implementing the PWA strategy, the organization has witnessed a 150% increase in user engagement, many repeat visitors, and a 97% increase in conversion rate. However, PWAs still have their limits. In particular, when it comes to offline mode and push notifications, Safari doesn't wholly support PWAs. PWAs are evolving quickly. Thus advancements will go soon.

How Do Android Applications Affect the Tourism Industry?

Everyone may agree that mobile app development solely makes your life simpler while planning a trip. If you own a startup or a huge organization, you may need clarification on whether developing a travel app for your company is the best course of action. That was the answer.

We assume that you are aware of these benefits as you are looking for ideas for travel apps. If you are not, the reasons written below will help you understand why your business needs a tourist app. From a single travel platform, you can handle all of your online travel reservations, questions, complaints, etc.

In the physical tourist business, there needs to be more time to respond to every customer. Instead, you could design a feature-rich online travel Android app that lets customers customize their searches and book travel-related services whenever convenient.

  • You can provide superior customer support services by automating the whole process and employing AI-powered chatbots.
  • Marketing your online travel application is more accessible, more efficient, and less costly.
  • Businesses that invest in travel apps may profit from these benefits.

Now, we know the market potential for travel applications let's look at 13 cutting-edge travel app ideas for your forthcoming Android app development project.

The Best Travel and Tourism Mobile App Concepts for 2022!

You need a compelling and original concept to get into the travel business. Many well-known travel applications recycle their original ideas while adding unique new features. I have included a few ideas for travel apps below to assist you in growing your company:

  • App for Hotel Reservations

Finding and reserving accommodation is made easier for tourists by a hotel booking app. They can obtain hotel rooms at the places they desire to go. Customers may browse for housing choices with this app, such as homestays, Couchsurfing, or hotel rooms.

Customers may choose a home that suits their requirements since this software offers a wide range of alternatives. The app's search function may utilize parameters like cost, amenities, and customer ratings to choose a hotel. An app for hotel reservations benefits both travelers and tour operators.

  • Flight Reservation App

Users may find flights to the destinations they wish to visit using a flight booking app—the software assists in finding all forthcoming flights, flight prices, and seat availability to specific locations.

Additionally, the software allows you to monitor planes by route, airport, or number on your phone's map. Further, users may look up information on current delays, the weather, and the time for landing and boarding.

  • A Tour Guide App

Another great concept that offers travel recommendations for locations all over the globe is the tour guide app. Tourists may locate a variety of restaurants offering different cuisines and price ranges. Customers may rely on these applications to quickly discover and enjoy a location. These applications make finding nearby, well-liked eateries and lodging facilities at a tourist site more straightforward.

  • Utilizing a Local Public Transportation App

Access to local public transit is crucial when visiting a new location. A travel app designed for tourists might help you handle problems if you are still getting familiar with a city's transportation system. Additionally, this app offers details on various passes, rail schedules, interstate or intercity bus services, bike rentals, ridesharing, and taxi services. This app provides users with information on tourist spots, including those they have previously visited.

For one of our customers, we developed a ridesharing app of this kind named "Qatar." The New York-based transportation network business Qaar Inc. offers tools for finding nearby drivers and booking trips. We successfully launched the new Qatar app and website within four months of the project's inception.

  • Booking App for Bus Tickets

You may use the notion of bus ticket reservation just like aircraft reservations. You may develop a bus ticket booking app to assist those who often use buses in quickly locating available buses so they can go to their destinations.

This app displays the availability of tickets, bus arrival and departure timings, and other helpful information. People may now quickly buy their bus tickets using mobile applications rather than going t actual bus stops. In summary, it's a fantastic concept for a smartphone app for the travel sector.

  • Traveling using a Language Translation App

When researching the tourist industry, consider this category of travel apps. Users who can't even speak the languages are able to translate them using a language travel app. Users may translate between different texts and languages with it.

Additionally, this software allows users to click photos to convert the text to various languages to suit their requirements. Users may translate into several languages, and it works in both online and offline modes.

  • App for Saving Money

Many individuals postpone their travels due to financial constraints. New travel software suggests a budget-friendly route. This programme provides suggestions for inexpensive housing options as well as travel routes that save time and money. 

Therefore, travel experts may plan their travels without worrying about money.

  • Finding Gas and Charging Stations with an App

While going to your destination, it might be challenging to locate petrol stations and charging stations. In this case, a gas station or EV charging station locator app might be helpful. Discovering the stations along your route is possible if you download this app. When you travel with kids and family, you need this app even more.

  • Payment Application

These days, payment applications are widespread. Tourists may find a travel app that supports many payment channels for simple purchases to be helpful. It's a fantastic idea for a travel mobile app development to grab customers immediately.

This app may be enhanced with a variety of functions, including transportation booking, currency conversion, travel cards, etc., to protect any data, be sure to invest in security measures. While transacting using these applications, travelers may earn about the payment policies of each nation.

  • App for Finding Family-Friendly Places

When traveling with your children, you must be prepared to care for their comforters. Easy access to kid-friendly restaurants, cafes, stores, entertainment centers, amusement parks, etc., is provided via a kid-friendly location locator app. This app assists you in relaxing by suggesting kid-friendly locations.

  • App for Deal-Seeking

With shopping, a trip is complete. Tourists often look for bargains, discounts, and deals because of this. A bargain discovery app may meet the need of travelers. Installing this app on your device may get alerts and messages about tempting sales, rebates, discounts, limited-time offers, new arrivals, and regional shopping trends.

  • A Social Media App for Travelers

People like interacting, asking questions, and sharing helpful information about their experiences on travel forums. They often post travel-related information on social media as well. If you want to expand on this concept, create a social networking site only for tourists. 

Users will be able to engage with one another on a social networking site created especially for travelers, share and discuss their trip stories, exchange information like itineraries, reviews, and images, and ask questions. There may already be similar travel apps on the Play Store. 

So, try to concentrate on a specific travel market.

  • App for Travel Insurance

The concept of this app appeals to many tourists. Individuals who get travel insurance find it simpler to get in touch with an insurance provider and submit a claim while abroad. Additionally, these applications provide real-time access to hospital contacts, insurance purchasing services, and emergency medical assistance while traveling.

Features Needed for the Development of Travel Apps

Consider adding the mist-have features to your travel app now that you have some original and cutting-edge ideas for apps to break into the tourist market. The following functions should be included in your travel app:

  • Travel Schedule Generator

By adding destinations, you may create an all-inclusive tour itinerary using this in-app function. The admin may add unique landmarks or popular tourist sites for the users using the capability.

  • Maps and GPS Navigation

You need a map for instructions if you are visiting a new location. Users may locate the quickest route to their destination using the map and GPS navigator.

  • Converter for Exchange Rates

The currency rate may be converted accurately with this in-app feature. As a result, your users may always obtain the exact conversion rate anytime they need to change a currency. Additionally, this function may track past and current exchange rate changes.

  • Event Schedule

An event calendar lists all the events' details and times, providing visitors with additional trip suggestions.

  • Weather Prediction

Make sure your travel app has real-time weather forecasting capabilities. It will aid travelers in making travel plans for locations with diverse weather patterns. This in-app function provides in-depth information on certain weather variables, such as rainfall, sweat, and temperature at a specific location.

  • Multilingualism

People throughout the world favor travel as leisure. Tourists prefer to use their languages even though English is a universal and official language. In order to help travelers in learning about the various places, people, and cultures they will encounter, you should include this function in your travel app.

What Advantages Do Mobile Apps Offer the Travel Industry?

Travel mobile app developments are done for tourists to simplify their vacations, from preparation to arrival. These tools are essential for traveling. What are the main advantages of utilizing mobile travel applications, though? Let's look at it!

  • Booking Hotels and Tickers without Hassle

Some mobile travel applications assist you in finding hotels and provide information on the distance to your location, cost, and more. In addition, using a mobile travel app to book a hotel or other accommodation may entitle you to exclusive savings. The most extraordinary capacity and ticket prices are available via these applications.

  • Moneyless Travel

It might be difficult for travelers to travel with a large amount of cash. Travel applications and technology have made it simpler to order airline tickets, reserve lodging, and make purchases of meals without carrying cash.

  • Continuous Availability

Because of their capabilities, travel applications are vital. They constantly provide timely and practical information to tourists. These applications are available 24/7, so you may access any information from anywhere at any time.

  • Profitable Discounts and Offers

People like getting discounts when they use a service regularly. If you provide your app customers incentives, discounts, and other freebies, they will adore utilizing the app. Some travel applications offer free hotel stays, reduced airline tickets, and other perks.

  • Real-Time Pictures and Information about travel destinations

While arranging a vacation, customers like to look through photographs of potential destinations. They get more eager for their journey as a result. Therefore, it is advantageous for travel agencies to provide possible views of the locations so that consumers may acquire a sense of them before going.

  • Information Sharing and Networking

You can only travel with someone because of travel applications. You may stay in touch with your loved ones through various social media sites and travel applications. You may effortlessly and conveniently share your memorable travel experiences with your loved ones through these web portals.


In addition to the travel app ideas mentioned above, other possibilities exist. However, choosing the best one to draw customers in takes a lot of work. It would help if you kept up with the current market and fashion trends.

The market is flooded with travel applications, making it challenging to create a novel idea that will appeal to the target user demographic. You can develop something new that would be extremely helpful to visitors using the ideas we have talked about with you.

Pay attention to the fact that sometimes the most straightforward answers are the best. Ensure that your app has more updated features than rivals and something unique to set it apart. A prominent app development company of travel applications is Mtoag technology. We can fully grasp the idea of your travel business and provide the finest solution for your target market, enabling your company to reach new heights.

So, if you intend to join the travel sector and build an app for travelers, get in touch with a reputable mobile app development company to get the job done.

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