Node.Js Tutorial: Use of Node.JS in Website Development

Yogesh Pant
Mar 15, 2019

Reasons behind the extensive use of Node.JS Tutorial in Web Application Development

The foremost common code development technology JavaScript is used by startups and well-established enterprises. Primarily it had been utilized for front-end development, however currently it's thought of as an efficient tool for both back-end and cross-platform mobile app development. We are award winning Node.JS Development Company in India, USA. In this article we are exploring about node.js tutorial.

Node.js a cross-platform runtime environment enjoys superior open source JavaScript engine due to being designed and built on V8 engine made by Google. Right since its inception Node.js has caught the attention of developers. Due to being written in JavaScript, Node.js has become the first choice by developers for real-time applications due to the amazing features it brings forth. It can be an effective tool to create proxy web servers and networking tools.

The inbuilt library helps different applications to perform as web servers if the need arises. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX operating system servers are where Node.js application usually runs on. Node.js tutorial is a way which we give all special information about node.js.

Node.js development is more like a boon to developers due to its abundance of effectual solutions. Some of the plus points for using Node.js for web application development are given below:

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1) Real-time applications:

Node.js tutorial: has been written in JavaScript and can swiftly create multi-user real-time web applications for chat and gaming apps. The synchronization method is quick associated in a structured manner for both the server and client side as events drive the designed architecture. In Node JS development, the multiuser function is handled through the event loop via the web socket protocol. To avoid HTTP overload Node.js development works in TCP.

2) Data Streaming:

Node.js tutorial: is a win-win situation as it assists in reducing the complete processing time. In a real-time situation HTTP requests and responses are considered as isolated events, however in reality, data is actually streaming. Developers can take superb advantage while creating features such as processing files while being uploaded. It is beneficial during real-time audio or video encoding processes. We are the best React.js Development Company in India, USA.

3) Sharing of Dynamic Node Package Manager:

Being an Open Source platform, Node.js offers a sure footing with a shared repository of modules and dynamic tools. The quantity of modules amounting over 60000 in the NPM (Node Package Manager) has increased due to considerable growth. The NPM can facilitate in creating an excellent dependency management excellent due to being trustworthy and super-fast. As the admiration of Node.js tutorial increases on a day-to-day basis, the community of nodes is rapidly enhancing.

4) Proxy Server:

Thanks to its compelling options Node.js is able to proxy several services with some variations in their response time. It can be used efficiently to stream data from various sources. When an enterprise is deficient in having its professional proxy infrastructure, then Node.js can function as the proxy server to act as the server-side application and communicate with the 3rd party resources, collect data or store images as required. We hope that you are getting all info about node.js tutorial.

5) Community Friendly:

The Node.js application is well liked and trending due to getting outstanding modules from the large open source community. Its modules help to maintain a constant communication link between the server side and client side. In real-time, updates are sent to the clients through the server. It uses the best technology to create links for specific clients as per the need. 

6) Scalable:

Being a lean technology tool Node.js tutorial is highly appropriate for micro-services architecture as it guarantees better flexibility. Node.js is especially advantageous to startups that are looking for scalable options to grow rapidly. Node apps support both horizontal and vertical scaling. Node.js’s app logic is bifurcated into small modules, hence it seems effortless to developers to add additional modules to the prevailing ones as and when required. Connect with best mobile app development company in india, USA to make better apps in Ios/Android.

7) Speeds up Development speed:

Node.js helps in reducing the time-to-market cycle because it is light weight, comes with multiple tools and accelerates development speed. The NPM registry provides effective solutions and various libraries to add more value with minimum effort. With the use of reusable templates the application size can be considerably reduced and also it will help down in cutting down on bugs in your application. The language consistency on both client and server sides help in consuming lesser time schedules and inadvertently make data time manageable. Node.js tutorial helps us to get update all trending news about node.js.

8) Least learning curve:

As mentioned before Node.js would be the first choice of startups as they would bask with an excellent engineering prowess. The same language can be shared by both the client and server sides, thereby cutting out the need of having two teams on either sides – one team would be sufficient for both ends. This also means that there would be lesser developers required, and the hassle of switching between front-end and back-end would be mitigated completely.

By using the power of Node.js tutorial, web application development companies will experience higher productivity abilities due to being able to smoothly exchange knowledge amongst the team members to reprocess or share the code. The advantages would be akin to full stack development. Another plus point would be the usage of less code and requirement of fewer files due to this kind of JavaScript applications. 

9) Single Code Base:

Node.js acts as the game-changing technology as it is a huge time saver for developers as they can write JavaScript client-side and server-side coding with the assistance of this technology. It is really simple to send and synchronize data between client-side and server-side coding. If you have your own node.js tutorial then you can discuss here.

10) Enterprise Support for Node.js

Microsoft, SAP, Fidelity, PayPal and IBM are some of the initiation members of Node.js. Major companies namely Walmart, Netflix, Paypal, BMW, Citigroup, Apple, The New York Times are those who have adopted the use of Node.js for their enterprises.

11) Conclusive Thoughts:

Swift delivery and iterations are the optimum features that set Node.js apart from the others. Most of the developers are used to and knowledgeable about JavaScript. Node.js is fast working, easy to learn, has a rich framework (Angular, Ember, Node, Backbone), has a free codebase, supports data streaming, and keeps native data format in your own database.

Node.Js tutorial is a blessing in disguise for coding developers due to its imminent role in enterprise-level coding solutions. It plays a major role and is well accepted by both startups and corporate. It’s appropriate for online web applications due to its stable supportive feature associated from the server to the user and back. We are award winning website development company in India, USA. Get the best AngularJS Development here by motivated developers.

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